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Harry, Seamus, and the Master Plan

By SilverWolf7007

Chapter Twenty-Six – The Evil Sticky Yellow Coco Pops of Doom

Once Harry had recovered enough to inform Draco of the snake's name, and once they had both recovered a second time, the class was almost over.

"So, how are you going to explain your new friend?" Draco asked Harry as they watched Seamus and Blaise returning their Jarvey to the pen Sam was keeping them in.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "You mean, how am I going to explain suddenly having a snake as an integral part of my life, or how am I going to explain what his name is with a straight face?"

The blond snorted. "Both?"

:Oh, please. Get over it, will you both? You'll have to eventually...I do hope it doesn't take you several years.:

"Herring wishes us to get over his name, Dray," Harry said in mock surprise. "I don't know WHAT he means..."

"Uh huh. Of course you don't."

"Anyway, back to your question. I guess they'll just have to deal with him. And hey, no one has a problem with Kearia. Why with Herring?"

:Um, maybe because I might bite them:

Harry frowned. "That's a good point. Are you poisonous?"

Again, the snake looked embarrassed. :Sure. In a way.:

:Oh, come off it. You want to live with me, you're going to have to tell me these things.:

Fine! If I decide to share my lovely poison with someone, it sends them off to the land of psychedelic trippiness. Works especially well on you humans - I think there's a connection with imagination or something, I'm not sure.:

"Well? Is he poisonous?"

Harry was laughing too hard to answer.

:It's not that funny: Herring defended petulantly. :Think about it. I bite someone you don't like, they start seeing everything in psychedelic colours and watching their hand move...can be a debilitating thing, really. Also a really good distraction.:

Frowning thoughtfully, Harry nodded. "Quite true." He turned to Draco. "Yes, he's poisonous. A hallucinogenic toxin."

Draco blinked. "As in, sends people off to lala land hallucinations?"

At Harry's nod, the blond snorted.

"It could be quite useful, actually," he was told in an offhand tone.


"Sure. We could have him bite Sam later on."

Draco smirked.

:I don't get it: Herring complained. :One minute you're pissing yourself laughing - not literally, thank god, and then the next you're thinking up practical uses. Why did you have to laugh:

"Because," Harry replied in English, for Draco's benefit. "You said 'trippiness'."

Back when he was a child, Seamus had found that he had an insatiable curiosity. Well, his mother had, at any rate. This meant that when he and Blaise joined Harry and Draco under their tree, planning to drag them up to the castle to meet their fates, he immediately demanded to know why the two of them were rolling on the ground laughing.

They calmed after a minute, and Harry reached up to a branch near his head, allowing a small silver snake to wind itself around his wrist.

Seamus blinked. "Uh, Harry? Who's the snake?"

Draco snorted. "Seamus, Blaise, I'd like to introduce you to Herring."

"His mother was confused," Harry offered.

Herring glowered as the two boys laughed. :I don't know what you two are laughing at; you're the ones wearing tutus.:

Grinning, Harry pointed this out for him. The two boys stopped laughing and poked their tongues out at the small snake.

Harry and Draco got to their feet and each grabbed their Housemate, pulling them towards Hermione, Ron, Neville and Pansy, who had only just managed to get their Jarvey put away.

Pansy was the first to notice them. "Have a good lesson?" she asked.

"I did!" Draco replied brightly. "I met a snake."

Neville, who was the only one of the four to have spotted Herring, sighed. "Yes, so I see. He won't bite us in the middle of the night or anything, will he Harry?"

"Naw," Harry reassured him. "And if he does, he's not...deadly."

This satisfied Neville, but Ron still looked worried. "You didn't just want to stick with the nice, safe, slightly insane and yet still sweet kitten?" he said hopefully.

"Of course not," Harry scoffed. "That'd be far too boring. Besides, I've already broken the rules by having a cat and an owl, so why not add a snake to the mix?"

"For the sake of my poor stressed heart?" Ron suggested dryly.

Hermione rolled her eyes affectionately. "Don't worry, Ron. I'm sure you can hex Harry to the deepest pits of hell if the snake bites you...what's his name, by the way?"

