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"Have you seen Nick?" I ask my brothers as they pass by.

They shake their heads and I groan annoyed. Where the hell is that fox?!

One of the tods that came from Terra looks at a box and smiles, "That's good, but we will need more beer. MUCH MORE!"

My sister nods and I stop running for a moment.More beer? They've already received several boxes full of beer bottles, out of nowhere apparently. How much more do they need for a barbecue?!

I roll my eyes and continue running. When I find that idiot I'm going to strangle him. Red too! That crazy vixen!

"Judy!" My mom calls, "Come here please."

"Did you find Nick?" I look hopefully at her but she smiles bitterly.

"No." She says softly, "Judy, you have been hopping up and down all day looking for him. You need to rest your feet a little."

"I don't need to rest. I'm fine." I say before she gently takes me to one of the living rooms.

"Mom. I need to find, Nick!" I protest as she makes me sit on one of the couches.

"You can keep looking for him later, after you eat something." She puts her paws on her hips and gives me a stern look, "Now, sit back and rest for a little while. Your father and I already have our paws full with this barbecue. We don't need you collapsing from hunger running around the farm."

I open my mouth to protest but my stomach grumbles softly and I sigh, "Alright..."

"I'll be right back with something for you to eat, dear!" Mom says happily and hops away.

I turn on the TV and my nose twitches. Nick just had to flirt with the crazy! He couldn't not do it and save me a lot of trouble. When I find that fox I'll… I'll…

My eyes water up a little. I hope he's fine. If Red did something to him…

I hope that they didn't… do it.

"I'LL NEVER GO BACK!" Pigma screams at the top of his lungs.

I look at the TV and see Pigma holding a weasel hostage at a restaurant, "LET ME GO! I'LL DO IT, MAN! I SWEAR I'LL...!" He points a cucumber at the weasel and every mammal at the scene of the incident looks at each other in confusion.

Why a cucumber?!

Chief Bogo and three other officers are cornering him, slowly reaching for their tranquilizers.

"Calm down, Officer." Bogo sounds as stern as ever, "Put the cucumber down!"


I can almost see the veins bursting in Bogo's neck from here.

Well… it looks like I'm not the only one dealing with nonsense.



As I finish washing my dishes, Mom and Dad come closer to me, their noses twitching.

"Do you need anything?" I ask confused. They seem troubled.

"Judy… there are foxes here." Mom says.

"Lots of foxes." Dad emphasizes.

Hah… I roll my eyes and giggle, "There are thirty foxes here… at most."

"No, there's a lot more than thirty." Dad's nose twitches, "They have been arriving ever since yesterday night. Haven't you noticed how many of them are here?"


They then freeze and stop moving. My ears drop a little and I look over my shoulder. A red fox enters the kitchen, yawning cutely, and opens the fridge, peeking inside curiously. That yawn reminds me of Nick.

My parents stare petrified at him and I sigh.

"Hey!" I call, walking closer to the fox, "Have you guys invited anymore friends?"

"Yeah." He looks at me and opens a beer can, "When I bought the train tickets before leaving Terra I was so sure I was going to marry Red that I invited a few friends to come over so we could have a bachelor party. Turns out that the other guys did the same." He chuckles.

I giggle and nod. Mom and Dad are so melodramatic. "So, how many friends did you invite?"

"Six hundred and two." He shrugs and sips his beer.

"..." WHA…?! "Haha… good one."

He looks at me and sighs, "I'm know it's a small number, but what can I do… I was never a popular guy."

Wait, he's serious?! "Six hundred and two! Do you think they will all come?!" My voice comes out as a fearful whisper.

Of course they won't come. Terra is on the other side of the world. No one would come all this way to par...

"They all said they would." He answers excitedly.

I grab his chest fur and ask hesitantly, "You said the others invited mammals as well. How many did they..." I gulp.

"I dunno." He shrugs and walks out of the kitchen.

Okay… this is a little worrying. I look at my parents and take a deep breath, "It's fine. They are just coming for a party… it's going to be crowded for sure but..."

"CROWDED?! Judy, have you seen the news?! They are calling it an invasion." Mom says fearfully.

