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So because my summary was too long for the caption I'll give a longer summary here.

Amelia Thompson is a half-blood witch. Her mother is a witch and her father a muggle. She knows about the magical world because of her mother, but her father doesn't allow her to go to Ilvermorny. He wants her to be normal and supress her powers. She is good at it, until she hits puberty. When she starts to fancy the king of Hawkins High, Steve Harrington, things get more out of hand. The biggest problem is his relationship with Nancy Wheeler. Some drastic changes in her life and the involvement with the Party and their battle against Demodogs change who Amelia is forever.

This story is set during the second season of Stranger Things and features my OC and all your favorite inhabitants of Hawkins. I didn't put it in the crossover section because there are no characters from Harry Potter mentioned and it is really just about Stranger Things with a little background on the Wizarding World. Might you not know anything about HP: shame on you. There are seven books waiting for you.

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The Hawkins High King

"And here is another example of why the Com- the Soviets are dangerous. I am telling you, this is just like last time. I remember the day we-,'

There was no one in the Junior class of Miss Canterbury who could take her serious or even bothered listening to her. Everyone was occupied with more important stuff. Teenage stuff. A girl with brown curly hair and legs too long for her body was crushing a pimple on her forehead. A guy with short red hair and chubby cheeks was sticking the third piece of gum under his desk. Two girls in the front gave up pretending to listen a while ago and were talking about an upcoming party.

And then there was a girl in the back of the class who was drawing in her notebook. The sun burned comfortably in her back through the windows on the second floor. She sat so far away that the paranoia sounds of Miss Canterbury and her stories of the Second World War died out. If anything it was easier to focus on the birdsong outside. It was late in autumn for birds to be singing, but the girl in the back of the class could appreciate their effort.

There was nothing special about this girl. She had lived her entire life in Hawkins yet nobody knew her name. She was just another face in the crowd. A soft round face with light skin and a pimple to decorate it here and there. She had some light freckles running over her nose and cheeks too. Her eyes were a dull green colour that nobody would write a poem about. Her strawberry blonde hair had grown so fast over summer that she permanently tied it in a braid running down her back. She stopped a long time ago bothering to take care of her hair. Her wardrobe consisted mostly of flannel, lumberjacks and plain black T-shirts. Her work boots drummed absent-mindedly against her chair. If she had the nerve she would hum along with the birds, but this was the quiet-kind-of-girl. Amelia was perfectly ordinary. A typical teenager on a typical American High school. She even had a typical teenage crush on a cute boy.

And what a boy he was. It was hard to get someone out of your mind that was so perfect. Top player on the basketball team, most popular guy in Hawkins and hair that was always flawless. Yes, that is how you would sum up the crush of the girl in the back of the class. Steve Harrington was his name. She knew everything about him. She was also pretty sure he didn't know her name.

Amelia was interrupted in drawing doodles that sort of resembled hearts by a voice whispering in front of her.

'Hey can I borrow your pen?'

The question wasn't directed to Amelia. It was a conversation three rows in front of her and it shouldn't bother her.

'Yeah, of course.'

But it did.

Because everything was beautiful about having a crush on a cute boy…except when he had a girlfriend. Nancy Wheeler. Ugh. Why did it have to be Nancy? The most perfect girl in the school. Makes kinda sense, doesn't it?

Shut up.

Nancy only asked a pen. She asked a pen from a guy sitting next to her and he immediately gave his pen up. Nancy got whatever she asked. Everyone knew that her best friend, Barbara, had run away from home and Nancy had a difficult time with it. Which only made her more sympathetic and sweet. Just the thought that this girl was too distracted to even notice Steve, but still had his complete attention, made Amelia's blood boil. She sat there, in the back of the class. Her look could kill, but everyone knows you can't kill with a look. Everyone knows you can't make things happen by thinking about them.

Those rules don't apply to Amelia.

Before anyone knew what happened there was a sea of blue liquid and a high-pitched yell. Nancy's pen had somehow 'leaked'. Maybe exploded was a better word. Ink ran down her desk and shirt. Amelia looked at the accident with shock. Shit not again.

'Miss Canterbury can I go to the bathroom?' Nancy asked with her perfect voice. After twenty apologies from the guy that gave her the pen and a careless smile from Nancy she disappeared in the hall. Amelia shrunk in her seat. Her head turned red and she quickly pretended to take notes. Nobody was looking her way, nobody suspected anything. Pens just leak. Nobody knew she did it. She wasn't hiding because she was afraid someone would point her out, but because of a guilty feeling. She didn't hate Nancy. Okay…not that much anyway. Those things just sort of...happened.

