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Somewhere, maybe now, maybe in the future, in the middle of all the action and chaos happening, the third, the one who is unknown, observed it all happening. Pondering and watching, he sat in his leather chair, in deep thought as he stared at the fireplace lighting up the dark room. He was alone in this cozy little hearth room of his, it was a bit of a habit to come here once in a while and think about the state of things.

Now more than ever, considering things are unraveling. Everything was set, now all they have to do was wait.

Eventually, the third heard some footsteps, and looked away from the fire towards where the sound came from, and he smiled. "Oh, hey there, I was wondering when you'd come to find me. Did ya have a nice trip?" The response he received made the man smirk. "Wanna get straight to the point, huh? Eh, fine, fine. But hear me out first."

The third placed his feet on the table and leaned back comfortably into his chair. "I bet you're wondering about a lot of things about all this, all the mystery and unanswered questions, the unexplained, the thrill of it all… of course you'd want answers but as you have learned throughout this event…" He smirked wolfishly and formed his hand into a claw. "…the truth bites."

Laughing at the others' expression, he then calmed himself down and turned unexpectedly serious. "But let's get serious, shall we? I know you've been waiting an explanation for why and how someone like me has been part of this, let alone allowed. Without getting rid much of the mystery, I'll spell out my motive for you, though I'm warning ya, it's one of those cryptic but uninteresting speeches."

"But before I begin, how about I explain some things to you? Show you? Aw, don't give me that face! It'll be an interesting experience for your curious little mind. You know… reconnect the blank points or at least some of them… You in? C'mon, aren't you just a teensy-weensy bit curious?" The man asked, then grinned. "That's a nice answer. Now, on with the show!"

/ / / / / /

Pain had become Malaysia's world in the last few days.

He wasn't sure exactly when he started to be in a constant state of agony or even WHY he was like this. It was… three… four… maybe two or five days, weeks, seconds, days, years, millennia, centuries, decades, milliseconds, lustrums, nanoseconds, quadrennium, biennium, microseconds, OR MAYBE EVEN ALL OF THEM. But he's pretty sure it was a few days ago… Right? Of course it was, but was it really? No… yes, it was.

It did all start a few days ago, he was having a normal day and happy and healthy, he was cheerfully going to go cook when out of nowhere there was a strange ringing in his ears. Shortly after that, he felt a pang of excruciating pain in his skull. It was a pain he had never felt before.

After about a minute of torment and screaming, he stopped only because he felt his breath caught in his throat, finding himself barely able to breathe. He choked and coughed, but even that didn't last because he started shaking uncontrollably.

It was there he realized he was having a seizure, but it didn't make sense, he hasn't been through anything that could cause him that. He wasn't under immense stress and he doesn't have epilepsy, also he doesn't lack of oxygen cause seizures that violent. He spasmed and convulsed so much that it caused him pain. There were sudden instances when some part of his body would contort horribly, and a sickening crack could be heard.

Needless to say, he screamed.

But none of that was important right now, it wasn't, he had to focus on his number one priority… he had it to find it, he needed it, he desperately wanted it, lusted for it even. But where in Malacca's name is it?! He's been missing it for years! He needed to take back what was his! Where? Where? Where? Where? WHERE?

Malaysia paled and hysterically shook his head in a desperate attempt to get rid of the confusing thoughts he's been getting lately. For some reason, he would suddenly contradict himself or go into a strange mantra until he snaps back into reality. It was starting to scare him. His own mind was scaring him.

Today after having a strange dream, a nightmare, he woke up face down on the floor of his living room covered with bruises, pounding in his head, bent wrists, semi-stiff legs and blood coming out of his scalp. Judging from his bloodied hands with a few short hairs and the sore spot on the back of his head, he was horrified to discover he probably tried to rip off his own scalp. He doesn't remember doing that, but he doesn't remember falling asleep, it was all a blur.

"I nak gila..." Malaysia murmured to himself, staring up at the ceiling with empty eyes, before his eyes trailed to the several dark bruises on his arms. When his hand started to twitch, he swiftly grabbed his wrist with his other hand only to wince, he remembered that it got fractured earlier.

