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Rosalie despised school. Specifically high school and she despised small town high schools even more.

It wasn't the institute itself of the physical place but high school housed her least favorite phase of a human's life, adolescents. It was when humans were their most hormonal, typically most shallow, and said the dumbest things ever. Small towns only added to the annoying behavior because nothing happened in small dreary towns named after utensils, therefore when something did happen it made everyone excited and therefore increased their annoying behavior. In this instance the big thing was the pending arrival of the Chief of Police's one and only daughter 2 months into the school year.

She almost felt bad for the girl as everyone gossiped about her, what she would be like, what she would look like, who would do her first, the list went on and on but she didn't feel bad because this time around Alice was excited and the conversation of the Swan girl did not end when she left the high school. It wasn't the girl's fault that Alice was intrigued by the girl and it wasn't her fault she'd somehow roped her other siblings into getting into it too, but that didn't change the fact that she already disliked the girl because of it.

"Aww she's going to be late" Alice pouted as she eyed the entrance of the parking lot forlornly

"I thought you couldn't see her" Anna noted as she glanced up from her and Edward's entwined hands

"I can't, I can just feel it" Alice huffed with another pout

"Just like how you can feel you're going to be best friends?" Emmett smirked

"Yes" Alice snapped

"I challenge that" Victoria smirked as she traced her fingers against Emmett's bulging bicep

"I already called dibs" Alice whined as she stomped her foot in protest

"Perhaps you shouldn't call dibs on the human and let her be" Edward offered

"No one asked you anything" Alice snapped before she buried her face into Jasper's chest who only smiled down at his adorable mate and held her close

Sometimes being the only unmated vampire in the family annoyed the everloving shit out of her, this being one of those times. Edward gave her a sad look, they'd been the unmated two in the family until he had found Anna 20 years ago, they weren't close and more often than not they did not get along, but they had held an understanding for one another being the only two single ones in a coven of mated vampires, but now she was on her own. She scoffed at the sad look he gave her, she found it annoying, she did not want nor need his pity or a mate for that matter...they touched far too much for her liking.

The bell rang signalling the start of the school day and they removed themselves from the parking lot, following the throng of students into the building to start another mundane day of classes and mindless chatter.

She grunted as she landed on the floor with a soft thud. She glared at the particular reason for her falling out of bed this morning, her sheets were one once again tangled around her legs,

"Of course" she huffed, lazily freeing herself before rising to her feet, glancing to her right to check the clock she cursed realizing she'd out slept her alarm or more than likely hadn't even set it to begin with last night.

She stumbled her way to the bathroom only tripping twice on her way across the hall, underwear and socks in hand. Her shower was quick and cold but did the job of fully waking her as she quickly pulled on her underwear and socks and skidded across the hall and back into her room to get dressed. She got dressed, grabbing a matching hat on the way out her room, bookbag slung over her shoulder. Of course her good fortune quickly came to an end as she missed the steps and tumbled, executing a perfect tuck and roll to her feet with all the grace of a world class ballerina. Years of being deathly uncoordinated had taught her how to recover quickly, efficiently, and mostly gracefully from her falls, trips and spills with little to no damage to her person.

Scrambling out the house, because really she should've left the house like ten minutes ago, she shut the door and locked up before jumping into her car and driving off.

Forks wasn't too small of a town where it had one main road that cut straight through the town but that didn't make finding the high school difficult, because whoever had decided to design the roads of Forks was nice enough to think geometrically and therefore there were no awkward turns or secret corners.

Bella pulled into the emptying parking lot of Forks High and parked, she took a moment to breathe and gear herself up to speak with people for the day. She dragged her clammy hands against her jean clad thighs and licked her lips, a habit she'd picked up over the years, adjusted her hat on her head and climbed out her car.

She walked into her first class 20 minutes late and caught everyone's attention, she fought the urge to turn around and go hang herself in the nearest tree and decided instead to approach the teacher who looked like his tie was forcing him to imitate Mr. Mackey. She ignored the gaping as she quickly took her seat in the back, it was Physics and thankfully something she'd already been doing in Phoenix so she was not loss as the class continued on until the bell rang,

"I expect you to be on time to my class from now on Ms. Swan" Mr. Granger noted sharply as he signed her slip signalling she had in fact made it to his class

"Yes sir" she nodded, she didn't tell him that her enjoyment of being asleep would probably end up making her late at least a few more times before the semester was out, he probably wouldn't take it well and she wasn't that oblivious when it came to human interaction.

