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CH: 13 Family

"I can't believe a month has passed." Kagome said as she tossed all her things back into her bag.

"Are you sure we can't come with you?" Shippou asked as he and Rin handed her some of her things to put away.

"If the well still works, I promise I'll take you and Rin with me next time." Kagome said and pulled the two children into her arms when she saw the two of them pout. "I'll bring back candy."

"Chocolate?" Shippou asked hopefully.

"Sure." Kagome answered and then closed her bag. She had been told a servant would come and get it later. She was again wearing the green dress her mother had packed for her.

"Ready?" Kagome looked up to see Sesshoumaru in the doorway. Kagome nodded and stood. Sesshoumaru pulled Kagome to him when she got within arms reach. He leaned down and claimed her lips.

"Don't you two ever quit?" A voice was heard behind Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru growled low in his throat and finally broke his kiss with Kagome. Kagome looked around Sesshoumaru to see who she knew would be there.

"What's wrong Inu Yasha, Alara finally get tired of you?" Sesshoumaru asked. Inu Yasha glared at his elder brother.

"No! I just wanted to make sure that we actually get out of here and you two don't slow us down." Inu Yasha said gruffly and crossed his arms across his chest.

"Ah, don't pout so much Inu. Your face might stick that way." Inu Yasha turned to see a raven hanyou walk up to him. The only showing of her youkai heritage was her large emerald eyes, the gold and silver streaks in her midnight black hair, and the large black wings that followed behind her.

Inu Yasha tensed and felt a blush rising. Kagome couldn't help, but start laughing. She remembered how Inu Yasha had met Alara after he had finally escaped the clutches of all the females that had practically tackled him after Kagome and Ryuujo's little joke.

He had pretty much run outside and literally ran into Alara who had been hiding. She was not royalty and therefore had no marking on her forehead, but she was related to the Eastern Lord and was therefore obligated to come to the gathering. She herself felt out of place being a hanyou. Her mother had refused to drink the potion saying that she would accept her no matter what. Unfortunately the rest of the world did not feel the same and she had been subject to much of the ridicule Inu Yasha had suffered as well.

Alara had not been happy to be knocked down by the rushed inu hanyou and they had instantly gotten into a fight about whose fault it was. After Alara had out smarted Inu Yasha she had come to like the seeming shy yet brash hanyou. They found they had a lot in common being hanyou and Inu Yasha soon found himself having familiar feelings for Alara.

Inu Yasha was about to brush off the feelings, but Kagome had figured it out and being her normal somewhat intrusive self she pretty much set up multiple situations in which the two would be stuck alone together.

"So Inu Yasha what are you going to do now?" Kagome asked slyly.

The blush on Inu Yasha's cheeks got darker to everyone's amusement. "I offered to let him stay with me seeing as though Inu Yasha's forest is in the Eastern Lands anyway." Alara spoke for Inu Yasha.

"Awww, how cute." Kagome said and earned a glare from Inu Yasha. Kagome just laughed and picked up Rin and Shippou and began walking down the hall. Sesshoumaru followed behind her. "Come on Inu Yasha, I thought you were the one that didn't want to leave too late." Kagome said over her shoulder.

Sesshoumaru allowed a small smirk. He was greatly enjoying this new way of torturing Inu Yasha that Kagome seemed to be an expert in. Once outside Sesshoumaru put his arms around Kagome who was still holding the two children and the family took to the skies and towards the well. Sesshoumaru took in Kagome's pleasing scent and then caught something else tied in with it that made him smile.

Sango and Miroku had left a few days earlier and were waiting for the group to arrive. They had promised to watch the children while Kagome went home and introduced Sesshoumaru to her family.

Kagome nervously approached the well. "What if this doesn't work?" She asked turning to Sesshoumaru.

"It'll be fine." Sesshoumaru said and pulled Kagome into his arms.

"We'll be back in a bit." Kagome said turning to Rin and Shippou who were standing by Miroku and Sango. Sesshoumaru jumped into the well with Kagome and felt the blue swirl of magic that encircled the two of them.

When Sesshoumaru looked up he was no longer able to see the sky above him. Instead there was a roof. Sesshoumaru jumped out of the well with Kagome still in his arms. "Okay, my kaasan and brother will probably ask you a million questions. And don't worry if my jichan tries to place some demon wards on you though because they don't seem to work anyway. At least they didn't on Inu Yasha." Kagome said.

