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"You have a special treat." I could sense the stormtrooper smirking under his helmet, and I was suddenly pushed into an arena. A ring of stormtroopers surrounded the arena, while hundreds of spectators were going to watch me. I was given back my saberstaff, and I turned it on, seeing that the stormtroopers raised their blasters and pointed it at me. They charged at me, and my blades were whirling moments later.

Deflect, strike, strike, roll, dodge, swipe, deflect, strike, roll.

I felt my mind take over, and I went with the flow, taking down stormtrooper after stormtrooper. I knew they weren't killed, just unconscious. I felt like I was freed from some cage, the heaviness in my mind was gone. Each time I hit a stormtrooper in the helmet and knocked him unconscious, my mind felt more clear. Soon, all the troopers were down except for a silver one, which I presumed to be the leader. Captain Phasma twirled her staff, and we circled around, waiting for the first person to strike. She struck first, and my mind took over once more.

"You won't win, scavenger princess." she mocked. I faked a strike, and manage to catch the captain off guard when I slashed at her staff arm. The saberstaff cut through the armour.

"Now what do you think you're doing?"

An authoritative voice rang through the arena's walls. I turned to see Hux standing at the door frame.

"You." I snarled. I held my staff out, blades in his direction.

"Me. I thought you would be happy to see your fiance." Hux smirked, advancing to me.

"Keep dreaming." I snapped, moving into fighting position.

"Take her to the chambers next to mine." he ordered, and I had my saberstaff wretched from my hands. I tried Force-Pushing them like Ben taught me, but they were unaffected. Something was really wrong. It just didn't work. My saberstaff was shifted out of place, and it was turned off

"Don't waste your energy princess. It don't do you any good."

"Get your hands off me!" I yelled. I managed to shift my saberstaff to my hands, and then I turned it on. The ice-blue blades managed to cut through the cuffs, and suddenly, the room was filled with chaos. I made a break for it, then I felt someone grab my arm and press something to my back. I struggled to break away from the grip, and sudden, excruciating pain erupted from the disk. I let loose a shriek of pain, and I could throw it off.

"Struggle more and this will be the fate that Ben Solo will suffer for the rest of his pathetic life." a voice hissed in my ear.

No, I can't let Ben take this! I don't want to listen either.

I was torn, should I keep fighting or should I stop?


"Don't you come closer to me." Ben growled. Hux merely smirked. Both men destested each other, each one struggling for power. Ben has more power, which is obvious. However, there was a secret that the only Constellation Council, Captain Phasma, and Hux knew. There was a shift in power, which had suddenly boosted the First Order.

"You have no control over me." Hux drawled, "Don't even try, or your precious little scavenger princess will suffer a fate much worse than yours."

That caught my attention.

Is Rey alright? Is she okay?

"I see that has caught your attention. Your princess is to wed me in 0065 hours. You can prevent this if you obediently rejoin the First Order."

I mentally rolled my eyes. This person was a liar, and he was a delusional person. He believed that he was the rightful ruler of everything.

Rey is the rightful queen. Rey is a powerful girl, much more powerful than Hux. Yet there was something that said that Hux has become more powerful, but what? I could sense something, but it wasn't strong enough for me to tell.

"Rey won't ever marry you." I snapped through gritted teeth, "Stop believing in your little fantasies. It won't ever happen."

He smirked, and left the cell.

I rattled the chains, almost successfully bringing one off the hook. I did that again, and pulled the chain off.

Finally, I thought. I had to get the cuffs off, but how?

The cell had almost nothing, with only a small wire thing. This wouldn't be…

Yes it would. Just find a seam and use your hands to rip it off then pick the lock or something, my consciousness scolded. Well, of course I can. I moved over to the bed, and started to examine the frame. It seemed that there was no seam, and there was no way to remove these cuffs.

I lifted my hands to my eyes, examining the restraints that prevented me from using the Force. There was a small hole on each one of them, just under the thumbs. Something clicked in my head.

The ench of the chain had been broken off, but where did that piece land? Was it small enough for me to use to pick the lock?

My eyes scanned around the cell, and it was near the corner. I hurried to pick it up, examining it. Part of the chain link was split in half, and it seemed to be the right size.

"C'mon, c'mon!" I whispered to myself. One cuff clicked open, and I began to pick the lock of the other. It was almost fully opened when the cuffs suddenly lit up.

