Taro opened his eyes blearily. He glanced to his surrounding only to see whiteness everywhere. He didn't need to see much to know where he was. He practically grew up here, what with his mother and father tight schedule and he sometimes needed to follow his parents to work. He frowned and tried to remember what happened that landed him to the hospital. The last memories that he had was a bright light before pain overrode his senses.

He got up slowly from the bed and staggered to the door. His limbs felt frozen and stiff like they were unused to such activity for a long time. He clutched the doorknob and leaned his body heavily to the door.

"What happened? Why am I so tired?" He panted. He forced himself to take a few steps to the outside. He was so focused on the action of putting one leg ahead at a time, making him jumped in surprise and lost his balance when someone cried his name out of the blue.

Ultraman was just turning from a corner when he saw the sight of his should-be-still-comatose otouto trying to take a trip to the outside. He couldn't helped but cried his name.


The older of the two didn't waste much time to sprint forward as soon as he saw Taro fell down. He winced in sympathy when he heard a sound of flesh meeting hard surface and a groan sounded from the younger warrior.

He shook his head and turned Taro so he would lied on his back. He supported his otouto's head on his lap and waved his hand in front of Taro's face a few times.

"Taro? Hey, can you hear me?" He looked worried when he saw Taro stared at him without comprehension. He shook the younger ultra before the latter blinked slowly.

"Ultraman nii-san?"

Taro uttered in weak voice before he promptly coughing his lung out. His body jerked and he spasm uncontrollably for a few seconds. Ultraman tightened his hold on him and rubbed his back soothingly. He crooned some nonsense words that fly over Taro's head.

Taro was all but collapsed into Ultraman's as soon as his fit was over. He whined at the uncomfortable feeling that his body radiated. He was feeling hot and his throat felt like it had been rubbed by sandpaper.

"Hush little brother." He rocked Taro slowly. "Someone should stay with him all the time. Qiv warned us that this might happen." Ultraman mumbled to himself.

"What?" Taro spoke hoarsely.

"Never you mind little brother. You got a fever. What were you thinking trying to get out on your condition?" Ultraman couldn't helped but reprimanded the younger ultra.

"No one there. Too silent." Taro answered with a wheeze.

Ultraman shook his head at his otouto's logic. With ease, he carried the ailing ultra back to his room. He deposited Taro gently and covered his body with a blanket. Taro whined and tried to get the blanket off him.

"Too hot." Taro shook his head and looked pleadingly to his older brother. Ultraman huffed but complied on his request.

"Anything else, oh great and wise Ultraman Taro?" Ultraman asked sarcastically, earning a wheezing laugh from the sick warrior.

"What happened actually, nii-san? I can't seem to remember why I'm here."

"What's the last thing you remember?"

"Well," Taro furrowed his brow. "-there was a bright light. And then pain." He was startled when Ultraman took his hand and put it back on the bed. He didn't realized he was clutching his chest at the mention of pain.

"Your parents will explain to you everything later. For now, get some rest. I promise someone will be with you when you wake up."

When he wake up turned to a few times he's waking up delirious and sweating profusely. He was so out of it but he managed to catch the whiff of all of his brothers and parents staying with him a few times when he was coherent enough. There was a trace of a stranger too. They hovered at the door but never entered. At one point, he managed to raise his hand weakly to beckoned them to enter but they fled the scene automatically.

"How do you feel, my son?" Ultra Mother asked one day after she scanned him to make sure there's no trace of the virus that ravaged his body. Her husband was sitting on the bed while rubbing circle on their son's small horn tenderly.

It had been a long time since both of his parents acted affectionately towards him. Not to say that they were not loving parents but both of them were a very busy person. If he was hurt usually one of his mother's staff would tend to him and he would be gone as soon as he healed. Not even his mother knew he was hurt half the times for he had extracted promise from whoever that tend him that day to never mention it to her. He didn't know what happened this time to make both of his parents to stay with him when he was hurt but he kept his silence, reluctant to break the peaceful atmosphere.

