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Chapter 1

A New beginning for a Not So Old fox

"It's called a hustle sweetheart. Boom!" Judy triumphantly exclaimed as Bellwether found herself surrounded by the towering mammals of the ZPD lead by the imposing figure of chief Bogo.

After arresting the now former mayor, the ZPD then went about figuring out how to get both Nick and Judy out of the exhibit that they were stuck in. Eventually a ladder was located and as Nick helped Judy up all he could think was I'm glad that's over, now to sneak away before anyone notices me.

Fate however, had other plans it seemed because as soon as Nick cleared the edge of the exhibit his gaze was met with none other than the cold stare of the big bull himself. As the imposing figure glared down on them with a look of annoyance, anger and, with a small note of pride Nick and Judy could only imagine what would happen next.

"If you don't move he can't see you" Nick whispered

"I think that only works with the T-Rex in Zoorassic park, not angry cape buffaloes. Also, I'm pretty sure he can smell your fear." Judy replied trying to hide her grin.

"Fear must smell like sweat, explosions, sheep, and a hint of blueberry because that's all I can smell, anyways it was worth a try, do you think he can hear us talking about him?"

"I can" Bogo deadpanned " now if you too are done acting like teenagers who just got caught sneaking in after curfew, I would very much like to know what happened here."

As Judy recounted the events of the past day, with Nick throwing in details as necessary, Bogo looked on impassively. Stopping to ask questions as needed, by the end of the story Bogo was both impressed and hopeful. Impressed by the skills and dedication shown by Hopps, and the fox, not that he would ever tell either of them that.

Hopeful that with the newly acquired pellet of modified night howler serum that a cure could soon be created, and the savage animals brought back to normal.

However, both he and Judy had failed to notice that her leg had started bleeding again during the recounting of the day's events.

"As much as I would like standing around and shooting the shit with you Chief, Officer Hopps really needs to get her leg looked at." noted Nick with a hint of impatience.

"Actually, I'm no longer a cop Nick" Judy sheepishly stated looking to the ground in embarrassment.

"I quit after realizing how much damage I had done to the city, and how much I hurt you." Judy trailed off feeling suddenly timid.

"Carrots, you came back, you fixed your mistake and you have nothing to feel bad about." Nick stated reassuringly, as he used a finger to gently lift her chin. Looking into her big lavender eyes Nick continued.

"And you know I already forgave you for what happened between us."

"As touching as this is, you really should get that leg looked at, Officer Hopps."

Startled and realizing he had been looking into Judy's eyes for longer than what would be considered normal. Nick quickly looked back to Bogo and tried to forget about the small feeling growing in his gut.

Judy on the other hand had focused entirely on the words "Officer Hopps" that had come from the cape buffalo's mouth.

"Chief Bogo, we both know I'm no longer an officer, no matter how much I wish that would change, rules are rules." Judy said, voice heavy with regret. With the hint of a smile Bogo turned to Judy.

"Right you are Hopps, rules are rules, and I just realized that you never gave a two week notice, or a letter of resignation. So as far as I am concerned, you were on unpaid leave for the past week and a half. Now I hope you enjoyed your time off, because you have a lot of work ahead of you"

Judy, not believing her luck but wanting to stay professional merely gave a crisp salute "Roger that chief."

"With that all taken care of, we unfortunately don't have any ambulances here, so you will have to be taken to the hospital in a squad car." Bogo gestured to one of his officers.

"Wolford, take these two to the hospital and make sure they get checked out." Bogo commanded

A large gray and white wolf who was most likely Wolford, approached the pair and introduced himself

"Derek Wolford, nice to see you again Judy and this is?" directing his muzzle towards Nick.

"Nick Wilde, nice to meet you. So, will you be our escort for the evening?"

"That seems to be the boss buffaloes plan speaking of Bogo we should probably head out before he gets mad." Not wanting to draw the ire of chief Bogo, Wolford quickly escorted the two to his cruiser.

"Your chariot awaits." Wolford joked bowing as he opened the passenger side door.

While Wolford was helping Judy up, being careful to avoid any of her injures. Nick decided since she would be taken care of now he would not be needed anymore and decided to make his exit. Slowly backing away from the cruiser door hoping to make a clean getaway, he should have known it wouldn't be so easy especially not with that bunny. Before Wolford had even shut the door Judy shouted out.

"Nick, where do you think you're going?"

Turning back to the cruiser with his hustler's smirk plastered on his face. Nick readied himself to convince the bunny in the cruiser, to let him go home.

"Well fluff, I was going to head home, seeing how you're in the capable hands of officer Wolford here. You don't need this scruffy old fox hanging around, and hospitals give me the creeps, so I'll see you around."

