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An elegantly dressed man let out a sigh as he frowned at the archduke yelling in the throne room.

"How insufferable" he thought.

Roderich Edelstein, also known as the personification of the Archduchy of Austria, was frustrated. Why should he, one might ask? He is the Archduchy of Austria. He is strong, he is rich, and he is elegant, bah!

Yes, that is true. But in reality, it is really not that glorious when you have no real power. He has little to no influence on his leader's decisions and thus, he has little actual power in his entire land.

He shook his head in disappointment and left the room. The little "issue" in his nation that is getting his leader riled up is the Protestant reformation that started when that man Martin Luther posted his theses in protest of the Roman Catholic Church. To be honest, he felt a bit of respect for the man for challenging the Catholics even though he did not really care for religion. And now it was spreading rapidly in the Hapsburg territories. It was truly an interesting development. But although, he sensed that his leader will make things very difficult for the man.

Deciding to forget about the things going on in his lands, Roderich decided to go to his room for a bit of peace and quiet. He would go outside to get fresh air but he is not really that fond of the outdoors but when things get too stressful for him he makes an exception. Austria sat in his room and once again thinks about life in general.

It was something he had been accustomed doing for several years, when things get too stressful or ridiculous he would evaluate his life and then criticize many parts of it. Sometimes he would even try to imagine that he lives in a much more ideal world. Well, we all have dreams no?

While he couldn't call his life terrible, it certainly wasn't great. He was sick of all the wars over things like territory or religion or dislike towards the Archduke. Honestly, they would start wars because people do not believe the same things they do? How petty! He's willing to bet that the Ottoman Empire doesn't have to deal with this kind of nonsense! In fact, he is willing to bet Mariazell that somehow this whole reformation conflict will somehow lead to the Hapsburg lands being divided, again.

Sighing once again, he looks at the window towards his city filled with his people.

"I wish I could make a world where there is less prejudice, no pompous leaders and most importantly, no wars caused by greedy men or religious differences." He paused before smiling. "Perhaps I can do it! I will show those fools that they are being children and create a new world!"

His frown vanished when he realized he was an idiot, and he slammed his hands on his study. "No. Not now. I am not strong yet and the time is not right. Perhaps in the future I can do it as I get stronger. No…"

He is going to need allies. There has to be other nations who share his mindset or at least something similar to it, but they are not going to be easy to find. He'll bide his time. He has a lot of patience to spare, after all Rome wasn't built in a day.

He will make his wish come true, not matter what difficulties he may face. He will change the ways of the world. He will make a new world order.

He smirked and chuckled to himself as he looks out the window.

"There's a lot of work ahead but I'll succeed"

/ / / / / /

"Looks like I managed to get away. But I'm badly wounded. Shit." Gilbert thought as he clutched his arm. He was again chased by the villagers because of his appearance for what seemed like the thousandth time. Thankfully, this time he managed to get away but not without suffering injuries from an angry mob. And now, the representative of the Teutonic Knights was currently hiding behind a tree so that he can rest and heal his wounds.

They were trying to throw him into a lake this time, while binding his arms and legs with rope. Maybe they figured out that they couldn't kill him by stabbing him multiple times, poisoning him, decapitating him and burning him at a stake? Probably.

Since Gilbert was immortal, he kept coming back after every single death, but that doesn't mean that it didn't hurt like hell.

"Must the world be so cruel?" People hated him and tried to kill him because he did not look like them. They kept screaming that he was a demon, not caring that he is just a child. Although he was used to the killing attempts, it still hurt his feelings.

Having nothing better to do, he leaned back on the tree and decided to rest. Hopefully the villagers won't try looking for him. He looked up at the stars.

"How can a world so cruel and unforgiving still be so beautiful?" he wondered as he started to close his eyes.

And he fell asleep dreaming that he lived in a better world than his, he loved those types of dreams even as harsh reality will return to him when he wakes.

Many hours later, Gilbert waked up. Sighing to himself, he got up and went to a nearby lake to see how his injuries were faring. As he gazed at himself on the surface he frowned.

"I'm still bruised everywhere and I have some cuts too." And he will probably get new ones sooner or later.

"I wish I lived in a world where there is no prejudice." that way people like him won't ever suffer like he does. His eyes widened. "Perhaps I can do it!" But then he paused and shook his head. "No, I am too weak to even try. I'll have to get stronger."