"I'm okay. Weak but not as weak as I was before." He gave a small smile to his mother.

"So I heard my favourite little brother is feeling a bit better."

They turned to the door to see Ace leaning on the door while grinning impishly. Taro rolled his eyes in fond exasperation.

"I am your only little brother, Ace nii."

Ace shrugged his shoulders and entered. He jumped to sit at the foot of the bed, prompting his younger brother to kick him at his thigh.

"Hey! Stop bouncing my bed." Taro groused. Ace retaliated by slapping Taro's leg lightly. Taro tried to evade and kick him at the same time.

"Ace, Taro." Both of them stopped at the stern voice of their father. "Behave."

"Yes, Father." They chorused. Taro snuggled back with his father.

"Stop antagonizing your brother, Ace." Ultra Mother admonished him.

"Sorry, Mother."

They were silence for a while. Ultra Father kept rubbing his son's horn while his wife making slow circle at the back of Taro's hand. Ace traced his younger brother's leg pattern slowly, making Taro freaked out a bit with his family action.

"Umm," he cleared his throat. "…not that I don't appreciate our bonding time, but is something the matter? I cannot help but noticed that you all had been a bit out of sorts with me. Not just you three, but the rest of Ultra Brothers also. So, what happened?" Taro frowned when he saw the three of them looked at each other silently. They were having silent conversation among them before his father sighed and nodded.

"Let's wait for your brother first." Ultra Mother decided. Taro huffed but nodded nevertheless. He turned his head and watched the clear sky. A few of the Ultra Warriors were flying while some of them were having mocked battle with each other. His family looked on worriedly at his silence. Ultra Mother touched his arm, making him turned to see his family.

"What captivated you outside, my son?"

"The sky are full with people. It's been a long time since I saw a sky full of our people flying around. I miss this." Taro smiled and continued his observation. His family smiled at his contentment.

A knock sounded, making them turned to see the opened door.

"Hope we are not interrupted anything?" Zoffy asked to no one in particular.

"No, no. Come in." Ultra Father greeted. He turned to his son who was struggling to get up.

"Taro?" He asked, perplexed.

"I want to sit up."

He let out a shocked gasp when Ultra Father took his shoulder and slowly helped to raise him up. Taro's body shook in exertion. He was still a bit weak after being bedridden for a few days. Ultra Father let his son to lean on him. He looked on worriedly when the action of getting up making his son wheezing for breath.

Taro sighed in relieved when he felt his mother healing energy went into his body. He gave a grateful smile to her. She looked on his face as if searching for something. She nodded, satisfied when she saw what she was looking for.

Taro turned to greet Zoffy before the greeting died on his lips. There was someone else among them. She (He was very sure that the alien was a she, judging by how well the curve of her body was) looked to him shyly from Zoffy's back.

"What are you doing back there, Qiv? Come up here." Ace called her.

"Oh, err yes." She quickly darted to the front and positioned herself behind Ace. Taro couldn't helped but noticed she put herself out of his arm's reach and to the clear view of the open door. He didn't let his confusion show as he tried to welcome her.

"Hello. I don't believe we have met each other before. My name's Taro." He thrust his hand for a handshake. She looked perplexed for a second before she grabbed his hand hesitantly.

"I'm Qiv." She quickly took her hand back and looked at anywhere but him.

"Hi Qiv. So which planet are you from?" Taro asked curiously.

"I'm from Vahn."

Silence permeated in the air. Taro looked on pleadingly at Zoffy who took pity on him and took a step forward.

"Qiv is the reason what is happening to you right now."

Taro swiveled his head to look at the alien who was flinching at the statement. He quickly tried to diffuse the situation.

"Don't worry. There is no lasting damage. I'm sure you don't have the intention to strike me, right? You probably feeling afraid with too many unknown people crowding you. I don't blame you. So don't worry." Taro shrugged his shoulder in nonchalance. He looked uneasy when he saw Ace and Zoffy looked at each other.

"Is there more?"