"Nick, you could be hurt too, you need to come to the hospital to get checked out as well." Judy said voice full of concern.

"I'm fine carrots, I'm a big fox if I need to get checked out, I will. But for now, I could really use some sleep." With that nick turned to walk away but, Judy had other plans.

"Wolford, what did the chief ask you to do again?" she asked innocently

"He said to get you to the hospital and to make sure you got checked out." he said unsure where the little rabbit was going with this,

"Actually, if I remember correctly, he said, "take these two, to the hospital, and make sure they, get checked out." Adding extra emphasis to the words " those two," and "They" to get her point across. So, unless you want to disregard an order from Bogo, you need to make sure Nick comes along." Judy proclaimed somewhat smugly.

With that Wolford grabbed Nick before he could run off. Sitting him next to Judy, and buckling them both into the same seat, despite Nick's insistence that he was fine.

The ride to the hospital was rather uneventful as Judy had fallen asleep and was leaning on Nick for support. Even though Nick was uncomfortable with the proximity and the physical contact, he couldn't bring himself to push her away.

Wolford looked on in surprise, never having seen a fox and bunny so comfortable around one another. Writing it off as a friendship forged in the fire of a life-threatening situation. Knowing firsthand how situations like that could make even a mouse and an elephant friends.

In no time at all they arrived at Savannah Central General Hospital and were quickly ushered in to see the doctors. The examinations went quickly and in no time at all they were back in the lobby discussing their assorted injuries.

"See Fluff, I told you, nothing to worry about, just a few bruised ribs. Once I get some rest, I'll be right as rain. How about you? What did the doctors say about your leg?" Nick asked, concerned that the cut was more severe than it looked.

"The cut actually looked worse than it was." Judy stated, "long, but not deep so I got some stitches and I have to be careful, only light movement for a few days and in two weeks I should be good as new." Judy finished, happy that she wouldn't be out from work too long.

"Alrighty bunny and fox, it's getting late and some of us have work in the morning. So as your driver for the evening, where will I be dropping you off?" Wolford asked hoping that it was close by so he could go home and catch some sleep.

"Sweet cheese and crackers," Judy exclaimed "I just realized that I have nowhere to stay. I canceled my apartment lease after I went home. Would you mind letting me stay with you for a few nights Nick?"

Nick was not about to let Judy see where he lived, so after stuttering out a weak excuse about his lease not allowing cohabitants he decided to give Judy's apartment manager a call and walked down the hallway for some privacy.

Judy was a little upset that Nick was unwilling to let her stay a few nights, not believing his flimsy excuse. She however, respected his decision even if she was a bit hurt. She understood some mammals were more private than others. Hopefully over time Nick will trust me enough to invite me over to his place. Judy thought to herself

After a few minutes of discussion Nick sauntered back, "Guess who got you your old apartment back?" Nick asked smugly. However, the next thing he knew his breath was gone as he got a rib crushing bunny hug.

"ThankyousomuchNickyouhavenoideahowmuchthismeanstome" Judy exclaimed breathlessly, and then released him from her vice-like hug.

"I'm glad I could be of assistance." Nick grunted feeling the pain of the bruised ribs. "Now we really should get going before your landlady goes to bed and leaves you locked out of your apartment for the night."

After giving Wolford the address for the Grand Pangolin Arms and a short twenty-minute ride they arrived at Judy's apartment. After meeting the landlady and getting the keys the three of them walked to Judy's door. Nick however, insisted on carrying Judy up the stairs to avoid straining her leg. Judy argued at first, but finally agreed after Wolford threatened to tell Bogo she wasn't following doctor's orders.

"Hey Wolford," Judy whispered getting the gray wolfs attention. "would you mind heading down now? I need to talk with Nick alone real quick," Judy asked quietly, hoping Nick would not be able to hear.

"Sure." Wolford whispered back before making an excuse about needing to update dispatch of his location and heading back to the cruiser.

"Nick, I'll be waiting by the car to take you home, don't take too long." Wolford yelled over his shoulder, before descending down the stairs.

Judy stood before her door, arms behind her back looking at the floor. Nick, seeing she had something she needed to say waited for her to find the right words.

"Listen Nick," Judy started, not exactly sure how she would say what she wanted to say, but knew it was now or never. "I wanted to thank you for helping me fix my mistake and to put a stop to Bellwethers plot."

"Anytime fluff, it was, dare I say, kind of fun to run around playing cop with you. Since you're back in town, and back on the force, be sure to look the other way if you see me and Finnick running Pawpsicles." Nick said brushing off her compliment not exactly comfortable with the recognition.

