Ash woke up after Pikachu zapped him. Ash looked at him and with a look of horror, resized that Pikachu had grown a hitlerstache! The Pikachu looked at Ash, a deep and grabelly voice emanated from his piehole.

"Feed me, bitch, or I'll zap you to Narnia like the rest of these sorry fuckers." The Pikachu exclaimed, motioning towards a steamed Brock and Misty. Ash facepalmed. "You do realize that Brock is the only one who can cook here, right? None of us know how to provide for ourselves. Which is kinda weird considering we're just children, but whatever. Get the satanic chalk and candles. We need to make another deal with Girafina." Ash says while grabbing a book that was in his bag labeled 'Spiritual connections with the damned and forever tortured and how to make deals with them.'

"Oh great Giratina, please show yourself to me because I have plot armor and I'm special." Ash whispers to the satanic runes engraved onto the ground with chalk. The air around them distorts and shifts and Giratina rises from middle. "Yo Giratina, we need another six pack of instant ramen. Here's two dead bodies." The exchange happens, and life continues on as normal. The end.