Vlad Poem:

He could never have her,

so he decided to get revenge.

His heartbreak he will avenge.

Using her son as a pawn in his game.

A game that only he knows how to play.


Jazz Finds Out! (My Brother's Keeper)

• 0:26 I love the idea of Mr. Lancer being a cheerleader in high school! Especially since he's now a teacher/the vice principal of a high school himself! :)

• 0:39 Yeah, I don't think you would ever exactly feel like your old self after you gained ghost powers from being electrocuted. But, you don't know that yet Jazz, so I can understand your concern for Danny's well being after the lab accident. :/

• 1:15 I feel like this trashed classroom with Danny standing directly in the middle of it just screams 'Something suspicious is going on here!'. So, I'm counting it! XD

Number of times Danny's secret identity should have been revealed, but miraculously, it wasn't: 29

• 2:07 You know, if you replaced one word in this episode title card, you would have the title of a popular novel. :)

• 3:21 So, let me get this straight. Spectra and Bertrand suddenly show up to 'pump up the pep' in these students during Casper High spirit week, and basically counsels all of the students? Where is the original school counselor then? Did he or she just get up and leave for the rest of the week? Are they on vacation? Or did they even have a school counselor to begin with? I swear, there are times where I'm extremely confused as to how the Casper High staff and the Amity Park school district runs itself. :0 XD

• 3:29 I love how Jazz rolls her eyes here by pretending to stretch her neck and arm! She's got this whole discreet thing down! XD

• 3:49 Lol! At least Jazz was giving her honest opinion (And why do I always find myself grinning or laughing when Spectra calls the spirit sparklers "slammin'"?)? XD

• 4:26 What?! Okay, I know Paulina's not a very nice person, but she didn't deserve that at all! That had to be some of the worst advice ever! :( Girls, rest assured, you don't need makeup to look beautiful! :)

• 4:54 Whatever happened to councilor/patient confidentiality, Spectra? Even if Jazz DID say these things to you during a session, which she didn't, you still can't legally tell Danny about it as a school counselor! :0 :/ And Danny, why are you falling for this? What Spectra is telling you doesn't even sound like something Jazz would ever say about you! I feel like Danny should've been clued in on this after he heard Spectra giving Paulina 'advice' on makeup (Another counselor/patient confidentiality issue in this episode is the fact it was abundantly clear that Danny overheard the last bit of Paulina's conversation during her session with Spectra. I mean, Danny was literally sitting a few feet away from them when they both stepped out of Spectra's office! :/ :0). :0 XD

• 5:46 So, Bertrand is a shape shifting ghost (which I've always thought was awesome)! However, shouldn't he be in a sewer somewhere offering paper boats and balloons to younger students (A point to those who got the reference!)? XD

• 6:53 I absolutely love this kid (who I honestly think looks and sounds like a middle schooler rather than a high schooler, but whatever) who randomly shows up screaming at Jazz about the 'freakishly large hornet' floating down the school hallway. In fact, I enjoy this student so much, I'm going to do something totally out of character for me, and name him as an OC for this show. His name needs to be creative. Something that just screams 'Panicked Adolescent who Breaks his Leg Or ... something?'... Okay, forget it. We'll just call him Pablo for short. He's a very bright student because he got to skip a couple of grades, so he's already in high school. That's pretty much all I've got for now. I'll have to search for Pablo to see if he shows up again in future episodes, because I honestly don't remember seeing him anywhere else. Could you guys help me get a game of 'Where's Pablo' going? :)

• 7:03 In the words of Danny Fenton/Phantom himself, "Um... EW!" :( :0

• 9:07 I'm pretty sure Danny is thankful that Sam is one of his best friends, especially when it comes to situations like this one. Tucker was nearly thinking about spilling Danny's secret to Jazz for twenty bucks until Sam calmly intervened! XD

• 9:16 Okay, clearly, Danny's backpack in this scene was made for the sake of plot convenience! I mean, what backpack has arm straps on both sides of the backpack? What manufacturer created these? XD