Gilbert crossed his arms as he thought more about his plans. "I not only have to become powerful, I'll need allies as well." He looked up at the sky with determination in his eyes. "There may be people I can trust but they will be very hard to find. Either way, no one can know of my plans.

He had an idea that may help. Looking at the surface of the lake again, he used the strength he had to smile as cocky as he could. His injuries made the effort hurt but it looked great and then he stood up and screamed the loudest he could. "I AM AWESOME!"

Yes, this façade will do nicely.

/ / / / / /

Far away, in a distant undiscovered continent. Well, until recently. A certain immortal female was shaking in anger, tightly fisting her hands in complete rage. She was very, very angry. No, anger would be a huge understatement, she was downright pissed. These outsiders are entering her lands! How dare they just appear and start behaving like these lands were theirs from the beginning! And start massacring her people! If this continues she will… What if they decide to target her children? They did not look native except for her daughter. These white men or "Europeans" seemed to be accompanied by several men who seemed to be nations, nations seeking to conquer.

"Mama?" a young boy's voice called out.

Gaho turned around to see one of her children; the voice belonged to her eldest child, who was looking at her worryingly. The other one was a lot further north. She was glad; the north was a vast land of ice and snow, which meant that perhaps they may not find him. Her eldest, who takes mostly after his father, had blonde hair, blue eyes like the sky and pale skin.

Her eldest and second eldest resemble each other closely and had a strong bond. Not even their own mother could separate them. Overall, Gaho was very happy with her children.

Until the arrival of the white men. Even worse is that her son was seen by one of the nations who she believed was called "England" but thankfully her child managed to escape while the man was fighting with another nation named "France", quite like toddlers too. Gaho sadly sighed when she saw her body starting to fade; she looked again at her son.

"Listen to me, my son," she weakly said with a forced smile. "These… "Europeans" are conquering our home… I may not be…" she trailed off.

At this, her eldest widened his eyes and an expression of denial appeared on his face. It hurt Gaho to see her son hurt, but she cannot do anything, she is dying. She looked down at her body, she was fading rapidly.

"No, you cannot! Please do not leave me all alone!" her eldest pleaded, tears starting to form in his blue eyes. "They… they will take me!"

"I'm sorry, my son." She apologized, voice becoming more strained. "I will not be here much longer, but I will not leave without giving you advice. Be careful with these greedy men, look after Kanata and Mexica and protect one another. Tell your brother in the north what happened too." She then gave them a loving smile, trying hard to not cry herself. "Remember that I love you with all my heart, you are my beloved son. Promise…" she coughed, and the boy rushed towards her. "Promise me that you'll love and look after each other, no matter what those Europeans do to make you think otherwise."

The boy hugged his mother tightly, as if desperately trying to prevent her from disappearing, and sobbed. "I… I promise Mama." Her son said between sniffs, then the eldest's arm's shook but his eyes had determination. "Yes, we promise. I promise I'll protect my siblings with my life."

Gaho closed her eyes and smiled, a single tear fell out of her eye. "Then I can die in peace… I love you, my son." And with that the woman was gone, leaving a grief-stricken boy to stare at the spot where his mother was.

He did not know what to do. His mother was gone, and they are helpless against the Europeans. What could he do? He was just a child. But he glanced at the Europeans in the distance and he then started to feel a powerful feeling in his heart. Anger.

He glared with slowly increasing rage at the distance, where the Europeans were walking about acting like the disgusting fat ugly fools that they are. They invaded their home, they brought their diseases, they slaughtered their people, they murdered Aztec and Maya and the others, and now they killed Mama.

They are going to pay dearly for that. He will avenge Mother.

But, he cannot do it by himself, and he was too little to do anything, but that will change. He knows that there are others who share his pain, who had what they cared about stolen from them.

They will make them pay, one way or another.

/ / / / / /

It was the War of Austrian Succession, most of the powers in Europe are fighting over the question of Maria Theresa's succession as ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, but it was probably due the fact she was female, and the men just could not accept that. The king of Prussia gave an offer, she would recognize Theresa as ruler if she gives him Silesia or even just part of it. But something about a document and wish to not lose power made Maria Theresa refuse and so the war began.

Much to the contempt of certain nations in Europe.

The war was silly in their opinion, the king was an idiot, the queen was an idiot, every monarch in Europe was a complete idiot. But alas, some of them were forced to take part in it per the orders of their leaders. But in the future, they would be grateful that this war happened, because it made their alliance grow and most of all…

It is how their two leaders met.

