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Chapter 1: The Piercing Radiant Moon

Hermione shifted uneasily in her sleep – eyelids fluttering in the depth of her dreaming. The other girls in her dormitory had realized that she wasn't going to wake up some time ago. It was almost breakfast time and no matter how much they shook her she just wouldn't wake up. Madam Pomfrey would be here soon with some wake-up medicine. Perhaps that would work on her.

The nurse arrived with McGonagall shortly, making the girls leave to go to breakfast while they attended to Hermione quickly. No matter what the two adults tried, the girl wouldn't wake up. Something was wrong. This was magic – not natural sleep. That much was obvious.

McGonagall automatically got to work searching the room and also trying to find out which spells had been cast in the last 24 hours – but nothing she found pointed to why Hermione was so deeply asleep.

The girl was removed to the Infirmary where the nurse continued to take good care of her while Minerva McGonagall returned to the breakfast room. If there were no chances of waking Hermione up – they would simply have to wait out the rest of the spell.

But it wasn't such a simple spell as the school was just about to find out.

- x – x – x – x – x -

Harry and Ron were eating their breakfast quite morosely this morning. They were worried about Hermione. It wasn't like her to sleep in…particularly on school days. She was usually the one who woke up at the most ridiculous of hours – since at home she had to do so much before her day truly began. This was because Hermione was a Muggleborn. Her parents didn't have licenses to practice magic because they couldn't possible use it even if they tried. Therefore when Hermione woke up – her breakfast had to be made by hand, the dishes had to be washed by hand, her room had to be tidied by hand – etceteras, etceteras, etceteras.

It wasn't much of a surprise to them, therefore, when McGonagall arrived at their table shortly after breakfast began to inform them that it was magic that was keeping their friend fast asleep. That erased their primary worry and switched them to something far more relevant…and far more difficult to figure out. Who would have done that…and why?

Harry was busy wondering about this while he gazed at his untouched breakfast that he didn't notice the curious expression on Ron's face until the other prodded him quite firmly in the shoulder.

"Ow! Ron that hurt!" He trailed off, following the other's line of sight to where the teachers were arranged at the table. He didn't notice at first – and then he did. Some of the teachers had disappeared only to be replaced with others. Instead of the old teachers – the whole row had been replaced with sinister looking wizards of whom Harry greatly suspected were all Death Eaters. They were each wearing the same badge to pin their robes together. Severus Snape remained in his normal position – but all around him the other teachers had changed. Worse of all the changes, though, was that Dumbledore was nowhere to be seen – and Lucius Malfoy was sat in the headmaster's position instead. The red banners that had been up mere moments ago had turned to green – and there were other, evil looking wizards posted at all the exits of the great hall.

Harry shifted in his seat for a few moments as he took all of this in – and then blinked in surprise as he realized that the teachers were all more surprised than he was at the change. Lucius Malfoy actually knocked his seat over as he jumped in surprise – and Snape looked about trying to figure out exactly how Voldemort had pulled this one off without him knowing.

"What in the seven levels of hell is happening here?" he finally managed to ask, breathlessly.

Lucius had risen in his seat now and was surveying the other people at the teacher's table. "I was just eating my lunch…and suddenly I'm here…"

Snape looked over the hall slowly, then glanced back to Lucius who was beginning to see the good side of the situation.

"If we're here…and Dumbledore isn't…" another true Death Eater said, looking in on the situation.

Snape licked his lips almost nervously. There was no way he could dissuade them from taking the castle with Dumbledore gone. And that would mean that Voldemort could…

It was all too awful to think about. Snape slumped back in his chair quietly and went back to surveying the great hall. Finally he pushed himself to his feet. "Then I'd better start on the tasks which need starting on, hmm?"

He stood up, pondering how he was going to manage this task even as he plucked a spoon from the table and rang it against a glass goblet that stood before him. It rang twice – and on the third knock it shattered, leaving Severus to growl at the glass. How come when Dumbledore had done that it had stayed intact?

It didn't matter…he had the attention of the entire hall anyway. And then suddenly he wasn't in control any more – it was as though he was merely a puppet for someone else's words.

"You have two choices, children," Snape said slowly and loudly in the voice he reserved for speaking to youngsters who didn't know what was good for them. It was a voice he'd used on Gryffindor students time and time again. "You can join the side of your teachers…or…you can be locked away in the dormitories until Voldemort decides what to do with you."

There was a great commotion in the hall. Snape found himself sat back in his seat – panting and looking quite uneasy with himself. Why had he said that? He noticed that while he had been saying this, Lucius had organised that the sinister looking replacements that weren't Death Eaters were bound with magic and led down to the dungeons. Snape wasn't quite sure why Voldemort had switched those teachers in. If he'd thought more carefully about it he'd have realized that it couldn't have possibly been anything to do with the Dark Lord. But still it haunted him…why had he said those words?