Dad gets his phone and then shows me a video. It's the daily news report from Bunnyburrow's news station.

The bunny reporter, a white furred doe, trembles, staring straight at the camera, "He-Hello Bunnyburrow." She stutters and gulps.

Three red foxes, as tall as Nick, surround her, starring at the camera as well. And they are all naked!

I gasp and then notice what is going on behind them.

Tons, and I means TONS, of naked male foxes of several species are walking around sniffing everything. The bunnies stare terrified at the predators and keep their distance, but there are way too many foxes there and they can't avoid them all. I even see some bunnies being chased by the foxes.

"I… I was just now ta-talking to… Rapey." The doe reporter, Linda Winters, glances fearfully at the tod to her right and gulps as he puts his paw on her shoulder, giving her a squeeze and pulling her closer to him.

Who in their right mind names their son Rapey?!

Ra-Rapey!" Lind whimpers with a twitching nose, "Is it true that you're part of an invading army whose purpose is the destruction of all bunnykind? EEEK!" She hops nervously as Rapey gropes her cotton tail.

GASP! He can't do that!

"Dude, it's super soft!" Rapey chuckles and wags his tail, "We're not an army. We were coming here for a party and then thought 'Why not try and break the record for the biggest bachelor party ever' so we called everyone." He then grabs one of her ears as if he was a kid getting a new toy. He looks like Nick when he touched Bellwether's wool. Except Nick was wearing clothes… and his name wasn't Rapey.

Linda tries to free her ear and stutters, "Tha-that's good." She whimpers again as another fox gropes her tail. Rapey then sniffs her head and she nearly screams, "Why are named Rapey?"

"Mom said I was way too amorous with the pillows when I was a kid." Oh...

"I didn't know bunnies were so soft!" One of the tods comments, getting the attention of a few more foxes nearby.

Linda's eyes dart everywhere at once as the tods approach her. She takes a step back and then her back hits the naked torso of a tod.

"Hey, now that I think about it… what if the bunnies partied with us?" A swift fox says, "That record would be as good as ours."

The others yip and nod happily and then look at their captive doe. Her lips quiver and she looks at the camera, mouthing silently, 'Help me.'

A fox then gets a beer bottle near to her mouth, "Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!" He chants and soon is followed by the other foxes.

The video then comes to an end.

"See?!" Dad sounds desperate, "It's the end of the world! We have to hide before they come for us!"

"Now there!" I roll my eyes, "I know this was… weird! But Nick was weird around prey mammals too when he met me. And these foxes come from Red's country, so they are even weirder… but I don't think we should declare Armageddon just yet."

"The mayor said we should consider thinking about starting to get worried. He wouldn't say that if the situation wasn't dire." Mom's nose twitches, "You're a police officer! Can't you ask for reinforcements?"

"They haven't broken any laws yet… except public indecency laws, but I think they just don't know about it. Red also didn't know she needed clothes." I can't call Chief because of a bunch of nudists. "Things are going to be fine, but I promise I will call for help if anything bad happens."

"Alright..." Mom's nose twitches and she says, "I'll count the kids again then… just to make sure."

"I'll help you." Dad mutters and follows her.

I leave the kitchen and look around for a few minutes before finding a fox.

"Hey! Tell everyone that you guys need to wear clothes." I say sternly.

His ears lay flat on his head, "Hmm… sure."

Okay! Now that that is out of the way! I can look for Nick aga...

"Hey Judy!" One of my sisters stops in front of me with a big smile plastered on her face, "They are so cute!"


I furrow my eyebrows in confusion as she giggles, "There are a couple of fennecs looking for you and Nick."


"Okay, thanks." I nod and run past her.

I don't have a minute to lose. Nick isn't inside the burrow, that much I know for sure.

Then I hear a commotion down the hallway. Suddenly, Bell and Crimson come running from that direction.

"What are you guys doing?!" I ask and duck, nearly getting run over by them.

"Get out of the way you fucking rodent!" Crimson snarls.

"Fuck you, you creepy bastard." Bell glares furiously at him.

Of course… just ignore me.