He used his good hand to his blood-stained messy black hair and he used his still sore finger to rub away an ounce of the pain. Malaysia has been stuck in his own house since it began, he would have tried to go to someone who could help, but every time the thought crossed his mind, or he moved to go out the ringing would return. He doesn't want to experience that again.

Everything hurt… this would all stop if he finds it. But find what?! Why does he keep thinking that? What is it?

"WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?!" Malaysia screamed.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard someone knock on the door, shooting up faster than a bamboo sprout, Malaysia groaned from the whiplash and stared at the door tiredly. He still couldn't feel his legs very much, but he tried standing up anyway. To little avail.

Just as he was about to muster up a cry, he heard clicking from the other side of the door and it swung open, Malaysia widened his eyes when he saw who it was that suddenly came into his home and got the door open. Shocked dark hazel eyes met cheerful golden dark brown ones.

"Hello, kaibigan ko!" Philippines greeted his injured and gaping neighbor with a wide grin, not seeming to notice the state Malaysia was in, and with a happy go lucky look about him he strolled towards Malaysia. "Sorry to pop in on short notice, but… huh?"

Philippines blinked a few times in surprise and it looked like he finally noticed how Malaysia was, and he stared at him worriedly, Malaysia couldn't help but think that was a bit of an underreaction for something like this. But then Philippines apparently did a double take and looked horrified. Along with a bit of…. Guilt?

But he didn't dwell on that, there was someone, a nation who could somehow help him find… no…. help him with whatever's wrong

Malaysia reached out a hand desperately towards the startled Philippines. "Felipe... I... help... it hurts... it all hurts..."

Philippines cursed under his breath and ran over towards his neighbor, he rested his hand on Malaysia's bleeding head, the latter flinched in pain and Philippines quickly retracted his hand away. "It's worse than we thought... you're in pain... pucha."

"I've been like this for a few days now." Malaysia rasped out, grabbing Philippines hand despite his sore fingers, needing some sort of anchor to reality. "I don't know why I'm like this. ThereI just don't know! I just…"

"How… how could you be this hurt… I didn't think you'd…" Philippines muttered, though it seemed it was more to himself, he looked at Malaysia with a panicked expression. "Your bruises… Did you hurt yourself? Or did you…"

"I… Don't… Know…" Malaysia whispered slowly.

"I…" Philippines began before biting his lip, he tried again. "Abdul… have tried to get yourself some help?"

"Ya, but it's no use! If I even think about it gets worse!" Malaysia screamed in Philippines's face, the latter flinched and on cue the ringing began pounding on his eardrums again. Malaysia screamed and clutched his head as he tried to not think about it. "See? It's back! If I try to leave it comes and gives a hell of a headache! If I even think about leaving or contacting another nation, it comes!"

Philippines became alarmed at Malaysia's screaming and swiftly grabbed his shoulders while tears started to prick his eyes. "Abdul, calm down! You'll only make it worse if you panic and put stress on your mind! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'M SORRY!"

Malaysia only heard the first part of what Philippines said, but the ringing was starting to vanish from his head, and his suffering was alleviated if only slightly. Malaysia cried out in anguish and collapsed back to the floor, and he yelped when he felt pain in his injuries sting from the impact. Unable to endure more of the agony, he sobbed and let his head hit the floor with a thud. He heard Philippines say something, but Malaysia couldn't make it out, he could only stare at him with blank eyes.

This…. This is torture… Why is this happening to him? There's nothing happening in his country that could affect him like this… So…

It's because you haven't found it yet.

He feels there's something missing, a piece of the puzzle that vanished years ago, it's the key to stopping his suffering.

You knew. But you went on with it anyway, but no more, it's time.

Not just for his battered and broken body and slipping sanity, but for everything.

The cure for your pain will liberate you. It will restore all your hope, respect and civility and wither intolerance, insecurity and hypocrisy! Embrace it! Free yourself!

Economy… Strikes… Oppression… Religious Bigotry… Political Division… Hedonistic hypocritic sons of…

You need it. You let them take it from you but now there is no need to be ignorant. Find it. Take it back.

He needed to find it, end this once and for all.