"Well if that's all, I got to go, it's been a long day and I need my beauty sleep." Nick said as he turned to go

"WAIT" Judy shouted, grabbing his arm to stop him. Nick, shocked by her outburst turned back and waited for her to continue.

"Nick, I think we make a really good team, and I wanted to know if, since you forgave me, maybe you would think about becoming my partner on the force and turning in this"

Handing him back the application he had crumpled up back at the press conference. Holding the application in his hand, Nick noticed how worn it was, as if someone had open and closed it multiple times. It was also stained with what looked like tears. Making the paper seem much older than it was.

Nick looked back to bunny staring at him with that hopeful look in her eye and found himself speaking before he knew it.

"I'll think about it, carrots. I'm probably not the best choice to watch your back, hell I'm probably one of the worst. And are you even sure you could even handle all this full time." Nick stated smugly as he gestured to himself smiling.

Judy, looking relieved laughed, "Ha! If anyone can put you in your place it's me. But seriously, there's nobody I'd rather have by my side, than you."

Judy said earnestly before unlocking the door and heading inside wishing Nick a goodnight. As Nick headed down to the cruiser Judy flopped onto her bed extremity tired and without changing, showering, or even pulling the covers over her, she decided to just go to bed.

Back at the cruiser Wolford was waiting and as he saw Nick walking out the door called out

"Hey, did you give Hopps a goodnight kiss before you left?"

"You know a gentlemammal never kisses and tells" Nick replied jokingly

"So, where am I delivering you to on this fine, if not slightly chilly, spring night?" Wolford said hoping that wherever it was wasn't too far away.

"You don't have to drive me home, I actually live not too far from here, so I'll walk. Besides you could use the sleep, and I could use the extra exercise." Nick explained hoping Wolford would believe him and head home for the night.

"Alright, if you say so, goodnight Nick it was nice meeting you." Wolford said, slightly uneasy about leaving the injured fox alone to walk the city streets. But before he had time to change his mind however, Nick was shaking his hand

"It was nice meeting you, as well. Goodnight." Nick replied, and with that he quickly walked off turning down an ally way.

Wolford just shrugged and headed back to the precinct so he could drop of the cruiser and head home.

As Nick was walking home, Judy was finding that sleep just wouldn't come. Her mind was racing at the thought that Nick might not want to partner up with her. The idea worried her more than she expected. She realized that having him as a partner, was now, just as big a part of her dream as doing actual police work. Judy was surprised, after only a few days the fox, known as Nick, had already become such an important part of her life.

Of course he did, you both nearly died together multiple times, and he stood up for you like nobody else ever had when you were ready to give up. Worried as she was about whether or not Nick would agree to be her partner, she knew that no matter what, they would still be friends at least, and with that her mind settled. She finally curled up and fell asleep with a big smile on her face.

Across the district, Nick was having an internal debate while walking to his spot under the bridge, having lied about living close by. Too ashamed of being homeless and needing the time by himself to think, he continued his trek home. Are you seriously thinking of joining the police academy? Do you really think someone like you would able to do something good with your life?

"Well, Judy seems to think I can. Maybe I should go on the straight and narrow." Nick replied to the voice in his head, hoping that nobody was around to hear him talk to himself. Be that as it may, his inner dialog continued, You and I both know you're not good enough to protect her. She needs a partner who isn't so pathetic.

"True, but who's to say I can't change, I already know how to fight... Sort of, and I'm sure they will train me to be even better." Nick retorted to the voice in his head "Hell, I bet I would be a damn good cop, better than those bozos who I've dealt with in the past. That brings up another point Nicks brain continued, what makes you think they would want a conmammal around? Do you think with your past you could even get into the academy?

"That would be a problem, if they had any way to prove it. Since the only one who was able to catch me was Judy and she wouldn't sell me out, there's no proof. So, if that's all you got then I think we have our decision. You know that this is a mistake right? Remember what chief buffalo butt said they wouldn't trust a fox at all, let alone a fox like you. Nicks inner demons taunted, knowing just how to get to him.

"Yeah, you may be right about that, hell you probably are. But, maybe I can change that, and even if I can't I still know one mammal who will always have my back."

With the doubts in his mind settled, at least for now and his decision made, Nick continued on his way. As he reached the bridge where he had set up his makeshift home he collapsed onto the chair that functioned as his bed. Hoping to get warm, Nick curled into a ball trying to retain all the body heat he could. Then throwing the one thin blanket he owned, covered in dirt and full of holes as it was over himself, Nick settled in for the night. As Nick fell asleep, he realized he had a few people he needed to talk to before he turned in his application. With those impending conversations on his mind Nick let sleep