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Some information before reading this fic: Fifteen years have passed since the young hanyou child, Nikomi, was born from rape. The Shikon Jewel was completed a year after the child's birth, but that is a whole other story in itself. Either way, Kagome managed to destroy it, and has decided to live in the Feudal Era as InuYasha's mate, assuming the role of village miko after Kaede's timely death. The entire group now resides in the calm village, trying to keep life as normal as fate will allow them to.

And now, on with the sequel to Wretched I have aptly titled… 

Way Worn

Chapter 1: To Say Father

            InuYasha, the well known half demon, crouched low. The hanyou's amber eyes glittered as the sun reflected off of them. His gaze fixed intently on a large tree about one hundred yards away, as he growled deep in his throat and dug his claws into the dirt. Baring his sharp canines in a grin, he scoffed at the young female creature next to him, "I'm gonna beat you this time."

            Nikomi, the beautiful female half demon, laughed, her melodic voice a comfort for sore ears. She looked like a twin of the male hanyou next to her, also crouching low. Her silver hair whirling about her face, although cut in a more feminine way, with its single black stripe down one side. Her usually wide amber eyes narrowed as she gazed at the same tree, and the dog-like ears at the top of her head perked up in joy. "I don't think so," She giggle back to the hanyou, "I've beaten you three times so far. What makes you think that this time will be different?"

            A short grunt came from the male half demon as he braced himself, "Call it, Shippo." Nikomi glanced to her left at the fox demon. No longer a child, he was tall and sleek, standing on all fours like any other fox. His eyes were proud, and his red fur glistened as it reflected the rays of the sun.

            "Okay. Ready… Set… Go!" He yelled, loosing his regal air as he leapt forward with the last word, emphasizing it greatly.

            Nikomi and InuYasha were both off in a whirl of dust. Neither paid attention to the other as they fixed their gazes on the large tree. InuYasha's bright red robes fluttered behind him, causing him to look like a crimson fireball to anyone watching. Nikomi's robes were much like his, although hers ended in a fluttering ground length skirt at the end instead of pants. She resembled a green tornado as she flew down the stretch.

            InuYasha stopped directly in front of the tree. He allowed his eyes to focus on the world around him again, and caught sight of the young female. She was leaning up against the tree already, staring intently at her long claw-like nails.

            "What took you so long?" She joked, glancing up at him casually, "I've been here forever." She looked back down at her nails, picking out an invisible particle of dirt from one.

            The male hanyou looked quizzically at her, and then glanced at the kitsune next to him, "I don't understand it! Only fifteen and she can beat me in any race. I must be getting old or something." He rubbed the back of his neck with a clawed hand to ease the slight ache he felt from racing so much.

            "InuYasha! Nikomi! Are you two racing again? InuYasha, I told you to just give up. We all know that you aren't still letting her win," Kagome, the village miko, trotted happily over from one of the huts. She had a bright smile on her face, as usual, with her hair tied back in the normal priestess fashion. She wore the large, white top and the baggy, red bottoms that were also the norm for the average miko. InuYasha straightened up, suddenly in good spirits after his loss. Then again, Kagome seemed to have that effect on him.

            "Hello, my pet," He smirked, knowing well that she hated to be called 'pet' but did it all the same. She shot him a glare, her smile only faltering slightly as she stopped in front of the three, standing on tiptoe to place a kiss on the male hanyou's lips.

            "Don't tease me, dog boy. Oh, Nikomi dear, your mother's looking for you," Kagome stated, averting her gaze from InuYasha, much to his sorrow. Of course, the hanyou being slightly possessive, perhaps even verging on jealous…

Oh, who was he kidding? He absolutely hated it when other people got Kagome's attention.

            He gently took her chin in his clawed hand, moving her face towards his. He bent down, until their lips where a breath apart, and kissed her. Nikomi shook her head as she walked away. Those two were almost too perfect together.


            "Mother! You wanted to see me?" Nikomi ran over with lightning speed to her mother, leaving a trail of kicked up dust where she had been.