"Yes, actually." His father hugged him sideways. Taro gulped.

"Qiv has a very special attack. Her attack enable her to watch the memories of her victim. When she attacked you, she unknowingly unleashed her full power on you. On full power, she couldn't control what she view."

Ultra Father let his son absorbed the information. Taro looked composed even though everyone could see his hands were shaking.

"Oh." Taro cleared his throat. "So what types of memories that you all saw?"

"Your worst memories."

"Which is?"

"Your experience dealing with the other universe. Specifically, with Ginga and Dark Lugiel."

He snapped his eyes to meet his father. "W-what?" He shrieked. "Please tell me that you're joking." Taro pleaded.

"Nope. We saw everything." Ace grinned at Taro's horrified expression.

"Oh God." He slumped forward. He covered his eyes with one of his hand. "Please kill me now." He mumbled from behind his hand.

"Hey, hey. Why the dramatic?" Zoffy frowned. Taro turned to glare at his brother.

"Because it's embarrassing. I acted like a complete idiot there."

"Since when you're not?" That remark earned Ace a kick from Taro.

"Boys." Ultra Mother reprimanded. Both of them quailed down at their mother's heavy stare. They mumbled a quick sorry. She huffed and turned to look at wide eyed Qiv.

"You see what I have to endure every day?"

"Hey! We are the paragon of the most good sons in the entire universe, right Ace nii?"

"Totally. There's no one better behaved than us."

"I beg to differ."

"Zoffy nii-san!"

Ace and Taro pouted at their older brother. Zoffy sighed at their childishness.

"I swear you both are more childish than Zero or Mebius."

"But you love us anyway!"

Ace and Taro chorused before they high five. Zoffy looked with fond exasperation at them. Qiv cleared her throat, making them turned to see at the Vahn native.

"So you are not angry with me?" She said shyly.

Taro shook his head. "It's not your fault. After all what's done is done. Let it go."

Taro smiled, making Qiv exhaled in relieved. "Thank you. I will be forever in your debt."

"Hey, hey. None of that." Taro waved her gratitude away with an embarrassed laugh. "So how long do you plan to stay here?" He asked curiously.

"Actually I'm going back to my home planet now. I'm just waiting for you to wake up to ask for your forgiveness."

"Really? So this is goodbye. I hope to see you again one day." Taro offered his hand for a handshake. She took it and smiled at him.


"I will take you back." Zoffy interjected. He came forward and put his hand on Taro's shoulder. "It's good to see you awake."

"Thanks Zoffy nii-san."

They watched as Zoffy escorted Qiv out. Ace got up and stretched.

"Sorry to cut the visit short. But I have something to do. I will see you later otouto." Ace hugged his little brother before he walked out.

Taro turned to see his parents. "Aren't you two busy?" He suppressed his smirk when he saw his parents guilty expression.

"Yes, well…"

"I'm tired actually. I think I'm going to have some shut eye." Taro yawned and slowly lowered his body to the bed. "Don't worry about me. I know you both are busy. Go and do your job." He shooed them.

"Very well. We will see you later tonight." Ultra Father stroke his son's cheek.

"Can I go home, please?" Taro turned his puppy dog eyes to his parents.

"No. Not yet. You are still weak. It's better for you to be here in case you relapse." Ultra Mother said. "And your puppy dog eyes have lost it's charm for a long time ago now." She didn't bother to point out that she's the only one who immune to that. His father and his brothers were still very much affected by that. They will move heaven and earth if he directed it to them. In fact, she could clearly saw her husband's hand twitched to console their son right now.

Taro pouted. There's no negotiating with his mother when she's in healer mode. He nodded grudgingly. "See you later."

"Goodbye my son. We will see you later." Ultra Father kissed his son's brow.

"Just rest. You will feel better later." Ultra Mother kissed Taro's cheek.

He smiled at his parents and closed his eyes. They both took some time to fuss around Taro and straightened their son's blanket. They turned to watch him for a second before they went out.