• 9:22 Lol! Look at drenched Sam and Tucker in the background here! You can barely see Sam's face because, for some reason, she won't push her sopping wet hair back! Meanwhile, Tucker looks so hacked off that his beret got soaked! XD

• 9:33 Why does Spectra sound so overly peppy here? Most teachers and school staff would be taking this issue much more seriously. Also, why should Danny get a month's detention for pulling the fire alarm? Clearly, it just looked like his unusual double strapped backpack got caught on the alarm as he was drinking from the drinking fountain. I feel like the school staff should be doing either or both of these options listed below: a) They should try to figure out who could've possibly placed Danny's backpack strap on the fire alarm when he wasn't looking in order to frame him (which is sort of what did happen) because there is no way Danny could've placed his backpack strap on the fire alarm while he was hunched over the drinking fountain. b) They should get in contact with the manufacturers of these double strapped backpacks and ask them who the heck thought creating backpacks that could easily snag onto things was a good idea (On a random note: I do not condone the pulling of fire alarms when there is not an emergency. It isn't funny or cute, so don't do it. :/ :) ). :0

• 10:14 You know, if this were real life, Spectra probably would've been kicked out of Casper High for pulling this kind of stunt. Humiliating students in school can definitely get you fired, especially if your job is to make kids lives a little less stressful. In all honesty though, Spectra should've been fired a long time ago. Also, why doesn't anyone notice the ghostly glow around Spectra's face, or the fact that her facial age lines and wrinkles are rapidly disappearing? :0

• 11:29 Okay Sam, I know you and Tucker have to go help Danny stop Bertrand again, but why would you ditch your ice cream? XD

• 11:35 Wait a minute, Danny! Did you seriously not notice your older sister peering her head through the doorway on your right with your peripheral vision? I mean, look! Danny glances over in both directions of the alleyway to make sure no one notices him transform. But Jazz is literally standing RIGHT THERE a few feet away from him! How didn't he see that?! :0

• 11:47 *GAAAAAAAASSSSSSP!* No way, Jazz! Your younger brother's half ghost?! Since when?! It's not like Danny's nearly blown his cover 29 times or anything like that without you noticing! :0 XD

• 12:01 Okay. "I didn't see whatever it is you think you just saw, Jazz." ;) XD

• 12:25 Okay, seriously though, when I was fourteen, and if I was one of Danny's sidekicks, I would have known Jazz was lying straight to my face right there. I mean, just based off of her frantic reaction not even a minute earlier, I think I would have been qued in that we could no longer keep Danny's powers a secret from Jazz. But instead, Jazz came up with a weird excuse for what she saw, left, and then Sam and Tucker just sighed in relief because Jazz decided not to ask anymore questions. :0

• 14:15 Poor Jazz has a lot of thoughts to process. I can't even imagine what's going on in her head right now. :/ I wonder if this is the scene where she's made the connection that the lab accident was what caused Danny to receive his ghost powers to begin with. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if she's questioning if her brother is actually still alive at this point in the series timeline, or if he actually died months ago when the accident happened, and has been keeping it a secret from his family for months. :0 ...And that just took a really dark turn! I'm just going to move on with the show now before this commentary fanfiction becomes an angst/hurt, comfort fanfiction. :/

• 14:36 Lol! Can you imagine someone just walking up to you, suspiciously observing you, and then pinching you for no logical reason whatsoever? Because I'm certain Danny was wondering what the heck was wrong with his older sister at that moment. XD

• 15:22 Going back to the angst for a bit, this moment right here breaks my heart! :( Danny was just about to tell Jazz about his powers, when their parents start talking about 'tearing that ghost apart molecule by molecule' right in front of them! It's almost as if Danny is afraid Jazz will tell Jack and Maddie about his ghost powers, because she'll unintentionally be handing Danny Phantom over to Jack and Maddie in the process. It's almost as if Danny is afraid of his parents finding out about his ghostly abilities not just because it will put his family in danger, but also because he's afraid his parents won't accept him. And that just makes me sad. :(

• 15:35 Aww! That was too sweet! :) But again, who the heck was he just looking at before he pretended to be grossed out by Jazz kissing him? Us? XD