It will set you free.

With a goal set on his mind and his priorities straight, he snapped his head towards Philippines who widened his eyes slightly at the sudden recovery. Malaysia narrowed his gaze on Philippines and snarled. "Felipe… Where is it?"

"Hmm?" Philippines raised an eyebrow, tilting his head in confusion at the question. "What do you mean? Where's what?"

"Don't… play… dumb with me. Tell me how I can find it." Malaysia growled angrily, Philippines was slightly taken aback by this and looked both thoughtful and confused, then looked at his neighbor uncertainly. Malaysia felt more irritated and he gritted his teeth. "Well? How do I find it?"

"Uh… before I answer that…" Philippines began, frowning in worry. "Can you first tell me who or what "it" is? Just to be sure."

"You… don't… know? How can you NOT know?! You obviously do!" Malaysia shouted irately, slamming fist to the ground, hardly registering the pain while he thought about how he couldn't believe what he was hearing. He then began screaming in blind anger and rage for a reason unknown even to him. "TELL ME! How do I find it?! Don't you dare lie to me, Felipe! I'll never forgive you if you try to trick me!"

"I-I-I…" Philippines could only stammer in shock at being barraged by these questions.

"Tell me, damn it!"




"PLEASE! Just tell me! It hurts so much!" Malaysia wailed as the feral screaming was replaced with broken cries, tears streaming down his face, he looked at Philippines desperately as if he was the only one could save him. "I'm going through so much pain every day, I can't take any more of this! My mind is falling apart!"

"No, it's not!" Philippines shouted back.

"How would you know?!" Malaysia roared in rage.

"Because you're going to be fine! We'll make sure you won't feel any more pain!"

"Wh-What are you…" Malaysia trailed off as his hand started to tremble violently, he gasped as his body became rigid and he found himself unable to breath anymore, it was happening again. He started to choke, and Philippines kept crying out his name in alarm. The world started to spin to become nothing but a blur, the noise became white noise, and Malaysia's eyelids started to become heavy.

Once dark spots started to appear in his vision, he knew he was going to black out.

"…I'm sorry you have to go through this." Malaysia barely Philippines say. Sorry? What does he…

The image of a remorseful Philippines was the last thing Malaysia saw before he fell into darkness.

/ / / / /

The third smirked at the expressions and reactions they made at that all the while he tapped his fingers on his chair. So far, the show has been entertaining, even more than he anticipated, but this wasn't just about entertaining himself. No, this was supposed to show them. To reconnect the blank points, gain a better understanding of everything happening in the world. That, what he just showed, what just the beginning.

"So!" The third clapped his hands, gaining the attention of his audience, and grinned. "What did ya think? Huh? Huh? Did ya like what you found? C'mon, I want the full review!"

Despite the glares he received, the man beamed, and when one of them demanded the meaning of that the man only snorted. "I'm not telling! If I do it'll ruin the fun of figuring out for yourself! And I'd get thinking if I were you, it might save you from something terrible. From what anguish "it" will bring."

The man ignored the continuing shouts and casually crossed his arms, suddenly becoming serious. "While we wait for the next one to play, let me tell you something, I think it's important if you wish to understand me." He turned to stare at the fire, and he frowned. "Tell me, have you ever thought about the future? What will happen to the world that we love if we along with humans continue on our current path? Well, I have."

The man formed his hand into a fist and banged it against the chair, startling those present, and he grimaced. "Don't you see?! You fools have set yourselves upon a path to inevitable destruction! But we, the Order, are going to get you off that path, even if we have to drag you away kicking and screaming."

A beep sounded through the room and the man perked up at the sound. "Oh! Here comes the next one, pay attention! I'm sure this one will get Goopy's full attention, if ya know what I mean…"

/ / / / /

France did not see anything that happened on that night. At all. He felt great regret that this group managed to catch them in a trap, in his own land no less! They were supposed to be safe here in his house, he swore himself he would protect them, but he severely underestimated this New World Order and now he's paying the price. He was going to watch his former colonies get dragged away.

Was this part of France's punishment for his past? Seeing the nations who did not despise him suffer? Watching Haiti laugh as watched his former colonizer fall into despair? France would have accepted whatever punishment, if his former colonies weren't on the line.

