"Just a minute" Elizabeth yelled in response to a knock at the door. She went to the sink to wash the paint off of her hands, and after drying them, she opened the door.


"Expecting someone else?" He asked, noticing her surprised tone.

"No, not really. I just thought maybe it was Emily."

"Does that mean that you know what's up with Em? She was acting really weird when she got home last night."

"Yeah. She's, she's mad at me. We kind of got into a fight last night. Or well really not a fight, more of a her yelling at me type of deal." She tried to explain.

"What about?"

Elizabeth paused.

"You." She finally spoke.

"Me?" He perked up, he wasn't expecting that.

"Courtney was there. I guess Jason told her everything that I told him, then she told Emily."

"I see." He said.

"I'm sorry, AJ."

"Why does it matter?" He asked her.

"What do you mean? why does it matter? I just thought you'd care, sorry."

"No, I mean, why does it matter if Emily knows the truth, I mean about us, you and me. Unless you don't want her too." He paused "Is there a you and me?" He asked

"Do you want there to be?" She questioned.

"Maybe I do."

"Maybe I do too."