- x – x – x – x – x -

Ron growled quietly at Snape even as Harry held him back from moving. "I can't believe it…that damned traitor! He was on Dumbledore's side Harry…and he just goes right back to his little friends the moment Dumbledore's back is turned. I can't stand it…"

"He has to…don't you see, Ron?" Harry murmured weakly, letting go of his friend and lifting a hand to his head. He was getting a headache from the endless commotion in the great hall. Why did everyone have to talk so loudly?

Ron shifted again uneasily and Harry sighed quietly. "So what are we going to do…if we say we don't want to be locked away then they won't believe us…"

"But we might as well try, don't you think, Ron?" Harry looked up at his friend quietly. "We're just like Snape…we'll help a lot more outside of the dormitories…"

"He's watching us…" Ron murmured quietly, having finally lifted his head back up from gazing at the floor.

"Who? Snape?" Harry asked in reply.

"Oh…him too…but Draco's watching us…"

Harry looked up quickly, spinning in his seat to look across to a rather pleased looking Draco Malfoy. Said youth had lifted his hand into the air and pulled down his sleeve to reveal the bare wrist underneath – but Harry understood what Draco meant by such a gesture. He was a Death Eater too…

Harry looked swiftly back to his still untouched food and glared at it uneasily.

"Look sharp…" Ron finally said. "He's coming over…"

Harry snarled and closed his eyes. He didn't need any of this crap when he was trying to organize a plan. Draco stopped directly behind him, leaning closer to press against the dark haired boy's shoulder.

"Oh I do hope you choose life, Potter…after all…we wouldn't want to see you locked up in a dormitory like a caged rat…"

Harry didn't make a move. Normally he'd have pushed Draco straight off of him – and his muscles had reacted with the want to do so. But if he had done that his chances at seeming like he was on Snape's side would seem so dreadfully minimal. He'd have to put up with Draco.

Apparently – Draco Malfoy knew this too. He span Harry around and pressed him back against the hard tabletop.

"You know…my father's in control of this school now…that means that I can do anything I want." Draco had pressed forward, pinning Harry down against the table and moving so that his form slotted against the other's body.

Lucius, Harry noticed, seemed just as shocked as he was at what Draco was doing.

"Get off him, Draco…what do you think you're up to?"

And then Draco suddenly looked dizzy, wavering in his place for a few seconds almost as though he had to regain control of his own legs and balance. He took a step back, looking disgusted – and then he moved as fast as he could from Harry – returning to his own seat in the fastest time the Gryffindor had ever registered. After that – Draco didn't catch his eye again.

"What the hell was that about…?" Harry said, looking up to Ron quietly and correcting his position at the table. He felt a little aroused by the situation – but he hadn't told his friend that. That would have been a completely inappropriate comment to make, after all.

"I don't quite know. But then I don't think Draco knew either…" Ron replied, still fidgeting in his place.

Harry swallowed and looked back to his plate – finally taking a piece of cold bacon and eating it unhappily. It took about five minutes for him to finally demolish it since he was chewing so slowly in his thought that any animal in the world could have eaten it faster than him.

"Do you think it'll happen again?" Harry finally asked – lifting his eyes to his friend slowly.

"Yes…I think that lots of weird things are going to happen…" Ron murmured – again looking surprised at something that was happening.

Harry yawned and eventually convinced himself to look up. Out of the sky were falling thousands of red hearts – just like the Valentine's Day that Gilderoy Lockhart had completely ruined for him. The only difference was that when these red hearts hit the ground they immediately turned into long, slithering red snakes that darted amongst the student's feet – terrifying them. Thousands of cries of various spells finally eradicated the snakes – and the spell of weirdness had ended, leaving more than just Harry and Ron perplexed.

"Lots of weird things…" Ron repeated, bringing a hand to run through his red hair. The hand ran further and further until finally Ron noticed, tugging his hand back and letting a cry like a pig that had been shot in the backside.

Harry was laughing quite loudly as he gazed at his friend. "You've got girl hair…oh – that's great!"

Ron was on his feet in seconds – shouting insults at Harry as he pulled at his hair. It hurt his head when he did this though – so Ron decided that it was definitely part of his head.

Harry finally stood up and pulled his friend back down into his seat, whispering to him once more. "Who the hell is making these crazy things happen? First the teachers turn into Death Eaters…it's almost like a nightmare. Then worse…Draco starts hitting on me. And then the hearts turn into snakes and your hair grows long. What's going to happen next?"