But once again, something unexpected happened, probably the most surprising thing that happened that night. As he could nothing but watch as his former charges anguished over their current predicament, with panic as well over Seychelles' sudden disappearance. That especially caused France to nearly get a heart attack. He desperately hoped the little island didn't go and endanger herself.

In the midst of it all and completely out of nowhere, a light, a blinding and massive light, swallowed his surroundings then left him blind. He heard the others exclaim before everything went white and silence remained.

It was… odd. Not painful, just… odd.

After what he presumes to be several minutes, the light faded, and his vision returned, with everything like it was. France was still in the same place and in the same spot. He lowered his arms and he looked around in shock, confused about what on earth just happened, breathing heavily. He rubbed his eyes. What… What was that? What happened? Why did it happen?

But he put that thought away as another worry came. His little brothers and sisters. Are the others alright?

France felt panic rise and snapped his head towards the direction where they were, and he widened his eyes at what he saw in front of him, feeling his panic being replaced with confusion. In the distance, where five of his loved ones were supposed to be, Monaco and Mauritius were there covering their eyes, with Algeria and Tunisia nowhere to be seen. They… just vanished? How…

As France saw Monaco drop to her knees as she continued shielding her eyes, his brotherly instincts took over and he ran towards the girl, forgetting the reason why he remained there. "Lucille! Are you alright?! Please tell me you are not hurt!" He shouted over to her.

Monaco lowered her hands from her face then widened her eyes in horror. "Francis, no!"

He remembered Switzerland's threat, and he stopped in his tracks, expecting to hear a gunshot and a jolt of pain in one of his vital organs, but nothing happened. France stood still, with a visibly shaken Monaco in front of him holding her breath, for almost a minute and still nothing happened.

France looked back at his tower, where he should be hiding, and stared at it in the tense silence of the night. Switzerland's not doing anything. Could it be that light affected him somehow? France shook his head, it doesn't matter right now, he shouldn't look at a gift horse in the mouth. "It seems our trapper is distracted right, mon petite, so we shouldn't worry right now." France kneeled down and put a hand on Monaco's shoulder. "What I'm worried about now is you, are you alright?"

"Oui... I think so. I was... just surprised." Monaco smiled uneasily at her older brother, who then helped her up the floor, and she kept a tight grip on his hand. He supposed she felt relieved he was safe and was rather shaken. He didn't blame her. She then shook her head. "Non, I should be asking you that."

"Ah, no need to worry for me, mon petite. Switzerland didn't hurt me." France waved his hand dismissively then directed his gaze at Mauritius who seemed to be recovering his sight, "And you, Kelvin? Are you alright?"

Mauritius stooped rubbing his eyes the blinked as he stared at France uncertainly. "Y-Yeah, I'm okay, just… a little blind right now."

"Good." France sighed in relief, at least his former colonies that didn't disappear are safe, wait-

"W-Wait, where are Algerie and Tunisie? Where did they go?!" Monaco shouted in alarm as she stared in horror at the spots where the stern Algeria and the considerate Tunisia once stood a few minutes ago, and France felt alarm rise once again.

First his little ones in the Caribbean, then his former colonies in Africa getting suffocated by his much less forgiving ex-colonies, four of the Africans that don't want his head on a pike showing up with news of an organization apparently bent on overthrowing the world, his bitter former colony in the Caribbean breaking into his home (France still doesn't know how Haiti and his friends managed to enter undetected), five of his adoptive siblings falling into a trap with one almost getting shot while another vanished into thin air, then two of the remaining disappearing because of some magic light.

Honestly, France doesn't want to see any more harm happen to the personifications that managed to forgive him for his sins. Also, the vanishing into thin air problem is becoming more recurring; wherever they are he hoped they're someplace safe.

France had a feeling that Egypt was responsible for that strange light and if it is then that should mean that they're alright… hopefully. Ah, don't be so pessimistic, France! Be more positive, of course they're alright! Egypt has done this feat before when they escaped from the clutches of Cameroon and Nigeria, no? There really isn't any need to fear!

