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Chapter 9

Never the Same

Things were never the same in Zootopia, the citizens went about their usual day but deep down they were afraid of the growing threat of Cyber Industries. In the Bunker 90 Teddy never felt the same after his brother beat him up, he never spoke to him and even moved rooms and just sat there playing his guitar which was the only thing he could do. Vic never felt the same either, he felt so guilty for beating up his brother and afraid that he might do it again so he broke Dr. Madge Honey Badger out of prison so she could help him make a cure for the Night Howler that was slowly infecting him.

Five months later. Location somewhere in Savanna Central.

Dietrich was sitting at his desk in his office with a glass of bourbon whisky and ice, whilst writing reports with the faint music of 'Midnight, Stars and You' playing in the background. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Ja?" Dietrich said still focusing on his paperwork as one of Dietrich's agents entered who was a male Bloodhound.

"Sir you have a visitor" the agent said.

"Who?" Dietrich asked with boredom in his voice as he took a sip of his Bourbon whisky.

"She said her name was Mrs Alexander."

The Snow Leopard perked up at the sound of his visitors name.

"well bring her in" Dietrich said cheerfully.

The Bloodhound nodded then went and exited the room, a second later he came back with a female Cougar who looked very nervous.

"Mrs Alexander please sit down" Dietrich said with delight as he pointed to a chair that was in front of his desk and the Cougar slowly but hesitantly complied and the Bloodhound exited the room closing the door behind him.

"Now " Dietrich began as he stood up and walked over to a table that had a large silver tray with various bottles of alcohols and glasses to drink them on it. "Could I interest you in a glass of gin and tonic or a glass of brandy perhaps?" Dietrich offered.

"No thank you" Mrs Alexander said quietly.

"Suit yourself" Dietrich said as he sat back down on his office chair and picked up his glass of bourbon and leaned back on his chair sipping his drink before saying "so what can I do for you?"

"Well it's about my husband" Mrs Alexander began "you had him taken away because he wouldn't join your bosses company plus your boss doesn't like us rich folk... so I've been told"

"That is true" Dietrich said as he looked down at his glass.

Mrs Alexander shifted in her chair uneasily "Well I was wondering if you could release him and we could leave?"

Dietrich sighed as he knew she was going to ask that question, he leaned forward and placed his glass on the desk before saying "I'm sorry but that's not going to happen."

"Please" Mrs Alexander pleaded "I promise you we will leave this city and never come back and never tell a soul"

Dietrich shook his head "I'm sorry but I can't allow it" Dietrich got up and walked up to the door passing the Cougar but was stopped in his tracks when the Cougar grabbed his suit jacket sleeve.

"Please!" she begged now tears in her eyes "I'll do anything."

Dietrich smiled evilly when he heard the word 'anything' "anything?" he repeated.

"Yes" Mrs Alexander replied.

"Well since you put it that way I do have something for you to do for me" Dietrich said in a creepy tone.


Dietrich walked in front of her and leaned towards her face and she leaned back as his face got uncomfortably close to hers, Dietrich stroked her cheek and she trembled as his paw touched her. Dietrich then leaned to her ear and whispered "have sex with me" this sent shivers down her spine.

"W-w-what?" she stuttered.

"You heard me" Dietrich said as his smile grew bigger "this is the only way for you to see your husband."

"Y-y-your a monster" she said as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"I know I am but I can get away with it which is the best part. So what shall it be?" Dietrich asked.

Mrs Alexander sighed and looked down at the floor knowing the shameful thing she had to do to save her husband.

"Ok... I'll do it" she said quietly.

Meanwhile in Bunker 90.

Teddy was in his room, sitting in a chair and tuning his guitar when he heard a knock at his door.

"What?" he snapped as he turned to the door which opened and a male black wolf who was wearing a guard uniform walked in.

"Your brother requests you to see him in his office" the guard said as he stood to attention.

Teddy turned his attention back to his guitar before saying "well you can tell my brother that I decline his request."

"He said you might say that and he told me to say that he his very sorry for what he did and he has something that might make you forgive him" the guard said.

Teddy sighed and put down his guitar on a table next to him and stood up before turning to the guard.

"Alright" Teddy said as he motioned to the door "take me to him."

The guard nodded before exiting Teddy's quarters with Teddy close behind.

They walked down several hallways before coming to a oak door with gold lettering that said 'Victor Webb's Office'. The guard nocked on the door and Vic's voice was heard inside saying "enter", the guard motioned Teddy to the door, Teddy inhaled then exhaled calming himself before turning the door knob and entering the office.