It didn't really surprise him all that much when something did happen.

- x – x – x – x – x -

Severus was still desperately trying to figure out what had happened to his mind when he found himself feeling a little chilly. Before he could even look down to find out why he was so cold he had leapt up onto the teacher's desk and was busy dancing back and forth – pirouetting the perfect rendition of one of the extra dancers in Swan Lake.

He let a cry of shock as he caught a glance oh himself in one of the motions. He was dressed in a black tutu and sleek black tights. His chest was half bare in the lycra that covered it – and long black peacock feathers were attached to the top of the skirt. They were also in his hair – he distantly realized.

He felt a little bit better when he noticed that Lucius Malfoy was dancing towards him from the other side of the table wearing an identical white tutu. He felt worse when they began to dance together.

Snape realized he wasn't in control of his own actions long before he wished he was…and when the dance finally ended – Snape pushed away from the man he had just kissed in front of the entire school and practically ran to his dungeons.

He wasn't coming back out until he figured what was going on and fixed it…it was far, far, far too embarrassing.

Lucius Malfoy however had enjoyed the laugh – even if he didn't know why he had been dancing in front of the rest of the school. He nodded to one of the other remaining teachers and then excused himself to find some robes to change into.

- x – x – x – x – x -

Harry and Ron were rolling on the floor laughing crazily when the cat slipped up beside them and started rubbing against them tenderly, desperately seeking attention.

Harry was the first to sit up and pick the cat up, gazing at it for only a few seconds before he realized whom it was. Instead of telling anyone, he called the cat Polliwog and sat back up at the table – trying to make the cat understand with his eyes that he understood who it was. In seconds he had used his wand to change the markings about the cat's eyes. Too many students knew that McGonagall could transform – and if a Slytherin student discovered her… No – it would be much safer if Harry pretended that Polliwog was his cat. That way he could talk to her later and find out why she had risked so much to come and find him.

Ron sighed and began to comb his hair quietly – it was the only way he managed to distract himself from the strange goings on around him – and it was oddly comforting to have something to do. It also gave him plenty of time to look around. Odd things were happening all over the place. Fred and George were suddenly surrounded by girls from all different tables and Ginny Weasley was talking to a boy in Hufflepuff that she'd been interested in for quite some time. Ron also noticed that Crabbe and Goyle had completely disappeared – to be replaced by two grunting pigs which Draco was trying every attempt to get away from.

Lucius Malfoy was back, finally, wearing some of Severus Snape's robes and tugging the other ex-Slytherin along with him. He didn't like to be abandoned in control without any help…and he'd decided that Snape was the most helpful person so far. The rest of the Death Eaters were still discussing how they'd ended up here.

"Tell them that their time of discussion is over and they must make a final decision…" Lucius said firmly, pushing Snape forwards and then reaching for the spoon to ring the cup himself. He didn't want the head of Slytherin house to destroy any more cups.

The hall looked up as Lucius rang the noise again. Snape suddenly found that there were words in his mouth again. He made a gagging noise to try not to speak them but something else was controlling him.

"Your time is up! You have to make your decision now. I want all students who will remain in classes on the Slytherin side of the room and all students who will not on the Ravenclaw side."

The Ravenclaws promptly abandoned their side – all but a distinct few. The Hufflepuffs all but migrated to the Ravenclaw table and the Gryffindors joined the Slytherins too – all but a few girls. The students who were to be locked away were removed, and Snape addressed the others once more.

"You will be taking new classes as of tomorrow morning. Meanwhile you will return to your new dormitories as directed by pot luck." Snape smiled darkly as though he would enjoy sorting the students into their dormitories.

He randomly put students into other houses – that way the undoubtedly loyal Slytherins could keep an eye on the other house students. Harry realized that this was going to make revolution much more difficult. It was genius.

He was put (thankfully with Ron) in the Slytherin dormitories – where Draco managed to convince Snape he should stay. Only a few other students were put into this dormitory that Harry knew…and none of them would be of much use to him. When he got there he realized that all his stuff had been moved here…and also noticed that Draco, Crabbe and Goyle had been the only ones in that room. This made things a little worse. Harry and Ron took Crabbe and Goyle's beds…and Draco remained in his own.

Harry could see more of his nightmares coming true in this Slytherin clad room.

Ron decided he should visit the bathroom as Draco entered the room – the cat followed him and Harry was forced to be left alone in the room with Draco.

"Maybe we should continue what we started earlier…?" Draco suggested, stalking towards the other student with what Harry could identify as a purr rumbling from his pale throat.