They run, punching and pushing each other to the side and when I arrive at the front door and open it, Bell and Crimson fly past me, rolling on the floor, punching and kicking and cursing like sailors.

Sigh. I shake my head and take a step outside.

"Hey Officer Toots." Finnick laughs.

Finnick, for a change, is not alone. He has a charming lady fennec by his side, "This is Sasha."

She glances at the two males fighting on the floor and giggles, "I thought this was going to be a relaxing escape from the city, not a UFC match." She then bites her lips, "Not that I'm complaining."

Finnick grumbles annoyed and put his paw on her hips, pulling her closer to him, "Yo, Toots, where's Nick?"

I furrow my brows and sigh, "I thought you knew that."

"Fuck you!" Bell punches Crimson and then gets kicked in the belly.


"Stop!" I jump in between them and say sternly, "You two are acting like children." Very dangerous children.

"She's right! I don't have time to deal with you." Crimson snarls and turns tail, sniffing the ground as he quickly walks away.

"Wait a second you creep!" Bell tries to go after him, but I stand in his way.

"Leave him alone. You shouldn't be picking fi..."

"Get out of my way, Judy. He's following Red's trail!" He pushes me to the side and chases after Crimson.


I nearly tear my ears off my head in a fit of rage and then look at the Finnick's smirk. Oh, he finds this funny does he?

Finnick's eyes widen as I hold his paw and pull him along with me, "What do you think you're doing?!"

I drag him around as if he was a child and huff, "You're going to help me put some sense into Nick's head." If they find Red then it means they'll find Nick by proxy.

I then freeze for a moment as I finally look around and notice what's happening.

Tons of foxes are walking around with boxes filled with wine and beer bottles. Portable grills are being set up everywhere both by bunnies and foxes. Overall, our farm seems to be preparing for a festival that will make the Carrot Harvest Festival pale in comparison. Okay… I'll deal with this later. I just need to find Nick first.

I go back to running, ignoring Finnick's protests and avoiding running over anyone as I do so. Bell's ears flop and Crimson's bushy tail waves to and fro as they run.



Crimson finally stops running, and so does Bell. We have run all the way to the woods near our farm. Looking back at the setting sun, I consider that maybe I should have brought a lantern with me.

"Red, come out please." Crimson mutters softly, staring at a nearby tree, "Let's go home."

"Did you finally go insane?" Bell asks him annoyed, "There's no one the..."

"Leave me alone." Red's whine cuts him off, "Just let me rest."

"Red." Bell and Crimson say at the same time and then glare at each other.

Then, suddenly, Red appears, slowly standing up, appearing from out of nowhere. I blink twice and then spot a hole in the ground, under the tree, from where she came from. A fox hole! She… oh...

Red looks like a completely different vixen. Her red and white fur is now silvery gray and black. Her blue eyes are dark purple and she's wearing a dark purple night gown, the same color as her eyes. The cheerful smile she had when I first met her has given way to a defeated frown.

"Ouch!" I jump due to the pain and rub my paw.

"Serves you right." Finnick grumbles and spits out some of my fur. Little devil!

Bell stares speechlessly at Red, while Crimson pleads once more, "Sister… please, lets go home."

"Why? So you can lock me inside a room and leave me to rot?" She snarls, her voice creaking.

Crimson's ears lay flat on his hear and he mutters, "Sister, you don't understand."

"What? That you want to keep me pure and protected!" She sniffs, "I did everything you told me I should do to find a good mate, Crimson… everything… and he was just using me to make her jealous." She glares daggers at me.

"HE WHAT?!" Crimson and Bell exclaim, sounding more savage and enraged than any night howler crazy predator I ever met.

Both of them turn to look at me and I gulp. Oh sweet cheese and crackers!

Crimson looks ready to commit a murder and Bellamy is not too far off either.

"Hehehe..." Finnnick chuckles and whispers, "Nick really fucked up with the wrong hoe this time."

"What did you call my sister you little twerp." Crimson says with a cold calm, but it's easy to detect the fury hidden under his breath, "What did that bastard tell you?"

