Ana's pov: Christian and i are on a flight to his home town of detroit for a deal for both grey publishing and grey enterpises, he isn't please but at the same time isnt complaining about it. I watch as he sleeps in the chair beside me, taylor and sawyer are also having naps of their own although taylor keeps waking every few minutes.

I curl into Christians side resting my head gently on his chest and drift off into my own dream world, im woken up by taylor a few hours later "mrs grey we have landed" thats weird usually christian wakes me, i quickly sit up to check on my husband and see that hes still sleeping.

I gently lean down and kiss his lips, he mumbles something in his sleep so i do it a few more times although it doesn't work so i rake my fingers through his hair "wake up baby we're here" is all i say softly and it works as his eyes spring open before looking around and his eyes lock on taylor who is still standing beside us, taylor smiles at him polietly before going to the plane entrance and disapearing out to the car most likely "are you ok christian" i ask softly and he nods standing up still holding me in his arms.

He's rather quiet and when this happens it means that christian is either overthinking something or he's afraid, we walk down the steps hand in hand. Once in the car christian lays his head back against the seat and closes his eyes, he is really starting to worry me.