A/N: Hi guys! This story is actually still in progress but I am so excited I can't help but to post it. The update will be slow but don't worry I will definitely update it, only time will tell when. I watched Ultraman Ginga (not Ginga S!) and I can't help but think what will happen if Ultra Brothers, Ultra Father and Ultra Mother see Taro's memories of the event. And you all know how I love the fluff between their family. And I put Mebius and Zero there! (because both of them kinda related to Taro). So, please enjoy it guys!


"Come in." Taro instructed when he heard someone knocked his office door. He ignored the shuffling of someone feet that stood in attention in front of him in favor of writing his report.

"Wait a minute. I'm almost done." He mumbled towards his visitor without raising his head. He wrote a couple more sentences and sighed after he finished. He raised his head and put down his pen when he saw who was in front of him.

"Yes, Mebius?" He asked mildly towards his young student. Although Mebius had been hailed as one of the Earth protector, he would still called him his student for that was what he's to him.

"Sorry to disturb you Master Taro. But Ultraman Zoffy sent me here to tell you that they found an unknown object. They are holding a meeting at the conference room." Mebius politely said.

"Is it urgent?" Taro frowned.

"He just said to ask you to come as soon as possible."

"Okay then. You head there first. I will come as soon as I finish this."

"Yes sir." Mebius looked at him with open admiration before he closed the door. Since his returned from the alternate Earth, almost everyone looked at him with awed since he along with Ginga helped to restore everyone to their true form. Moreover, he was the only spark doll who still had his conscience in his doll form. Everywhere he went, people would crowded him and asked him to tell them about his experience there. He was lucky because every time he had been cornered, his brothers or his parents were nearby to help him. Although he's grateful for their help but it raised some doubt about his own ability.

"Where's Taro?" Seven asked when he saw Mebius entered silently. Mebius seemed startled for a second before he responded.

"He will come as soon as he finished his report." He took his place behind Ace.

"It's fine. We better start first. We can tell him later." Ultra Father faced them all. Ultra Mother stood at his right while Zoffy stood at his left. Ultraman, Seven, Jack, Ace, Mebius and Zero stood at attention.

"This morning, a guard on patrol found a suspicious object hovering at the space just outside the Land of Light. With extreme precautions, he managed to seal it and brought it back to us." Zoffy revealed the object to them. It was a cube with rune markings and as big as them. The others widened their eyes and took a step neared it.

"We don't know what it's capabilities but as for now, we will sealed it at the headquarters. 80 is currently searching about it so he will be unavailable for his duty." Ultra Father said. He would likely continue his observation when Zero suddenly interjected.

"Hey, what's this?" Zero touched the marking before he had been blasted backwards from the force.

"Zero!" Seven shouted his son's name and went to his side in a hurry. Ultra Mother followed him to assess his situation while the others stood in battle stance and surrounding the object.

"How is he?" Ultra Father words cut the tense atmosphere.

"He's okay. Just winded." They could practically heard the relief evident in Seven's voice. Seven helped his son up and together with Ultra Mother, they took a cautious step towards it.

"Be careful next time." Ultraman chastised Zero lightly.

"Yes sir." He sheepishly said before resumed his battle stance. They watched the cube warily and took a step back in surprise when the cube spinning slowly. The top of the cube suddenly opened and they waited for anything to come out. When nothing emerged, Ace made an eye contact with Zoffy. Zoffy nodded and hesitantly Ace poked his head in the cube.

"Arghh!" A ray beam of light caught him unaware at the shoulder. He scrambled backwards towards Zoffy who put him behind himself.

"Ace!" Ultra Mother shouted in shock. She hurried to his son's side and examined him. Ultra Father watched his son worriedly before he slumped his shoulder in relief when he saw his son assured smile. He turned his gaze towards the cube.

Jack stared at the cube without blinking. He was determined not to be caught unaware again. He frowned when he saw a silhouette tried to slink away from the cube. 'Tried to run away? Not on my watch.' He swore internally. With impressive speed, he swatted the gun from the enemy's hand. The alien who they recognized as a female shrieked and lights enveloped her hands. Jack saw her eyes darted to find an escaped route and he readied himself to pounce on the enemy.

"Sorry I'm late." A voice sounded from the door. She screamed in fright and released the blinding lights on her hands towards the unsuspecting Taro at the door. The realization dawned on the Ultra Warriors faces and they simultaneously yelled.


Taro turned around quickly when he heard the others yelled at him. He widened his eyes in shock when he had been blinded by a white light. The shock turned to agony when he felt his chest had been burned by the light. The ferocity of the attack made him yelled in pain. It felt like something were squeezing his heart so hard that it made him gasped for breath. Breathlessly he realized he had fallen on his side when the impact jarred his side. His eyes dimmed and the last sight he saw was his father running towards him and his mother's beautiful face streaked in tears before darkness consumed him.

Everything happened too fast. One moment Jack was ready to attack and suddenly Ultra Father heard the voice of his son. He swiveled his head quickly and screamed to warn his son when he saw the attack. He watched in disbelief when the attack collided with his son. The pain yelled from Taro snapped him back to reality and he was running towards his son before he knew it.

'No. No. Not my son. Not my son.' He chanted in his head. He fell to his knees and turned Taro to face him with shaking hands. He saw his chest had been charred black. His ultra timer had been blinking to red slowly and steadily. He knew that Taro's in worse condition if his ultra timer couldn't recharged his energy.

"How is he?" Zoffy asked in panicked voice beside him. He shook his head to dispel any negative thoughts and turned to address Zoffy.

