Summary: This is a SuperWonder story that consist of an AU mix of multiple DC universes such as New52, kingdom come, Frank Miller's the Dark Knight series, and Batman Beyond Justice League just to name a few. The pairing of SM/WW will be the focus but plenty of other heroes will make appearances. I'm going to try to make everything seem coherent as I mix in different stories and dialogue from all the stories mentioned above. This will primarily focus on the Wonder Woman/Superman pairing, but other pairings may pop up like BatCat for example. There will be lots of fluff and maybe some intimate scenes. Thank you for giving this story a chance and I hope to keep the story going as long as I can. Now enough of my ramblings, Enjoy!

Take Me as I Am

The amazon struck him hard. Hard enough to embed him into a nearby glacier. He let her. No one ever really got a clean hit on him, especially without retaliation, except her. He couldn't match her fury, not without losing control, and he was too damn tired to care anymore. Maybe she would finally put him out of his misery. That had to be why she was there.

Years had gone by since the Superman lost his favor with the world. His greatest enemies had finally broken him. Made him into a pariah on his own planet. Luthor and Brainiac had taken his world from him, by paying the ultimate price themselves. Lex Luthor hated Superman so much that he worked with the alien synthezoid, Brainiac, to entrap the man of steel in a paradox that would destroy a righteous symbol like Superman.

It was almost 10 years ago. He and his wife had conceived their first child, Lara. The world was torn over their coupling. A goddess and the most powerful man in the world. They were fine if they just worked together, but god forbid if they tried to have a life outside of saving everyone else's. So, they acted selfishly for the second time in years, the first was courting each other and getting married. The second was having a beautiful baby girl. But the joy and wonder of that new child faded quickly. His wife was weakened from the labor and the child couldn't defend herself. Even if Lara was resilient to the kryptonite that Luthor used, Superman wasn't. So Luthor and Brainiac stole his wife and his child from him and taunted him to give chase. The league couldn't help due to being engaged by the legion of doom. Luthor's team was finally useful enough for him to destroy this alien.

Luthor bonded with Brainiac after both were humiliated by the last son of Krypton in their respective attempts to beat him. The plan they formed was as glorious as it was nefarious. Take Superman's pride and joy to use against him. Make him choose between staying the Superman the world loved or saving his wife and child. They infected his loves with a virus that would simply delete them. It would digitize them into 0s and 1s for a computer to read and nothing more. The only way Superman could stop it was to destroy the horrific perversion that they bonded to create. He had to kill in front of the whole world or watch his heart get destroyed and become half a man. The world only physically saw and heard Luthor out of the melding of the two villains. It was part of their deception to show the world that Superman could destroy and kill anyone he wanted. But, Superman could see Brainiac's design and structure in Luthor's body. He knew neither of them were truly alive anymore as they bonded to create a monster.

The Luthor-Brainiac being began to monologue to him. They had prepared a speech to demoralize Superman further and speed his descent into madness. They predicted it would take him 45 seconds to decide on whether to kill them or not.

It only took him one.

The cameras that were focused on the scene only really caught the bright flashes of red and the deafening screams of Luthor. Superman destroyed them without hesitation. He hated when someone tried to use his loved ones to get his attention. But the Luthor-Brainiac being had crossed the line. Many would speculate that his earlier exposure to kryptonite warped his mind enough to kill. The real explanation was much simpler. In that moment he acted not as Superman, but as a father and a husband. He destroyed the thing that was killing his family in an incredibly human act. No man would ever watch his family die slowly and painfully if he had the power stop it. The sound of his wife and daughter's cries of pain told him exactly what to decide. So, he killed them. No. He destroyed them. They were inhumane, so he treated them like a monster to be put down.

He stood over the monstrous pile of nothing, chest heaving up and down. He was almost growling at the mess he made. The world gasped in horror as they saw him kill a man for the first time. The finished product was just a jumbled mess but there was so much blood everywhere. Lara's cries awoke him from his bloodlust and he realized what he had done. His loves were safe, but in killing in front of the world he had killed everything he stood for. The ripple effect of his selfish decisions would reverberate for years to come.

A month after that day superheroes were outlawed. Vigilantes and heroes had to be under government control or they could not operate at all. Some rebelled and some joined, but eventually the hero died out. The ones under government control weren't allowed to do much. The program they were in mostly acted as a registration list, so they could be watched. The teams and leagues were disbanded, and the heroes went their own way. There were ones who still got away with wearing the costume here and there, but there were too few of them willing to fight. So not only had the Luthor-Brainiac being destroyed Superman but it had also rid the world of its heroes in the same fell swoop.

Another month went by and the symbol of the house of El was banned from ever being published on anything except for the tombstone of the man himself when he finally passed. Kara had taken the city of Kandor to a galaxy with a main sequence red star. Superman and Supergirl found a way to re-enlarge the city to build New Krypton. She would go to live there instead of suffering for his deed. He told her it was okay, and he would join her eventually. That was a lie. He punished himself by staying on the planet and listening. He listens to everything to torment himself. He would hear the cries of the innocent as he was now powerless to help them. His penance would be his own broken soul and mind. The governments of the world destroyed his fortress as a final show of their disdain for his presence. This world was not his home anymore.

So, he stayed in the remains of his destroyed fortress and continued to torture himself till he was numb to everything. The last time he felt something was Wally West's, The Flash, death. He became infuriated as Wally was gunned down during a robbery gone wrong. He heard the bullet enter Wally's body and cried out as the speedster's heart stopped. That was the last straw before his mind broke. He forgot everything after that. He barely even recognized the woman he loved. She currently seemed determined to beat the memory back into him.