Disclaimer: I don't own Adventure time I kinda own Emma and Dove.

(Cue Adventure Time islands intro) {changed up a tiny bit to fit the added stuff)

Adventure Time

Come on grab your friends

We'll going to very distant lands

With Finn and Jake

And Emma and possibly Dove

It's Adventure Time

(Cue: Fake title card for an episode called new adventure)

Finn and Jake are in their tree house when their is a knock at the door.

Finn and Jake open it.

"Hey Finn and Jake we were wondering if you would like to go on an adventure with us?" Emma asked.

Finn looked at his buddy Jake. "Hey Jake you know what time it is?" Finn asked.

"ADVENTURE TIME!" Finn and Jake said and fist bump.

They all head to the dock and Jake morphs into a boat and everyone hops in and they set sail.


They see a new island and set sail but the inhabitants come up and surround Dove and puts a sleeping spell on her and carry her away and leave a treasure map.

Emma picks up the map. "Looks like we need to follow this map to find Dove." Emma said and they follow the map to the first place a thick forest.

Finn pulls out his sword and chops his way through.

When they get to the other side they see a castle and run up to it but robots attack them so they chop them up and get to the castle.

Emma pulls out a grapple hook and throws it to the top of the tower of the castle and climbs up.

When Emma gets inside she sees Dove and goes over to her and gives her a kiss and Dove wakes up and they escape the castle and head to the shore and set sail again.

Sorry if this episode is too short I haven't seen every episode of Adventure Time and I sometimes run out of ideas. If you havae any ideas please tell me in your review.