What Teddy saw waiting for him on the other side made him stare in disbelief. His brother was wearing a red military dress tunic with a blue sash draped from the right shoulder. It was adorned with gold braid at the collar, cuffs and epaulettes. A gold rope hung from the right shoulder and attached to the central buttons in a flowing loop. There seemed to be more medals and insignia than looked practical on one jacket. He also wore white cotton gloves on his hands.

"What on earth are you wearing?" Teddy said in disbelief.

"You like it?" Vic said with a happy smile.

"No I don't like it, what are you trying to show here?" Teddy asked.

"That I am a leader of this country" Vic said with determination.

"Country?" Teddy asked confused.

"Yes. You see ever since the fall of the factory I realised that we could never stay in Zootopia."

"So if you thought that then why did you even bother killing the three main crime bosses?" Teddy asked.

"Well one I hate criminals-" Vic began before being cut off

"WE ARE CRIMINALS!" Teddy shouted in anger.

"and two" Vic carried on as if he didn't listen "I needed their money so by taking their businesses I'm the richest person in the world."

"Well congratulations brother" Teddy said sarcastically and clapping slowly "and what do you plan on doing with all that money?"

"I'm building a country" Vic replied.

After Vic said that the whole world seemed to stop for Teddy as that sentence replayed in his head.

"What?" Teddy said as he stepped back.

"I'm building a country with that money, away from this city, over the hills and on the coast of the land where everyone can be anything with a city that will be more grander than this city, a country where everyone has a house and a car, no one has to be homeless. A true utopia" Vic described dreamily. Vic looked back at his brother "and I want you to join me" Vic then pointed to something behind Teddy.

Teddy turned around and there stood a mannequin wearing the same attire as his brothers except the tunic was a dark navy blue and the lighter blue sash was draped from the left shoulder, with the same over bearing amount of adornments. With a white British royal navy service cap on the head of the mannequin.

"What is that?" Teddy asked in disbelief.

"That's your new uniform, I want you to be head of our navy."

Teddy just stared back at him with a mix between anger and shock.

"Vic wake up" Teddy began "ever since the Night howler incident you are becoming more and more delusional, first it was taking out the three main crime bosses then it was killing people who didn't follow you or join your company, now it's building a country. When will this stop Vic when?" Vic just stood there not replying.

"I don't want this" Teddy said as he gestured to the uniform on the mannequin "I don't want to look like Prince Philip in all his glory, I know our farther was Commodore in the royal navy but I don't want to be the head of a navy I want to be a musician, I want to perform in front of people and be excepted by the citizens of Zootopia and who knows be the first human celebrity."

"You know they won't accept you Teddy that's the way it happens" Vic said coldly.

"Well either way I'm leaving I've had enough" Teddy said as he made his way to the door.

"What are you talking about" Vic said as he rushed over to Teddy "you can't leave."

"Yes I can" Teddy said as he opened the door "I can't stay here any more with your craziness."

"Teddy" Vic said quietly as he gently grabbed his brothers arm "I'm sorry"

Teddy just shook his head in disbelief "sorry just doesn't count any more Vic, you need help" was all Teddy said before shaking his arm free and exiting the room, closing the door behind him.

Vic gently put his forehead to the door and closed his eyes.

"What have I done" he said quietly.

Meanwhile outside Dietriches Office

Dietrich came out of his office whilst buttoning up his top button on his shirt and then straightened his black tie before looking up to see his right hand mammel Rick who was a Great Dane.

"Have a good time sir?" Rick asked with an evil smile.

"She's a fighter" Dietrich said as he walked down the hallway with Rick following beside him "but eventually she gave in."

Rick gave out a small chuckle before whispering "you know some wife's will do anything to get their husbands back."

"And she did everything" Dietrich said as they opened a door in to a large busy casino room "I've had so many devoted wife's come begging for their husbands freedom and I give them the same blackmail." Dietrich continued.

"Do you think she'll talk?" Rick asked as they opened the front door of the casino to be met with busy street outside. In front of them was a black 1969 Ford Mustang, a valet got out of the car and headed over to Dietrich.

"Your car Mr Fokkerhiem" the Valet said and handed him the car keys.

Dietrich took the keys as he nodded his thanks before continuing his conversation "probably since after we finished I told her that her husband was dead and let me tell you that broke her" Dietrich and Rick both sheared a laugh before Dietrich got into his car "so when she comes out of my office shoot her but not in the casino that wouldn't look good for its reputation, have her shot in an alleyway or something I don't know as long as she's dead that's fine because lets face it" Dietrich started up the car and it roared to life "she's got nothing to live for" Dietrich finished as he closed the car door and sped off down the road.

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