Finnick's smile fades and he shrugs, averting his gaze uncomfortably, "Chill, pal. I'm just his friend… he said no..."

Before any of us can react, Crimson grabs Finnick by the ears and throws him at a tree. The small fennec hits the hard wood with a grunt and falls to the ground.

"Tell your friend if he ever talks to my sister again… he's a dead mammal."

"Hey!" I frown and take a step in Crimson's direction, "You can't do that!" I say angrily and then immediately jump backwards to avoid his claws.

Bell raises his guard and for an agonizing moment we stare in silence at the out of control fox.

"THAT'S IT!" Finnick shouts angrily and stands up, shooting Crimson a furious glare, "Fuck you guys! I'm going to the party."

As he turns to leave, Sasha appears panting vigorously and trembling all over.

"You… bastards..." She talks with great difficulty, "I… had to… run all the way..." She sits on the ground and stares at us with big light blue eyes. Poor thing! She looks exhausted.

"Let's go babe. I wanna catch a few drinks while they're still cold." Finnick gestures for her to stand up, but she just stares at him in disbelief. He shrugs and walks away, leaving her behind.

I suddenly hear a snarl and turn to find Crimson on the ground on all fours, bearing his fangs at Bellamy.

"What do you think you are doing?" Bell asks coldly.

"What do you think you are doing?!" Crimson snarls back, "Leave her alone."

"I'm the one who won the fight last time. I should be the one to be her mate." He then ignores Crimson and looks at Red with adoring eyes, "Red, I knew that cheater would be no good for you. I'll treat you right, like you deserve." He says softly.

He never looked at me like that when we were teenagers. My nose twitches a little and I huff.

"You're not going to treat shit! If you touch my sister I'm going to rip your arm off and beat you to death with it." Crimson snarls.

Bell scowls and raises his fists, "I want to see you try."

Red just stares at them, in silence.

"Are you all insane?!" I glare at them, dumbfounded, "Didn't you learn anything from the first time you did this?! You're acting like wild animals… we are mammals for the love of carrots. Mammals!"

The three of them spare me a surprised glance and then suddenly Bell and Crimson spring into action, punching, kicking each other, and biting and clawing in Crimson's case.

"Stop!" My nose twitches and I try to get in the middle of them, only to almost have my eyes clawed out.

My heart beats heavily in worry inside my chest. Last time they fought Crimson was tired, but now both are in the same condition...

With each passing second my worries get confirmed and it becomes very clear who's winning the fight. One hit, two hits, three hits… Bellamy keeps getting beat up while Crimson evades or blocks his attacks.

Bell then grabs Crimson's shirt and throws a punch aiming for the fox's jaw. Crimson twists his body to the left to avoid it and then kicks Bell's belly. Bellamy falls to the ground, still holding Crimson's shirt tightly in his paw. Crimson pants, staring down at him as he struggles to get up.

Bell manages to stand for a second before his legs give out on him, and he falls to the ground once more. He then looks at the shirtless fox towering over him, and his nose twitches.

My heart skips a beat as Crimson snarls, but he doesn't pounce on Bell. He turns to Red, instead.

"Yip?!" Red's eyes widen in surprise as Crimson grabs her shoulders and presses his lips against hers.


Red frantically tries to push him away, but he throws her to the ground, pulling his pants down immediately after.

"Stop!" Bell stutters, trying in vain to stand up.

I look from him to them, feeling my brain melt as I try to process everything.

Crimson growls and lies on top of Red, naked in fur.


She yips and whines terrified but he violently bites her neck and pins her down, shoving her muzzle in the grass beneath them.

It can't be...

He starts viciously tearing her nightgown off, not caring as she thrashes wildly under him, trying to free herself.


Tears prickle my eyes and I jump in their direction, "GET OFF HER YOU MONSTER!" My body feels as if it belonged to someone else. My muscles are sore and heavy making each step take me an ungodly effort, "LET HER GO!" I raise my leg and my foot aims for… the monster's head. The sister rapist! But then…

"Oof!" I spit, out of breath, and something hard hits my belly, making me take several steps back.