After learning it, she and Pansy were giggling the entire way to the castle, Ron and Neville snickering behind them. Herring spent the walk hissing threats of death, dismemberment and scary dreams to Harry, who had to hold onto Draco for support, translating through his own laughter.

Harry, Draco, Blaise, Seamus, Hermione, Ron, Pansy and Neville spent what was left of the afternoon in the library, actually studying. Of course, Herring insisted that he 'help' Harry, and between stifling his laughter, translating for the others, them stifling their laughter, and explaining strange human concepts to the snake, no one really got that much work done.

However, the fun was soon to end.

"Um, Harry?" Seamus began quietly, shifting ever so slightly so that the entirety of Ron's taller and larger frame was separating him from his Parselmouth friend and the poisonous snake that had attached itself to him.

Harry looked up from where he was trying to explain reasons for a calming draught to Herring with Draco's help and eyed the nervous pink haired boy with suspicion. "Yes, Seamus?"

"Well, not to break up the great mood or anything," he continued bravely. "But it's...kind of...I mean, it's..."

"It's time for dinner," Neville explained chirpily. "Which means we get to drag you both to the Great Hall where Professor Snape and his wife will undoubtedly make utter fools out of you for the amusement of everyone else."

"I hate you all," Harry growled resentfully. "Except Draco and Herring," he amended.

"Well, it's your own fault," Hermione told him. "If you hadn't pranked them in the first place..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," he grumbled. "But I don't have to like it."

Laughing, she stood up, grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his seat. "Come on then. Let's get you humiliated."

Groaning, he allowed himself to be dragged to the Great Hall, knowing that Pansy was doing the same to Draco behind them, while Blaise, Neville, Ron and Seamus trailed after, snickering.

Harry extracted himself from Hermione's grip as she tried to pull him to the Gryffindor table. "'Mione, I'm not going to run, but I'm also not going to fool myself into thinking she's not going to get me tonight. I'm not eating yet."

"Then what are you going to do?" she demanded. "I'm not letting you out of the Hall."

"I know, I know." He turned to Draco. "I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and see if I can't scare the Slytherins by joining them for dinner."

Blaise snorted. "And you accuse us Slyths of being evil."

A few minutes later, Harry was receiving strange looks from the majority of Slytherin students, while across the Hall most of the Gryffindors seemed resigned to the presence of Blaise and Pansy.

Jason raised an eyebrow at both he and Draco. "Not hiding under your beds in utter terror?" he asked.

Sarah, who had joined them from the Ravenclaw table, shared a look with Maddy and the two of them slapped Jason around the back of the head.


"Not hiding under your bed in utter terror, Jason?" Harry asked sweetly.

Before Jason could reply, and quite possibly start a verbal war, the five of them realised that the Hall was beginning to fall silent.

Mentally stamping down on his terror, Harry followed the gaze of his schoolmates and saw that, just as he'd dreaded, Sam was standing up at the Staff Table, seemingly waiting for quiet.

Draco poked his arm. "Where's Severus?"

Harry scanned the table, but as Draco had indicated, the Potions Master was absent. "You know what this means, don't you?"

While he didn't answer, Harry had no doubt that Draco did - as the Slytherin boy was currently being levitated to the front of the Hall, probably at the hand of the 'absent' professor.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Gryffindors and Slytherins, may I introduce tonight's entertainment?" Sam began, smirking in a scarily evil way.

As Draco was engulfed in a puff of silver smoke, Harry suddenly realised that while Draco was about to be humiliated...he wasn't. And that worried him.

The smoke was beginning to clear, and just as Harry noticed that Draco was now wearing nothing but a pair of silver Speedos, a piece of parchment appeared in front of his eyes.

He glared.

'Harry. Don't worry; we're saving you for breakfast. Sleep well. Love Sam & Sev.'

Harry gulped, watching the parchment burst into flames.

"Mr Draco Malfoy, everyone, has kindly given up his dinner in order to keep us all amused."