In a dark room inside a palace in Austria, sat two men on the opposite sides of a dining table, cold and calculative looks on their faces and they stared at the other in silence. They were analyzing each other, trying to figure out how the other's mind works as well as their intentions. No sound was made, they didn't move a muscle, and they never broke eye contact. Austria and Prussia were not doing this out of distrust, they were curious. After the two fought in a one on one duel, Austria suspected that the loud and arrogant Prussian was hiding something. They both took off their masks, it appeared that Prussia thought the same thing about him.

And here they are analyzing each other, but they were both eager to talk. So, Austria finally broke the silence by chuckling.

"So… the arrogant, self-absorbed, narcissistic idiot was all a mask?" the aristocrat gave the albino an honest smile. "I should have known, no living being acts like that. Especially one who has been through hell as a child. I applaud you, you even fooled me for a long time."

Prussia smiled, nothing like his usual smirk. "And I you. I never would have thought the elegant aristocrat with no sense of direction was all a lie."

The two men laughed at their masks before returning to a more serious demeanor.

"So tell me, Roderich." Prussia began, crossing his arms with a serious look. "Why would someone like you hide his true self? What do you hope to achieve?"

Austria closed his eyes and clenched his hands. "What I hope to achieve, Gilbert?" he asked. "I hide who I truly am so that the others, people who could stand in my way, won't ever suspect me. What I want, what I wanted for centuries is to create a new world."

This surprised Prussia, he raised an eyebrow. "A new world?" Could it be…

"Yes!" The Austrian shouted as he banged his fist on the table. "By establishing a new world order, a new world can be created that will be better than the last. Tell me, Prussia…" he looked at the man mentioned, who was very interested in what he was hearing. "This war is ridiculous do you agree?"

"Yes, very much." He agreed, nodding. "Much like…"

"Many others that you and I have fought in." Austria finished. "And much more that other countries start and participate. I am tired, no, frustrated of this." He gritted his teeth in anger. "I want to stop all of that. Stop all these wars of power and religion. And do not get me started on prejudice…" he sighed but continued, eyes steeled with resolve. "I want to create a better world… no… I WILL create a better world, no matter how many men I must butcher to accomplish this. Our leaders are idiotic humans, they have brought us nothing but pain and suffering. Some of us even died because of them! We embody the land, we are more connected to it than any human, so why shouldn't we make the decisions? I am aware that this sounds delusional for a normal person, but I will make a new world order. I swear it."

After that ranting speech, Austria was left breathless and he looked at Prussia, who remained silent, in the eye. Prussia was very impressed, he always thought that Austria was just another arrogant idiot who cared only for elegance and power, but he was wrong. He could tell that what Austria said was genuine, he thought a lot like him, he was also disgusted at the world. Prussia even berated himself for it. Someone doesn't need to go what he'd been through to think like him, if you just watch the world long enough like them, you can see all the flaws in society and want to do something about it.

Prussia decided to give his story, he narrowed his eyes at the memories. "As you know, when I was a child, I represented the Teutonic Knights." Austria nodded for him to continue. "And… we all know that my appearance is… very unusual. So, because I looked different from everyone else I was…" he started shaking, not wanting to cry and look weak. "…chased."

Austria gave him a sympathetic look. "You were persecuted and hated." He stated.

Prussia laughed bitterly. "Correct. They called me demon, they would try to kill me more times than I can count, and when they saw I didn't die they simply tried again with a different method. They didn't care that I was a child, they just know that I must die. Father…" he said it like the name disgusted him. "Germania didn't even bother to help me or give me any sort of comfort, he saw me as a disgrace because I let myself be captured by mere humans."

"Father was always known for his kindness." Austria muttered sarcastically.

"I suffered and suffered, but no matter how many times people are disgusted at me I always thought the world was beautiful." Prussia said as he looked towards the window where the moon shined brightly. "I wanted to make a difference, so I vowed that I would make the world better. So, that people who are different won't ever have to suffer like I did."

"We really are alike, aren't we"? Austria thought as he also looked at the window. It was true, the world was beautiful, it is the nations and people who are disgusting. If they could just fix that, then the world can truly be beautiful again. Prussia understands perfectly what must be done, and they'll do it together. Austria made up his mind, he stood up from his chair and started to walk around the table.

"Our way of thinking is similar." Austria stated.

"And our goals are the same." Prussia added.

Austria nods and puts his hands behind his back. "Yes, we both want to change the world for the better, but for us to accomplish such a feat…" he looks at Prussia.