I watch, not believing my eyes, as Red glares furiously at me. Her fist is still raised in the air from when she punched me. Her stare lasts only for a moment though, and then she ignores me and rests her paw on the ground, her bushy tail coils around his torso and she eagerly grinds her rear against Crimson's…


I close my mouth shut, not caring about the bile burning my throat and turn away, running as fast as I can. Bell and Sasha stay quiet as I grab their paws in a hurry and force them to follow me.

They do not fight back against me as I pull them away.

They want to leave this place just as much as I do.

They want it…

Red wanted it.

And with that thought, I throw up, still running bathed in the light of the sunset.



Several members of my family run, together with foxes, all laughing and raising beer mugs high in the air. I sigh and glance at Bell. My ears may be droopy, but I look absolutely delighted compared to him. His gaze is locked onto the ground, his arms and ears are hanging low. His nose doesn't even twitch. He looks like a dead mammal.

I sigh and avert my gaze from him, "Bell, I know things didn't turn out the way you expected they would..." No one would expect that… that monstrosity to happen. Oh carrots, Pigma wasn't mad when he jumped off that bridge. He was the sanest of us all. "… but you can't stay down just because of this setback. I mean, it's not as if Red was a good female for you anyway. She's crazy." He didn't get this sad when I turned him down in high school.

Bell remains silent and my nose twitches, "C'mon Bell, say something. Please..." I look at him and…

"Bell?!" Where is he? "Sasha did you see where Bell… ah damn it!" Sasha is gone too.

I look around, searching for a white furred giant bun, but find nothing. Sigh. "Bell!" I call as I walk around, dodging the partying mammals, "Bell!" I hope he doesn't do anything stupid. A male with a broken heart and copious amounts of alcohol can't be a nice combination. "Be-JIMMY!"

Jimmy, my fourteen years old brother is making out with a doe way older than him. My jaw drops and I run in his direction.

"Jimmy! What do you think you're doing?!" I say as I grab his arm and pull him away from the embrace of the older doe.

"Ju-Judy!" His nose twitches in shock, "I… I was just..."

The light brown furred doe just giggles and scratches him under his chin, "We were just getting to know each other."

"Getting to… he's fourteen!" I huff and scowl.

"I'm going to be fifteen next week." He says meekly.

"It doesn't matter!" I glare at the doe and tap my foot on the ground angrily, "Get out of here you pervert."

She raises an eyebrow questioningly and then shrugs, "No need to get mad." She giggles and slowly walks away, "Bye Jimmy, see you around."

I watch as the seductress walks away and then turn to my brother.

"What were you thinking?! She's twenty years old!" She's way too old for him.

"Judy! Leave me alone!" He says annoyed, trying to wrestle his paw out of my grip, "I was going to score with her."


I narrow my eyebrows. "Now listen here. You're too young to..."

"No! The Uncles said if I did everything right I would get to play Doctor with her, but now she's never going to want to see me again." He frees his paw from me and jumps away, "I hate you." He says with teary eyes and runs away.

"Oh..." My ears drop and my nose twitches. I'm not going to be his favorite sister anytime soon.

Wait a minute. Uncles?!

I look back and then gasp. Finnick is having a good time with the other foxes, drinking and laughing. They are staring at one of my brothers as he hits on a doe. From time to time my brother glances at them and they give him the thumbs up.

I march to up to them and ask furiously, "What do you think you're doing telling my little brothers to play Doctor with older females?"

"We are helping them." One of the foxes looks confused at me, "At their age I had already..."

"I don't want to know!" Perverts! "Just stop corrupting my siblings!"

"Alright." They shrug.

"Hey, Toots! Where's mah girl?" Finnick asks with a grin.

"How should I know? I haven't even found Nick..." Where's that fox? "Do you know where he is?"

"No..." Finnick averts his eyes and takes a sip of his cup, "Say, is that crazy still after Nick?"

I shudder and shake my head, "I think Crimson will be occupied for awhile." Who knew I would actually need to accept the free therapy sessions they offer to officers?

"Right." Finnick jumps from top of the beer keg so that he is now standing on the ground, "I'll be right back."