Taro was getting bored out of his mind. He had taken to count how many ultras he could spot flying outside when a knock sounded.

"357." He looked deadpanned at the frowning Seven and Jack.

"What 357?"

"I spot 357 different ultras flying outside now."

Seven and Jack burst out laughing. "Awww, is our baby brother bored?" Seven ruffled Taro's head.

"You have no idea."

"Sorry. Cannot help you with that. Ultra Mother strict instruction is for you to rest and build up your stamina and energy." Jack shrugged his shoulders apologetically.

"How can I build up my energy if I am confined here? I'm going stir crazy around here." He was frustrated with the situation. It was the drawback as the baby of the family. Everyone tend to become overprotective whenever you're injured or sick.

"What do you want us to do?" Seven took pity on him. Taro suddenly smiled, making Seven got a bad feeling on whatever Taro was thinking.

"Can I take a walk outside?" Taro looked hopefully at his older brothers. Jack and Seven glanced at each other uneasily.

"I don't know…"

"Please?" Taro clasped both of his hands in front of him. Seven looked at Jack who shrugged his shoulder at him, letting the older of the two to decide.

"Alright, fine." Taro cheered. "But only outside and no strenuous activity. Promise me that you will tell us immediately if you're tired." Seven emphasized.

"Okay Seven nii-san. I promise."

Together, Seven and Jack helped Taro to get up. He was a bit shaky, a product of lying down for too long. They walked slowly at first with Taro between them. He refused to let both of them to support him more than necessary.

"Isn't that Mebius and Zero?" Jack pointed at the two blurry figures in front of them. Seven squinted his eyes.

"Yeah, you're right. What are they both doing?"

"Let's check it out." Taro suggested.

"No Taro. It's quite a distance from here. You're still weak." Seven protested.

"We will just go slow. I will tell you if I'm tired." Taro insisted.

"Are you absolutely sure you want to go there?" At Taro's nod, Jack shrugged his shoulder. "Alright."

"Jack!" Seven hissed.

"Relax Seven nii. Taro said he want to go there so let's go there. How can he determine his limit if we stop him?" Jack raised one of his eyebrow at his older brother. Seven huffed but nodded.

"Okay, fine. We will go slowly."

The walk that usually took 10 minutes dragged to half an hour with them. Taro was getting annoyed with his two older brothers. Every few minutes one of them would stopped him and persuaded him to sit down first before they resumed their walk. He swore that the next person who asked him if he was okay would be getting his right hook.

"Master Taro!"

Taro raised his head to see Mebius hurrying towards him with Zero following closely behind. He smiled at his protege and his first cousin.

"What are you all doing here?" Mebius asked after he got his breath.

"Just taking a walk." Taro answered with a smile.

"Are you sure you're okay enough to walk?" Zero looked critically at his pale complexion. Taro rolled his eyes at his observation.

"I swear you're being almost as unbearable as your father here." Taro shook his head.


Jack and Taro laughed at the twin indignation coming from the father and son. Taro winced when a sharp pain assaulted his head.


"I'm fine. Just a headache." Taro reassured Jack. Seven looked at him critically before he guided him to a bench. He felt guilty when he saw how pale Taro looked or how he start wheezing for breath.

"Here. Sit down."

Taro almost moaned at the pleasure of sitting down. He closed his eyes and relished at the thought of letting his legs rest. He opened his eyes and saw everyone looking at him in worry.

"I'm fine. Stop looking at me like that. Now, what are you both doing here?" He directed his question to the younger warriors.

"We were sparring." Zero answered.

"Oh? What brought this on? I never saw both of you sparred together." Jack asked.

"Well, we just want to improve our techniques. So that we can be more prepared if anything happened."

No one needed to point out that Mebius was talking about Dark Lugiel invasion. Taro nodded his head.

"Good thinking. Show us what you got." Taro ordered. Mebius and Zero looked at each other before they nodded.

They walked to the centre of the ground. They gave a small bow before they circled each other. After a few seconds they ran with punches and kicks. At one point, Taro was standing and looked critically at both the young warriors.