Draco was now standing at the front of the Hall wearing not much (which Harry would have been able to appreciate better were he not worried for the blond), but while Harry had been distracted a large glass box, oddly reminiscent of the one they had trapped Severus in, had appeared above his head. In fact, Harry was almost certain that it was the same box.

The second puff of smoke was an odd yellow colour, and it engulfed both Draco and the box above his head.

When it cleared...

"He shall stay in this box until the end of dinner," Sam concluded. "I hope you all enjoy your evenings...oh, and one more thing. Don't tap on the glass. He may become violent. Thank you for your time."

As Sam sat down, Harry managed to process exactly what had happened to Draco.

He was, as Sam said, now in the box. In that same box, was...something. It was strange. It looked immensely sticky, it was yellow, but Harry had no clue as to what it actually was. It reached up to just past Draco's knees, but also coated him from head to toe - concentrated on his hair.

Draco too had made this observation, and was now frantically trying to get it out. It was a task that was proving to be nearly impossible.

Mostly, the students were finding this amusing. Even Seamus and Blaise were grinning faintly.

Harry, on the other hand, had nothing but sympathy for his friend - that, and a vague sense of intense horror. If they did this to Draco, after what they'd done to Seamus and Blaise...

"Think of it this way," Jason said in a reassuring tone, as though reading his mind. "Sure, they'll prank you to hell and back, but after they've gotten you, you can get them back. And I don't doubt that you'll kick serious arse."

"Thanks, Jason," Harry said, somewhat surprised. "How come you aren't one of the hysterically laughing masses?"

Jason grinned. "Cos I'm not stupid. You and Draco are highly likely to, at the end of the prank war, prank everyone who laughed at the pranks on you. Am I right?"

"Well, yes..."

"In that case, since I'm trying my hardest not to join the aforementioned masses, can I get a heads up for me and Sarah, once this is all over?"

Seeing a barely smiling Sarah looking hopefully over Jason's shoulder, Harry laughed softly. "Oh all right. Since you both asked so nicely and all."


"Of course, I do have one condition."

Jason was fairly sure he knew what this was going to be, and he looked sadly at his girlfriend's long blonde hair. "What are you going to do, Harry?"

Harry twirled his wand. "Black with bronze stripes. You know, for Ravenclaw."

Sarah just rolled her eyes. "I was beginning to feel like the odd one out anyway."

Maddy was admiring Sarah's hair. "This is so cool. Why couldn't you do something like this with mine, Harry? Instead of just red?"

"What colour stripes would you like, Maddy?"

"Hm...Either black or white. You pick."

"Both, then."

"Lovely," Sarah said with a laugh. "Simply adorable."

"Quite," Harry murmured. "Now, if you'll both excuse me, I have to run away before I get kidnapped by a vengeful Potions Master and his wife."

After a quick conversation with Blaise that had assured him that once dinner was over and they'd detoured to the Slytherin Common Room (and more specifically, the showers) he and Draco would meet him in the library, Harry had grabbed the two closest Gryffindors and almost ran back to the Tower.

Neither Hermione nor Neville really minded, and they knew that the others probably wouldn't be too far behind.

This left the three of them lounging on the couch closest to the fire, chatting idly about nothing - mainly as Hermione and Neville weren't stupid enough to bring up the prank on Draco or the one pending on Harry.

"'Mione, I want to match your hair."

For his random comment, Harry received a raised eyebrow from the girl in question and a snort from Neville.

"How do you mean?" she asked him warily.

For an answer, Harry gave her silver stripes. "Can I have some green tips?"

Laughing, she complied. "What made you do that?"

"Sarah and Maddy. I gave Sarah stripes, Maddy whined, so I gave Maddy stripes. Then I ran away."

Hermione looked down at her watch, noting that dinner was still half an hour off ending, and knowing that none of their fellow Gryffindors were likely to leave the spectacle of Draco Malfoy in a box with something evil, sticky and yellow until the Slytherin was let down. She gave Neville a nod.

"All right Harry, spill. What the hell is going on with you, Seamus, Malfoy and Zabini?" the purple haired boy demanded.