She opened the door to the well house. "I hope you're ready." Kagome said and held Sesshoumaru's hand as they walked out of the well house. Sesshoumaru gave Kagome's hand a reassuring squeeze as they walked up to the door of her house. Kagome knocked and nervously shuffled foot to foot as she waited for someone to answer.

The door slid open and Kagome's mother came into view. "Welcome home Kagome." Her mother greeted her and hugged her daughter. Kagome dropped Sesshoumaru's hand in order to hug her mother back. "I hope everything at that gathering went well." She said and noticed the youkai lord next to her daughter.

"Okaasan, this is Sesshoumaru, my mate." Kagome said. Sesshoumaru gave a small bow and Kagome's mother bowed in return.

"See Kagome, I told you, you would meet someone." Her mother said much to Kagome's relief. "So where in Sengoku jidai is he from?"

"Sesshoumaru is Inu Yasha's older half brother. He's the youkai lord of the West." Kagome answered.

"Youkai be gone!" Sesshoumaru heard as an old man came running down the hall and placed a piece of paper on his chest.

"Jichan, I don't think we want to embarrass Kagome." Kagome's mother said and pushed the old man back into the house.

"I warned you." Kagome said and pulled off the useless piece of paper. Sesshoumaru gave her a smirk.

"Kagome-neechan!" Souta was the last to show as he came running and practically tackled Kagome. He probably would have if she hadn't had so much practice with Shippou and Rin already.

Souta finally let go of his sister and looked up at Sesshoumaru. "Wow, he's tall." Souta said as he looked up at the taiyoukai. "Who is he?" Souta asked.

"He's Inu Yasha's brother, I guess he's kind of your brother now too." Kagome said.

"Really?" He looked at Sesshoumaru and the demon lord gave him a small nod. "Sugoi!" Souta said thinking it would be so great to have a brother that was a youkai. Souta grabbed Sesshoumaru's hand and led the taiyoukai into the Higurashi home.

"So Kagome, I guess this means you're staying in the feudal times, huh, Kagome?" Her mother asked as she served the lunch.

Kagome nodded. "I'll come and visit though."

"Sure if your youkai mate allows it I bet." Her jichan said quietly, but everyone at the table heard it. Sesshoumaru tensed and Kagome took his hand in hers and he calmed. He knew that she was not going to leave him just because of what her relatives said.

"Jichan, be nice. I think Kagome and Sesshoumaru-sama fit perfectly together." Kagome's mother stated.

Throughout the meal Kagome told them what had happened and Sesshoumaru filled in the parts where she had not been present or had been unconscious. By the end of the meal Kagome's jichan seemed to have gotten a new respect for the youkai lord who so obviously was in love with his granddaughter.

"So when do I get grandchildren?" Kagome's mother asked and a blush spread across Kagome's cheeks.

"I...uh...well..." Kagome stuttered. She looked at Sesshoumaru for help, but he seemed to be enjoying watching her squirm. Kagome gave him a light hearted glare and he smirked.

"In about nine months." Sesshoumaru answered and everyone looked at him in shock.

"What?" Kagome asked think she must have heard wrong.

"You already carry our child, my heir. I can tell by your scent." Sesshoumaru told her. Kagome didn't know whether to be happy or upset. She was happy because she wanted to make a family with Sesshoumaru, but she was still upset first off because he hadn't told her earlier and also because now her entire family knew what they had been up to while she was gone. She settled for blushing while glaring at Sesshoumaru, but one of her hands also went to touch her stomach.


"When do you think they'll be back?" Shippou asked as the group sat in Kaede's hut eating.

"Rin misses Sesshoumaru-sama and Kagome-kaasan." Rin said.

"I'm sure they miss you too and will be back as soon as they can be." Sango answered the two children. She had been incredibly good with the two kids while their parents were gone.

"You're great with children Sango." Miroku said sitting next to the tajiya. "I'm sure you'll be wonderful with our children." He stated as his hand strayed a little too far down.

Sango turned and slapped Miroku. "Don't you ever stop? You're no longer cursed houshi." Sango stated.

"My dear Sango, I'm hurt. I only flirted with those other women because I needed an heir while I was cursed, but now that I'm healed I can court you."

"C-court me?" Sango asked in disbelief.

"Of course, my dear Sango." Miroku said taking Sango's hands in his. "You're the only one for me." He looked deep into her eyes.