But… if it is Egypt's work, then why wasn't Mauritius taken with them? For that matter why wasn't Monaco and France himself included? It's seems rather unnecessary. Did Egypt make some sort of mistake in his magic spell process, however that worked, that caused him to not take them with him?

"First Egypt, then Michelle, now Algeria and Tunisia pull a disappearing act?! Where are they?!" Mauritius demanded, looking around frantically for any sign of his friends, before looking at France desperately. "Why-"

Mauritius trailed off as he stared at something above France, and before the European could turn around to see something bright flew past him and plunged into Mauritius's forehead. France widened his eyes in horror while Monaco shrieked as he noticed that the object was a needle. Haiti.

Mauritius could only remain standing where he was with glassy eyes wide with shock, the life already left from his body, and he started to fall backwards.

"KELVIN!" France exclaimed as he immediately bolted towards him, only for a bullet to fly past him, and he turned around to see a sneering Switzerland aiming his rifle right at him. France stopped in his tracks as Switzerland looked at him with annoyance.

"Now, what did I tell you earlier? Don't tell me you thought that you were safe!" Switzerland scolded, then glanced at a frightened Monaco and a lifeless Mauritius on the floor, and he frowned. "So, the siblings vanished as well? How odd, I wonder why Egypt didn't bother to bring you with him. Would have prevented you from being in this situation."

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, Switzerland." Another voice said cheerfully, and France felt a chill run down his spine as he knew that voice, it filled him with both dread and anger. Suddenly a puff of purple smoke suddenly exploded in front of him, France covered his mouth before he looked up and saw a grinning Haiti standing in front of Mauritius. "One runaway is better than none, no?"

"Hennrick!" France exclaimed in anger.

"Ja, at least we have one victory today." Switzerland sighed, and then gestured towards the Eiffel Tower. "Just grab the island so we can go. After getting our victory snatched away so cruelly I'm eager to pry open his mind."

"Non! You have done enough damage for today!" France snarled as he tried to stop Haiti, Mauritius won't get taken away on his watch, but Haiti was swift in pressing a needle against France's throat."

"No, you… will not be doing anything, frère. You… will watch." Haiti stated, almost ordering France, as he sneered contemptibly at him. "It hurts, doesn't it? Being all helpless and unable to do anything to save yourself and those around you… Tell me…" He leaned close to France's face. "Just how much does it hurt?"

France gritted his teeth as Haiti's needle pierced him slightly. "Trust me, Hennrick… you cannot imagine the pain I felt when I discovered you, Rahim and Roshaun were involved in all of this. What they did…"

"Is that so?" Haiti asked amusedly, and he snorted. "Then I can't wait until you find out who else wants your head."

"What? Who?" France asked. Who else in the organization would want him dead? Dominican Republic is a good guess, he still holds a grudge from when France invaded, but Spain seems like the one he should be angry at. Austria? Prussia? America?

"Only time will tell~" Haiti sang, then burst out laughing, much to France's displeasure. "Oh, it feels nice being able to talk to you without any need to pretend, liberating even. And I would stab this needle in your eye… But if I do that, the others will never forgive me for that. No, we plan on tormenting you together."

"You seem so confident. But are you sure it will happen?" Monaco noted out loud, both nations turned to face her, and she looked slightly nervous from the attention. "Your plan tonight has been foiled as you can clearly see."

Normally France would applaud Monaco for her shrewd logic, but right now, in the presence of the two nations who are not afraid of slaughter, he mentally scolded Monaco for potentially angering these nations. He didn't want to lose another person he cares about.

But surprisingly the only reactions were a frown from Haiti and Switzerland scoffing. "We prefer to think of it as a minor setback. But fräulein, you forget that while the runaways have escaped, they left someone behind. Remember, you know nothing."

Monaco didn't respond, and she bit her lip. Haiti chuckled a little and turned his attention away from France to walk towards Monaco, the Frenchman panicked as to why Haiti would want from her. Haiti stood in front of Monaco, who France could tell was trying her best to not look anxious, and smiled at her, though his intentions aren't clear. Monaco tensed and began to take a careful step back, only for Haiti to suddenly snatch her throat, much to France's horror.