Harry poked his tongue out at him. "We discussed this earlier, Nev. I ain't saying a thing."

"Oh really?" Hermione inquired, a smug note in her voice. "Harry dearest, I'm afraid you don't have a choice. Or would you prefer I out you to the wizarding press?"

He stared at her in utter horror. "Oh 'Mione, you wouldn't!"

She raised an eyebrow. "Wouldn't I?"

Harry looked desperately at Neville, who just smirked at him in a very un-Neville like way. "You two are just plain evil," he informed them. "And what makes you think that there's something going on worth knowing about anyway?"

Neville snorted. "Harry, if there was nothing more to it than just working with Moony in this prank war, you four wouldn't need to spend so much time hiding from us."

"Please tell us, Harry?" Hermione begged.

He sighed. "That was mean. Really, it's just Seamus trying to set me up again."

"With Malfoy?" Neville asked in surprise. "Or with Zabini?"

"That's obvious," said a smug Hermione. "Seamus wants Zabini for himself, of course." She then narrowed her eyes at Harry. "But that's not quite it, is it?"

Harry gave her a very serious look. "No 'Mione, it's not. But I'm afraid I can't tell you any more than that. If I did, I would then have to kill you."

"Oh fine," she huffed. "But don't think we wont find out, Harry James. We'll be watching you."

"Yes, you and your little henchmen," Harry said innocently.

Hermione gaped at him. "You know about that?"

"Of course. I know everything."

She just rolled her eyes, stood up and moved to the other side of the Common Room to do some homework in peace.

Neville just looked pointedly at Harry. "You four are setting up Ron and 'Mione, aren't you."

"Yep!" Harry confirmed cheerfully. "Well, along with Moony. And we tried asking Siri and Sam for help, but their idea backfired. But we have a plan now."

"You do?"

"Sure. For this weekend, in fact."



In a rather un-Gryffindor display of cowardice, Seamus had opted not to join Blaise, Jason and Pansy in reclaiming Draco from Sam and Severus's clutches. Instead, he had left with his Housemates for Gryffindor Tower.

If he was going to be honest, Blaise couldn't really blame the pink haired blond. When he chose to be, Draco Malfoy could be an incredibly intimidating individual. And there was no doubt in Blaise's mind that this was going to be one of those times.

The three of them, followed by the wary Sarah and Maddy, made their way to the front of the Hall, where Sam was carefully lowering the box to the ground. Once it was down, she waved her wand and it vanished, leaving Draco oozing what looked like sticky rice bubbles onto the ground.

Jason turned from his friend and raised an eyebrow at her. "You realise, don't you, that he may actually kill you for messing with his hair?"

Sam shrugged, grinning brightly. "Doesn't bother me, really. All's fair in pranks and war, and all that."

"Isn't that love and war?" Maddy inquired.

"It can be, if you prefer." She looked over at where Draco had stolen Pansy's robes and was being forcibly pulled out of the Hall. "Uh, if you'd excuse me, guys, I have to leave. Fast. Before Draco gets away from Blaise and strangles me with my own tail."

Maddy rolled her eyes, waved the woman off, resisted the urge to pull the aforementioned tail, and she and Jason joined the others in escorting Draco down to the Common Room.

"I have an idea," Harry said suddenly.

"Do we even want to know?" Hermione asked, looking up from her homework.

"Probably not, no." He stood up. "You guys will have to excuse me. When he gets here, tell Seamus to head down to the library, okay?"

Neville sighed and nodded. "All right, but first tell us where you're going."

"Kitchens," Harry replied, as unhelpfully as possible. "Don't worry, you'll see why in the morning."

He waved at them as he left the Common Room, then once he had moved from the Fat Lady's line of sight, transformed into a cat and ran down to the kitchens as fast as possible.

"Have we got everything?"

"Yes, I think so."

"And you know exactly what you're going to do?"

"Of course."

"Are we going to get out of this alive?"


"Is it just me, or is there a cat in the corner?"

"It's not just you. Harry, stop eavesdropping this instant. Don't make me have to hurt you tomorrow."


