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Chapter 1 - Freedom Cry

"Naruto. You stand here accused of being responsible for the lost of Uchiha heir, interference with a mission above your rank, and endangerment to you fellow shinobi. How do you plea?" A blonde man asked to a younger version of himself in a room filled with adults.

The boy only glared at the man. He was bound and was being accused of crimes that were bogus. He look in the eye's of half the people in the room and he knew that he could say nothing to save himself. In their eyes, they were very happy to see him being punish and most likely set something up against him.

"There is no point, you already made your decision. This is only a formality." Naruto stated as he began to recount his life.


Sasuke Uchiha has been offered training by the leaf's rogue ninja, Orochimaru of the Sannin. Sasuke's desire for power to kill his brother that slain the entire Uchiha clan under the guise to test his power. However, it was unknown to the public, but known to a few that the Uchiha clan was planning a coup d'etat after the injustice they were faced with. 13 years ago, the Nine Tails fox was release by a rogue Uchiha and sent it to attack the Hidden Leaf Village. The Nine Tails fox was resealed into the children of the current Hokage, Minato Namikaze. However, the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi did the sealing, so his successor could live to raise his children and protect the village. The elderly man sealed the yang half of the chakra into the redhead daughter with whiskers, Mito. The yin half was sealed back into the previous Jinchuuriki, Kushina Namikaze, to save her life after the extraction. Finally the soul, the soul that controls the chakra, was sealed into a young blond baby with whiskers, Naruto.

Naruto never considered himself part of the Namikaze or Uzumaki family. As he grew up, he was force to face the wrath of the Leaf Village by himself. Due to the belief of the village is more important than the children, Naruto rarely receive any attention from his parents. All of their attention was solely on Mito because she was the Jinchuuriki of the Nine Tails, so she would one day defend the village from all the treats in the world. Naruto's existence wasn't acknowledge by anyone in his family. He grew up alone and in pain. The only friends that he made were the Uchiha clan and the Ichiraku family.

Like Naruto, the Uchiha Clan was viewed in a bad light due to the secret information of a rogue Uchiha was responsible for the Nine Tails' attack. Fugaku, the head of the clan, understood his treatment and treated him better than his family and the village. Fugaku's own family became the family that Naruto never had, except Sasuke. Sasuke believed that Naruto was replacing him, so they never liked each other. After Itachi was ordered to kill the clan, Naruto was devastated and became more isolated. He would never acknowledge anyone in the village, besides the kind father/daughter duo that own a ramen stand. Naruto began to develop the mindset that Minato would never approve. The mindset of where your own needs are far more valuable than the village's needs. He stayed quiet and never rose up to be suspicious. He wanted to be away from the place that would constript six year olds into a horrible way of life. A life that he was conscripted into.

During the days in the academy, Naruto did everything to be seen average, so his parents won't bother him, as they only ever cared about Mito. Those days, Mito would try to get close to her estranged twin brother, but she was the daughter of the Hokage and the Hero of Konoha for being the jinchuriki of the fox's chakra, where Naruto would be damned by the people for holding the soul of the fox. He would sneak off avoiding all contact with almost everyone his age or anyone else. He even stopped coming to the Namikaze compound and lived somewhere else, not that his parents notice, even with Mito bringing it up. Naruto even went as far as to only put 'Naruto' on his shinobi register card after graduation. No Namikaze or Uzumaki. During his short career as a Leaf's ninja, he brought freedom and hope to The Land of Wave, saved another Jinchuuriki, saved the Land of Snow, or Land of Springs now, and became a hero to the Village Hidden in the Waterfall. The only problem was that his team, Sasuke Uchiha, Mito Namikaze, and sensei Kakashi was part of the mission. Kakashi heavily supported Mito at any moment. He falsified his reports and gave Mito and Sasuke the credit. Then again, Naruto only fought seriously when his team was out of sight. Kakashi believed that Mito and Sasuke did it due to them having any training compared to Naruto, the boy that he didn't acknowledge as any form of contribution to the mission, any mission.

Then came the Nadeshiko incident. An all female shinobi village came to the leaf in order to fulfill the promise that Jiraiya made in the past. Sadly, Mito was the only student of Jiraiya, so there couldn't make an alliance. Jiraiya and Minato curse this because the Nadeshiko Village was a powerful village, even if it is small village. The idea of Naruto being used never came to mind. Naruto never had any real friends besides people using him to get close to Mito. He rarely depends on his 'comrades'. He will come up with plans that fits his needs. This problem was brought up by Kakashi in a team meeting. He suggest working together, but only trains Mito and Sasuke. He tells Naruto to do chakra control exercise. Naruto did them all and created a few himself. This only enlarge the rift with him and the Leaf, seeing as they refuse to help him become stronger, he would need to find another source.