"Alerting the emperor immediately. Prisoner trying to escape."

It was repeated over and over again, which alerted stormtroopers.

"Oh crap." I mumbled. This was not good.


I felt stab after stab of pain hit me on the chest, legs, arms, wherever over and over again. It didn't stop. Each wave of pain was pulsing, growing increasingly more painful as well as stinging where they hit me. Yet they didn't.

It must be Ben's pain. I need to hold this to draw it away, I thought. It got increasingly worse as the stabs came quicker.

I fell against the wall, trying to keep myself from tumbling off the edge of consciousness. My knees gave way, and I was huddled on the ground, trying to hold on.

Ben, fight them. Don't let them see what they want to see, I spoke through the Force Bond. I couldn't sense Ben. All that I felt was a wall, a void, filled with nothing.

I suddenly felt something painful shoot through my heart, but it wasn't real. It was a feeling. I remembered something that Ben said to me a very long time ago, when he was Kylo Ren.

"When two have a Force Bond, and one of them dies, the other will be inflicted with pain, and will always feel the missing presence of the other." he had said. It made sense. I had felt terrible pain, and I couldn't sense Ben. It was a wall, a void. Something told me that he is indeed dead.

"No, that isn't possible. Ben is strong. He can survive that." I whispered to myself, but even my attempts still had tears, unwanted tears fill my eyes. I tried one last time.

I couldn't feel Ben's presence, I couldn't detect his Force Signature, it was missing. I had felt pain, terrible pain, like I was being hit with thousands of blaster bolts that didn't kill but inflicted pain. I couldn't sense Ben through the Force Bond.

It seems that he is just… gone.

Tears started to spill out of my eyes. I didn't want to cry. I didn't want this to be real, but it was.

Ben, wherever you are, I'll be there soon.

My mind wandered to different things, but something suddenly slapped me in the face.

I am Princess Rey Kenobi. I have more power in my hands than anyone will.

I will not let this happen.

I am the Princess.

I am a Jedi.

I will bring back the galaxy to what it it supposed to be.

I will reclaim my birthright.

I will not let anyone dictate my life.

I brushed away my tears, and stood up, leaning on the wall.

I will find you Ben, dead or not.


"General, there is no trace of life on the BC Andromeda. In fact, it has been no life forms for a while now. The ship is also still on Coruscant." C3PO reported the worried mother. Those who heard were starting to wonder what in the world was going on.

"General, we have a message from the Constellation Council."

Leia turned and watched the monitor flicker. Instead of the council appearing, a prerecorded message appeared. It was a small message saying to watch what was next, which was another recording of what happened in the trial room. Rey was being dragged away, they were being captured by stormtroopers.

"Oh my! The First Order has them! We are going to be in so much trouble without Rey and Ben." C3PO exclaimed. If possible, this recording made more hope slip from their grasp. The First Order was winning, the Resistance was crumbling.


"Sir, the formula is ready, and we can start using it for the First Order."

"Good. Start the operation immediately."

The droid started to call names from the speaker, calling the stormtroopers.

"BH-9037 and AS-9037."

"LC-4758 and VC-6749."

"CW-1757 and JC-1264."

"CM-4758 and JB-5464."

Hundreds of stormtroopers received the formula, each pair leaving with something new added.

The emperor was watching with satisfaction. His plan was so far working. Soon, the entire galaxy would fall into his hands.


"Luke, I felt great disturbances. It's adding by pairs. I can feel more Force Sensitives being born, but there can't be that many."

An alarm suddenly came to wail.

"Master Luke! Mistress Leia! BB-8 has seen many of the First Order's ships drawing closer! It might seem as if out base is the target!"

The two droids were hurrying as fast as they could, R2D2 constantly saying things. Something was not right. This base was well known that it was abandoned, and while they were escaping from Ahch-To, all the ships were cloaked. They couldn't find them unless there were Force Sensitives that know how to detect other Force Sensitives. Rey and Ben wouldn't betray the Resistance.

Unless there are more Force Sensitives that don't believe in the Resistance, and rather the First Order.

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Some of the information in this chapter are done my research, although most of it is my idea, but have been edited to make it sound more Star Wars like. If I got some canon information (not including the one where the Grey Jedi are described) wrong, please tell me and I will fix it.


I was forced to go on Jakku for a reason.

I was forced to leave Ben's side for a reason.