"Lucille! Hennrick, let her go this-" France began to shout only to receive an furious glare.

"Shut up, you bastardl! I said you will not be doing anything!" Haiti snapped, snarling at his former caretaker, then smiling back at a struggling Monaco. "That goes for you as well, sœur. I can't even figure out why you put up with that bastard, but it doesn't matter. You're a nice girl, I heard they're considering letting you live, but don't take advantage of that."

And with that Haiti released his hold on Monaco, letting her cough and gasp for breath, and France quickly went to her side. He held her in a protective embrace as he glared at Haiti, who only glanced coldly at him once before going to Mauritius.

"Hennrick..." France gritted his teeth. "Do you really hate me that much that you'll even hurt those that did nothing to you?"

"I'm not going to dignify that with an answer. But if you must know..." Haiti looked back at them with a frown. "I'd rather people not get in the way of our feud, but I don't like forcing my hand. Monaco is a nice girl, too good for you, and you care for her. Too bad you didn't give the same kindness to many of your colonies."


"Please... Don't bother, France."

Haiti kneeled down and swiftly pulled the bloody needle from Mauritius, putting it away then glancing at Switzerland who nodded.

Haiti carefully picked up Mauritius as Switzerland walked towards him, all the while France watched helplessly. From the bottom of his heart he cursed the fact that there is nothing he can do to save his former colony, not without possibly endangering Monaco, and he held her close. It hurt. It caused him deep pain, and he glared at Haiti. But despite his anger, he only blamed himself.

Haiti carried a dead Mauritius by the arm, and he seemed prepared to leave, but not before giving France one last smirk. "Au revoir~" And as soon as Haiti finished saying that another puff of purple smoke exploded, enveloping the area, and by the time it cleared up Haiti, Switzerland and Mauritius were gone.

France remained staring at the place where they were, unable to take his gaze off, full of grief. Monaco bit her lip again, and looked up at France nervously. "Big Brother France…"

He looked up at the Eiffel Tower, and he narrowed his eyes before softening his gaze at Monaco. "Lucille, we need to go. We don't know if there are more of them here, it isn't safe. As much as it pains me to admit it, mon petite…" He grabbed her hand and gave her a serious expression. "We both won and lost tonight."

/ / / / /

"Wow…" The third gaped in awe as the static appeared, and he turned at his audience to gape. "Seriously, WOW, that was something, huh? Geez, some friend Goopy is, leaving behind poor little tortoise boy. Riiiiiight into our hands, but it give us a victory. In fact, that was one of several victories we had that day! Spain and Belarus's demise, Philippines getting his buddy on track, DRC joining the club. It was a fantastic day for us!"

As he cackled, he once again was met with piercing glares, and gestured them to calm down. "Aw, don't give that look, it wasn't our fault Mauritius got captured! Blame Gupta and his magic… whatever the hell that was. Who knows…" He leaned close and snickered. "Maybe Egypt was getting rid of the competition for the heart of his lady friend. What?! It's possible!"

He relaxed into his chair, sighing, then he suddenly frowned. "Seriously, you all really need to pay more attention to the world, it would have saved you all the trouble you've gone through in this war. This all would have been avoided you just paid attention." He stared at the fire again. "But you all ignored everything, us and the world. You inconsiderate fools have ignored how the world is slowly crumbling into nothing."

He banged the arm of his chair with his fist in anger. "Increasing wars and famine, diseases of unknown origin, increasingly frequent natural disasters. Don't you find it odd? A bit coincidental? Has anyone even noticed? Has anyone even bothered to? Did you really expect us to simply sit and wait for it all to end?"

The beep sounded again, but the third didn't comment on it, only staring angrily at his visitors as he waited for an answer to his questions. Of course, he didn't get any, so he scoffed and looked away disappointedly. "Perhaps a look into the past can give you a better clue at how oblivious you all are."

/ / / / / /

Lithuania couldn't believe this. He couldn't believe what he just heard. What he just read on the newspaper. He desperately hoped this was some attention hungry journalist's poor attempt for a promotion, but the evidence he kept finding crushed that hope. So, the only reliable source he can get the answer out of was none other than the nation he was currently staying with, America.