Her morning went by relatively quickly except for the need for every teacher to have her introduce herself to the class, she told them the most basic things needed and then found the open seat. Thankfully always in the back as to limit the blatant staring coming her way.

By lunchtime, despite her best efforts a group of kids had already attached themselves to her, although she supposed she should be grateful that she didn't have to go through the embarrassing act of roaming around a packed lunchroom trying to figure out seating arrangements.

The first person she met was a guy named Eric Yorkie, short, of clear asian descent, with a bit of an acne problem and the bright idea of making her the school's front page news. Thankfully she was able to talk him out of that bright idea, she did not want any attention and front page news, even if for a high school paper, was the very opposite of no attention.

He then introduced her to a one Mike Newton, he was baby faced, blue eyed, with gelled hair and clearly would be a problem. He reminded her of a puppy dog with his eager attitude which was fine but unless she was reading the signs wrong, which she just fucking might be, he was trying to flirt with her and that was not good.

Shortly after that revelation she met Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory and instantly hated them both. Well, no, she hated Lauren, she was a bitter bitch who clearly didn't like sharing the limelight, limelight Bella wanted no fucking part of anyway. Jessica she kind of disliked the girl was genuine, for sure, sweet and stuff, but she talked a mile a minute and never stopped. Not to mention all of her questions were far too personal and clearly designed so she'd have stuff to add to the school's grapevine.

Angela Webber was the last person she met of the group of friends before lunch, she liked the girl as she was quiet and soft spoken but genuine. She introduced herself and then didn't proceed to bombard Bella with words as if the introduction was enough to fabricate years of friendship that did not exist.

Bella reluctantly followed behind Jessica who was yammering on as they headed for the cafeteria, she was hungry as hell having skipped breakfast for obvious reasons.

Said appetite quick dissolved into nothing at the sight of the food before her, she dare not put it on her tray should it choose to revolt and attack the school for eating it's brethren because that was not food. She skipped the salad with lettuce that looked chewy and grabbed an apple, cookie and bottle of water before following the others to the table. She sat next to Angela and was introduced to two other people, Tyler and Ben. The latter of which had a clear crush on Angela...unless she was reading that wrong again, because she sucked at the people thing and reading them.

She happily faded into the background as the group of friends chatted about, she didn't even fucking know, she just wanted to go home and raid the fridge for food and then possibly a nap, although she probably should workout somewhere in there. She grunted, Charlie had workout equipment from a time when he cared about not having a beer belly but now some of the stuff looked to be rusted to the floor and walls.

She was brought out of her musings by the silence that fell over the once boisterous lunch room, looking up expecting to see Jesus or some other miracle worker Bella was confused. There was no Jesus, just a mob of insanely attractive teenagers, she really didn't get why all the talking stopped as everyone followed them with their eyes as they moved towards the lunch lines, clearly planning to collect the questionable thing this school tried to pass off as food, the fools

"Are they famous or something?" Bella questioned as she glanced at Angela

"In Forks, they might as well be" Angela shrugged or course that was all Jessica needed to hear to start in on the gossip as the cafeteria picked back up in their noise level

"Those are the illustrious Cullens, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's adopted kids, they moved here last year from Alaska. The shortest one with the short black hair is Alice Cullen" Jessica explained and while she didn't want to play into Jessica's clear addiction to gossiping she needed to sate her own curiosity so she looked and quickly singled out the one named Alice, she was a beautiful pixie little thing, more than likely just over 5 feet, crazily pale but so were her other siblings, she danced everywhere gracefully and clearly energetic but charmingly so

"She's nice enough a bit weird if you ask me and spaces out sometimes" she frowned, she didn't like the way Jessica talked about the girl, the girl was clearly just misunderstood, she would know since she's the fucking weird one

"The tall blonde she's holding hands with, that looks really stiff and in pain is Jasper Hale" she spotted the owner of the hand Alice held, somewhere around 6'3'' he didn't look so much in pain as he did like he was trying to contain himself and not be overwhelmed by something...what that something was, she had no idea but it really wasn't any of her business.