"Um…no…how about we don't…" Harry murmured, backing up across the room slowly. "You'd be ashamed of yourself…and besides…" He found himself pinned against the wall by a hungry looking Draco and blurted out the words before he'd really thought about them. "I don't…don't taste nice."

Draco then licked his face and grinned. "You taste very nice to me…"

Harry winced and tried to push the other back but only got thrown onto the bed for his efforts. Draco slipped up over him, pushing him down into the sheets and leaning closer.

The Gryffindor swallowed and quickly glanced towards the door. Why wouldn't someone come in? All he needed was Draco to be a little distracted in order to snap him back to reality.

"Draco…please." Harry murmured, trying to wriggle out from underneath the oddly stronger boy. When did Draco get the strength to overpower him?

"My pleasure…" Draco purred, leaning down to steal the other's lips in a demanding and yet delicious kiss. Harry found himself losing control under it – letting his mouth open for the other's gentle lips and tongue. The Slytherin's tongue found his and began to caress it lightly even as Harry gave up fighting to get free. He even moaned…and that must have been what made Draco awaken from his mini-stupor.

He leapt back from Harry with such a sound that it summoned all the Slytherins in listening range – and Ron. They all peered in to where Harry had sat up on the bed and to where Draco had pressed himself against the nearest wall to the door. Ron immediately knew what had happened and stalked over to his bed between where Harry was sitting and Draco's bed.

"There's nothing to see here, folks…" he said, detachedly as he slumped down. "They're only having a lover's tiff."

Four eyes turned to him and glared but Ron chose to ignore them as he picked up one of his books and began to read for lack of anything else to do.

Draco slipped back to his bed – so that he could at least have someone between himself and Harry. He even chose to speak.

"If I go to do anything like that again…stop me – by any means possible. He was enjoying it!"

Harry blushed and glared back across the room even as Ron's eyes glanced up with mild interest at Harry's response to such an accusation. He could see the truth in the other's embarrassment.

"Oh really, Harry…you think you'd be able to control yourself." Ron murmured, turning the page of his book and beginning to read again.

Suddenly, the three of them heard a scream from the room outside. They leapt to their feet and pushed open the door, gazing down to the scene below. Students were running away like mice retreating from a hawk into their mouse homes. In the centre of the room stood a werewolf that Harry registered looked very similar to a werewolf he knew already.

But it was the middle of the day…and nowhere near a full moon…

Harry glanced to the others in the room and then picked up his cat, and set it outside the door. The cat immediately slipped down the stairs and sat beside the werewolf on the carpet. If Harry could just get Remus to leave with t he cat – perhaps they'd have a chance of helping the rest of the school to go back to normal. He turned back to his room and pulled the door shut.

"I hope you don't mind killing your cat," Draco snarled, distastefully – though even as he spoke to Harry he didn't make eye contact.

"She'll be fine…" Harry said quietly.

There was a howl from the common room and then Harry returned to the door. When he opened it he was glad to see that both the wolf and the cat were gone. He slipped outside and down the stairs, followed uneasily by Draco and Ron. It was the first time that Harry realized how much he was going to hate being down here. Normally he'd have been able to look out into the grounds and make sure that Remus had got away – but there were no windows in the Slytherin's dungeon like dormitories – being underground and all.

Harry sighed and sank down on one of the sofas. "I wonder what'll happen with lunch." Breakfast had lasted two hours this morning and yet there were three more left until lunchtime.

He also imagined that the news was on it's way to Voldemort already. How long would it take for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to get to Hogwarts anyway?

The hours seemed to be filled solely with thinking about what was going on – trying to figure out the strange occurances and what would happen now that they'd occurred. Meanwhile, a monster had moved into one of the toilets in the Slytherin dormitory. It's green tentacles reached out at anyone who went near it. A painting had been invaded by an enormous black dragon that had eaten all the other occupants and settled down to sleep – and the books had lost all their words. The last one seemed like the kind of thing Hermione would have nightmares about.

Lunchtime came and went – a few students who hadn't eaten properly at breakfast were so busy complaining that they barely noticed Lucius enter the room. Draco noticed immediately however and slipped to his father's side.

"It's your turn to eat now. We've decided it's safer if you all eat separately – but you have less time to eat as we can't spend all day nursing you lot while we're trying to get the magical blocks down."

Lucius quickly organised the students into lines and he and Draco led them all quickly up to the Great Hall – where they were forced to eat their fill within ten minutes and then quick marched straight back down to the dormitories. Harry and Ron made sure to carry as much food as they could down with them. Draco realized that this was perhaps a good idea too and made sure to do the same.