America had just recently revealed his true self to Lithuania, and to say he was shocked was an understatement, but he supposed a child couldn't be the one running the world. America revealed the truth because he saw potential in Lithuania, he saw someone how could join the organization he was working for. America offered him the chance to make sure Russia will pay for what he did.

He offered Lithuania the chance to never be stepped on again, to be the fierce warrior he once was years ago. It all sounded too good to be true. But that, along with being able to make his own decisions without having a boss, to stop being the pathetic scaredy-cat he was today, to live in a much better world…

Why would he refuse?

So now he was officially a member of the New World Order, now involved in something massive and amazing, and it felt nice. He was still learning the ropes of the organization, he still had to practice his façade a little and he hasn't (truly) met all the members yet. But America was more than happy to help him out, and Lithuania felt a lot of gratitude for the young nation.

Speaking of the other members, Lithuania's jaw nearly dropped to the ground when he found out who else was also involved. Most of the Americas, the Nordics, the supposedly ever neutral Switzerland, and Austria and Prussia were the ones behind it all. Lithuania had to frown when he found out about Prussia, but the real Prussia (whose actual personality made Lithuania gape like an idiot) was much more pleasant than the fake one and was eager to make amends.

In summary, he liked this organization, it felt nice and he recently began a strange… friendship with another member, Bulgaria. At least that's what Bulgaria declared they were, because Lithuania was too dumbfounded by Bulgaria's real personality to say much, but he was a lot less annoying than Poland so Lithuania was alright with that. He liked having someone as cheerful as Bulgaria as a friend.

Anyway, back to his current issue, he spotted America calmly sitting on the bench near the house and Lithuania quickly walked towards him. Just as America turned to look at him, Lithuania shoved a newspaper in his face. "What is this?"

America reached out a hand and slowly pushed the newspaper out of his face to look at Lithuania confusedly. "What do you mean?"

"What do I… How can you not know?! It's all over the papers! Everyone is panicking!" Lithuania exclaimed exasperatedly, then showed him the newspaper and pointed towards the headline. "The stock market crashed a few days ago! Your economy is taking a dive for the worst! Everyone is going into a depression!"

"Don't worry, Toris, I've heard." America said nonchalantly, staring up at the sky, as if this wasn't something to be worried about. "Everyone will have an economic recession, devastating effects on countries in every continent. Pretty grand, huh?"

Lithuania couldn't believe what he was hearing and seeing, America thinks that all of this is grand? "How… Why aren't you worried about this? Don't you know the effects it'll have on everyone? We're all going to suffer, and by we, I'm referring to the Order!"

"Huh?" America blinked, before a look of realization came over his face, and he slapped his own forehead. "Oh, I forgot to tell you, damn. Sorry, I just assumed you knew."

"Assumed I knew what?" Lithuania asked.

"This is Austria and Prussia's work, part of the plan, they planned for this to happen." America said cryptically, which didn't help much with Lithuania's confusion. "All of this, this stock crash, the effects on everyone, it's how they're punishing themselves and the world."

"What?! You're saying that they planned for this to happen?!" Lithuania said in disbelief. "But… what do you mean punishment?"

America adjusted his glasses, then stared aloofly at Lithuania. "Punishment to the humans, punishment to the nations, punishment for Prussia and Austria themselves, for causing the first ever World War. Self-imposed punishment for them, karma for everyone else."

Lithuania could only stare in awe at what he just heard, but it still filled him with worry. The depression… it won't be a pleasant experience for their two leaders, he understood how terrible the war was but those two…

"But… what about us? Won't this still affect our economies?" Lithuania asked, glancing at the headline on the papers, and he wondered just how much power this group has.

"Tell me, Toris. If this will really affect us, then have you felt anything that indicates that?" America asked, cold blue eyes traveling to Lithuania. Lithuania widened his eyes and realized that America was right, he didn't feel any cold or anything that comes as a result of a recession, fascinating. "There you have it. You shouldn't worry so much, everything's planned out, and we're all playing our parts. So just sit back and enjoy the so-called peace while I play the figurehead."

