"Child of Her Own" by Thomas J.

Date started and completed: 23rd February 2003.

Setting: The Starship Voyager.

Takes place: Straight after "11:59", which I'm pretending was a few days before Mother's Day.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns everything related to Star Trek, I'm just borrowing them for this story.


Janeway looked up from her book as the door to her quarters chimed, indicating she had a visitor. "Come," she called, expecting to see Neelix for the fifth time in two hours with a new 'better than coffee'. None so far had surpassed her favourite beverage and she suspected that none would.

The door slid open and surprised Janeway by revealing Harry Kim. She couldn't help but entertain the notion that he had only come to give her a status report, or to show her a more detailed starchart of the area they would reach the next day, or even that he had come to deliver Tom's latest brainteaser.

"Ma'am," he said politely, standing to attention in the doorway and nodding in her direction.

"At ease," she said grinning, and gestured to an empty chair beside her, "have a seat Harry." He nodded again, gratefully this time, and walked over, sitting in the place Janeway had indicated.

She could see that he was trying not to look around and appear impolite. It was then that it struck her - he'd never been inside her quarters before. "What's on your mind?" she asked, settling back into her comfortable recliner and placing her book on the table in front of them.

"I was just thinking about the day," he said casually, handling something behind his back.

"Sunday?" she asked with a baffled expression. "It's one of the only days I get a chance to properly relax."

Harry's face turned a little red at this point but he forced himself to meet the Captain's kind gaze. "I was thinking about occasions, and how we celebrate them all as a family."

She knew he was referring to the celebration they had had in honour of their ancestors two days earlier, but she still hadn't realised where he was headed.

"Well today is Mother's Day, and my Dad and I would always surprise my Mom with something special..." he trailed off, suddenly developing a keen interest in the floor.

Janeway reached towards him and patted him on the shoulder. "I'm sure your mother knows that you're thinking of her," she said, giving him her warmest smile.

"I'm sure she does Ma'am," he said, looking up without a hint of embarrassment, "and I know for sure that she knows how much of a Mother you've been to me during these last 5 years."

Janeway opened her mouth to say something but the young Ensign hurried on. "That's why I'd like you to have this." He pulled out a package from behind his back and handed it to Janeway. It was a thin rectangle wrapped in dark paper. "Happy Mother's Day," he said, standing up quickly.

There was an awkward pause as Janeway remained seated, overwhelmed with surprise. "I should get back to Engineering, B'Elanna's waiting for me," he interrupted.

"Of course," she said simply, and he turned and walked towards the exit.

He reached the door and it slid aside. "Harry!" Janeway said loudly.

He turned around instantly. "Ma'am?"

"Thank you," she smiled. He nodded for the third and final time and left her alone to her thoughts.

She pulled the paper off carefully to discover a photograph taken two days ago. The senior staff in their entirety were smiling up at her, all within the confines of a golden frame. "Thank you," she whispered to the empty room.

At that moment, she felt the closest she ever had, to having a child of her own.