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Chapter 1: Finding a lost soul.

She watched as the dark red liquid slide down her leg. It was so rich, so pure, so thick and warm. Hermione observed how it covered her limb and strangely found consolation in it.

It was almost like a crimson blanket protecting her from the dark world pain. With each thought of the day's events she pressed the razor harder against her thigh. Her blood spilled out of the gash, leaking onto the floor.

She became weak on account of her lack of blood. Hermione's trembling hand became pale; the helpless Gryffindor's eyes slowly closed. Her mind was else where, too far away to notice that the door to the Prefects bathroom had been opened. ~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was Draco's seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was well overdue. Draco should have been initiated into the Dark Lords circle, but he refused to choose the path his father had chosen.

The young Malfoy despised Lucius and wanted nothing to do with him. Draco never loved the man his mother knew as his father. To him, Lucius was a cold hearted human being, who would beat him till he bleed, lock him in dark dungeons, and cast the Crutaius curse on him ever so often.

That scum of the earth was the man who destroyed Draco and gave birth to the malicious, evil, and devious "Malfoy". Earlier that day Draco had received another howler, in which his father scolded him about his imperfection. Being second best to a Mudblood was not in Lucius' liking.

Draco always detested the wonderful trio, Potter, Weasley, and Granger. Weasley didn't bother Draco as much. It was Potter and Granger who intimidated him so. Potter was simply invincible and Granger was know-it- all who was too head strong to destroy mind, body, and soul.

Now they both were Head Boy and Head Girl. The competition was getting worse. Draco wasn't going to give up easily. All this reflecting made his head throb. Instead of resting, he headed to the prefects bathroom. Draco stopped before the door and whispered the password.

The door didn't open immediately, but it remained shut. "This was odd" Draco thought. The Slytherin took advantage of his strength, obtained by six years of Quidditch, and manually opened the door.

Draco forcefully threw himself at the door, successfully accomplishing his goal. As soon as he entered, what he saw displeased him greatly. Across the room lay an unconscious figure sprawled in a puddle of blood leaking from its leg.

He rashly hurried to the still body. In seconds he realized this unfortunate person was a female. Her hands were terribly pale, and her thick brown hair was dispersed all over her face. Draco picked her up and began to head out the bathroom. He didn't hear the loud clank of a metal object as he exited.

He rushed her to Madam Pomfrey. The hospital wing was empty. Draco rapped the doors wildly, hoping to get a response soon. Within minutes

Madam Pomfrey appeared looking angry and flustered. "Mr. Malfoy, who do you think...." she didn't complete her sentence.

She looked at the limp figure in his hands, not to mention the blood leaking from it.

She wasted no time. "Oh dear!" she began. "Put her on any bed.

QUICKLY!" Draco laid the girl down on a bed near the medicine cabinet. Madam Pomfrey began to flood Draco with questions. He explained how he had found her in the Prefect's bathroom laying in a puddle of blood.

"Well Mr. Malfoy you can leave now. I appreciate you bringing her here" she whispered dismissing him.

Draco exited the hospital wing, while the medi-witch rashly examined the new patient. Draco walked slow enough to hear Madam Pomfrey give the diagnosis. From his eavesdropping, he learned that the girl was hurt badly. If the attacker had sliced into her thigh any deeper then they would have cut her femoral artery, resulting to major blood loss and possibly immediate death.

Her blood count was already low, but it lowered as she spilled more of the crimson liquid onto the medi-witch. He was almost out of the door when he heard the worry-some nurse cry

"Oh Dear, I must get McGonagall, Mr. Potter, and Mr. Weasley.

"Potter....Weasley." Draco repeated the names silently as he glided through the corridor. Draco wondered "Why does this concern Potter..." He suddenly realized the connection.

"Granger!" he yelled causing the name to echo through the silent hall. Draco walked into the Prefect's bathroom and cleaned up the mess. It looked as though some one had been murdered.

Then Draco discovered what he hadn't earlier. There upon the glistening white tile was a silver metal whose edges sparkled with a dangerous glint.

Curiously, Draco walked over to the object. It was a small razor but it was incredibly sharp. There upon the silvery metallic surface were blotches of blood. Draco didn't know why he felt terribly pleased. He had just discovered a horrid secret about a troubled girl and he was pleased. It was the Malfoy instinct kicking in.

"So Granger's a blade runner," he whispered. Draco let a chilling laugh escape his lips. "I'm going to have fun with this". He slowly eased himself up off the floor and let the razor fall back where he had found it. He exited the bathroom making his way to the Slytherin Head Boy chambers, all the while smirking, thinking about how much fun it would be to use this secret to get his way.

"Knowledge is power," he said to no one in particular, entering his chambers.