"Brat. Go on, stop cheating. You'll find out tomorrow morning."

"Er, Sev, love?"


"Perhaps we should head back to our rooms."

"What a wonderful idea. I think after we finish plotting the demise of Harry, we could..." Whispers.


Laughter. "Sev, you scared him off!"

"But of course, my dear. After all, what teenage boy wants to hear about his professor's sex life?"

"None of them, I hope. Particularly when a tail is involved."

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout."

"Oh dear lord..."



"Here is my handle, here is my spout."

"We are not following through on what you said to scare Harry off. Not with those things singing...or snoring."

Sighs. "I thought as much."

"When I get all steamed up, hear me shout."

"I hate this, Sam."

"I know. Nursery rhymes were designed to send adults into intense therapy, I swear."

"Just tip me over, and pour me out."

By the time he reached the kitchens, Harry had managed to erase the mental images Severus's words had conjured in his mind, but knew his eye was twitching slightly as he turned back into a human.

"Oh, they are so going down," he muttered, tickling the pear.

The portrait swung open, and Harry stepped into the kitchen, preparing to be assaulted.

He was not disappointed, and just barely managed to keep on his feet as Dobby careened into him. "Harry Potter sir!"

"Hello Dobby."

"What can Dobby do for you, Harry Potter?"

"Just a small favour. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to serve lime green jelly with breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next two or three days?"

"Of course! Dobby will be happy to!"

Harry smirked. "Excellent."

Blaise, Pansy and Maddy were perched on Blaise's bed, while Jason stretched out on his own with Sarah sitting by his side.

They had, somehow, managed to not race into the bathroom at Draco's first enraged scream, mainly as it was followed by a barrage of curses directed at Severus and Sam.

Finally, he emerged, wearing nothing but a towel (which left Maddy and Sarah blushing), a second around his head.

"Draco?" Pansy tried, tentatively placing a hand on his damp shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"Okay?" he asked blankly. "Okay! How can I be okay? Look what they've done!" With that, he whipped the towel from his head, revealing...

"Oh my god," Jason murmured, sitting up with wide eyes fixed on Draco's hair. "Oh my god."

"Exactly." Draco's voice was flat, worrying them all.

"Draco," Maddy said finally. "You've still got...stuff...in your hair."

"I noticed," he said sarcastically. "It won't wash out, no matter what I do."

Blaise sighed. "How about I find you some clothes. Harry's waiting in the library."

Draco went pale, but didn't speak.

Taking this as agreement, Blaise opened Draco's top drawer...and slammed it shut again. "Oh, shit," he sighed.

Pansy, who had seen what Blaise had, noticed a sheet of parchment on Draco's bed and picked it up. She read it silently and passed it to Blaise.

"'Dear Draco,'" he read aloud. "'As we're sure you've noticed, our little invention won't come out of your hair. The same goes for your clothes, as we've filled your drawers and wardrobe with it. Feel free to borrow from your friends, though. Oh, and we've named them the 'Evil Sticky Yellow Coco Pops of Doom'. They're banana flavoured. Enjoy. Love Sam & Sev'."

"Oh," Draco said quietly. "I see."

Blaise put the note on his bed, found Draco some of his own clothes, and sent him back into the bathroom to change.

"He's going to kill them, isn't he," Sarah stated.

Jason just nodded.

Harry had transformed back into a human not too far from the library, and jogged the rest of the way.

He pushed open the door, seeing Seamus reading a book at their regular table.

Something grabbed him from behind.

He struggled, but the hold was too strong.

Finally, he gave in.

"You suck, Sevvie."

Severus just chuckled.

Sam moved into his line of sight and grinned at him. "Ready to prepare for your big day tomorrow, little Harrykins?"

His eyes narrowed. "You mean I don't even get to spend the night in my own bed?"


"So much for your note, then."

"So we lied a little. Get over it."

"What about - "

"Don't worry, your friends will be told where you are," she assured him. "They won't be left thinking Voldie's gotten you."

"That's...kind of a relief...damn, I really wish I hadn't left Herring in the Common Room."