I don't know who my parents are for a reason.

I don't know who I actually am.

I want to know why.

I want to know who I am.

My head was swarmed with questions each one that was one that I have wanted to know for years.

I was hidden on Jakku because of...

I was forced to leave Ben's side because of...

I don't know my parents because…

I don't know who I actually am because…

I want to know why because…

All these questions, all had answers, but no matter how much I've been searching my memories, none of them came up. I felt rage boiling up inside my heart. I didn't want to feel the anger, I had already experienced it once, and nearly died from it. I didn't want to be a dark jedi, nor a light jedi. I just wanted to be a Force Sensitive who has honed her skills with the Force, and knows how to use a saberstaff.

There is a concept of the Grey Jedi, those who draw on both the light and the dark. This idea makes one very powerful, and can be used to create life, stop death. Not many can do this, and the last known Grey Jedi was Darth Revan. However, that practice has not been used for many years.

There was that voice, and it sounded familiar, but I couldn't tell who it was. All that I knew about that the owner of the voice is Force Sensitive, and it is that of a elderly male, and everytime I search for an answer to that question, the only one that pops into my mind is my grandfather.

But Grey Jedi don't exist. The practice has not been used, and there is not a single person alive that uses that practice. If I were to become a Grey Jedi…

I didn't think it was possible. It would be difficult to resist the temptation of the dark while still using the light. I knew that first hand.

I let my eyes wander over everything in the room for the hundredth time or so. It was mostly bare, with a small bed in the corner, a small table with a chair. I spent most of my time in this room either sitting on the chair, standing, or pacing. It was utterly boring.

I heard a click and the whirl of different gears turning, and a small droid rolled in. In it's metal clasps held a tray of food. Three bowls of three different sizes were filled with a soup, bread with a green thing on it, and one with a sort of roundish, rough, orange thing. A glass of water accompanied the food. It placed the tray on my table, and left, closing the door with the click and whirl of different gears. An oval with a depression was attached to a metal stick was only now just noticed. I picked it up, and my instinct told me it was for the soup.

The soup itself was a reddish orange color, and when scooped up, it wasn't like water, but not solid. The top had small, chopped up herbs sprinkled in the middle.

The bread seemed to be cut off from a loaf, large, and perfectly round. It was slightly hard to the touch, and the top was a strange yellow color, with a different green herb spread evenly over it, in a similar fashion to the yellow thing.

The other thing was a small, rounded, rough thing. It reminded me of a thing called an orange or something like that.

I decided to stop examining the foods and started drinking the soup. It was slightly spicy, but yet flavorful. I finished it with moments, and drank some of the water. I ate the bread, with a small bit of water, and the orange too.

The meal was satisfying, and after attempting to clean up my face and the table did I stand up once more. I started to slowly pace the room again, thinking about my memories. A powerful one emerged on me, the one where I went to my old bedroom in the ancient castle. I once more fell into my memories.

"Rey, wait! I will find you. I promise. Stay safe for me."

"I'll come back for you! I promise Rey! I'll come back!"

"No! Come back!" 9 year old Rey cried. A ship was barely visible in the Jakku night, "Come back!" she wailed.

"You'll always be my best friend right?" a person was holding a 6 year old Rey in their lap.

"I'll always be. You'll always be my Rey of Light right?"

"Of course!" Rey curled up and looked up at the sky, "I want to be a pilot and fly in the sky."

A voice came from the sky, "Rey…"

A new memory arose, one that was very blurry, but the voices were clear.

"Do you see the stars Rey? Those will be the places where you will one day rule."

I looked out the window and saw a brilliantly lit up sky, a sky that was decorated with the lights of different stars.

I suddenly snapped out of my dive into the past, sensing someone draw near. I tensed, suddenly remembering that I hid my saberstaff in my robes.

Don't take it out yet, my mind told me, Use the element of surprise.

The door opened with a small whirl, and in came stormtroopers.

"Arms." he ordered. The trooper raised a small remote, remembering that device can cause pain, I grudgingly held them out, which were then shackled. I walked behind him through the maze of corridors, and entered the throne room. I heard a yell of pain, and I saw Ben trying to fight off stormtroopers, with his hands cuffed like mine were. I felt joy enter my heart when I saw him, he's alive! My happiness was quickly muted moments later.

I took in my surroundings, and sitting on the throne was none other than the previously dead Snoke.

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