Chapter 1: Neppy 64: the crystal shards

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"HAPPY NEP DAY EVERYONE!" A loud shout reverberated through the planeptune basilicom.

With a sigh, Noire responded "Really Neptune, I know it's you we're talking about, but did you really have to turn your birthday into a national holiday? And give it such a stupid name too?"

Neptune wasted no time in turning towards her tsundere friend and answered "You still came here faster than everyone else right? It's like you couldn't wait to see me again tsunnoire~."

A fierce blush swiftly took over the black-haired CPU's face "I-it's not like I came here because I wanted to see you or anything, I-I just didn't have any work today and it's only natural for us to come to an event like this now that our nations are at peace again."

"True, but it's too bad it's just the four of us for now, my beloved younger sisters are already in the ultradimension." Vert expositioned to the rest of the group.

Blanc spoke up as well, not wanting to be the only one without any lines in this prologue. "C-sha mentioned that the rest of gold third would be late as well, we should probably leave for the other Planeptune now."

Neptune was already at the door before the sentence was over. Turning around, she called out to the others. "Come on, let's get going already. Iffy and the others are going to get there before us if we don't hurry!"

Meanwhile on the other side of the dimensional portal in neptune's backyard

"hurry, hurry, come on we have to go see Neptuna!" A blonde little girl dragged her friend along towards a large pillar of light, a girl with red hair ran after them, barely keeping up.

"hey wait you guys, Nepsy and the others are coming over here so why are we going over there?!" Uzume barely managed to yell out while sprinting at full speed to keep up with Peashy and her unfortunate passenger.

"Owwiiee, why are we going so faaaaassst? Can't we just take a nap while waiting for Neppy back hoooome?" Plutia was clearly not in any sort of awake state, but even she couldn't sleep while being dragged along the ground by an overly energetic kid.

Peashy let go of her best friend's hand and grabbed the box stuck under her other arm. "But I wanna give my present to Neptuna already, we worked so hard to find this many shiny thingies!"

Uzume managed to finally join up now that the others had stopped. "It's a great idea though, with how many times Nepsy keeps getting stuck in other dimensions, giving her a bunch of CPU memories is a really nice thing to do."

Plutia managed to get up from where she was dropped. "I knoooow right, Neppy keeps getting sent to other dimensions and losing her powers and it gets reaaaaally tedious for the players when she loses all her skills every game." Peashy swung her arms around, trying to get the attention back. "stop being so slow Ploot, let's go already!"

Uzume had just given her hand to help Plutia back up, but right as she pulled her up, Peashy grabbed her other hand and pulled both along with her. "No more waiting! here we come Neptuna!" She jumped into the portal connecting the ultra and hyperdimension, dragging the other two CPU's along with her.

At the exact same time, on the other side of that plot devi- I mean portal

"Alright let's get going my squad of gal pals" Neptune herded her friends along toward the portal in her backyard.

Noire was always ready to reply to her best friend (not that she would ever admit that) "jeez Neptune, we aren't your gal pals, don't give us such a stupid nickname without our consent." Histoire followed behind the group of four.

"Are you sure it is wise for all of you to leave at the same time?" "Don't be such a worrywartsy, we've still got the mascots and stuff, they can take over for a little while right?"

"Neptune! It is unbecoming of a goddess to dump her work on others all the time!" Histoire's famous ability to start lecturing anytime, anyplace, was being displayed once more. "Oh, hey would you look at the time the party's gonna start without us Kthanksbye histy!" Neptune quickly spread her arms and pushed the other three along into the portal.

Unbeknownst to either group, they just happened to enter the portal at the exact same time, and that was what kicks off the crossover part of our story.

*interdimensional bonking sound*



"Oww man!"

"Oh my. It seems my ample chest cushioned my landing on this strange flat object."


With these sounds a group of seven people crashed down onto the ground of a forest.

"Oh, hey it's Neppy! We were coming to see you, how nice for you to come aaallll the way here." Plutia was still more asleep than usual, so she hadn't noticed the fact that they were in a place none of them had seen before.

Neptune just managed to stand up and was about to reply when all of a sudden, she was slammed into by a black and yellow blur.