I open my mouth and then remember that another of my young brothers is about to commit a horrible mistake.



"I hate you!" Sonny sniffs and hops away.

Sigh, I'm going to be surprised if every last one of my little brothers starts hating me from now on.

"Judy!" Sarah calls me, "Can you help me explain to your mother that no one is barbecuing bunnies here?"

Mom's nose twitches and she asks nervously, "Then why has my Stu disappeared?"

"He's probably enjoying a cold drink somewhere away from you." Sarah mutters softly.

I roll my eyes and give Mom a soothing look, "They are not eating mammal meat Mom."

"But..." Mom starts and sighs, "I'll keep looking for him then."

As she trails away, Sarah comes closer to me and smiles, "Thank you." She eyes me curiously and asks, "Did you manage to find Red or Nick?"

My nose twitches, "Yes, last I saw Red, she and Crimson were mating." I get goosebumps just remembering it.

"Ah… ahahahahaha..." Sarah shakes her head softly, "That was a good one, hahaha… haha… ha..." She stops laughing and stares at me. She licks her dry lips and giggles nervously, "A good one."

I don't laugh, instead, I just silently stare at her.

"Oh God." She mutters and grasps her ears, "Oh God!" She gulps dryly and then grabs a mug off from a nearby fox paws and chugs it all down in one go.

Yeah… I know how you feel.

I turn my back to her and walk away, dragging my feet behind me. I should have stayed in Zootopia. We would have never gotten into this mess. Nick would still be with me. Nick… I hope he's all ri ...

"JUDY!" Oh please no.

I turn, already scowling, and cross my arms, "What is it, Lucy?"

My sister stops in front of me and huffs, "I heard Bell got dumped by that filthy vixen. Where is he?"

"Oh, and why should I tell you where he is?" Not that I know anyway.

"He only ever went after failures like that vixen or..." Lucy stays silent but smiles and gives me a mocking stare, "Bell needs a real female right now."

FAILURE! "I agree. That's why I'm going to keep him away from you."

She gasps and her nose twitches offended, "Why are you being so stubborn? You want that mangy fox, don't you? Then go for him! Mom and Dad already said they would give you two their blessing if that's what you want, but leave the good respectable buns to us." Her lips then curl up viciously and she needles, "Unless you don't need him anymore now that you have other disgusting preds here to chose from."

"Go plow carrots, Lucy!" I say enraged and then gasp. Oh my God! I didn't mean to!

Lucy gasps and scowls at me, "You perverted fox bitch! When is he going to put a flea collar on you?"

THIS LITTLE…! "Leave me alone! I'm sick and tired of you!" My foot stomps the floor and I hold back my urge to punch her, "Stop bothering me, Lucy. What I do with my life is none of your busi-EEEEEP!"

Suddenly, strong male paws grab me and my body jerks to the side. My eyes widen and then I see him.


My lips quiver and I glare at him. Where was he this whole ti...

He kisses me. His lips touch mine and my eyes close. It feels as if my brain turns off. In the back of my mind I can feel it all, his musky scent, how soft his fur is, the soft growling in his throat.

Then, as if an eternity had passed in a single moment, Nick breaks the kiss and softly caresses my cheek.

He… he can't do this! He can't use another girl to make me jealous, run away and then come back wanting everything to be fine and dandy. I'm going to put him down a notch and make him whine for everything he did, or my name isn't Judith Laverne Ho...

"I love you." His says and his smile grows. Deep emerald green eyes stare at me and he says again, "I love you."

I… I...

"This… isn't fair." My heart throbs and I sniff, "You can't just appear here and… that's not fair." I'm mad at him. I am.

"Life isn't fair, Carrots." He chuckles and kisses me again. This time, his tongue pries my mouth open and I feel my body going numb. Suddenly he lifts me up in a lover's embrace.

To fluff with it!

I wrap my legs around his torso and grab the fur on his neck, kissing him back furiously. My heart beats faster and I feel my body burning as if it is on fire as we press our bodies together. Part of me can't tell where Nick ends and I start.

