It was nearly midnight, the fifth day of the week, and Inuyasha was walking out of the dark alleyway into the dimly lit streets. He sniffed the air, in search of the closest house that was either cooking, or had not long ago done so. He had no money, nor a place to stay, but usually the kind- hearted people of Tokyo helped him with that. His father had long ago died, and his mother shortly behind him. All that was left of his family were him and his half-brohter, who didn't quite get along well enough to travel together, so they parted ways.

He placed his hand on the door knob, sniffing the air once more. Smoke, along with the scent of life-new life, meaning, they had a babe, no older than three months. They had to be cooking. He quickly knocked, but there was no answer, so he showed himself in. "Hello?" he called out, but there was no reply. He looked around for any sign of life, but downstairs, there was none. So then he slowly walked up the stairs, and each step he took, he noticed it was getting warmer by the moment. "Hello?" he called once more, this time he heard the baby crying. He fallowed the noise and entered the room where it lay in its cradle.

Inuyasha smiled, as did the child who gurgled, grasping it's toes, rocking back and forth. Inuyasha carefully stuck in it's semi-sharp clawed finger, feeling of the baby's skin beneath it. It was soft to the touch, and very warm. Inuyasha was distracted when the scent of smoke grew stronger. He pulled his attention away from the child, and ran over to the door. "I've got to make sure it's parents are okay." he thought, "They definately wouldn't be cooking up stairs."

He touched the door knob, and it burnt him, but he managed to open it anyways. The hallway was filled with smoke, along with the scent of death. The babe's parents were already dead. He quickly ran back over to the child, who was now crying, louder than before. Inuyasha winced, looking into the cradle, and his ears twitched, making the baby giggle and reach out for his ears. "Come on," he said, tucking it in his haori and supporting it with one arm as he used the other to try to open the window, but it was no use. He had to come back the way he had came.

He quickly ran down the fire-filled hallway, racing the smoke and the fire as it began to engulf the house. The baby once again began to cry, and both of them began to cough, but they made it outside just in time, for the moment they stepped outside, Inuyasha was thrown to the road by an outraging flame that engulfed the house. The babe's cry was now almost unbearable for such sensitive ears. "Shh...." he said, trying to quiet the child, "Everything is going to be alright, I promise." He quickly dashed into the alley, back the way he had came, and away from the heat of the fire, away from the black smoke, and the babe's deceased parents.


He ran until he was out of breath, which was atleast several miles. He was young and full of energy, which is what drove him so far. He then carefully lifted the bundled up child out of his haori, holding it close to him to keep it warm. it was not asleep, rather, it was smiling, smiling up at him. He couldn't help but to return the gesture. "It's kawaii." he said, but it began to cry. "But not when it does that!"

He sniffed the air, and smelt that the baby was hungery, then he felt his own stomach rumble. "I guess we could both use some chow." he said, sniffing the air once more, and following the enticing scent of a rack of freshly baked bread at a baker's shop. The shop wasn't open, but since it was around three am now, the baker had to start his work for the day, for he had many things to do.

Inuyasha knocked on the window once he arrived at the shop, nearly scaring the baker out of his wits, but once he realized it was a hanyou boy, he quicly reached the door. "Hai, boy, what do you want this time of the morning?" he asked coldly, He noticed Inuyasha, and the babe he held in his arms.

"Sir, may I work for you, in exchange for some bread, and milk for this child? It's parents were killed in a fire, and mine have long been gone." Inuyasha stated, knowing what the baker was to ask next.

"Come on in, lad." he said, opening the door wide to let Inuyasha in. "How old are you?" he asked, walking behind the counter, getting back to his work.

"I am seven, almost eight." he stated, still holding the baby.

The baker rubbed his chin with his hand, as though it would help him think. "How strong are you?"

"Since I am a hanyou, I am quite strong." he said, rolling his eyes. Every shop he went to, same questions over and over. By this time, he had learned what to say, and what not to say. If he said the wrong thing, he would not get what he needed, and have the door slammed in his face.

"Fine, fine. You can help me move the bags of flower from storage to the back room." said the baker, who's face retreated to a cabinet below the counter.

Moments later, the baker came up, holding a small icing bag he used for cake decorating, and unscrewing the bottle-like cap, he filled it with fresh milk, and and handed it to Inuyasha. "Feed that to the child," he said, and then reached into the warmed display case to pull out two loaves of bread, and some honey for Inuyasha, who gratefully accepted.

Inuyasha quickly ate one loaf, but asked to save the other, which the baker agreed to. "Now, you must start work." the baker said, "I need five ten pound bags of flower, there in the storage. Move them back here." he said, pointing to a spot. Inuyasha nodded. "I will watch the child.

He placed the baby in one of the boxes that had been used for the many dozens of eggs. He figured that would be a good enough play pin for her.

Inuyasha worked hard, doing whatever the baker had asked, even willing to do more.


By noon time that day, Inuyasha had done more than the work to cover the milk for the child and the bread and honey for himself, so the baker descided to put together a bag of bread, honey, and milk for them both, to last a while. "My boy," the baker began, "You have done more than enough. Here is a little something to show my gratitude." he said, handing Inuyasha a tightly-knotted draw-string back, which, by it's weight, Inuyasha could tell it was filled with breads and milk.

"Thank you sir." he said politely. 'Well, that was worth it.'

"If yo need more, I will help you however I may." he said, waving by to the hanyou and the babe he held close to him so tightly.

'I feel they will be fine, and well looked after, if the gods see it fit.' the man thought, watching Inuyasha try to make the babe stop from playing with his furry ear or hair.

Author's Note: Well, what did you think? It's a new idea, and it's going to be made into little episodes like this, but there's going to be no gaps. Promise. Please let me know. And Kagome is in this story, you should know her when you read it. ^-^ More clues in the next chapter.