"We are going to need allies." Prussia finished as he also stood up, understanding what he's trying to say, he raises an eyebrow. "Are you proposing we become allies?"

"And with other nations too." He added, hoping he agrees.

Prussia's eyes widened slightly, and he smiled. "So you have found other nations like us too? You continue to impress me, Roderich."

Austria smirked. "And I you. Yes, I have found others in Europe who share our mindset, and some in Asia too." He added with a bit of pride. "And I assume you also found your share of allies?"

Prussia nodded. "Yes, I also have allies. Very ferocious ones too."

They smiled at each other, both liking this development very much.

"So, we have an agreement?" Austria asked smiling, though the answer was obvious, and held out his hand.

"Yes." Prussia smiled, taking his hand. "We do."

The movement grows.

/ / / / / /

"I cannot believe him!" Mexico shouted angrily as she paced back and forth in the room.

America frowned at his sister's upset demeanor, but deep down he was enraged himself. After many years of being apart, the siblings managed to reunite thanks to requests and vague hints on both sides, sweet talking in Mexico's case (They may have an unmeasurable hatred for Europeans, but acting like sweet obedient children does have some perks), and when the two men left the room to discuss something about trade, Mexico immediately ran up to him and tackled him in a suffocating hug.

They then told each other all events that happened on their respective territory after they separated, America was saddened to learn that Aztec was dead, murdered by that accursed Spaniard, who took his sister after destroying the city. Only served to add more fuel to fire that is their anger. When America told his sister a rather important thing that happened recently, Mexico's face lit up at the news, he told her he was reunited with their brother who was now known as Canada.

But it wasn't good news.

When America was told by England that he is going to have a brother from up north, he immediately knew who it was, and he showed genuine excitement. Apparently, England gained his brother as a territory after he defeated France, and when England brought Canada over to America's house, America greeted his brother with a loving hug. Canada didn't seem to have changed much and seemed just as happy to see him again. Things were fantastic.

Until America had to discuss their mother, and Canada's reaction truly baffled him.

When he told Canada about their mother's death, he reacted just like he expected, he broke down in tears. But when America said that it was the Europeans who made her die, Canada was confused and said he shouldn't go blaming their "brothers" that their mother died of illness, and America was stunned.

At first, he assumed he misunderstood what he said, so he went on to the topic of the natives, their real people, and Canada reacted by shivering in fear and saying that they're scary. Now, America was starting to get worried and frustrated, so he asked him if it doesn't bother him that these men are killing their people and forcing them to become "civilized", Canada had the nerve, the nerve, to say that he shouldn't be angry at the people who took them in and raised them.

It took all his self-restraint to not strangle his brother in a fit of rage. Instead, he calmed himself down and went back to his façade, and the conversation was quickly forgotten.

When he told Mexico of this, she could only look in horror and curse their idiot brother angrily because she could not believe that their own brother is ignorant of the fact that he is whoring himself to the Europeans. Before his sister can destroy the room in her ire, he calmed her down and said that he blamed himself, much to Mexico's chagrin, he waited too long to tell him what happened to their mother and of the plan and this is just the consequence. America suggested trying again when the three of them reunite together.

Mexico reluctantly agreed, and they waited until their "caretakers" met again. This time all three siblings reunited. Canada had the same reaction when he was reunited with America with Mexico, he was overjoyed and all but now it was time for the reason they were anxious for this event.

And once again, Canada's reaction baffled them. America had to tightly squeeze his sister's hand to prevent her from tearing Canada's throat apart. After much self-restraint, it became dark and Canada went to bed. England and Spain went out to who-cares-where, so the two siblings had a lot of time to meet in secret.

Which brings them back to the present, to a furious Mexico and an upset America.

"What are we supposed to do now?!" she asked, face a cross between sadness and anger. "One of our own has let himself be corrupted by those… bastards!"

America admitted that he honestly did not know. "Kanata was always a gentle soul, it might his way of coping-"

Mexico wasn't having any of it. "Stop making excuses for him, hermano! You heard what came from his own mouth, he sounded confident that "Papa" is a very kind and often misunderstood person." She mocked, then kicked a nearby crate. "Ugh!"

"Well, we can worry about Canada later. Besides…" he smiles at his sister. "You said things were going well in rounding up our cousins in the South, no?"

Mexico stopped pacing and smirked. "Si, they are all eager to overthrow the Europeans bastards and to have revenge for wiping their people and culture away."