"Perhaps you two should do what Kagome keeps on saying and 'get a room'" Shippou said.

Both Sango and Miroku then realized their audience and separated, but kept tossing each other quick glances through out the rest of the meal.


"Hurry up Inu Yasha!" Alara called over her shoulder. She laughed as Inu Yasha ran after her. They had gotten to her home in the Eastern Lands finally. It was a nice palace though no where near the size of Sesshoumaru's.

Inu Yasha finally caught up to Alara and feeling playful tackled her like a little puppy. They rolled around a bit until Alara finally gained the top position and was able to hold Inu Yasha down. "Yes, I'm the strongest hanyou in the world." She laughed.

Inu Yasha glowered for a minute, but then jerked up his leg which made Alara topple on top of him. He took the opportunity to kiss her like he'd been wanting to for a week already. It was sweet and innocent kiss and when thy parted they both had a light blush on their cheeks.


"I guess we should be getting back." Kagome said and wished her family farewell.

"I expect you to allow her to visit. I also want to see my grandchild." Kagome's mother said. Kagome just blushed in response and Sesshoumaru nodded. Sesshoumaru picked up Kagome's backpack which was filled with what Kagome considered essentials: shampoo, soaps, etc. and the candies for the children.

Kagome hugged her mother one last time and then walked with Sesshoumaru to the well. They jumped in and Sesshoumaru was relieved when the strong smell of humans and industry were replaced with the gentle scent of the forest surrounding the well.

After leaving the well, they started their journey back to Kaede's hut to get the children. "Why didn't you tell me I was pregnant?" Sesshoumaru just shrugged and earned himself a light hit from Kagome. "So is it a boy or girl, Sango told me most youkai can tell."

"Why do you wish to know?" Sesshoumaru asked not really understanding why it was necessary knowledge.

"So I can start thinking of names, of course." Kagome said.

Sesshoumaru chuckled. "I think there is plenty of time for that." He said, but then sighed when Kagome gave him a pout that he had found over their weeks together that he couldn't resist. "It's a boy. Now don't do that." He dipped down and kissed her small pout away.

Kagome gave in to the sweet kiss. She knew she'd never get tired of Sesshoumaru's kisses. The kiss ended and Sesshoumaru began to place smaller nipping kisses down her neck. "We should get back to Shippou and Rin." Kagome was finally able to get out though she wanted nothing more than to continue what they had started, but they were out in the open and the children were waiting for them.

"We will continue this when we get home." Sesshoumaru promised both Kagome and himself.

They continued to the village and were met by two very hyper children. Rin ran over and hugged Sesshoumaru's leg, while Shippou lunged into Kagome's arms. "Rin missed Sesshoumaru-sama and Kagome-kaasan." The little girl said and the small kitsune nodded in agreement.

"We weren't even gone a day." Kagome giggled. "So where are Sango and Miroku?" Shippou opened his mouth to answer, but was interrupted.

"Right here, Kagome-sama." Miroku said as he exited Kaede's hut. A blushing Sango followed behind him.

"Where's Kaede-baba?" Kagome asked.

"She went to help a neighboring village not too long ago." Sango answered.

"That's too bad. I had hoped to say goodbye before we left." Kagome said.

"Well you're going to be visiting aren't you Kagome-chan?" Sango asked hopefully.

Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru with pleading eyes and he gave a small nod. "Of course." She said. "Well, we better get going if we want to be at the Western palace by dinner, but I promise to visit soon." Kagome said and she placed Shippou down so that she could hug both of her friends goodbye.

Kagome then picked up Shippou and walked over to Sesshoumaru who handed her Rin and then wrapped her in his arms. A cloud of youki appeared beneath the youkai lord's feet and they took to the skies towards the Western Lands. Rin and Shippou fell asleep during the ride and were put straight to bed when they arrived.

"So what do you want to do now?" Kagome asked after she had tucked Shippou and Rin in.

"I have a few ideas." Sesshoumaru said and picked Kagome up bridal style and headed in the direction of his room. Kagome's arms went around his neck as she giggled a bit.

Sesshoumaru gently placed Kagome on their bed and hovered over her. Kagome's fingers lightly traced the stripes on one of his cheeks. Sesshoumaru turned his head to gently nuzzle Kagome's palm and lay a small kiss on her wrist. "I love you." Kagome whispered as she pulled him down to kiss her. Sesshoumaru nibbled on her lower lip slightly and delved his tongue into her mouth when she moaned. They made love till the early morning.