The same thing happened at dinner that night too and afterwards, Harry finally collapsed on his bed and closed his eyes. What would happen tomorrow?

So much had happened to change his life today that Harry was getting worried that he was part of an out of control spell. Would it end without being attended to or was Harry going to have to live through this forever unless he figured it out? He wasn't sure…he wished Hermione were here instead of dreaming in the infirmary. She'd know what was wrong.

Harry was rudely interrupted from his reverie by a clap in the room. Ron and Draco rose quickly and left the room on Snape's silent orders – leaving the Slytherin housemaster and the young Gryffindor alone in the room.

"It's about time I had the chance to get you alone, Mister Potter…" Severus murmured, slipping across the room slowly. "You look a lot like your father, do you realize that?

"I hope you realize that I'm far past having a tete-a-tete with a Slytherin…" Harry murmured, moving as though he would get up.

"Oh no…stay where you are. I wouldn't want you to move."

It wasn't an offer…it was an order.

Snape continued lazily. "You see…your father and I were involved for a short while."

Harry swallowed. He didn't want to listen to this and he didn't like the way that his Potions professor was slowly getting closer to him.

"And I was just thinking…wouldn't it be a nice way to honor his memory if I could manage the same kind of acquaintance with his beautiful son."

That was it…Harry wasn't going to wait for Snape to finish closing the distance between them. He let out a cry like an injured dog and leapt over the bed pursued by a lust-driven Snape. He was almost at the door when it opened and Draco slipped in, closing the escape route behind him.

Snape slipped up behind him and locked his arms about Harry's pulling him back so that he couldn't tug free of the Slytherin's grip. Draco moved forwards as the path was presented to him and kissed Harry firmly on the lips, pressing close to his body. Snape somehow maneuvered himself to achieve a similar touch of flesh upon flesh – kissing a delicate trail down the Gryffindor's neck line.

Harry groaned softly – still trying desperately to find some way to slide out of the other's grasp. He barely marked that he'd been moved onto the bed and that Severus was no longer behind him but above him, leaning down closer.

He did however comprehend the feel of silky black hair tickling his face and the touch of Draco's lips and fingers descending over his chest. Hold on…when did they take his shirt off? He moaned softly as Draco began to use his tongue instead of his lips – and this gave Snape the opening he was waiting for. Lips closed over his own in such a strange angle that it made the kiss nothing Harry had ever felt before.

The sound that came to his hears was something like the squeal of car tyres as they tried to brake in time to not hit a baby crossing the road. The thud of Draco falling off the bed in shock made Harry believe that maybe the car did hit the baby, after all.

Ron gazed in quietly at the scene before him and then rubbed his eyes uneasily. "I've got to be having a nightmare…this is just too crazy to be real…" He turned and walked back out of the room to leave the three to sort this out for themselves.

Harry had been perfectly aware of everything that was going on all the way through – but Snape had just come to his senses and he felt just as dizzy as he had after saying those things earlier. Draco had crawled under the bed to hide. He couldn't believe it had happened again.

Snape swallowed and looked down over the other uneasily for a few moments, then straightened himself and let a weak, half smile move over his features. He was unbelievably nervous and he didn't quite understand. Just like when he was injured in first year. He didn't like people to notice his weaknesses.

Harry shifted and then shrugged. "Just…pretend it didn't happen…"

Snape nodded and stepped back. "Yes…that's probably best."

"Yes…it probably is." Harry replied, moving to the door and opening it for Snape, who exited looking incredibly flustered. Harry closed the door and turned back towards the bed.

"Come out, Draco…" he said quietly.

Draco crawled out from underneath the bed slowly, eyeing Harry uneasily.

"You realize I'm not going to hold anything that happens against you. I know it's not you who's doing it."

Draco still looked nervous but he nodded slowly. "I just wish it wouldn't happen…"

Harry looked like he was going to comply – but he wasn't really sure he wanted to so he stayed silent instead. He didn't mind what Draco did, really. But Snape…? That was just scary.

"So I take it you want to help me find out why it's happening and stop it?" Harry asked, eyeing Draco to make sure he didn't figure out what he really thought about their little meetings.

"Yes. Absolutely."

"Even though it means that Dumbledore and the others will come back?" Harry asked, dubiously.

Draco looked distraught for a moment and then he nodded his head slowly. "Yes…I just want it to stop."

Harry nodded. "Good…that means we can use this room as a base of operations, right?"

Draco agreed callously and then slipped over to his bed, changing into his green silk pajamas beneath the sheets and then laying his head back.

Harry opened the door and called back Ron before finally slipping into his bed and changing to go to sleep. It was past eleven now and he figured he'd need all his energy tomorrow.