Nick stumbles and I can hear Lucy's enraged complaints as we move away from her, ignoring her presence like a mosquito in a hot summer night.

The world seems to spin around us and suddenly we fall. We break the kiss, gasping for air. Nick lies on a pile of hay in one of our barns, and I lie on top of him. I then notice my paws caressing the creamy fur on his chest and my nose twitches in shock. At some point I unbuttoned his shirt and didn't even notice it.

"I love you. Damn, it feels good to finally say it." He grins and runs his thumb on my lips before caressing my cheek.

Nick gazes lovingly at me and my cheeks nearly split as I smile dumbly, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Out the side window the full moon is clearly visible. His happy face becomes even more dashing, bathed by the silver moonlight.

"The Interspecies Dating guide states that when courting a bunny doe the male has to chase her and then beat her in a boxing match for her heart, but I don't think I could ever hit you." Nick says softly, gently brushing the fur of my cheek, "But I always feared you would kick my tail without listening to me if I tried to do it.."

"You bet I would." I giggle and then my ears drop a little, "You shouldn't have taken so long..."

Nick silences me gently pressing a finger against my lips. My heart beats like a drum and he says sounding amused, "I know. I was a dumb fox for waiting… but it would be even dumber of me to lose our time together talking about 'ifs' instead of enjoying the 'now'." He then kisses my lips and gives me a devious grin, "If you keep making that cute face then it's going to be hard to control myself Carrots."

Awww! This… this sly fox! I lean forward and kiss him, wrapping my arms around his furry neck with all of my strength. Nick yips surprised, his eyes widening for a moment, but then he holds my back, kissing me passionately.

"Don't… don't call me cute!" I say out of breath, gasping for air.

"So I can call you a dumb bunny then?" He chuckles.

I giggle, feeling happier than ever, "Just this time."

He grins widely and kisses me again, "Dumb bunny!"

"Don't push it!" I mutter, "Sly fox." I look at his deep emerald green eyes and ask, "Since… since when did you..."

"Love you?" He asks.

I nod.

Nick sighs and gazes lovingly at me. "I didn't think much of you when we first met. You were just a small cute bunny… but then you threw my whole world upside down." He chuckles and then strokes my ears, "Ever since that point, I could never get you out of my mind." He bumps his cold foxy nose against mine, "I love you."

Awwww! I feel my heart skipping several beats and my eyes water up, "I love you too, Ni...!"

Nick kisses me. He kisses me passionately, savagely. "HAHAHAHA!" He happily laughs aloud and then then rolls on the hay, so he's now on top of me.

"You don't know how long I've waited to hear these words." He gazes lovingly at me and yips aloud, "I love you!"

Nick kisses me again, making my heart fluster. I love him! I take off my shirt and Nick unbuttons what is left of his shirt. I rub our bodies together, feeling his fur brush against my chest. My shorts fly away and soon Nick's pants joins them on the ground.

I pull the fur on his back as he kinkily kisses my neck. His paws fondle my rear, playing with my fluffy tail for a moment and I slap him.

"OhmyGod! I'm so sorry! I did it without thinking. I..."

He kisses me to shut me up and says playfully, "Careful with that, Fluff. I might start to like it!"

I giggle and playfully bat his shoulder. Pervert!

He chuckles and nuzzles me, before gently slipping my panties down my legs.

"Well, well, well… what do we have here?" He grins, holding my extremely wet panties in front of his muzzle, "Is this how a proper lady's panties should be?"

I roll my eyes and tease back, "Don't try to act funny when you're drooling like that!"

He licks his muzzle clean and lets my panties fall over his shirt, "Don't blame this fox for being overexcited when such a delicious bunny is in front of him." He takes his pants off, letting a strong and potent musky fox smell escape and...

"OH MY GOODNESS!" I cover my mouth in shock. His little Nick is so… RED and BIG. It's not little at all. Gulp.

"I appreciate the ego boost you're giving me right now, but you don't need to stare at my foxhood as if I am going to poke your eye out with it." Nick chuckles, "We're not going to do what you're thinking right now, you lewd bunny!"

"I… I know!" I avert my eyes and cross my arms. So big … and RED!