'We're never going to get to the village on time if they don't settle down and get ready.' Sesshoumaru thought to himself as he watched his mate and their son playing in the garden. He couldn't help but smile, though.

"Come on Kanaye-chan, we're going to be late for Sango and Miroku's wedding if you don't get back here." Kagome ran after her son who was definitely the perfect definition of his name. He was more energetic than Rin and Shippou had been when they were the same age. Kagome finally caught her son and pulled him into a tight hug and the two of them laughed.

"Can we play more when we get there?" Kanaye asked with hopeful golden eyes.

"Hai." Kagome answered and stood with the small boy in her arms. "Shippou and Rin are already there, since they helped set up. You can play with them after the wedding." Kagome added and the small boy cheered. Kagome laughed at his antics and ruffled his black hair which had flecks of silver and golden strands. He also had two crimson stripes on each cheek and a crescent moon on his forehead like his father.

"Ready to go?" Sesshoumaru asked his mate as she approached with their son.

"Yep." Kagome answered and kissed her mate on the cheek. Sesshoumaru couldn't believe it had been almost four years since he had taken Kagome as his mate. Shippou and Rin were almost ten and growing quickly. And their son Kanaye was a little over three.

'Perhaps I should tell Kagome about another addition to our family that will take place soon.' Sesshoumaru thought as he once again could smell the earthy scent laced with his mate's that told him she was once again with child. 'I'll tell her later.' His smirk made Kagome a bit curious as to what was going on in that head of his, but she let it slide and cuddled against him as he pulled her into his arms.

"Are we going now?" Kanaye spoke up. Kagome laughed lightly and nodded at the little inu youkai.


"Kagome-kaasan!" Kagome almost dropped Kanaye when she was hugged by both a hyper kitsune and a not so human girl.

"Aren't you two getting too old for that?" Kagome said though she loved their hugs. She laughed when she saw both Shippou and Rin pout. After handing Kanaye to Sesshoumaru she hugged the two children, not having to crouch down as far as before.

"Nice to see you could make it." Kagome turned and saw Sango.

She went over and hugged her long time friend. "So you finally agreed to marry him. What took you four years?" Kagome asked.

"I just had to make him really want it." Sango laughed and Kagome joined in.

"So are you really ready to bare his child?" Kagome laughed when Sango blushed.

Sesshoumaru stood on the side watching Shippou and Rin playing with Kanaye. He then smelt his approaching brother and his mate. "Kagome! Sango!" Alara called out and ran over to the two other women.

When Kagome and Sango saw what was in Alara's arms they both had coo at the little hanyou barely a week old. "So what's her name?" Sango asked.

"Rei." Alara answered. The little hanyou had little dog ears like Inu Yasha except with black points. Her hair was dark like Alara's except for her bangs which were silver like Inu Yasha's. Her eyes were gold with little flecks of violet. Two little fangs peaked out when she yawned and both Kagome and Sango were cooing over how cute she was.

"Kagome doesn't know she's going to have another one of your runts, does she?" Inu Yasha said as he stood next to his brother watching he frantic females. Sesshoumaru merely shook his head. He and his brother had been getting along better since the battle with Naraku and Inu Yasha giving up the jewel for Rin.

"At least it's not a hanyou." Sesshoumaru said though his words didn't hold the spite they once did. Inu Yasha just huffed.

"You guys do know that we have a ceremony to perform right?" Miroku said from the sidelines though he did like watching the antics of his friends.

Kagome and Alara walked back over to their mates and watched the procession. "Haha-ue!" Kanaye ran over to his mother and she shushed him.

Kanaye pouted a bit. "How can I stay mad at a face like that?" Kagome said and placed him on her lap as she sat watching the wedding. She leaned back against Sesshoumaru and smiled. Everything had turned out pretty well.

"So how would you feel about another one?" Sesshoumaru whispered. Kagome turned and looked at him quizzically and Sesshoumaru gestured to Kanaye who was sitting antsy in her arms. Kagome's eyes widened in understanding.

"When we get back I'm teaching you some of the games we play and you're joining in from now on." Kagome stated slightly shocking the lord. He didn't want to think about how disgraced he'd be if anyone saw him playing the foolish games he'd seen her play with the children. Kagome just vowed that she'd make him one way or another because if her next child was as hyper as the other three she'd collapse.



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Kanaye - zealous one

Rei - gracious