            Sango glanced at her daughter as she tried to arrange everything in the cart to fit as she cradled a blanketed bundle in her arms. She stopped moving things around for a moment to take a step back and ponder, handing the baby to Nikomi. The female hanyou cradled her half brother, rocking him gently back and forth in her arms.

            "Miroku's going to another village for a few days to ward off an evil spirit that they have been complaining about. Is there anything that you need while he's gone? How about a nice new kimono? That one is getting tattered." The village exterminator grabbed a torn hem from the green skirt of the kimono, lifting it up for her daughter to see. The same pleasant afternoon breeze flipped about the loose ponytail that she kept her hair in, and her green apron blew around, threatening to undo itself.

            Nikomi took it out of her mother's hands with her free hand, holding the torn hem protectively. She loved this kimono. Kagome had helped her make it, with InuYasha's as a model of course. It was a snug fit around her bust and middle, but the sleeves and skirt were extremely loose, allowing airflow. She adored the way the sleeves and skirt flowed about her like gentle green waves.

            "No, no, no!" The young hanyou girl said, taking a step back, "I'm not giving this one up."

            Sango sighed, shaking her head slightly. She was not a woman to argue so much, but also not one to let go of a battle so easily. She would continue to try and get her young daughter to see the light, but as Nikomi got older, it seemed to be getting harder. She stepped forward and took the child out of the hanyou's arms.

            "Good afternoon, dearest!" Miroku walked over, staff in hand. A seven-year-old girl in a little pink dress, and chin length, wavy black hair occupied his other hand. She was, of course, another one of Nikomi's half siblings.

The monk's hair was tied up in the usual little tail he wore at the back of his neck, and his dark purple robes gently flowed around him. He placed a quick kiss on each of the children's heads, and a lingering one over Sango's lips before he climbed onto the cart. "I shall return in a few days. Everyone must be good," with that, he flipped the reins and the cart lurched forward with protesting creaks and squeaking.

            "Be careful!" Sango called after him, "I love you!" The little girl with the pink dress, Sigme, waved as she jumped up and down. Sango elbowed Nikomi painfully in the ribs, "Say goodbye to your father," She whispered under her breath.

            "He's not my father," The young hanyou girl muttered vehemently, but smiled and waved all the same. Although inside, she hated having to call him that name… Father. That wasn't what he was to her. Sure, he was a wonderful father figure, but to call him her father was not what she wanted.

            Sango sighed deeply, taking Sigme's hand in her own and cradling the little boy, Anki, with her free arm, "I'm not going to get into that with you again."


Nikomi walked listlessly down the path, the breeze causing her kimono to flow about her. The female hanyou's mind ran with thoughts of what her real father might be like. She stepped into the forest, allowing the welcoming shade to envelope her in a cooling wave. The sounds of creatures moving about on this fine day echoed in her ears. She knew where every mouse, every squirrel, and every harmless little forest demon lived. When she was younger, she had spent her time playing with many of these familiar creatures.

** "I can't play with you. Mommy says that you can hurt me. You're a nasty, dirty, demon." **

            The village children's taunting still rang clearly in her ears, even after so long. She would have gone mad if it hadn't been for a few friends, and the faithful forest creatures.

The female hanyou found her favorite spot, a clearing with a large rock in the center. With a sigh she sat heavily upon it, bringing her knees to her chest, and encircling her arms around them. She gazed off into the forest, at nothing in particular. Her ears twitched to the side. The sounds of a leaf ripping and a branch bending caught her attention. Someone was spying on her.

            Letting go of her legs, she stood up on top of the rock and peered about the forest. The leaves waved gently at her as the breeze caught them, and the tree's branches creaked and snapped with movement. A bird in the distance chirped a happy song of summer, and a kitsune was rummaging for a rabbit far off.

            With the telltale crack and snap of a protesting branch, someone shifted above her. Suddenly, the creature jumped down from a branch above, grabbing her roughly around the shoulders and yanking her off the rock. Both landed with a soft thud onto the moss-covered ground. Nikomi struggled to get up as strong arms encircled over her, preventing her from moving.

            "Help…" Was the only thing that she could utter before a hand covered her mouth.

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