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"You've got to wake up," Sarah said. "It's been five days and we're nearly there." Chuck's eyes fluttered opened, and looked around.

"We're the strangest Warriors Three ever," he mumbled. Sarah and Casey shared a look. "She's got to be Fandral."

"No, I'm the Valkyrie, and apparently you're Loki," Sarah said. Chuck sat up, and held his head. He looked right at her.

"You're not going to like this," he said.

"It's dangerous," she said. He nodded. "Will I be there with you?"

"Close, but the actual destruction, it's on me," he said. "I'm going to need you to take it on, and somehow I'll have to look into its eyes, up close."

"That's suicide," Casey said. Chuck turned to him.

"The whole time, you'll be fighting off the bipedals with new guns that shoot lasers but shouldn't run out of ammo," Chuck said. Casey grinned. "You've got problems. The eyes, aim for the eyes because behind there is the processors which will destroy them."

"The guns won't run out of ammo?" Casey asked, excited.

"Oh they will eventually because of the charge wearing down, but by the time that would happen would take several days, and if we're fighting that long we're dead already," Chuck replied. They somberly nodded, understanding what they were up against.

"Okay, what else?" Sarah asked.

"We have suits that should absorb some of their fire, should we be hit, it won't necessarily be lethal but…"

"It will hurt," Casey said. Chuck nodded. "So any idea where we do this at?" Chuck nodded, and looked a little pale. "Chuck me," Casey muttered. "We have to go to the heart, don't we?" Chuck nodded.

"So basically we're going to be fighting off thousands of bipedals until we get a T-800 to come out and play with us?" Sarah asked. Chuck shrugged.

"Dad has somehow gotten them all away from the tower they've built, but like you said, it's guarded by the bipedals," Chuck explained. "Once we get there, Dad is going to try to send only one our way. They'll know it's our attack, they'll probably attack Heaven's defenses in retaliation."

"If we don't succeed…" Casey said, trailing off. Chuck nodded.

"They're probably all dead," Chuck admitted. "Dad can only hold so many off for so long."

"This isn't just suicide it's a chance at the whole country dying!" Sarah said. Chuck nodded.

"This is our one shot at hope," Chuck admitted. "We'll go to the bunker we found, and launch the following dawn."

"That's two days out," Casey said. Chuck and Sarah glanced at each other. "The night before, I'm sleeping on the other end of the compound. I'd tell you two to get plenty of sleep, but that would be wasting my breath." They didn't even bother to argue with him.


That morning found all three silent. They dressed in the clothes sent to each, head to toe in black with black trench coats. Chuck began to technobabble explain to them how the coats protected them, but Sarah just kissed him and took his word for it, and Casey grunted.

"Can I tell you how ridiculously hot you look with the sword on your back?" Chuck asked. Sarah just grinned at him. She slipped on her shades, checked both of her guns, and started walking toward the door.

"If we survive this, she may kill you in the after math," Casey said, grinning.

"Yeah, but what a way to go," Chuck replied. When they all reached the doorway to the outside, Chuck paused. "Okay, here goes nothing." Chuck's eyes flicked back and forth, and then he shook his head.

"You okay?" Sarah asked, and he turned to her and grinned.

"This upload was a beast," he said. "But it gave me some amazing skills." Sarah grinned.

"Then let's go break somethings," Sarah said, grinning.

The three hopped in the vehicle that had been provided for them, and made their way to the tower that rose in the distance. After a short drive, they stopped the car and saw the army that stood before them.

"How many?" Casey asked. Chuck's eyes flickered. "You are not counting them. You are not!"

"Okay," Chuck said. Sarah fought back a laugh and Casey rolled his eyes. "Say five hundred a piece," as he got out of the car.

"And we have to hit them in the eye?" Casey asked. Chuck shrugged.

"You and I do, she has a big sword over there that can cut through them like a hot knife through butter," Chuck said. Casey grunted, jealously. Chuck pulled out one of his weapons and aimed. Casey just watched him, shaking his head. "Are you ready?" Chuck asked.

"As ready as we'll ever be," Casey answered. "I'm just glad those things aren't all armed."

"Only about fifteen percent or so," Chuck replied. "Here goes nothing." With that, he squeezed off five shots and Casey's mouth dropped when he saw five of the bipedals go down.

"HOW?" he shouted. Chuck shrugged.

"Intersect," Chuck said. "Let's go," he said, grinning and began to run toward the hoard. Sarah smiled and took off after him, drawing her sword.

"They're both nuts," Casey said, but grinned, drawing his weapons.

The firefight began, and it looked like they would be overtaken in no time, but Chuck leaped over the front line with skills no one knew he had. The first row turned and got taken out by a sword swipe by Sarah. The battle raged, and several times Casey swore the kid was laughing as he made gestures with his hand and it did things to the bipedals. As the bipedals fell they kept their eyes for the T-800, but it didn't show.

"How is your gun holding up?" Chuck asked, when he and Casey found themselves back to back.

"Good, how many do you think are left?"

