Nancy's P.O.V

My best friends , Georgia (She only goes by George) Fayne and her cousin, Bess Marvin, are over at my house, after we just finished up a case. It was a long, complicated one at that. I sit on my window seat staring out the window as Bess says, "Well, either way, Nancy got the bank robbers, so all's well that end's well!" "Yep," George says from my chair at my desk, "Right, Nance?... Nancy? Earth to Nancy Drew?" I snap out of it, "Yeah?"

"Come on, Nancy," Bess says, "The case is closed, you can think about everyday things again!" I let out a sigh and say "I don't know. I feel like something's up..." George shrugs, "Again?! We just got done!" I explain the problem; two weeks ago my Dad and I were supposed to visit my grandmother in Scotland, but we just didn't go. He's been acting really distracted since and keeps going off to be alone. I first worried if something happened to Grandma, but he would've said something. So what could it be?

They both look stunned as I let out a gentle sigh, "I've even tried calling her, but no one answers." "Well, maybe you should ask him." Bess suggests. "Yeah," I say, "But if there's something wrong, I don't want to upset him more." Then we hear something downstairs, like my Dad, famous lawyer Carson Drew in our town of River Heights, yelling. We all three quietly creep down the stairs to see him with his back to us, on the phone in the kitchen.

"I KNOW THAT!" he says, trying to stay somewhat quiet, "BUT IT'S NOT WORKING! I want SOME sort of answer as to why it's doing that!...I know-...no one else can...?... Okay..." He sighs and hangs up. He sits back and I signal everyone to quietly go back up the staircase. We get to the top and turn right to my room. As soon as I close the door, I'm meant by George saying "THAT was really weird! Your Dad's a pretty calm guy, I don't know what'd make him freak out like that."

I say "I have no idea..." Which is true, I don't. Bess says, "Well, maybe we should go out to the mall, I know that just sounds like my urge to look at Rue 21's new line, but we can talk there away from your Dad and help clear your mind." I nod, but I know nothing's gonna do that.

We sit at the little coffee shop in the River Heights Book store and I take in the scent of my mocha coffee. Bess starts going on about some new guy she meant on Facebook, when I spot my enemy since First grade, Deirdre Shannon. She actually looks worried. I listen in to her talking to the barista guy.

"And now she won't call back!" She says in a frustrated tone, "I don't know what to do! How do you talk to someone on a different CONTINENT?" I stand up and skip over to this conversation, "Deirdre?" I ask, "Is your friend by any chance, in Scotland?" "No," she crosses her arms, "England." I nod, "I see, is there else you know from there?" "Well, duh." she says. "Can you call them?" I ask, to which she reluctantly agrees. She pulls out her iPhone and says "Call Anna." "Calling Anna.." the phone says and it starts ringing.

But nobody answers...

Deirdre shrugs and says, "You needed me more then I needed you anyway!" and hangs up the phone. I look at her, I'm pretty sure my eyes glazed over in the shock and growing fear I'm feeling. I slowly nod and walk back to our table to grab my purse, "I have to go talk to Ned." "Ned?" Bess asks, "What's he got to do with this?" "He might know something. Anything. Deirdre's friends in England won't answer either!" They both look shocked and so we all left, paying for but not finishing our coffee.

We climb into my car, a blue convertible I named Twinkle, and head to the River Heights Bugle Head Quarters. The Bugle's a local newspaper run by the father of my long time boyfriend, Ned Nickerson (who also works there as a reporter) and seems to get a lot of news on everything before we do.

We pull up and I notice how the parking lot looks empty, like on a Sunday when the Bugle's not working, but I know they are today. We get out and Bess says "Maybe we shouldn't go, it looks like they're out for the day..." "But I know they're here!" I say and without another word, my curiosity gets the better of me and I go to the glass front door and look in.

All of the lights are off from what I see, but I can't see Mr. Nickerson's office or any of the main rooms. I take a bobby pin from my bag and start getting to work on the door. George says "Uhm, Nancy? Maybe not the best idea? I mean, if Mr. Nickerson finds out you broke in-" "Gained unlawful entrance," I correct her as the door comes unlocked, "I'm not breaking anything."

We sneak in as quietly as possible, I have learned from my years as an amateur sleuth to walk pretty much silently, but George and Bess are a little more noisy. We get into the dark abyss of the typing room, but I see one or two lights on in the back. "Let's check it out." I whisper walking closer, but I'm smarter then to walk in the open walkway where people could see me a mile away.

I get to the source of the light, where I see Ned, Mr. Nickerson, and some random man standing over a computer. Ned, looking really worried, types a few things and says "General, we can't get the connection back, if we had a computer wiz maybe, but not any of us." The man nods and says "I'll call in one from Washington. If this is real, if this is happening, there's no telling how far it'll go..." I look back at George. She looks a little reluctant, but, she the best person with computers I know outside of Washington DC.

