Rainy Weekends

I have been sitting on this couch for almost and hour now. Mallory has been on the phone longer then my patience has cared to hold for my entire life, yet here I am staring at the words "stocks decreasing" and am beginning to feel my blood boil.

"Oh Nick I totally agree with you!" She chirps. I swear someday I am going to strangle her. "Your sculpture will totally win the contest, don't worry about it honey." She pauses to take a breath. I can almost hear her lungs screaming. "Yes. Ahuh. Ok dear. Call me later! I love you too, bye!" Oh to finally hear the receiver being put down. My eyes gaze from the page to Mal standing by the desk. Great, she has one of her dream faces on.

"Oh, Alex." She sighs.

"Oh, Mal." My patience was lost twenty minutes before. I'm not in the mood for this. I stand up and walk over to the phone only to be pushed out of the way by yet another sister. This family is full of too many teenagers. I am getting really aggravated here.

"Jen, what are you doing? I've been waiting all day, I need to use the phone!"

"Come on Alex. I'm only calling Greg. It won't be long." Sure. Only four hours of pain and despair of me having to look at the depressing page of "stocks decreasing". What happened to the days when she thought boys had cooties?

"Jen, I have been sitting on that couch for a lot longer then you have. Just give me the phone." I would have loved to say 'give me the damn phone' but that's not the example I'm supposed to set.

"But, Alex!" She whines.

"Now." She reluctantly hands me the phone. Mom and Dad are gone for the weekend so I'm in charge. She knows she doesn't have a chance against me. Heh, smart kid. Mal moved over to the window is watching the rain fall. It has been raining a lot. Odd. I dial Ellen's number.

"Hello?" she questions. It's nice to hear her voice again after having to endure Mallory's screeches for so long.

"Hey, It's Alex. I -" A flash of lightening just crossed the sky followed shortly by a roll of clapping thunder. Damn I hate storms.

"Alex, did you hear that?" she inquires.

"Yeah, It's been getting pretty loud lately."

"Hey Alex, do you mind if I come over? I don't like being alone during storms." I smile to myself. No parents and Ellen. Minus the girls and it would have been a lovely night.

"Sure, that'd be fine. It's just the girls and me right now though."

"Oh that's ok Alex, see you soon!"

"Sure, see you." I hang up. Mal eyes me suspiciously. Could it be due to the possibility that I'm grinning like a lunatic? Nah.

"Ellen's coming over in a bit." I simply state. I think my grinning is getting to Mal. She's edging towards the kitchen. Mental Note: Grin more often.

"Alright I'll just be uh. studying in the kitchen." She's through the door now. I snicker to myself.

"Good luck with that studying, Mal."

I turn around to walk towards the couch, only there's no couch there. Not a power failure now! Not when I'm in charge.

"ALEX!" Mallory screams and runs into Jen on her way towards the living room. "THE LIGHTS ARE ALL OUT!"

"I'm aware of that Mallory." Sigh. Dad's the one who usually deals with this sorta thing. Even in the dark I can tell Jen's rolling her eyes. "Alright first things first, we need to be able to see. Jen, you try and fix the circuit breaker. I'll get the candles. Mal, you have to let go of my arm."

Mal quickly lets go. Good thing its dark otherwise she might of made a comment about that. Another low rumble passes and I flinch. Why'd mom and dad go on vacation in this weather?

"Right." Jem mutters. I slowly see the dim outline of her figure exit the room. I follow suit only towards the kitchen with Mal right behind me.

"Alex, I really don't like this." Mal mutters.

"Don't worry Mal we'll just get the candles and then we can see again." I grope around in the drawers looking for some matches until I stumble across a few. Mal hands me a candle and I light it. Sadly, the light only alluminates a small amount of the darkness. Mal looks as pale as a ghost.

"Mal, maybe you better sit down."

"No." She commands. I bet a little firmer then she intended out of fright.

"It's ok. I mean, I'm fine."

"Alright whatever you say, Mal." I continue lighting candles and Mal silently places a few around the kitchen before we head towards the living room with more. Jen heads back toward us.

"It's no use Alex we've gotta wait for the power company to fix it." What a splendid evening this would be.

"Alright then we'll just have to make the best of it as we are. Here place these around the downstairs." I hand her a couple of candles. "Ellen should be here any minute and she's already nervous about staying at her own apartment so let's make this as comfortable as we can for her."

I knew my stocks decreasing were an omen.


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