• 16:42 And you guys are just figuring this out NOW?! I feel like the correlation between Spectra and Bertrand arriving, and the entire student body at Casper High School becoming more and more miserable should've clued you three in, as well as the school staff, that Spectra and Bertrand are ghosts (or are at least up to no good) a long time ago. Especially if you all live in a town where supernatural happenings are common occurrence. :0 XD

• 17:26 Wait a minute! I just realized something! You guys are ghosts! What do you need youth for?! :0 Aren't ghosts supposed to stay young all of the time? Plus, why does: making teenagers miserable = gaining a youthful appearance? I'm just going to let all of this slide because this evil plot is confusing me more than anything else. #ghostzonelogic :0

• 18:26 Isn't it fun when you have spent your days crafting an evil plan, and a superhero comes along and figures out your evil agenda in a matter of two seconds? :) XD Then again, it took Danny this long to figure out Spectra and Bertrand were the villains causing the Casper High students to become miserable, so... XD

• 18:35 Also, if you're so obsessed with looking young Spectra, why not just be in your natural shadow-like form? You look pretty young to me. :0 On a serious note though, it's sad to think some people have negative views of themselves when it comes to their bodies, and some of these people feel the need to drastically change themselves because of it. :( These are just a couple of good reasons why body positivity is important! :)

• 18:54 Wait, the 'spirit sparklers' are going to go off? It looks more like two giant lazer type things being aimed at Jazz's head to me. That being said, why isn't anyone more suspicious of this? :0

• 19:56 You know, I really enjoy this monologue Danny gives here about not letting his older sister down. I find it inspirational. :)

• 20:57 I also love this slow motion 'Danny saving Jazz in the nick of time' action scene. :) :D

• 21:40 This is the first time we ever see Jazz using any of her parents' ghost hunting equipment, and it's the Fenton Peeler! Let's also not forget that this is also Jazz's first time helping Danny as his secret sidekick! Seriously, this scene is absolutely amazing! :D

• 22:02 This is definitely one of my favorite puns in the show! It's pretty clever! XD

• 22:20 This scene is sweet. I like the fact that Jazz decides to let Danny wait until he's ready to tell her his secret instead of confronting Danny and telling him she knows. :)

• 23:00 Seriously, Mr. Lancer? You thought it was a disappearing trick? :0 Jazz nearly got blown to smithereens, and she doesn't seem like the kind of person who would be into magic tricks. Plus, don't these kind of stunts have to be approved by the school board weeks in advance before the assembly is even announced? Not to mention, the stage and podium were practically destroyed in the process. You'd think a town that was constantly haunted by ghosts would be more suspicious of this 'disappearing trick', especially since Spectra and Bertrand seemed to have disappeared after the assembly. I guess Casper High is going to have to call the old counselor back into work (Also, I found Pablo again! I guess he shows up in this episode twice! :) XD ). :0 XD

• 23:12 Aww! Now, that's the look of a proud older sister! :)

Review Time!

'My Brother's Keeper' has to be in my top favorite episodes of the first season of Danny Phantom. Not only is it the first cartoon episode I watched where this particular story ended up extending over the rest of the series, but I think Danny Phantom was one of the first cartoons to have story plots that went beyond the one episode it started on. It kind of reminds me of a 'To Be Continued' ending of a comic book, where the overarching story plot will continue in the next issue. These are the kind of story plots I enjoy the most, and they keep you guessing as to what will happen next. For the show Danny Phantom, Jazz constantly helps Danny out throughout the rest of the series after the episode 'My Brother's Keeper'. Plus, Jazz's character development begins in this episode as well. We start to see her go from 'serious and no nonsense sibling who wants nothing to do with ghosts' to 'cheerful and encouraging older sister who kicks ghost butt', which is something I can appreciate. :) I also enjoy Spectra's false, overly peppy personality (It reminds me in a way of the false, cheery persona Carol occasionally puts on on The Walking Dead TV series. XD). XD All of that being said, I definitely give 'My Brother's Keeper' an A+! :)

So, what did you think of this commentary/review? Or of the episode in general? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments! :)