"The giant guy, with all the muscles and the dimples is Emmett McCarthy. He's nice enough" she easily spotted the guy he was just a tad taller than Jasper, probably 6'4'' with the build of a linebacker which in itself would've been intimidating if it were not for the giant dimpled smile on his face and the childish glint in his eyes,

"The girl with the crazy red hair is Victoria Manner, she's creepy but she doesn't talk very much to anyone outside of her family" Jessica added, the redhead who looked about 5'8'' did look wild and there was something crazily feline about her gait, but she looked just as playful as Emmett and Alice did...just in her own special way

"The brunette girl is Emmett's little sister, Anna McCarthy, she's nice but a little stand offish, acts like she's too good for anyone" Jessica added, something told Bella the girl who was just a bit taller than Alice at probably about 5'4'', had shot down Jessica's attempts at friendship multiple times, the girl was just as beautiful and just as pale as her other siblings

"The guy with the crazy bronze hair is Alice's brother, Edward Cullen, no one is good enough for him to talk to" he was holding Anna's hand, the shortest of his brothers but not by much probably 6'1'' or so he was also the lankiest of all his brothers, she also expected by Jessica's tone she'd already tried and been shot down in that front as well, the guy looked a bit on the snobbish side but she tried her best not to judge maybe there was a reason he was rocking the disapproving eyes and permascowl

"And the blonde girl is Jasper's twin sister Rosalie Hale, the biggest bitch to have ever existed in ever" Bella knew the girl was talking but she hadn't heard anything past the blonde goddesses name, she was about 5'8'' and while her figure was indeed very bombshell-esque, all womanly curves and such, it was her face that captured Bella. Framed by silky looking golden locks her face looked to have been sculpted by god himself, she'd never seen a sneer so beautiful or the snobbish up turn of a nose look so enchanting, the girls glare could clearly reduce a man to tears but Bella kind of felt honored to have them looking her way. She did her best to hide the smile as the blonde goddess glared harder, it was so beautiful, her golden eyes piercing and fiery.

"Don't waste your time, they're all together. Like Alice is dating Jasper, Victoria and Emmett are together, and so are Edward and Anna. Rosalie is the only single one, clearly the only normal one there" Jessica added, she ignored them as they delved into a debate about whether or not it was incest or not, she really didn't care Rosalie was single and that's all that mattered.

"Hey maybe you're finally losing your touch Rosie" Emmett guffawed, because Rosalie was clearly trying to burn the Swan girl with her eyes but the message was clearly not being portrayed by the looks of the awestruck girl.

Rosalie growled and leveled a glare that had his laughter dying away and his balls shriveling back up into his gut,

"Nevermind" he grunted looking anywhere but at his angry best friend, one of these days he'd learn to keep his mouth shut

"No you won't" Edward smirked as he glanced at his brother

"Shut up" Emmett grunted

Alice eyed the girl who she'd been excited about, she was gorgeous far better looking than any human she'd ever come across, and right on par with a vampire. She had a kind of universal face that could attract both males and females, whether they swung that way or not, in droves, framed by long rich mahogany brown hair tucked under a hat. Her face had sharp features but there was a roundness to it that promised dimples, and pouty cupid bow lips. There was a light near nonexistent dusting of freckles over her nose that made her equal parts adorable and drop dead gorgeous. Her eyes which were framed by long and bountiful eyelashes, without an ounce of mascara, were a piercing and exotic silver their almond shape gave her eyes a distinctly mischievous and feline look.

The bell rung and the girl's friends alerted her to such a fact, she didn't expect the girl to be so tall. Easily 6 feet as she rose from her seat, with an athletic build with the perfect amount of curves,

"Well at least she's a hot amazon" Emmett grinned only for the smile to immediately die on his lips as Rosalie shot him another withering look

"He's right Alice, I'm ignoring your dibs from earlier" Victoria declared

"What? No!" Alice hissed, Bella would be her best friend, she could feel it and her feelings were just as accurate when her visions came short.