Authors Note: Hi there readers this is my second story and I'm doing a different story here. But I think you guys will love it also I changed the title because I thought 'Zootopia and Mr Mysterious' sounded a bit cheesy.

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Chapter 1

The Arrival

This chapter is set two years before the events of the movie.

Vic opened his eyes with a start and gasped for air like he had just surfaced from the water, he had blonde hair and wore a black leather jacket with a white T-shirt, light blue Jeans and red and black trainers, he sat up and looked around, breathing heavily, it was dark but he could see that he was in a forest. He could feel pain on his left cheek it felt like he had burnt it, he reached up and touched his cheek as soon as his finger tips touched it, pain ran through his cheek, Vic winced in pain, then his eye's widened knowing that something was a miss.

"Teddy" he whispered, he looked around and saw his seven year old brother lying on the ground, Teddy had brown hair and wore a long black sleeved T-shirt with black Jeans and blue Sneakers.

"TEDDY!" Vic exclaimed as he got to his feet ran over to his little brother, he kneeled down and gently shook his brother "Teddy?" he asked worriedly before he heard his brother cough and slowly start to wake up, Vic sighed a relief.

Teddy's P.O.V

I woke up to see my sixteen year old brother Victor kneeling down next to me with a smile.

"Thank god your ok" he said

"Hi big brother" I said back to him as I sat up, suddenly I felt cold and my body started to shake.

"Your cold" he said in concern.

"It's fine" I said as my teeth chattered.

"It's not fine here" he said as he took off his leather jacket and put it around my shoulders, instantly I felt the warmth of his jacket and stopped shaking.

"Thanks" I said as I looked up into his green eyes, he just smiled and said "no problem." He stood up and offered his hand, I took it and he helped me up onto my feet, it was then that I realized he had a burn mark covering the whole of his left cheek.

"Oh my gosh Vic your cheek" I said worriedly as I pointed to his cheek.

"I know and it hurts like hell" he said.

"But how did you get it?" I asked.

"I can't remember but it feels recent" he said.

I looked around and saw we were in a forest and I looked up and saw the moon high in the sky "where are we?... where's mum and dad?" I asked feeling scared.

"I'm not sure" Vic said and he started walking deeper into forest and I followed after him.

After ten minutes of walking through the dark forest they came to the edge of a cliff that overlooked a city they never saw before there were weird looking skyscrapers, one looked like a squids tentacle and the whole city shone like a Christmas tree, it truly was a thing of beauty.

"Wow" Vic said in astonishment " never remember seeing a city like this."

"It could be New York" Teddy said.

Vic thought for a moment before he shook his head "no I don't remember seeing a big skyscraper that looks like a squids tentacle on the internet"

"Yeah it looks weird" Teddy said.

"Come on lets go check it out" Vic said patting Teddy on the back before walking along the edge of the cliff, Teddy following after him.

"Where are we going?" Teddy asked.

"I don't know yet... maybe some sort of road" Vic said as he parted some bushes and saw black tarmac "oh here we are" Vic said happily and started walking down the road with Teddy walking beside him.

Twenty minutes later and Vic and Teddy saw a road sign, Vic reached into his pocket and pulled out a small torch and shone it on the sign, there was faint writing on the sign.

"Welcome to Zootopia where anyone can be anything" Vic read out.

"I've never heard of Zootopia before" Teddy said confused

"Me neither" Vic said just as puzzled "lets keep moving."

Another twenty minutes later they came to the outskirts of the city. They walked down a deserted street, there were no cars on the road and no people walking on the street.

"Where is everyone?" Teddy asked.

"I'm not sure but it is the middle of the night so they could be at home asleep" Vic concluded.

"Well first things first we should find a hospital to get your wound heeled" Teddy said pointing at Vic's cheek.

"Look at you slick" Vic teased looking down at Teddy who rolled his eye's.

"Hey I may be seven but I'm smart" Teddy argued back.

"sure you are" Vic teased as he ruffled his brother's hair.

"Get off" Teddy said as he smacked away his brothers hand.

Ten minutes later they saw a building across the road that said 'Zootopia Central Hospital'.

"Look there's a hospital" Teddy said with delight and he started walking towards it with following Vic behind him.

They entered the hospital, the lobby was all white with clear marble flooring and in front of them was the reception desk with the receptionist who was sitting behind the desk, the receptionist was a female black Panther but Vic and Teddy couldn't see because she was reading a newspaper which blocked their view, Vic and Teddy walked up to the desk.