"Under six hundred," Chuck replied.

"I'm getting tired, Kid," Casey admitted.

"How many shots have you taken?" Chuck asked.

"More than I wanted to, some of us can't flip like you…or her," Casey admitted.

"Should we make a stand here?" Chuck asked.

"May have to, Kid," Casey said. "I'm scared we bit off more than we can chew." Suddenly a plane swooped over and shot down several hundred of them.

"How's that?" Chuck heard in his head. "I finally figured out which station I could contact the Intersect with. By the way if you'd turn on your audio on the wrist computer it would be easier to talk with you about strategy." Chuck turned it on quickly.

"Ellie?" he asked, amazed.

"ARE YOU CRAZY!" she screamed. "We could have blown up the majority of them with the plane but you had to charge them like a crazy person, like some…"

"Mischievous, crafty, cunning, genius?" Chuck offered.

"You are really buying the line of being Loki," Ellie said. "How's the odds now?"

"Oh, it's less than 100 to one," Casey said. "I may take a nap and let the other two handle it."

"Don't get cocky there are more in the tower," Ellie said.

"Thanks, Sis, we've got it from here," Chuck said. Sarah stabbed the last bipedal, walked over, and slapped Chuck on the arm.

"ARE YOU NUTS!?" she screamed. "Why would you do that?"

"Because no one told me beforehand about any plan," Chuck replied. Sarah through for a second.

"So, your new plan is to invade that tower and kill everything?" she asked. Chuck nodded. She took a deep breath and turned to Casey.

"You good, Hogun?" she asked. Casey nodded, grinning.

"My trigger finger is getting a gooood workout." Sarah shook her head, grinning.

"Chuck, Dad said, one is one its way," Ellie said. Chuck looked at the other two.

"Ellie, if this goes wrong, and we don't win, what would happen if we took down that transmitter?" Chuck asked.

"Ellie, ignore him, it's not going wrong," Sarah said. Chuck gulped. "Now let's go finish this." They headed toward the tower, and the earth began to tremble. The three took positions, and Chuck looked at Sarah. "I love you, I never thought I'd feel that here," she said. "Don't die."

"Don't you die either," Chuck said. "That goes for both of you." Casey and Sarah looked at each other, and shared a nod. They all three readjusted their sunglasses, and Chuck punched something into the wrist computer.

"What did you do?" Casey asked.

"Does it help?" Chuck asked. Casey grinned as he looked at the readout on the glasses screen.

"Oh, yeah," he said. Casey opened fire on the T-800, and with that distraction, the Valkyrie struck. She wielded her sword like a thing of beauty hitting it over and over while Chuck flashed. He studied all the fight possibilities and found only one. He took his glasses off and tucked them in his inside coat pocket.

"Hey, you looking for me, I'm Loki," Chuck said, with his arms opened wide. The T-800 moved with a speed no one realized. Sarah jumped on its back, but it flung her off, into Casey. They both went down, but Chuck stood his ground. A metal hand grabbed his throat, shoving him down to the ground, trapped. "Hey," he choked out. "At least look into my eyes before you kill me." The T-800 pulled back his fist to end Chuck when it looked right in Chuck's eyes. Contact. "I want you to know, this is gonna hurt," he said, and the mother of all flashes began.

The T-800 was caught in it, and Chuck felt all the Intersect going through him into the T-800. Chuck also felt himself joining it, as he left his body and entered the T-800.

"Over hear," he heard, and there was his father. "You have to flip that switch to infect the others!" Chuck found the switch his father talked about, and went to push it, but his hand went right through it. "You're not physically here, Son, you have to use your mind, concentrate on what's important to you."

He thought about the world, but that wasn't doing it. He thought about his family, and he felt it tremble. He thought about Sarah and it strained, and then, the picture of Sarah holding a baby with Molly running around entered his mind, and the switch moved.

"We've got to go!" Stephen yelled. They headed for the exit, and Stephen went down as things that resembled miniature bipedals grabbed his foot. "GO! It's the T-800s defenses! GO!"

"I can't leave you!" Chuck yelled.

"GO!" and with that he was ripped from the T-800. He awoke on his back, the hand still wrapped around his throat.

"Hang on, Kid!" Casey yelled. He and Sarah pried the unmoving T-800s hand off of Chuck's throat.

"Ellie, what's the status?" Chuck asked.

"It's over! We won, we won!" Ellie screamed, looking at the monitors. All the machines were no longer moving. There were no signs of electronic life. "Dad! We did it!" she said, looking at the monitor he always talked to her through. There was no message. Tears welled in Ellie's eyes. They had won, but at what cost. A tapping behind her pulled her out of her thoughts. She spun and found the source of the tap. It was the chamber Stephan's body was in. She rushed over, and opened the door.

"..lie..," came the voice.

"Easy, Dad, you haven't talked in a while," she said.

"Sis, we're all okay," Chuck's voice came over the speaker. "We're a little battered and bruised, but we're okay." Ellie lowered her head and let the tears of joy out. The nightmare was over.