"Figurehead… so you're not…"

"That's right, that's my role, the figurehead. Many of the things I do are things I was ordered to do by our two leaders, the same goes for everyone else. I'll pretend that I'm the big power here while in reality the true powers are the people who started it all. Prussia and Austria are the true world superpowers. Not. Me. I'll give you some time to digest all that information."

America stood up from the bench, gave Lithuania a small smile, then turned around and walked away leaving a stunned European. Lithuania really did need time to take in all this, he was still a new member, and he didn't know everything yet. But still… Lithuania smiled. He made the right choice joining them.

/ / / / /

"Oooh, plot twist!" The third gasped in mock surprise, cupping his face then grinning. "That's right! We were behind the great depression! Insane, isn't it? But don't worry there's more. Just sit back, relax, and continue enjoying the show."

/ / / / /

America doesn't why he came back here. He really didn't. He thought he'd be glad to be out of this mess of a country, but he wasn't, as soon as he left the feeling had been bothering him for the past few years. He found that he couldn't abandon him. He doesn't want to. But why? He snorted, it looked like he grew on him, enough for him to feel guilty. But why come back now? It's far too late to do anything.

Still, America was determined to try, for his sake.

America had been lucky he and his soldiers could still come here, albeit for the sake of the final evacuation of the citizens, but it still proved to be the perfect chance for him to sneak here. What's more, she can't sense his presence, so he doesn't have to worry about her coming.

As he expected the whole place was a mess, a horrible mess, it made America frown. At least the war is over, and with time no traces of these ruins will be noticeable as they rebuild. America wasn't proud of his role here, but he wasn't ashamed of it either, he shook his head. Enough. He didn't come here to wander in his thoughts, he came here to find his friend.

He heard someone exclaim in surprise, and America looked up to see a soldier ready to shoot him, but he only scoffed and quickly shot the man without a second thought. America continued on his path, not paying the human any mind, and after many minutes of walking he finally found them. America quickly hid behind a wall and carefully hid himself, so he could watch. But after a few minutes, he wished he hadn't.

The two of them were there. Vietnam. North and South. But the sight before him filled him with grief and anger, the former being an emotion he hasn't felt in a while. North Vietnam was standing, with her hands drenched in blood, and sobbing as she stood before a bloodied and limp South Vietnam who looked… dead. America frowned (in reality, the frown he hasn't been aware he was wearing deepened). North looked horrified and kept shaking her head frantically as she kept repeating this wasn't supposed to happen" and "I didn't mean to, I swear!" endlessly.

America didn't get why South had to die, apparently something about preventing post-war resentment according to China, and he scoffed. Really? Because when Confederacy died, it still took a few years for America to get rid of the South's bitterness even with that ability the Order had. Then again, he doesn't know what North was thinking. Maybe she did this to put her brother out of his misery. But again, who knows?

A while passed and North eventually had to stop clinging onto her other half to meet up with her soldiers, which meant that America could now come out. He walked towards South Vietnam and stared at him. This… even though it was in the plan it still felt… wrong. America didn't want it to end like this. America didn't want South Vietnam to die like this. That's why he came here, America wanted to save him.

America leaned down to get a closer look and he got an idea. There's still hope for his friend, he can be saved from death, but he's going to ask a few individuals for that to happen. He carefully and easily carried South Vietnam on his back, giving a small smile to his dying friend, then walked away.

/ / / / /

"…And so that's how this story ends, my friends." The third smirked, which was again change from his previous serious behavior during the flashback. "With the "death" of one nation and his mission to "come back to life". South Vietnam will get his land back, not for capitalism or revenge, but to live. So, my friends, I hope you liked what I showed you."

The third clapped his hands and the lights turned back on, revealing Egypt and Hungary glaring at him with a staff and rifle respectively. Hungary gritted her teeth, trying to hold back her tears, and she aimed her rifle at him. "Is that all you have to say, you bastard?"

The third leaned back on his chair, and grinned. "I should the one asking you that. I expected more commentary."

"Enough of your "shows", we came here for one reason." Egypt narrowed his eyes and pointed his staff at him. "And that is to put an end to you once and for all."

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