The three of us step out into the light, making the boys jump. Ned asks, "Nancy?" As the man pulls a gun and points it at us. I gasp but Ned steps up grabbing his hand "NO! Nancy's good! She's with us!" he puts it away and looks between us three and Ned and his dad, "Can they be trusted?" "Yes," Mr. Nickerson says, "This is Nancy Drew, the-" "Yes, yes, I've heard of her." he says.

"Listen, George here's great with computers! She can try with, what ever your doing...what are you doing, again?" "...can we trust-" "More then us, even." Ned says sternly, to which the man says "That scares me." "Nancy," Mr. Nickerson says, "This is General Potter, he's here because... well..." "Because," General Potter fills in, "No country can get a contact through to the United Kingdom, but they did." I look speechless to Ned and Mr. Nickerson. "It's true," Ned says, "I got a face time call on Messenger earlier, it was meant to go to someone else, but the guy was trying to tell me there's something up." "Something up?" I ask. He says "I have no clue-... no." he sits up, "No, Nancy, no!" I smile as innocently as possible, "What...?" "NO mystery here!" he says, "Please let the military solve this one." I laugh a little as the General says, "I have no idea what's going on, but I don't care, get me into that server." George says, "It's not a server." She keeps typing away. And keeps going.

3 hours later...

I sigh and look back at the paperclip I've been bending into countless shapes. Ned's typing out regular news, which General Potter doesn't trust so he keeps watching over Ned's shoulder, Mr. Nickerson's asleep in his chair, Bess is touching up her makeup, and George is looks like she's staring down the computer screen, still typing.

George shrugs and slumps in her chair, "I got nothing. I can't get back in." the General shrugs and then I say "I'll call McGee." It's a long story, but in summery, my Dad was in a case in Washington DC, and we meant Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS, and we became friends.

General Potter says "Alright, we're done. I need an airport." "Why?" Bess asks and he says "I'm calling in my men, then we're going to the drop zone." "Drop zone?" I ask. He walks away. I watch as George mumbles "Oh my gosh, are they gonna parachute into whatever's going on?!" "Guess so." Bess whispers. I nod, "Guess so..."

As soon as I drop off Bess and George, I head back home as quick as legally possible. I have to find out what's going on... I have to. I pull up outside and realize the night's air has really put a chill in the air. I run to the door and see our maid-turned mother figure, Hanna Gruen, already opened the door for me. "Nancy! Where's your coat?" "Sorry," I say, "Didn't plan to be out so late. Where's Dad?" She says "He's in his office, I don't know why, but he's been there all day." I nod and tell her "I already ate, thanks." then jog up to my room.

My own mom, Kate Drew, died when I was 3 in a car accident over seas. I don't have many memories of her. Since then, Hanna's been my mother figure. As soon as I get to my room, I write a note explaining where I'll be. I hope they won't worry too much, but I have to find Grandma and everyone else who's disappeared.

I already have a backpack full of everything I need for a few days in the back of my closet. I pull it out as quietly as I can and put it on the bed. I put on some black leggings and a black turtle neck, even some combat boots Bess got me, and get ready. I wait until I hear Hanna go to her room, signaling the coast is clear enough. I tip toe down stairs and out the door to my awaiting car. I wait until a car is passing on the street then turn over the engine, not to signal my leaving. There's only one way I'm getting to the UK.

I pull up outside the airport, the one only military plane out on the runway getting loaded. I wait until everyone's busy talking to climb and jump the fence. This is gonna take exact timing. I stop in the ditch and wait. they turn and go back to the truck for more supplies. That's my cue. I make the 20 foot dash constantly watching them, and holding my breath as good as I could. when I make it to the plane's entrance, I quickly duck in and find a nice space behind some boxes. I bump into the bottom crate and a part comes open, what comes out? Parachute packs. 'Nice!' I say in my head taking one and waiting.

I hear the crew and passengers board the plane and set in their seats. I try to sit back and start to some how feel a little tired. As my eyes reluctantly close, I start wondering what's waiting for me in the United Kingdom?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FINALLY! I LOVE NANCY DREW! Nancy Drew got me into reading! I wanted to be like her! Heck, I trained on the 'silent walk' (Still haven't mastered it, lol) and how to pick a lock! I LOVE Nancy Drew! So anyway, here's the first part! Starting next chapter, SONGS WILL BE ALONG WITH THE STORY BECAUSE THIS IS CLEARLY FROM PINK FLOYD'S THE WALL (The names of them)! To NCIS fans; they're gonna be in here more! Again; this story will contain some very bad hate and if you need further details, listen to the album! Thanks y'all and hope to update soon! Thanks for reading and LOVE YOU GUYS!