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Still on break, but this just would not leave me...

"So stubborn."

Blue eyes narrowed deeply when the sigh reached her ears and she could not help but to throw the glare that followed, "You took the same words right out of my mouth," The beautiful female replied almost bitterly, "The same could be said for you too, Shirou."

Calloused fingers suddenly caressed the pale skin of her face, causing her jump from the unexpected contact and she moved away so he was no longer within her personal space, "Do we not have the same wish? Am I wrong about that? Do you not wish for the salvation for humanity as a whole?"

"Have you learned nothing?" The girl almost seemed resigned, ignoring as the male known as Shirou stared at her as intensely as the sun's rays, "Even as you lay there dying on the battlefields during the Shimabara Rebellion? Was it a mistake on my part to have healed and saved you from death's hands?"

"Of course not, my dear Kagome," Shirou smiled, picking up Kagome's hand to bring it up to his lips and pressed a kiss against the tough fabric that covered her skin by her Taijiya uniform, "If you had not come, I'm sure my faith in humans would have shattered right then and there."

"And now you summon me as a Servant in the Archer class," Kagome took her hand back, clenching them into fists and looked away from Shirou's golden eyes, "Just to fight in some ridiculous war. You even bound me to you yourself to make sure I cannot escape."

"To change this corrupt world into the pure one you undoubtedly deserve, I am in need of your help," Shirou admitted, "Even Semiramis will not be enough. You can stand by my side and watch me achieve what we both desire the most!"

"Shirou– no, rather, Ruler," Kagome ignored the frown that appeared on the male's face at the abrupt formality, "No matter how much you want it, even the Holy Grail cannot grant such a wish. Salvation can't be reached, not so long if humans possess emotions. If you wish away sadness and despair, then happiness and joy can no longer be experienced, and, as such, they will no longer exist. Does that honestly sound like salvation to you?"

"The Holy Grail is an omnipotent wish granting device," Shirou moved closer, "There is nothing it cannot do," His tanned fingers once again caressed her cheek, "As someone who once saved me, allow me to return the favour and turn this wretched world into one deserving for your holy resurrection."

"As a Heroic Spirit, I had no choice but to answer to your summoning," Kagome simply answered, "Once this ridiculous war is over, I will return to the Throne of Heroes. There will be no resurrection." She turned away, "Is that all, Ruler?"

Shirou sighed, "By my right as a Ruler, I hereby order you, Archer of Red, Higurashi Kagome, to always stay by my side until this Holy Grail War is complete."

Kagome stiffened, immediately feeling the effects of the Command Seal weighing down upon her body as it seemingly stopped against her will, "Damn you, Shirou!" She cursed, struggling against the magic of said Command Seal, but to no avail, "I had fulfilled my destiny years ago! Is it so much to ask for to let me rest in peace?! I'm tired of playing as a mere toy for fate's hands!"

"I promise you, Kagome," Shirou came up behind the Miko, pressing his front tightly against her back as he wrapped his arms around her, securing her to him, "When this is over, you will have changed your mind and will want nothing more than the perfect world that I have created for you."

He could promise that much.