"NEPTUNA, I missed you so much!" Peashy cried out while ramming Neptune into a nearby tree with a patented Peashy shoulder bash.

"OH TRUE GODDESS WHY?!" After uprooting a tree by slamming into it, Neptune looked at the small missile that just rammed into her

"Hey P-ko, I missed you too. But why are you guys here? I thought we were all coming over to your place?"

"Stupid Neptuna, you didn't visit me! You said you were coming over and you never did!" Peashy cried out, hugging Neptune even tighter.

"I'm sorry P-ko, a lot of weird stuff happened, but we've got a whole bunch of new friends! They're coming over later. I'll introduce you to everyone."

"Hey your little reunion is nice and all, but do any of you know this place?" Everyone turned to look at Noire, and then took in the scenery around them.

"I haven't seen this place before; did we go through to ultradimension after crashing into each other?" Vert said while dodging a bunch of hammer swipes from Blanc.

"I don't think there is a place like this anywhere in my Planeptune." Plutia seems to have started waking up a little as she looked around.

"if Zero or Heart dimension had any places like this I'm pretty sure I'd know." Uzume said, already on guard after decades of surviving in a ruined wasteland.


A group of black-skinned wolves with white bone masks started crawling up to them from behind the trees.

Several flashes of light later, all of the girls were holding weapons and prepared themselves for a fight.

At the same time in a nearby academy

"You called for me, Ozpin?" A blonde woman stated as she walked into the headmaster's office. Ozpin took a sip of coffee and nodded "Yes, a few minutes ago our camera network picked up a large flash of light from above the Emerald forest, several smaller fragments spread out from the blast and flew around Vale, one even went off in the direction of Atlas."

He beckoned her to come look at the screen in front of him as he opened the surveillance footage again. "as you can see, the largest mass seems to have come straight down and took most of the local cameras with it."

"I see, do you want me to go and gather a group of teachers and check this strange light out?" Glynda's tone was as professional as ever, even is such an unexpected situation.

Ozpin shook his head and brought up a map of the forest. "The light seems to have crashed in this area, however, it seems to have drawn the attention of the local Grimm. I suggest we mobilize the students to help cut down the amount of Grimm while you and the other instructors search around the area of impact."

"Understood, I'll gather Port and Oobleck first, then call the students together." Glynda turned around and made to leave when Ozpin spoke up again.

"Before you go, it would be for the best if you let the students go in groups of eight instead of the normal teams. Some of the larger Grimm have been riled up by the unknown object that crashed into the forest, be very careful, I feel there is more to this then we both think."


"So, did an of you actually listen to why we had to come here or are you just as confused as I am?"

"Of course I listened to the professor. As a top-class student, it is only to be expected that I hear everything our teachers say."

"Well, Weiss can you tell me too? I totally spaced out." "I just hope it's important, I just got to the best part of my book."

A group of four girls, both similar and different to the ones in the forest right now, walked through the halls of Beacon academy. Two of which were currently pestering a white-haired girl with a regal air. "Fine, I wouldn't want you to embarrass us when we get there, so listen closely."

"Sure thing ice queen." "Don't worry, my ears are weiss open." A failed attempt not to cringe at the horrible pun from everyone within earshot later, Weiss continued.

"Apparently a new type of Atlas aerial recon drone crashed in the emerald forest, the professors are going to see if there is anything salvageable to send back, however the Grimm in the area are riled up from the noise and impact."

"So, we just have to beat up any Grimm we see while the professors go look for some broken Atlas drone? I guess I could use a workout, we haven't done any combat is class today." Yang looks a lot more enthusiastic now that she knew it was going to involve fighting.

"we're almost there so let's be quiet and hear what professor Goodwitch has to say." Blake spoke up from the back of the group, having quietly listened until now.

"Students, thank you for coming on such short notice. For those of you who did not pay attention earlier, we are conducting an emergency recovery mission to the emerald forest, if you find any strange objects, please bring them to a faculty member as soon as possible. Otherwise your task is to exterminate any Grimm you find; however, this does not mean that you can be reckless, if you encounter something beyond your capabilities, you will retreat. Do you all understand?"