During the chunin exam, where all 5 great village participated in, Naruto was acknowledge as an orphan by the foreigners. It didn't bother him, but when he defeated Neji and Mito in his match, it brought questions to the other kage. They notice the whiskers, blue eyes, and blond hair that is shared with Mito and Minato. Minato said he was his son. That was it, he couldn't think of saying anything else because this was the first moment in his life that he thought about Naruto. All the kages saw the look on his face and knew what that means. They were disappointed for Minato's action for a son with many talents, including his rival the Raikage, A. News of his status as Jinchuuriki of the soul of the fox became public knowledge, as did Mito's status. The kages recognize this that even the most noble kage out of the 5 will do the same as any other kage. Train the one with power and ignore anything else. It was originally thought that this man was a man that wanted peace for the entire shinobi world, but his action reveals that he only cares about the Leaf.

During the invasion, Gaara went full tailed beast mode, but Naruto stopped him. He used his White Tiger summoning boss, Byakko to defeat Gaara. Naruto used the summoning jutsu on accident one day and teleported to the den of the white tiger clan. To become the summoner of the fabled clan, he had to allow them to look into his mind. If they don't like what they see, you die. If they do like it, you are in. Naruto, of course pass with flying color. A boy grew up with hate, but never sought revenge impressed them, but they did saw a lot of hate for the village and the people, just not revenge. After the invasion, Minato gave the credit of defeating Gaara to Mito, no matter how much she protest.

Sasuke only saw Naruto with his eyes burning with hatred. He knew that Naruto was far more powerful than he lets on and he was on good terms with his own family, before their death. He couldn't stand Naruto. He was treated as the prince of the leaf. Hell, he and Mito were engaged to each other to strength the Hokage's family. Minato thought that Sasuke is a better son.

Sasuke used the curse seal more often and fell prey to it. He decide to go rogue and go seek out Orochimaru for power. He left the village and the next morning, Minato assembled a team to retrieve him under the belief that Sasuke was kidnapped by Orochimaru. A team that consisted Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, Neji, and Mito. Naruto wasn't view as capable of performing an A-Rank mission. A mission where any Jonin or ANBU could have been sent on, instead genins and one chunin was sent because they were Sasuke's friend.

Naruto however was conflicted about not going. Normally he wouldn't give a damn, but Fugaku and Mikoto were like parents to him. After giving it a long thought, Naruto ran to catch up with them. He couldn't allow Orochimaru take control of such an asshole because Naruto knew that they love Sasuke. Naruto only manage to reach Mito and Sasuke fighting at the Valley of the End. Naruto was about to interfere, but an old enemy prevented him to join in to capture Sasuke, Kabuto. During the exam, both Kabuto and Naruto saw through both of their disguise. Kabuto knew that Naruto is dangerous. It only became more apparent that the two fought each other in the Forest of Death when Naruto started to use Kurama's chakra. Kurama, the Nine Tail Fox. Naruto manage to speak to the soul of the Nine Tails at a young age. Only shock to find out the truth and that the fox is a female chakra construct(AN: To see what she looks like in my story, search: Douluo Dalu 2, Ma Xiaotao. Only imagine nine crimson tails on her.). Throughout his life, Kurama would tutor Naruto in the shinobi way. Naruto would consider her as the only mother he has left after Mikoto's death. Eventually, Sasuke won and Kabuto escape. Naruto was force to retrieve his estranged twin until Kakashi showed up and arrested Naruto for not being assigned to the mission.

End of Recap

"Is that your plea?" Minato asked in a calm tone.

Naruto knew it was over for him. He could see the civilian members drooling over the punishment against him. He knew they wanted him dead since he was born. Naruto tried to bring onto the table that Rock Lee was also joining the mission without the authority of the Hokage, but one civilian council member lied that he assign Lee as backup. Something that only the Hokage can do.

"Just get this over with. Those asshole wants to see me dead. I bet they are the one leading this trial against me. Something that only a shinobi of high ranking could do." Naruto stated in an attempt to piss them off. He knew that they only desire power. So if they can't get shinobi power, they will get political power.



shouted the angry civilian members. Surprising both Minato and Kushina as this is the first time that Naruto was brought up in the council and this is their reaction.

"I do because it is the truth." replied Naruto.


"What" whispered Minato and Kushina. Not believing that their family, the Hokage consider everyone part of Konoha as family, would have such hate for one of their own.

"ENOUGH!" shouted Minato to get everyone to calm down, while trying to absorb the knowledge that his village beat up Naruto. "The council made an unanimous vote you are hereby banished from the Leaf."

Naruto only scoffed at this. He expected public execution. Considering it was the last Uchiha, the civilian council would be able to get away with that. Maybe they had something else for him once he's outside of Konoha. He was fully aware of ROOT and he knew ROOT was fully aware of him.

"Know this, Namikaze. I don't forgive and I don't forget. You will one day regret this choice of being a slave to such a corrupt system!" Naruto stated as he was dragged away by ANBU that a civilian counselor summoned.

Minato was beginning to see that Naruto's word may come true. The power that a mere civilian had was unbelievable. They only dealt with domestic issues. They weren't allowed to have this much power because they didn't understand the shinobi system and would end up causing damage to the village.

'Did I make the right choice?'

Ja ne

Author Note

I know I change this quite a bit. Tsunade is no longer important character in the story. Mito is no longer a bitch.

I don't plan on adding Mito to the harem. She loves her family, Naruto included, but she was raised to put Konoha as her main focus. Everything else is second priority.

Hope you enjoy the changes.