"And I managed to get some allies in the Caribbean as well…" he added, then wrapped his arm around his sister's shoulders. "So, we have the advantage in numbers now, all we need to do now is to rile up our people so that we can break free." His face took on a calculative look. "So, if I'm correct, it's only a few years before my people start to rebel, then the rest will follow."

"Good." Mexico said. "Then the plan can begin?"

"Yes, then it will begin, little sister." He said softly as he kissed her cheek.

"Who needs Canada anyway?" Mexico muttered as she leaned on her brother. "He always was the weakest one, always crying when practicing, too submissive, and lacks a backbone. We shouldn't be surprised."

America frowned slightly. "Now, now, don't talk about our brother like that. He can be very strong." Though he did agree with some of the things she said. "But still, this hardly affects our plans. It can be done with or without him."

He hugged his sister, stroking her hair as his mind wandered back to Canada. He honestly hoped that his brother will open his eyes to the truth and join them, as much as what Canada said angered him, he did not mean any harm. His eyes trailed down to his sister, and he smiled. But most of his family is on board, that's what matters. The plan is the main priority.

One little obstacle means nothing to them.

/ / / / / /

Prussia walked through the war camp, eyes occasionally glancing at some of the soldiers. Prussia was at the 13 colonies to help train the soldiers to win the Revolution, but he only had one thing in mind. According to the General, the boy likes to frequent around a rather secluded area of the camp where he keeps to himself. Prussia has a suspicion about the rebelling colony based on what he has seen of him, and he wants to confirm it. He hopes he is right.

As he nears his destination, he spots the boy appearing to be having a conversation with… Prussia's eyes widened, a young woman? No, he recognized her, she was Spain's colony. They seemed to be having a serious conversation, and just by looking at their faces he knew that his theory was correct. When he got closer to them, the boy looked in his direction and widened his eyes, the Spanish girl looked at him confused before glancing at Prussia and gasping.

Prussia stopped walking and gave them both a cold stare, glancing at the boy then at the girl, which caused the boy to hug his sister close. It appears Austria was right, the colonies in the Americas couldn't have been that accepting of the Europeans. And Prussia was right, they had facades too. Now, that his theory was confirmed…

"So, it appears you have masks too." He stated bluntly, wanting to get straight to the point.

The colonies were taken aback at being quick pinned into a corner, they looked at him in shock before glaring at him. America hugged Mexico closer as the look he gave was full of anger, and narrowed his eyes.

"So, you found us out, now what do you want?" he asked suspiciously.

"I have had my suspicions about the colonies in the Americas. All of you are having their cultures being washed away and your natives are being chased, slaughtered and enslaved. I have a hard time believing that you would have accepted it without showing any animosity." Prussia explained, face serious.

America snorted. "Well, it was quite easy. You Europeans are very stupid, assuming we will just roll over and forget all the things you've done to us. And it looks like we're not the only ones pretending, you're very different from what I remember too."

Prussia nodded. "Yes, I have wearing this mask for centuries, fooling others and hiding what I can truly do. Just like you" he said.

"Wait." Mexico cut in, raising an eyebrow. "You sounded like we are not the first ones with a façade. Are there others too?" she asked.

"Yes, there are others." He responded, but back with what he wanted to do. "Which brings me to the topic I want to discuss with you two. I think you will find it very interesting."

A few hours later, Mexico left to return to her lands, and Prussia and America put on facades and proceeded to train for the coming battles. Prussia allowed himself a genuine smile, this was a very productive day and Austria will be very happy as well. As Prussia and America trained, and Mexico walked away from the camp, they all had one thought in their minds.

More allies, that's good.

/ / /

Austria and Prussia stood together side by side as they looked at the world map sprawled before them on the table. Both felt proud of themselves and each other for what they have accomplished over the centuries.

They have fooled the world; the others don't know that they have manipulated events to go the way they did and that some of their closest friends, even family, have helped them plan their downfall.

Speaking of them, they have acquired a good number of allies each strong, determined and loyal. They owed a lot to their allies, they've couldn't have grown to their prominence without them. The allies even helped get more allies.

Austria smiled. "It's almost time." he said.

"Ja, it is." Prussia said, looking serious but is just as glad. "Do the others know what they need to do?"

"Ja, of course, they've been prepared for years."

"Ah, true. And do you think they're ready for this?"

"They knew what they were signing up for."

"Just a little bit more, then we can finally show who we really are."

"And the world is completely unprepared."

"We'll change the world…"

"…or die trying." They finished together.

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