"Taro, sit down. You're going to wear yourself out." Jack took Taro's elbow and started to steer him to the bench. Taro shushed him without looking at him. Jack looked at Seven who shook his head helplessly. They knew that look. Taro's going into Teacher Mode already.

"Alright, stop!" Taro raised his hand and stopped the two sparring partner. He walked slowly towards them. Mebius squared his shoulders and put both of his hands behind his back. Zero quickly imitated what Mebius was doing. He never got to learn with Taro as his instructor so he didn't know what to expect.

"Both of you got good forms. Your attacks were solid with energy behind them. But Mebius you need to stop trying to protect your left side. Your enemy will catch on that your left side is your weakness. Instead, straightened your left side. Even if your left side is not as strong as your right, it can still withstand attack."

"Yes, Sir." Mebius nodded his head.

"And Zero. Don't be too cocky on your attack. I can spot many unguarded areas where enemy can sneak in an attack or two. If I can spot that, you can bet that your enemy will take advantage on that. Don't show your enemy a place where he can injure you. You cannot hope that someone will always have your back. Watch your back. Watch your blind spot. Understood?"

Zero looked wide eyes at the information. Even his mentor, Leo never told him about any of that. Now he knew why Taro was the Head Instructor for the Space Garrison Academy. He nodded his head and resolved to ask Taro to watch him train next time.

Seven and Jack looked astonished at Taro's explanation. They both were seasoned warriors so they always knew about their weakness and how to guard them. And this is the first time they saw Taro lectured his students. They were always busy. The only time they went to the Academy was when there was Graduation Ceremony. They were needed to see how many graduated that year and the placement of the new recruits. But even then, Taro always got a list of new recruits and which garrison suited them best.

The respect and love soared higher from both Seven and Jack. Even if Taro was the Head Instructor, he refused to sit in his office all day long. He got classes to teach too. So in the morning he would be busy teaching while in the afternoon he's busy resolving any issues regarding the students and school. During nighttime, he would met with his garrison and giving new orders while simultaneously asking if they had any complaints or difficulties about their task. His days were very packed from morning until night.

"In fact let me show you how seasoned warriors fight. Ultra Brothers will demonstrate to you." Taro spoke, startling Seven.


"Not me. I know my limitation. I mean you and Jack can show the rookies how it is done." Taro quickly assured his brothers. Jack looked at him with a smirk.

"Seven nii-san. Ready to kiss the ground?" Jack asked cockily.

"Hah! Dream on hotshot." He gave Jack a smirk of his own. They both walked to the centre of the ground. For the sake of the young warriors, they gave a small bow to each other. They circled each other before they attacked.

"As you can see, Jack is the type to rush headlong into battle to gauge the enemy attack and defense. But he didn't go all out on his opponent. See how he pulled his punches." Taro lectured to Mebius and Zero. They watched wide eyes at the spectacle in front of them. They never saw the Ultra Brothers sparred each other before.

"And Seven is the type to analyze his opponent before attacking. Look how he's on defense only. He will give an attack or two just to see how his enemy defenses." Taro was silent for a while. "And now he's getting serious. He started attacking relentlessly, making Jack to be on defense. Both of them start to get serious now. Watch."

Mebius and Zero obeyed. They looked in awed at the display of power both the seasoned warriors showed. Taro would give a pointer to them on how to deflect the attack when one of the Ultra Brothers showed their signature attack. After a time, Taro would kick Mebius and he would ask Zero on how to counter attack while Mebius would showed them how he should be on defense.

Taro was really engrossed in his Teacher Mode that he didn't realized he had pushed his body to his limit. He gasped and swayed when a wave of dizziness assaulted him. He blacked out and almost crumpled to the ground if not for a hand on his elbow and back guiding him to sit down.

Zero turned to ask something to Taro and did a double take when he saw Taro was swaying and holding his head. He quickly clutched Taro's elbow and slowly sit him down.

"Master Taro!"

