The door shut curtly on her face, breaking the gaze, leaving him with only one statement. Once again, he was all alone. It didn't take long before the disbelief in his eyes vanished, welcoming a stone-cold look back as the room quickly became filled with First Order officers and expectations.

"What should we do, Supreme Leader?"

He winced at the sarcastic tone of this voice and realized he was still kneeling down. In a heavy silence, the new leader got back on his feet and turned around to face the red-haired General whose smile didn't even conceal his pride.

"Back to the Finalizer."

It felt like it'd been days since Rey last slept.

Daytime was a relatively complex thing to adjust to while crossing the galaxy. If she was completely honest with herself, she couldn't even say how long it had been since she had left Jakku; it could have been days, months, years…so much had happened since then. It was only as she started telling how her mission went that she realized only a few days had passed. Around her, what was left of the Resistance was listening her account, with only the babbling of the Falcon's console adding to her voice.

"… then Chewie and I were able to reach Crait and find you all."

Silent, closed faces nodded. It was still too soon to realize the past events. Adding to that, the poor number of them had left a bitter taste to the escape. Breaking the silence, Leia stood up,

"Thank you, Rey."

Her face was inscrutable, which meant more than words could say. A soft greeting later, she left towards the cockpit and the little group separated throughout the ship. Her place wasn't left empty for long, already taken by a smiling Finn. There was something missing in this smile; something new but gloomy. She couldn't tell. The last time she saw her friend could have been the last. There was a strange feeling aboard the Falcon: split between grief, relief, and reunification in a tense atmosphere. Having to adjust to only one mood wasn't easy. Despite that, she managed to smile back.

"What did I miss?"

"A lot, but nothing compared to your own story."

With a brief glance towards the bunk Rose had been put on, the former stormtrooper started telling all that had happened within the Resistance. Silent but still, Poe listened. His arms crossed across his chest, his eyes fixed on Finn as he related the self-proclaimed mission he and Rose followed on Canto Bight. As he was getting to their arrest, the pilot mumbled that he'd better go check where they were going and left for the cockpit. Quickly checking if anyone could hear them, Finn continued:

"It's been crazy here. Without the General, we all felt a bit… lost."

Rey nodded, understanding far more than she'd like.

"Is that…?"

She cast a glance at the crew, trying to count them and probe the faces she may have met before she left for Ahch-To.

"All that's left of the Resistance ? I'm afraid it is."

Both of them sighed, blindly looking in front of them. They remained like this for a few minutes; awkwardly close yet distant, until Finn stood up and offered a helping hand to her.

" I'm going to check on Rose. You should get some rest."

Usually, she would have disagreed and found something helpful to do, but she could feel the tiredness weighing down her head. With one more nod to her friend, the young woman got on her feet as well and reached the semi-circled bench next to the corridor.

Thousands of concerns about the Resistance's fate came to her mind as she laid down. But deep down, as she fell asleep, she couldn't help worrying for someone else's.

The Finalizer was as cold and impersonal as it'd used to be. As soon as they landed, Hux had caught up the new Supreme Leader in an attempt to talk about their future plans.

"Shall I summon our forces ? We could-"

"I want the Supremacy fixed."


The sole sight of his superior's expression was enough to shut Hux up. One hand on his still scorching throat, the General agreed with a solemn yet forced "yes" before heading to the main room, escorted by some officers.

As he reached his personal quarters, Kylo Ren let his cloak fall on the floor and himself on the bunk. Not a single noise to be heard between these walls, except his thoughts. Breathless, the young man realized he'd never felt so full of anger yet so empty. Quickly, focusing on only one of these ideas became tough enough to give him a headache, which only accentuated the growing frustration running through his veins.

For the second time of his life, it occurred to him that killing someone might have been a terrible mistake.