"Restrain the enemy first." His voice shook when he gave his order. Zoffy nodded and walked back hurriedly. Slowly but carefully, he cradled his son gently to him and turned back towards the others. He couldn't helped but remembered when he used to carry Taro like this when his son was just a kid and asleep on the couch tried to wait for his parents to get back from work.

He saw the others didn't fare much better than him. His wife covered her mouth in horror with tears streamed down her face. Jack looked too shock to respond to Ultraman muttering assurance beside him. Ace's face twisted in rage and he looked ready to tear the enemy's limb by his hands if not for Zoffy and Seven restraining hands on his arms. The only one who didn't looked too affected were Mebius and Zero. Or they were too, judging by Mebius shaking hands that pointed a sword to the enemy and Zero's blank gaze.

He was jolted to the present when Marie ripped Taro from his arms. She cradled Taro protectively to her chest while healing light enveloped her hands. He couldn't helped but loved his wife more than ever right now. Even when she's in despair, it never stopped her to perform her duty as a medic.

"Oh god. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He snapped his attention towards the alien when she fell to her knees in shock. His eyes shone in anger and he clenched his hands tightly to prevent him from doing something that he would regret later.

"Sorry? Sorry?! That's my brother that you attack! If something happen to him, I will kill you." Ace said coldly.

"Ace! That's enough." Ultra Father spoke authoritatively. Ace ripped his arms from Zoffy and Seven's grip and hurried towards his brother fallen form. Ultra Father turned his stare towards their enemy.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" He glared at her in anger. She flinched and straightened her trembling form.

"I'm Qiv from the planet of Vahn. I have been task to explore the nearby civilization in order to understand other species better." She raised her head a little but quickly looked down when she saw murderous rage directed at her from some of the people present. She was very intimidated by them due to her short stature.

"Vahn? I never heard about that planet before." Zoffy frowned and tried to dig his memories about their neighbour planets.

"We're from an isolated planet. The current ruler of my planet want to understand other culture so he sent me to gather some data." She said timidly.

"And your reason for attacking us and injuring our brother?"

"I panicked! He just came out of nowhere and I still can't control my power." She defended her actions to Ultraman who looked at her skeptically.

"So you decided to come here and observe us?" Seven raised his eyebrow in question.

"N-no. Actually I came to Earth first." She spoke softly.

"What the hell are you doing here if you went to observe Earth!" Jack exploded and almost marched to her if not for Seven's hand stopped him.

"I'm sorry! Please let me explain." She cowered in fear. Ultra Mother who watched the whole interrogation looked at her in sympathy. She gave Taro's body to Ace who looked at her in bewilderment. She made her way to the trembling alien and helped her to her feet.

"Don't be afraid. We're not going to punish you right now." She gave Qiv a small smile who had been returned hesitantly. She was angry too for what had happened to her son but right now she needed to keep her calm and be level headed for this situation. She caught her husband loving gaze which she returned with a small smile. She introduced them one by one so that it would be easier for Qiv to address them.

"Why don't you start from the beginning?" She encouraged her. Qiv took a deep breath to start her story.

"Earth is the first planet I went. It is a human world. It was a very fascinating experience. I never know the human was too small for our standard. Their buildings are almost as big as us. I still wonder how small humans can create such a big building." Her tone changed from afraid to curious to wistful when she spoke. She widened her eyes in horror when she remembered with whom she recounted her experience. She bit her lips in indecision and exhaled gratefully when she saw Ultra Mother urged her to continue.

"A-anyway, when I used my powers on humans, I got some feelings that unfamiliar to us. Misery, agony, helplessness and distress. The feelings were too strange because we never experienced it to that level. We only knew pain but we never knew there was another level of pain. I tried to read them but the result was inconclusive. When I tried to separate the feelings, I caught some stray thought about the race of Ultramen. I figured you can help me to understand it. That's why I hovered on your space to determine how I should proceed." She finished her tale.

"What is your power?" Ultra Father asked her. She looked at them one by one and looked down.

"I can watch the memories of whom I attack with my light."

"The light that you told us is the light that you sent to Taro?" Zero clarified. She nodded in affirmative.

"Wait a minute. You said you used the light to watch other memories. But why the light injured Taro like this?" Ace gestured to Taro's prone form in his arms. He narrowed his eyes in suspicion when he saw Qiv guilty expression.

"I was panicked when all of you confronted me. My power is tied with my emotion. I didn't realize I'm using my full power until it collided with your brother." She paused a bit. "I'm sorry." She lowered her head in shame. Ace groaned. How could he got mad when the subject of his ire apologized. He rolled his eyes.

"Forget about it." He huffed and Qiv thanked him profusely.

"Erm, sorry to interrupt." The others turned their heads towards Mebius. "But how can we get out?"

The others widened their eyes and turned around simultaneously. They just realized that there was no door in the room, not even from the way Taro came in. At once, they turned towards Qiv.

"Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you but when I use my power, the room I'm in will be inaccessible from the inside. No outside force can penetrated this room either."

"How can we get out?" Zoffy repeated Mebius question.

"In order for us to get out, we need to watch his memories first."

"What memories?" Ultra Mother asked suspiciously from her place between her sons. She had put Taro's head on her lap and stroke his head lovingly. Ace watched in worry beside his mother while his father stood protectively behind them. They had a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach when they saw Qiv bit her lower lip in worry.

"I'm not sure. I never use my full power before. Maybe we will see his most happy memories or his most disturbing ones. Or we might see the memories that always had been in his mind."

"This is a breach of privacy to him. Are you sure there is no other way?" Seven asked. Qiv only shook her head sadly. At once, all heads turned towards Ultra Father. They just waited his order on how to proceed next. He stared at Ultra Mother and gave a small smile when she nodded. He took a deep breath to prepare himself on what to do next.

"Very well. Let's get this over with."