Mebius who saw the scene a bit late quickly rushed to kneel in front of Taro. He exchanged his worried look with Zero who looked helplessly beside Taro. He turned back to the still sparring warriors and yelled at them.

"Ultra Seven! Ultraman Jack!"

Seven and Jack stopped their fight and turned to look at Mebius. Their eyes widened in shock when they saw the state Taro was in.


They quickly ran to them. Mebius swiftly changed his position and knelt beside Taro and let the two warriors knelt in front of his Master.

"What happened?" Jack asked worriedly and raised Taro's chin to see his eyes. Taro was already starting to come around and moaned when the bright sunlight attacked his eyes.

"I don't know. I just turned around to speak to him and then I saw him holding his head." Zero answered when Mebius looked at him.

"He had pushed himself to his limit. Let me call Ultra Mother first to tell her." Seven raised his hand to his communication device when a hoarse voice stopped him.



"It's my fault. I forgot about my limit. Just help me back to the hospital. I will be fine after some rest."

Seven stared at Taro's stubborn gaze. He sighed and nodded. Together, he and Jack supported Taro from his side. Before they walked away, Taro turned to the young warriors.

"I'm sorry to cut our lesson short. After I'm discharged I will see if I can squeeze some time in my schedule to give a few lessons to you both."

"It's fine Master Taro. Just take care of yourself."

"Yeah. We are not going anywhere."

Mebius and Zero answered. Taro smiled and nodded his head. He let himself to be guided by his older brothers. They walked slowly and in silence until they reached the hospital and he settled himself on the bed.

"Sorry." Taro spoke without looking at them.

"It's not your fault. It's ours. We tend to forget about everything when our mind was set on something." Jack answered.

"You just rest. Everything will be better in the morning." Seven patted his arm. He nodded his head and closed his eyes. In a few seconds, his breathing evened out.

Ultraman walked slowly inside the hospital. He nodded when a few of the staffes who recognized him greet him and gave free pass to him. He was on a mission for a few days so he didn't know how his brother's condition now. The first thing he did when he touched the ground of his home planet was to go to the hospital to see Taro. No one can entered the hospital in the middle of the night but because he was one of the Ultra Brothers and one of them was admitted, they let him in.

He turned to a corner that lead to the private room and paused. His sensitive hearing could detect a harsh breathing from one of the room there. He walked slowly to mask his footsteps. He didn't know whether it was a friend of foe but it was better to be safe than sorry. He passed each room slowly and arrived in front of Taro's. He opened the door quietly and sighed in relieved when no one there. The harsh breathing that he heard was only his brother.

He did a double take and quickly went inside. "Taro?" He put his hand on Taro's shoulder but recoiled when it was met with boiling heat. He tried to wake the younger warrior but Taro only whined in discomfort. He was sweating profusely while one of his hand was clutching his chest that was rising and falling too fast. He ran outside.

"Nurse!" He hollered before he went inside again. He tried to calm him down by patting his head and spoke some nonsense into his ear. A few seconds later, there were hurried footsteps heading towards them. A doctor and some nurses came inside. Looking at Taro, they swiftly asked him to wait outside.

'Something happening to Taro.'

He quickly texted his superiors and all of the Ultra Brothers to update them about Taro. He snapped his head to the side when he heard someone running towards them. He nodded to Ultra Mother who went inside without even glancing at him. He turned his questioning gaze towards Ultra Father.

"We were just around the corner to visit Taro when you send the message." Ultra Father clarified. "What happened, Ultraman?"

The aforementioned Ultra opened his mouth to answer before many more footsteps came towards them. He saw the rest of the Ultra Brothers coming towards them with worry painted their features. He nodded his head in greeting before he turned back to Ultra Father.

"I just came back from my mission and went straight here to visit Taro. I heard some harsh breathing so I decided to investigate. Turn out it was Taro, having difficulty breathing. That's when I sent the message to all of you after I called the nurse." Ultraman summarized. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Jack and Seven looked at each other guiltily. He almost called out to them before someone else beat him to it.