"Excuse me" Vic said politely

"Yes how may I help you?" the receptionist asked as she put down her newspaper then her eyes widened as she saw what was standing in front of her, Vic and Teddy looked back at her also wide eyed and all of them frozen with fear, Teddy and Vic were the ones to break the ice.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" they both screamed and sprinted out of the hospital and down into an alleyway. Both of them hid behind a dumpster panting heavily.

"What the hell was that?" Teddy asked.

"A Panther I think" Vic replied looking round the corner to see if anything followed them.

"I know that but why is there one that can talk and works in a hospital?" Teddy asked with fear in his voice.

"Why are you asking me the questions?" Vic asked sounding stressed "for once can you stop asking me these stupid questions for FIVE MINUTES!" he shouted angrily. Teddy's eyes started to water and he sat down and brought his knees to his chest and started to cry.

"I want to go home" he said and burrowed his face into his knees. Vic sighed and rubbed his face then sat down beside his little brother and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey listen bud" Vic said softly "I'm sorry for shouting at you it's just that I don't know where we are and why I am seeing animals that act like humans and talk like humans, this has got to be some dream or something".

"If this is a dream then why haven't we woken up yet?" Teddy asked as he looked up into his big brothers face.

"I don't know" Vic said looking down in defeat, they sat there for a few minutes before they heard police sirens, Vic perked up when he heard this "right on your feet soldier" he said as he got to his feet.

"Where are we going?" Teddy asked.

"Don't know but I always wanted to be a fugitive if this is a dream" Vic said with a smile.

"Please don't tell me it's because that movie you keep watching" Teddy said sounding annoyed as he got to his feet. Vic looked at him with a bigger smile.

"Of course 'The Fugitive' is a good movie" Vic said joyfully, Teddy rolled his eyes at his answer.

"Your not Harrison Ford Vic or the character he was playing who was a professional Doctor" Teddy said and Vic looked at him in surprise.

"Since when did you know so much about that movie?" Vic said in disbelief

"Since you kept playing it in your room every Friday with the volume way too high" Teddy said in irritation, Vic chuckled at that.

"That's what big brothers do, annoy the hell out of the little brother" Vic teased then they heard a screeching of car tires "come on lets get out of here" Vic started running deeper down the alleyway Teddy sighed and followed after Vic.

After twelve minutes of weaving through deserted streets and alleyways they came to an abandoned factory complex on the outskirts of town.

"Good we can sleep here" Vic said as he pulled open an old rusty door which opened with a creak and stepped inside Teddy slowly following behind, he was beginning to drift off to sleep and Vic noticed this.

"Come on sit here" Vic said pointing to the wall and Teddy sat up against the wall.

"Not the most comfy place in the world" Teddy complained.

"Well get used to it" Vic said as he sat down beside Teddy.

"Do you think this is a dream?" Teddy asked.

"I don't know but I have a feeling deep down that this isn't a dream" Then Vic looked at Teddy with a reassuring smile "but that's just me."

Teddy yawned "well goodnight" Teddy said and he drifted off to sleep.

"Goodnight Teddy" Vic muttered as he too began to drift off.

Victor's P.O.V

I was in the canteen when I heard the news. I sat down at a table with a chicken and Mayo sandwich when one of my college friends called Toby sat next to me looking pale

"Hey Vic heard the news" Toby said fearfully.

"No... what?" I asked confused.

"North Korea has declared war with us and the United States"

I huffed "Toby your over reacting North Korea would never declare war on anybody because they would know the consequences"

"Then look at this" Toby said as he threw down a newspaper, I looked at it and the headlines said 'World War III has BEGUN!', I looked at it in horror.

"Oh no" I muttered.

"Too right Buster" Toby said as he put his head down on the table like he had given up on life "this is nuclear war and that's not all of it".

I look down at him "what do you mean?"

"I looked on my phone at the latest news reports and North Korea is launching missile strikes all over the world, a dozen of them are going to hit London". My heart skipped a beat 'that's where I live' I thought to myself then I realized that my little brother had broken up from school early, quick as a flash I ran out of the canteen, out of the college and ran full speed to the train station, as soon as I got there I jumped onto the first train to London I was surprised that the trains weren't cancelled.

