Greetings, and I feel the need to apologize right out of the gate, as I have been absent from updating this FanFiction for far longer than I ever intended.

Allow me to explain.

Firstly, the biggest thing is that my parents (irl) have recently gotten a loan to finish their house, which has been something in the making for about three years now.

Needless to say, I've been focusing almost all of, if not literally all of, my free time for the last month to helping them get said house done before winter sets in, especially since they are building it themselves rather than hiring a contractor to do it.

Secondly... well, I feel the need to point this one out.

This fic? I feel like it's honestly kinda crappy over all. Really, there was no true planning going on here, as I just played through DDLC and decided "I'ma whip this up!" and make a couple chapters to see how far it'd go.

I never expected this to go off as hard as it did. Truly.

However, now, I can't bring myself to keep typing up chapter after chapter of content that I feel has no true substance behind it. The biggest thing I've noticed is that I haven't properly characterized the girls well enough. None of them actually have the level of issues that they have in the game.

As such, to each and every one of you who have followed this fic and kept up to date... as well as those who have been waiting with bated breath...

Well... This isn't a chapter. And I'm not continuing with this facade of it being all right any longer.

Before your heart drops, like I know that most of you will feel when you read that last line, I'm going to lift those spirits of yours up as well as I can.

I'm re-writing this fic.

Rather than fly by the seat of my pants and keep going on a fic that honestly feels kinda trashy to the creator, the creator here is going to do something to fix it.

As such, I will leave this specific fic on the site for retrospective purposes, and begin re-writing this fic as soon as I possibly can.. once my life proceeds to actually calm down enough to do so.

I ask for your continued patience on this matter, and I promise...

I will do everything I can to make this fic truly great.

So until then, with all my heart, thank you for reading this far, and until I get this new and improved "Beyond the Monitor's Grave" up and running...

I hope to see you all when that day happens!

'Till then, my friends!