As she walked to Kelly's, the list of what she had to do today ran through Elizabeth's head, she had to work the morning shift, stop by the art supply store to get some new brushes, and then meet AJ for Lunch , meet AJ for lunch, the thought struck her, how odd that sounded, befriending AJ Quartermaine had come as a surprise to her, it wasn't something she had ever expected, yet it wasn't as if they were involved, not really, just working towards a common goal.

"I have what you want" -- AJ shouted as she headed for the door.
"Yeah? And what's that?" -- She asked skeptically
"The key to my brother" -- he said simply
"Jason? What makes you think that he's what I want?" -- she replied
"Doesn't everyone?" --He said with a sigh --"Well, Elizabeth, I may be drunk, but I'm not blind" - he smirked.

The memory of that first night played in her head, she had been at Jakes, sitting at the bar, after one of her more lengthy arguments with Courtney Matthews, normally nothing Courtney would say would have any lasting effect on Elizabeth, she usually able to just write it off, usually, however something about that fight stuck with Elizabeth, she was tired of dealing with Courtney, and tired of seeing her with Jason. She was on her second drink, or was it her third, when she felt a pair of eye's on her, she whipped around in her chair to see AJ glaring at her from a table a few feet away.

"What" she snapped
"Nothing, nothing at all" AJ raised his hands, and let out a small laugh
"Is there something particularly amusing?" Elizabeth asked, she realized she didn't really need to be picking this fight, but she couldn't seem to stop.
"No, it's just, imagine one of Jason perfect little girlfriends …"
"I'm not his girl-friend" -- she cut him off
"Right, right, of course, excuse me, ex-girlfriends"
"and I'm not perfect" she scoffed "far from it, besides, what does Jason have to do with anything"
"you're right, I suppose he doesn't, in fact I wish he had to do with less… it's just I've been watching you, it seems you've got some tolerance" AJ said eyeing her drink
" 'you've been watching me' huh, seems you've got this stalking thing down pat Quartermaine"
"Not that I feel sorry for her"
"Sorry for who" AJ asked
"Now, what does any of this have to do with Courtney?" AJ arched a brow
"Nothing. Everything. Every, ugh, never mind" Elizabeth got up off the stool and began to stumble, AJ got up and steadied her.
"So much for that tolerance thing, huh?" he smiled.