"What did you do?" Ace glared to the two older warriors. Ultra Father snapped his head to his two subordinates while Zoffy already crossing his hands over his chest and staring at them.

"We're sorry." Seven blurted out. He rubbed his hands over his face wearily. "Taro wanted to take a walk so we brought him outside."

"And?" Ultra Father hissed.

"We saw Mebius and Zero sparring. Taro decided to see them and gave some pointers to them." Jack continued.

As soon as the words went out of his mouth, the door to Taro's room opened from the inside. The nurses and doctor went out and nodded to them. Ultra Mother was the last to get out. The only thing they saw was Taro sleeping peacefully before the door was closed on them.

"How is he?" Ultra Father took his wife's hand on him. That's the only thing they permitted in public. He resolved to console his wife thoroughly behind closed door.

"He's fine for now. He got high fever." She sighed. "I don't understand. He was fine this morning. Did he caught something?" She mused.

Ultra Father glanced at Seven and Jack who bowed their head guiltily. "Marie, Seven and Jack have something to confess."

The two warriors snapped their heads to look at their leader in horror. Ultra Father met their gaze impassively. Ultra Mother turned to look at both of them before she stiffened.

"What. Did. You. Do?"

She accentuated the words with penetrating stare. Seven gulped before he took a deep breath, preparing to confess.

"We brought Taro to take a walk outside." Jack suddenly blurted, making Seven cringed at the fury on Ultra Mother's face.

"You did WHAT!"

"Marie calm down." Ultra Father gripped his wife's arm. She ripped her arm back.

"No. Stay out of this Ken."

"As much as I love to rip both of our idiot subordinates to shred, we need to think about Taro. You are going to wake him." He murmured while looking at both of them pointedly.

Seven and Jack sighed in relieved. They owed Ultra Father one. A glare from Ultra Mother made them froze.

"Very well. Now explain to me. What's so dire and important that you need to bring your little brother out even though you know that he's sick?" Ultra Mother hissed.

As older of the two, Seven took a step forward. He recounted everything from Taro's complaint of being bored to meeting Mebius and Zero. He didn't forget to mention about Taro's pointer to the two young warriors. He looked in relieved when he saw Taro's parents glowed with pride at their son. If they could smile, their punishment must not be that bad. Right?

"As expected of our son." Ultra Father gave a fatherly smile to his comatose son.

"Don't think that I forget about you two."

Jack and Seven gulped. This was the only time they truly prayed that there was an alien invasion somewhere just to escape Ultra Mother's wrath.


The Leader of the Ultra Brothers snapped to attention. He was reveling on the two Ultra Brothers discomfort, making him stiffened when his name was mentioned in bone-chilling way.

"Yes, Ma'am?"

"Make sure you find as many disgusting tasks as you can and assign it to them."

"Umm, for how long?"

"Do I need to tell that to you too?" She turned her glare to him.

"No Ma'am. I mean, yes Ma'am. I will find the tasks for them." He stammered.

Ace tried very hard to hold his laugh. Beside him, Ultraman was no better. They managed to maintain their poker faces by sheer will only. The only incentive of them to try their best was they didn't want Ultra Mother's attention on them too. In front of them, Ultra Father had curled the edge of his mouth to a smile. He knew very well his wife's temper. Better to be quiet and didn't question her order for now.

Taro groaned. "How long?"

"Only three days passed from your stupid endeavour."

Taro turned to his side and beamed when he saw Ultraman was lounging beside him. "Hey nii-san. When did you arrive?"

"From my mission or for babysitting you?"

Taro made a face at his description. Ultraman laughed merrily. He couldn't helped it. It's been a long weeks of worrying and fretting over their otouto.

"Hey, hey nii-san. You okay?" Taro looked spooked at the older's attitude. He normally heard about his older brother's laugh but not full blown laugh like this.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm okay." He shook his head. "Oh Taro. Did you know how many people you had worrying this past weeks?" Seven asked solemnly. Taro squirmed guiltily.

