Title: the fast and the furious 2, my way.

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Summary: Dom's in jail and the rest of the team move to Miami, what happens there you'll just have to read.

Spoilers: I have read the synopsis for the movie and have used some of their characters and other bits and pieces that I have heard about the movie.

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"Letty are you sure I'm doing the right thing, what if he doesn't want to see me" Mia said starting to panic. Letty rolled her eyes at her friend and turned down the volume on the cars stereo. Letty watched as Mia unconsciously rubbed her swollen stomach.

"Stop stressing Mia he said he loved you right, so maybe that Tanner guy was right, Brian had a family emergency and hasn't had the time to get hold of you or he thinks you don't want him after all the shit that's happened" Letty said trying to reassure Mia. They had had the same discussion more then 20 times since they agreed to go and see Brian just three days ago.

After the last truck heist Vince had been able to keep his arm but it was still weak which meant he couldn't lift anything heavy or drive yet. Jesse had survived the numerous gunshot wounds but still wasn't strong enough to walk on his own so he relied on a wheelchair to get around. Legally the team had been lucky because the cops had counted on Brian's testimony to prove the team guilty but Brian hadn't given a testimony. The cops were still able to get Dom on street racing charge though and sent him to prison for 9 months.

When the team had gone to see Brian after the court case all they had seen of him was his back as he got into a hot pink Honda s2000 with a young girl who looked barely old enough to drive in Mia's opinion. Mia had asked Tanner where Brian was going but all he would say was that he had a family emergency to deal with.

It took Jesse 3 months to track down Brian; he had found O'Connor's in New York and in New Jersey, Dominic had even told them that there was an O'Connor in the cell next to him. When Jesse had looked into that guy they found that it was Ryder O'Connor, the guy's record said that he had several brothers. Mia and Letty had gone to see Dominic one weekend and asked to see this Ryder O'Connor as well, when he came out Mia and Letty nearly fainted because the guy looked identical to Brian.


"Brian!" Mia exclaimed looking at the man that had just walked into the room on Dominic's side. Dominic chuckled softly and looked from his sister to his girlfriend.

"Mia baby this is Ryder, Brian's older brother, Ryder this is my little sister Mia and my girlfriend Leticia although she prefers Letty" Dom said introducing them.

"So you're the one that I should thank for bringing my little brother to his senses" Ryder said looking at Mia.

"What do you mean I brought Brian to his senses?" Mia asked confused.

"Brian left Miami six months after he graduated to go into the police force, you see our mother was killed in a race when our youngest sister was 2 years old, he didn't want anything to do with the street racing world. He nearly threw a tantrum when he found out that Seth and Ronnie started to race. But then he got your assignment and I don't know how but you brought him back to life somehow" Ryder explained.

Ryder gave them the address of the family's house in Miami.

Mia thanked Ryder

****End Flashback****

They pulled into the driveway of the house they were renting to find the removalist's there and waiting for them. It took the three removals men and Leon 3 hours to get all of the furniture into the right rooms. After the men had left and Leon had returned with some take out food, the remainder of the team sat down to eat.

"So are we going to go to the races tonight?" Jesse asked innocently.

"Leon you up to driving?" Letty asked

"Nah I'm buggered" Leon said laying down where he sat on the floor.

"I'll go with you Let" Vince said looking up from his food.

Mia was about to object when the doorbell rang. Mia got up to answer the door, when she opened it she found a young girl, the same young girl that Brian had left with that day at the courts. The pain of that day appearing again at the sight of this girl.

"Can I help you?" Mia asked coldness was evident in her voice.

"My dad said to come over and welcome you to the neighborhood so welcome, and that if you guys are racers then there's a race on tonight at this address" the girl said handing Mia a piece of paper.

"By the way my name is Suki and you are?" She said introducing herself.

"Mia Toretto, thank you for this" Mia said holding up the piece of paper.

The young girl said goodbye and disappeared across the street. Mia looked at the house she went into, in the driveway were the pink Honda s2000, a silver r34 skyline, two identical supra's one with blue flames and the other with red flames and a black skyline with red claw mark like decals on the side. At the sight of the skyline Mia did a double take. She wondered if that car belonged to the same person that it had years ago.

"I think it is her Mia now you know why I want to go tonight" Vince said following Mia's gaze across the road. Zora and Vince had been together an item for a while, when she had had to leave to go back to her sick father Vince had been heart broken he had really loved her.

"V that Honda is the same one the Brian got into the day that he left and the girl that was at the door, Suki her name is, was the girl that was driving the car that day" Mia said still watching the house.

"I noticed that when we pulled up, don't stress Mia she's a kid" Vince said pulling Mia backward away from the door and shutting it.