This story branches off of the other one I'm working on "trying to fit in" however since this one takes a much darker turn than that one is I decided to give it is own plot. There will be child abuse in later chapters. We'll see what happens, the stories kind of take me along for the ride as well. I hope you like it. Please leave feedback, it really helps.


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Carlos woke up to Dude whining at the door. The boy groaned and looked at his clock, 4:30.
"Really, Dude? You have to go that bad?" he sighed and got up. If Dude had an accident in the dorm room Jay would kill them both. Carlos dressed quickly and took Dude outside. They walked around together a bit while Dude took care of his business by a bush. Carlos was just about to head back inside with the little dog when he froze. A whistle. The small dog quickly turned and ran to the source but Carlos stayed frozen on the spot where he stood. That dog-call whistle had never been a good thing for him to hear. He trembled and eventually fell to his knees in a full on panic attack, he didn't know where he was any more. And then everything went black.


"Jay! Wake up" Evie and Mal were shaking the older boy awake, he groaned and rolled over.

"What?" he asked irritated by the rude awakening.

"You over slept. And where is Carlos?" Mal asked.

"He's right…" Jay had pointed towards Carlos' bed but then realized it was empty. "Well he WAS there last night" Jay sat up and put a t-shirt on. "Turn around at least." He said to the girls.

"Well it's not like we haven't seen it before." Evie retorted with a smirk but she and Mal turned around anyway so that Jay could put some pants on.

Once Jay was dressed and ready they started looking for Carlos. Dude was found outside with his leash on and alone. It was very unusual.

"We need to go see Fairy Godmother." Evie finally said. Jay and Mal agreed.

"Are you sure he hasn't just run off again, it seems to be a trend with him." Fairy Godmother said, concerned but hesitant to make the situation more serious than it might be.

Jane was called in since she was able to find him last time and she went to look in the tower. A few minutes later she called her mom that Carlos wasn't in there.

"I need my mirror" Evie said " I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner."

"Excellent idea" Fairy Godmother said, and they rushed to Mr. Deleys office since he still had it.

Evie asked to see Carlos but all that showed up was grey fog in the mirror. Her heart sank, This was really, really not good.
"Oh Bippity Boppity" FG gasped stricken with worry. "We need to inform King Adam that we have a missing person."