"Not your fault. Don't worry." Ultraman gave a small smile to the bedridden warrior. "So how do you feel?"

"Like I'm using Ultra Dynamite three times in a row."

Ultraman winced. "That bad?"

"That horrible."

Ultraman patted Taro's head in consolation. Taro glanced at the outside before he looked back to his older brother.

"Where's the others?"

"Ace went for a mission. Zoffy nii-san at the headquarter with Ultra Father. Ultra Mother on a meeting. Seven and Jack are on janitorial duty."

"Janitorial?! What the hell did they do? Who did they pissed?" Taro's eyes almost bugged out from his socket.

"Surprisingly, it's your mother."


"It seemed your mother was quite upset when she heard they brought you outside. You didn't heard the tongue lashing she gave to them. Even Zoffy nii-san didn't escape unscathed." Ultraman chuckled.


Ultraman recounted everything that happened. Taro was quite surprised from what he heard. He didn't think that anything could surprise him anymore. Who would ever thought his gentle and sweet mother could put her foot down literally to anyone who messed with her family?/

"Wow." Taro was too stupefied to say anything else.

"Yeah. Wow, right?"

"What wow?"

"Hi Mother!"

Taro waved to his mother and beckoned her in. Ultraman gulped. He inched little by little to the doorway.

"Where are you going, nii-san?"

Taro asked innocently to the retreating warrior. Ultraman cursed inwardly. He knew Taro just want to play with him. He really want to bob the ailing Ultra's head if not remembering who's inside the room. He didn't want to share Jack and Seven's punishment if he can help it.

"I have other things to do. I will visit you later. Take care, otouto." And he literally vanished. They could hear his thundering footsteps getting away. Ultra Mother furrowed her brows in puzzlement while Taro snickered.

"How do you feel this morning?"

"I feel much better already."

"You are still confined to bed rest."

"What?! Mother…" He groaned.

"Attitude young man. And this is your punishment for your little stunt before. Going out when I specifically told you not to. Expending the energy that you didn't have to spare." Ultra Mother groused while shaking her head. Taro bowed his head, trying to look contrite.

"Sorry Mother."

"You should be Taro. You gave us such a fright." A voice sounded from the door, making them turned around.


He hugged his son. "How do you feel?"

"Much better already."

"And I still confined you to bed rest."

"Awww Mother…" He tried to look pitiful.

"Your puppy dog eyes still not working on me." Ultra Mother raised one of her eyebrow at him. He huffed.

"Worth a try." He mumbled.

"Taro." Taro tilted his head to his father. "Just rest, okay? We just want what's best for you."

"I know. I just don't like feeling like a burden to everyone."

"You're not. We love you. Your brothers love you. Your students love you. Even your human friends love you. So stop being reckless and think about everyone around you if you're gone."

Taro averted his eyes. It's been a long time since he was chastised like this. He felt horrible for what he put everyone through.

His father took a seat on the bed beside him. "You are our child. The only Ultra Warriors who retained his consciousness in Spark Doll form. What do you think would happen if you were to die on that alternate Earth?"

Taro shut his mouth. He knew it was only rhetorical. True to his assumption, his mother continued. "We may return to our true forms one day or we may not. It's fine if we're not. Someone from our neighbouring planet will surely take over our place as defender of the galaxy. But if we return to our form and see you're not among us. What do you think will happen? We will keep wondering where you are. We will scour the galaxy to search for you, unaware that you're not even in our solar system. Searching for you, fretting over you. Wondering whether you are safe or injured, alive or dead."


Taro took his mother's hand to himself. She caressed his cheek with eyes that brimming with tears. He looked to the ground, too ashamed to face everyone he love. A rough hand tilted his chin upwards.

"We love you Taro. You're our son. Please don't do anything reckless." His father intoned softly.

"I-" His breath was caught up in his chest. He knew this was monumental. This promise were everything to his parents. They expected for him to honor it. And it's not his habit to break a promise. He took a deep breath.

"I promise."

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