All students in the hall answered as one, seeing professor Goodwitch this serious meant that everyone listened and there was no room for childish behavior.

"Behind me you can see a map of the forest, as you can see, we have split the forest in multiple patrol areas, we will assign two teams per area. Please go stand together with your assigned partner team and move towards the cliff."

At the same time (this happens a lot doesn't it?) in the Emerald forest

"Wow these mobs kind of suck don't they." Neptune whined as she cut down another beowolf that jumped at her.

"Well, maybe we're just a bit overlevelled. But it's weird, I can't feel my shares. even if we are in another dimension, with the portal stable we should be able to sense them." Blanc added, before swiftly hopping aside to dodge a boarbatusk that was sent flying from a punch thrown by Peashy. Quickly bringing her hammer down to smack another bone-masked monster out of the air.

"Well ya know maybe slamming into each other in the portal blasted us to another universe altogether, you know like the start of some nonsensical crossover fanfic or something." Neptune swiftly ruined any attempts at a serious mood without any effort whatsoever.

"That may be so, but maybe we should start trying to get out of this forest first. It doesn't seem like these creatures are going to stop assaulting us anytime soon." Vert said while swiftly striking out with her spear and quick blasts of wind magic.

Plutia swung a stuffed doll at another goup of Grimm, lightning blasted out of the doll and sent them all flying.

Uzume lashed out with swift punches, occasionally a fancy megaphone appeared in her hands and a loud shout blasted a shockwave at some of the larger groups of Grimm.

The group of seven made their way in a random direction, anything was an option since they had no idea where they were in the first place. Suddenly, they found themselves in another small clearing. Staring right at them were three rather large scorpion looking monsters.

"Holy crapoli guys, check it out, I found the bossfight!" Neptune turned towards the rest of her group, they were starting to tire a bit, but the lack of shares was taking a toll on them.

"Fine, let's just get rid of these things and then I'm going home, I have way more important things to do then wandering around some stupid forest all day." Noire's confidence took center stage again as she took her stance and prepared to go on the offensive against one of the three deathstalkers.

"Don't get carried away tsun-for-brains, I'm going to get rid of these things before you can even get a single hit in." Blanc suddenly appeared next to her, ready to smash anything that came within range.

"Yeah, Pea's gonna beat all you stupid monster thingies up!" Peashy charged forward without a care in the world, the others were a bit grumpy they didn't get a monologue in, but they could argue after they got rid of the monsters before Peashy got hurt. Or before she took them all down before they could look cool in an action scene.

They took two of them down swiftly but then all of a sudden, the third's stinger came down on the unsuspecting Plutia, who was back to being mostly asleep. Neptune noticed and moved to save her friend when suddenly out of nowhere a sniper round flew at the deathstalker.


"Are you guys OK?" A girl in a black and red outfit with a cape rushed out into the clearing, quickly followed by the rest of team RWBY, a large barrage of grenades and gunshots came from the other side of the clearing, team JNPR took the initiative and the three groups swiftly put an end to the last remaining Grimm.

"So, would you like to explain who you people are and why you happen to be on private Beacon academy property?"
Weiss asked, keeping her guard up at the mysterious group of people.

Blake suddenly walked up next to her and asked her own questions "Did any of you see two other deathstalkers? I was sure there were more of them coming this way."

"Yeah, we already got rid of those other two monsters. Thanks for the save by the way, I'm Uzume." She held out her hand to the other people who appeared to help them.

"Hold it right there you! First you guys are coming back to the academy with us." Weiss still wanted to be careful about the group of strangers who suddenly appeared in a Grimm-filled forest. Ruby went up to her, trying to prevent any future conflicts

"Hey! we all worked together back there didn't we? Why don't we go back to the academy and we can all talk this out with some cookies!" Neptune, Plutia and Peashy didn't need to be told twice.

At that moment, near the crash site

Professor Glynda Goodwitch lifted her scroll to her ear. in her hands, she held a small purple crystal.

"Ozpin, I think I found the source of that mysterious light you saw." The power symbol inside glowed faintly...

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