As soon as the train pulled into 'London Victoria Station' I saw a sight that chilled me to the bone the platforms were filled with injured civilians some worse then others. I ran out of the train and onto the platform, I saw police officers and soldiers directing civilians to different platforms, there were Doctors and Nurses treating the wounded, I weaved through the massive crowed looking to see if any of my family had made it out, when I didn't see any of them any where I made my way towards the entrance to the station and I saw a sight that could make even the toughest of men tremble. The sky was Orange and there was smoke everywhere I looked down, the streets and nearly every building was on fire.

"HEY KID!" a gruff voice shouted then I felt a hand grab my arm, I looked back to see a soldier, holding a SA80A2 Assault Rifle in the other hand "what are you out here everyone has been instructed to stay here and wait to be evacuated."

"I need to find my brother" I said.

"Sorry kid you can't go out there maybe they are in the station somewhere" he said, feeling his grip loosen I managed to break free and sprint out of the station. "HEY KID STOP RIGHT THERE!" he screamed as he chased after me but I didn't listen, I ran down the street and into an alleyway I saw a fence in front of me I picked up the pace then jumped up and grabbed the top of the fence then pulled myself up and landed on my feet on the other side.

I ran for a bit more until I was satisfied that I had lost him then I made my way to my apartment whilst avoiding fire trucks and police cars until I finally made it to my destination. My heart dropped as I saw the apartment block where I live was on fire, there were no fire trucks probably because that 80% of this city was on fire, my hands turned into fists as I felt anger boil up inside me then I heard a scream it sounded like my brother. Determination ran through my veins as I shouldered down the lobby door "I have to get my brother" I kept saying to myself as I ran up the stairs, I could feel the heat of the fire a couple of floors above me, then I came to my apartment door '15' it read in gold. I shouldered down the door and as soon as the door flung open a gush of burning hot air hit my face nearly knocking me over from the force it hit me, the living room was full of smoke as I stumbled through the room coughing and spluttering.

"TEDDY!" I screamed as I made my way down the hallway "TEDDY WHERE ARE YOU" then I heard him.

"In my room" I heard Teddy croak out, he sounded weak.

"Stay there I'm coming" I said as I made my way towards his room, then I heard a crack I looked up and saw that the ceiling was on fire and a piece of red hot wood fell and hit my left cheek, I screamed in pain and clutched my cheek with my left hand, the pain was agonising but I had to carry on, soon I found my brothers room, I opened the door and saw my little brother huddled in the corner.

"TEDDY!" I exclaimed with happiness and I ran over to him.

"Victor" he croaked and held out his arms, I crouched down and embraced him in a hug and he hugged back.

"Come on lets get out of here" I said as we broke the hug, we walked to the door but then the ceiling in the hallway collapsed completely blocking our only way out.

"We're trapped" Teddy said in horror, I just stood there in horror as I saw the flames get closer and closer, me and Teddy ran back to the corner and huddled together, I heard splintering sounds above us and I looked up to see that the ceiling was caving in and this when I new that this was the end.

"Vic" I heard Teddy say, I looked down at him and he looked up at me with watery eyes "I'm scared" I smiled down at him and said to him "never be afraid ok?" he just nodded then everything went black.

Vic gasped as he sat up then stood up, he looked at his hands then started patting himself down like he was looking for something. "I'm alive" Vic said with surprise and looked at his surroundings and saw that he was still in the abandoned factory, "I know what happened" Vic muttered "I know this is not a dream anymore this is real"

"What's real?" Teddy asked as he started to wake up then he looked at his surroundings "we are still here"

"Yes we are and I know why"


Vic knelt down in front of Teddy looking deadly serious "Teddy I'm so sorry but the reason we are here is because we died in a fire"

"What?" Teddy asked in horror.

"Listen ok this burn mark is proof of what happened, you were in our apartment when the attack happened"

"What attack"

"Before we died my friend Toby said that North Korea had declared war on us and that they launched a missile strike on London, I came to save you... but we... I think you can guess" Vic finished and he looked at the ground in sorrow.

Teddy's eyes began to water "I-I-I don't un-un-understand" he stuttered as he began to cry again.

Vic sighed and put a hand on his little brothers shoulder "I know and I don't expect you too but listen it's just us now ok? We are the only ones in this world and are going to have to survive on our own and I swear I will never let anyone happen to you ok?" Teddy looked up into his brothers eyes and saw how serious he was, Teddy rubbed his nose and put on a brave face.

"Ok Vic what are we going to do?"

"Right lets get down to business" Vic said with a smile.

Authors Note: so there we go the first chapter of a long adventure. Hope you liked this chapter, the next chapter will be them prepping for the long road ahead of them.

Until then goodnight, good luck and look after yourself.