"Hey everyone I am a new half-blood but enough about me because this story isn't about me, I am in it yes but the story isn't about me. Now let's get started with this story." ? said.

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Percy's POV

Percy wakes up one morning and looks around the poseidon cabin."It would be amazing if I had more brothers." I said and got out of bed and got dressed and headed outside and sees Annabeth so I go up to her.

"Oh hey Percy. How are you today?" Annabeth asked.

"My day is going good but I just wish I had more brothers." I said with a frown. "How is your day?"

"My day is going great and Percy even if you don't have brothers you will always have us your friends." Annabeth said.

I smiled at that. Annabeth was right I will always have my friends, she is so smart that is why I love her.

Grover, my best goat friend came up to us.

"Hey Percy there is some unconscious guy right outside the camp." Grover said.

Me, Annabeth and Grover ran out of the camp to the guy and carried him to the infirmary and gave him some Ambrosia to heal his injuries.

Me and Annabeth decided to train in the training area while the guy was healing.

After some time had passed Grover came up to us.

"Hey the guy is finally awake and he is asking for you Percy." Grover said.

I went over to the infirmary and went over to his bed.

"Percy Jackson it really is you. I need your help." the guy said.

I sat next to his bed.

"Well actually my group needs you Percy and we need to go now." The guy said.

"Now hold on a minute. Just who are you and why do you need my help?" Percy asked.

"Well I guess we have some time to introduce myself. My name is Jordan and i'm the leader of the group called The Greek Guardians and I'm your brother Percy." Jordan said.

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