It was the end of the school day and Amelia was putting her books in her locker. Within a couple of minutes a familiar face walked towards her. Amelia waved her over.

'Hey Claire,' Amelia said with a smile.

'I got you something,' her best friend replied as a greeting. She placed herself next to Amelia and showed an orange flyer with black text and a badly drawn ghost drinking from a bottle. Amelia stared at it for a moment before looking at Claire.

'A Halloween party? What makes you think I'm invited?' Amelia asked. Claire rolled her eyes. 'Oh come on. Do you really think Tina will notice one more person there? She will be too drunk anyway. Come on, it will be fun.'

Amelia sighed and continued to put books in her locker. 'I'm not going.'

Claire leaned against the locker next to her and raised an eyebrow. 'You know Harrington will be there.' Amelia started to blush. She didn't look up from her locker. 'So what?' she said, trying to sound careless.

'Uhh, so you totally have a crush on him for some time now. Don't deny it, I know stuff,' she said wisely. Amelia chuckled and finally looked at her friend, closing her locker. 'You are so wise. But you are wrong. I don't have a crush on a douchebag like King Steve.' She air quoted with her fingers.

'No that is true. But ever since he's been with Nancy he has changed and that is when you got a crush, am I right?' Claire said with a smirk. The two girls knew each other too well. Amelia gave up trying and averted her eyes.

'Pathetic isn't it? And not just because he is unreachable or something. No, because he ditched those assholes he called his friends and stopped bullying people. I think he doesn't even mind his decrease in popularity.'

Claire chuckled. 'Everybody minds their decrease in popularity. Even that perfect little girlfriend of his. Speaking of which,' she leaned closer, 'I heard their relationship is a bit…rocky.'


'Yeah. Like on the rocks.'

'I know what it means. But are you sure? Whenever I see them together they sort of seem…perfect.'

Claire smirked again. 'So you are jealous of Nancy?' She repositioned herself and crossed her arms. Amelia tried to look innocent. 'Not at all.'

'Is that why she is walking around with an ink stain on her shirt?' Claire asked.

Amelia blinked a couple of times. 'Her pen leaked.' Claire laughed. 'Sure thing. You did it, didn't you?'

Amelia had to be careful. Claire didn't know everything, but she had witnessed a thing or two. Amelia didn't want her best friend to get too involved in this crazy part of her and push her away as friend.

'Nobody can make pens explode. Maybe it was faulty, maybe she did something stupid and tried to hide it. Who knows. But it isn't important. What were we talking about again?' Amelia tried to find her way out of this topic. Even her embarrassing crush was better right now.

Claire stared just a moment longer, an unreadable expression on her face. Then she blinked and her cheery self returned. 'I told you Steve and Nancy fake their happiness. Anyway, on more important matters: what costume you've got for the party?'

'What party?' Amelia asked.

'At Tina's. Keep up will you.'

'I'm going then?' Amelia asked airily. Claire knew a victory when she heard it. She attacked Amelia in a tight hug. 'Oh yes you are! Go home and put something cool together. Just promise me one thing.'

Amelia smiled back at her friend. 'What?'

'Nothing flannel. I think you did the cabin in the woods look last year,' Claire said, looking at Amelia's clothing with distaste.

Amelia shoved her friend. 'Fine! I'll wear a woollen sweater.'

'Amelia Thompson, if you dare-,'

'Oh shut it.'

Both girls laughed. Claire was 5 inches taller than Amelia and made this extra clear by wearing heels most days. Her hair was shoulder length and always styled according to the latest trend. The two knew each other since childhood and remained friends over the years. Despite the fact that they were as far away in personality as teenagers can get. But the heels, slim body or fabulous hair weren't what Amelia envied in her friend. Claire was free. Her parents let her do whatever she wanted. Claire could come home at 8 in the morning and nobody asked where she had been all night. She was also a lot more popular with the guys and had dated four guys already. Three of them were older and one even was a student when Claire was a freshmen.

Amelia never had a boyfriend. Or sex. Or even a proper kiss. She had been kissed by a boy on a summer vacation once, but he only did because he wanted to find out if he was gay. Turned out he was.

'Are you taking me home darling?' Claire asked, breaking through Amelia's thoughts. Amelia nodded and they walked to the parking lot where Amelia's AMC 1974 Gremlin was waiting. She brought Claire home and promised to show up at the party.