"You want a fish?" Severus asked him, confused.

Harry sighed. "No, I want a snake with hallucinogenic toxin, actually."

"Sadly, you're not getting one."

"I've got one."

"Not with you."

"True. Bastard fell asleep during dinner anyway, some help he is."

"And he's named after a fish?" Sam asked him.

"Yeah. Confused mother, apparently."


Seamus was the first to arrive at the library, and ended up reading Quidditch Through the Ages for a while until Draco and Blaise arrived.

As he was not completely stupid, he refrained from commenting on Draco's hair and clothes.

"They've gone far enough," the coco-pop-haired blond stated as he joined Seamus at the table. "I can't help but worry for Harry, though."

"Speaking of," Blaise said as he sat down. "Where is he?"

Seamus shrugged. "He told 'Mione and Nev that he was going to the kitchens and to tell me to come here. I haven't seen him."

"Think Sam and Severus have him?" Draco asked.

"It's more than likely," Blaise agreed with a nod.

As if hearing their conversation - and perhaps the senders had - a note appeared on the table.

They stared at it.

"Is anyone going to read that?" Seamus asked distantly.

"I've already read one," Blaise told him.

"I'd just as soon let one of you do it," Draco admitted.

Seamus picked it up, sighing. "'Dear Blaise, Draco and Seamus,'" he began. "'As we're sure you have already guessed, we have kidnapped Harry in order to bring about our lovely prank on him. This prank will happen tomorrow at breakfast, at which time you may take Harry back to his dorm in order to find some more suitable clothing. Of course, he may need to borrow from someone about the same size as him, as his clothing may not be wearable. We just thought we'd let you know that he wasn't taken by Voldemort. A similar letter will be delivered to Hermione and the other Gryffindors to stop them worrying too. Love Sam & Sev'."

They were silent.

"Stop us worrying?" Draco muttered finally. "Yeah right!"

"Well, at least we know who has him," Blaise said, trying to look on the bright side. "And, you know, that it's not someone like Voldemort...or Dumbledore, for that matter."

"I guess," Seamus agreed reluctantly. "We'd probably better make sure we're early to breakfast, though. We won't want to miss it."

"And after it's done, we can get them back," Draco added. "And make them suffer."

Hermione was startled when a sheet of parchment appeared atop her Charms essay.

'Dear Hermione and other sixth year Gryffies. This is just a quick note to let you know that Harry won't be returning to Gryffindor Tower tonight, as we have kidnapped him in order to prank him tomorrow morning. Love Sam & Sev.'

She sighed and stood up. It would probably be a good idea to give the note to the boys, and to tell Lavender and Parvati what it said.

Not to mention that someone would have to tell Herring, so the snake didn't worry unduly.

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BOTH: Mwahahahahahahahaha!

HARRY: (Hiding in corner) Oh, this is bad, this is very, very bad.

DRACO: My hair…my beautiful hair…

SYLVAN: Don't you dare go and get green slime all over the place!

DRACO: (Sniffs) I wasn't planning on it…

LUCIUS: That's a relief.

REMUS: (Hiding in another corner, eying Harry)

SIRIUS: Remy? What's wrong?

REMUS: (Twitches) Feathers. Dusting. Bad. Herring. Pie. Badder.

SIRIUS: Er…Harry? I think you broke him.

HARRY: Oops.

VOLDEMORT: Why can't I be in the actual story?

TOM: We've been over this. You can be in it later. Maybe.


NARCISSA: Do stop arguing, milord. We both know you can't be in it yet. It's mostly in Hogwarts, and I don't think SW wants to have us try to take over.

VOLDEMORT: Evan got to torture Lucius. That's not fair.

BELLATRIX: And I'm still in Azkaban with Rodolphus and Rabastan. How fair is that?

VOLDEMORT: I see your point.

SEVERUS: You'll have to excuse us, we have some evil plotting to do.

SAM: And how fun it shall be. Severus? Grab Harry.

HARRY: (Runs) Nooooo!

SEVERUS: Why do they always run?


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