He smiles and caresses my cheek, "This is our first time… I want you to enjoy the moment." He fondles my belly, brushing my fur as his paw travels down to my nether regions, "Cause I know I'm going to enjoy eating a bunny." He takes his paw to his muzzle and licks his moist fingers.

I look confused at him as he leans down to my doe parts and gently spreads my legs apart. Eat a bunny? What in the world is he talking about?

OHMYGOD! "Aww!" I cover my mouth and my eyes widen.

Nick chuckles and then huffs and puffs again. His warm breath reaches my nether regions and my whole body tingles.

"JUDY!" Lucy shouts, banging on the barn's door.

GOD DAMN IT! Nick stops and raises his head, looking back over his shoulder, "What..." I wrap my legs around his head and glare at him.

"Ignore her." I cry with a weak voice and then gulp, saying in a demanding tone, "Get to it already!"

"No!" He takes a deep breath and puffs again, "I won't do anything until you beg and ask nicely." He chuckles and grins deviously.

This cursed fox! I bite my lip and my heart nearly explodes inside my chest. If he thinks I'll beg, then he is in for a surpri...

"JUDY!" Lucy's paw bangs on the wooden door and she shouts, "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE! COME OUT! NOW!"

"AAAARGH! I'll be right back!"

Nick whines as I push him away from me and grab his shirt. GOD FLUFFING DAMN IT!

I put his shirt on as if it was a dress and stomp the ground in fury, "WHAT?" I ask as calmly as possible, nearly breaking the door as I open it.

Lucy's ears perk up in surprise and her nose twitches as she looks at me and then at Nick inside the barn.

Suddenly, the look on her face turns from surprise to pure concern. She grabs my paws and pulls me away from the barn.

Before she can take me too far I free my paws from her grasp and ask annoyed, "What do you want now, Lucy?" My nose twitches in shame as I look at all the foxes, does and my siblings walking around us, but for better or for worse, they are all too drunk to notice how scantily clad I am.

Lucy just stares at me and I huff, crossing my arms.

"I can't let you destroy your life like this." She sighs, "I know we don't always see eye to eye on things, but you're still my sister and I refuse to stand down and watch you walk down the path to ruin. If insults didn't work then maybe shock therapy will."

"What?!" She's mumbling nonsense.

"I found a buck that wants you." She states, "He's not a 10 like Bell, but since cute males aren't your type, then maybe a rougher one will be able to take your mind off that filthy fox."

My eyes widen and I feel rage burning inside me, "Don't talk about Nick like that."

She rolls her eyes and smiles patiently, "Judy, after you get past this phase you will thank me for..."

"SHUT UP! I'm sick and tired of you!" My foot stomps the floor and I hold back my urge to punch her, "Stop bothering me, Lucy. What I do with my life is none of your busi-EEEEEP!"

Suddenly, strong male paws grab me and my body jerks to the side. My eyes widen and then I see him.


I stare at him and smile. This insatiable fox couldn't wait for a few minutes. I'll have to…

Our lips touch and it's as if a spark ignites. Once our lips part, my body feels hotter than iron out of a blacksmith's forge.

He gazes lovingly at me and whispers, "I love you."

Awww! I love you too my dumb fo…

"YOU BASTARD!" Rick growls furiously as he pounces on Nick, throwing him to the ground.

I gasp and both of of them roll on the dirt, snarling enraged as they claw, bite, kick and punch at each other like savages.

Then, Rick manages to get on top of Nick. With one paw he grabs the collar of Nick's shirt while he punches Nick with the other.

"STOP!" I scream in despair and…

Shirt? But I'm wearing Nick's shirt. I look down at the piece of green clothing I'm wearing and frown.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" The onlookers chant and form a circle around Nick and Rick.

Nick manages to get away from Rick long enough to compose himself and then enters a boxing stance, glaring at the other tod. My nose twitches and my heart aches as see the blood stains on his green shirt.

His shirt. That…

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

The chanting of the crowd breaks my line of thinking. I then look to the side and gulp.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" A half naked Nick shouts excitedly, as a fully clothed Nick faces Rick.