Epilogue I

6 months later

"You can made a soufflé? Chuck asked, surprised.

"Why would you think I can't?" Sarah asked.

"Well, you spent most of your time fighting your way through an apocalyptic hellscape, and I wouldn't have thought you'd have much time to pick up the finer points of cooking," Chuck said.

"Maybe this is pre-your-dad-screwing-things-up," Sarah said, grinning. She threw a chopstick at a knife she had left out on the far counter, knocking it away from the edge where Molly, pulling herself up couldn't get to it. The chopstick bounced away at an angle that wasn't even close to the child. Chuck let out a low whistle.

"Where did you get chopsticks?" he asked, impressed.

"Delivery from the Bamboo Dragon yesterday," Sarah said, as if he had lost his mind.

"I didn't order Bamboo Dragon yesterday or have any," Chuck said. Sarah looked down guiltily at her stomach.

"You're blaming the baby," Chuck said, in amusement. Sarah shrugged. Chuck walked over, picked up Molly, and headed toward the door. "Want me to get the food?"

"I drug you through the Wastelands, Chuck Bartowski, I can carry some food through the courtyard, I'm pregnant, not dead!" Chuck slinked away, not seeing Sarah grinning at him, knowing he was only trying to care for her and their new one.

The monthly get together was always held at the compound, which was just across the courtyard. Homes had been built for the saviors against their protests. The people said it was for them more than the saviors themselves. They wanted the group to always be nearby…just in case. As always everyone was there, Casey, Chuck, Sarah, Molly, Stephen, Ellie, and Devon who had come immediately to find his wife when the crisis was over and he was told she was still alive. Gertrude had begun to come to the gatherings, since she made Casey happy; Sarah had demanded it. Stephen was always a bit withdrawn, looking like he was far away.

"Is he okay," Chuck asked Ellie, in what was becoming a recurring question each time they met. She shrugged, which had always been her answer. Chuck nodded and grinned, knowing what was coming.

"Who knows what happened to his mind in there," they said together, it had been said by Ellie so many times that Chuck knew what was coming.

"What's important is he's here, we're here, we survived," Ellie said.

"Yeah, but so many didn't," Chuck said.

"And, that could also be weighing on him," Ellie said. "Besides, someone else is watching him as well." Chuck looked at her, and followed her gaze. Sarah was always watching Stephen when they were together. Ellie put her hand on his arm. "She doesn't think he's a threat, she's just trying to protect you." Chuck smiled. "That's what saved her, so don't even think of ever asking her not to." Chuck watched her, and Sarah turned to him with a smile.

"Wouldn't dream of it, Sis."

Epilogue II

2 Years After the Final Battle

Stephen sat at the computer, having just finished the code. He studied it long and hard, and looked at the line. He needed to plug his computer into the internet to make it connected to the outside world. He got up, stretched, and walked out of the room. From the dark hallway boots clicked on the ground as they stopped right in front of the computer. She clicked enter.

Shall we play a game?

"Are you connected to the outside world?" she asked.

To play you need to connect me.

"Yeah, nah," she said, reaching for the sword on her waist.

"Honey, wait," came the voice behind her. She turned to find her husband, two and a half year old daughter, and fifteen month old son. Her husband was reaching into his pocket and pulled out a device. He clicked it and Beastie Boys Sabotage began to play over the room's speakers.

"You think of everything," Sarah said smiling.

"I know, now go get it, Valkyrie," Chuck said returning the grin. Sarah looked at him. "Sorry, Sarah." She smiled, winked and brought the sword down on the computer tower. She began to absolutely destroy it into tiny pieces. Stephen walked back into the room holding a flash drive.

"What's going on?" Stephen asked. Chuck gave him a look. Stephen sighed. "I missed it, Chuck," his father answered honestly. "I thought I could find what I was looking for, and I didn't. I don't know that it's out there," he said, a look on his face that his thoughts were millions of miles away. He shook his head and held up the USB drive. "This would have killed it, I won't do it again. The stakes are too great. I guess we can go too far."

"Grandpa, can we play checkers?" Molly asked.

"I'd like that, Sweetie," Stephen said, walking over to the other side of the room to get the board. Between her swings, his and Sarah's eyes met. He nodded at her in approval, she returned the nod, turned to her husband, winked, and returned to destroying the tower. "She really puts herself into her work." Stephen said, grinning.

"You have no idea," Chuck replied, grinning. "You have no idea."

Epilogue III

"It's all been contained," the man behind the desk asked.

"Yes," the woman answered.

"And we have no idea why it only happened in America?" he asked.

"Only speculation, and all of it seems crazy," she replied.

"He survived?"

"All reports are that he did."

"Thank you, that will be all," he said, as she turned and started to leave. "Frost?" she paused. "Do you think it was to find you?" She turned back to face him and shrugged.

"We have a saying in our family, you can never go too far," Frost replied.

"I would say you're wrong on that, Frost, because if he did, it wasn't enough and it was too much." She nodded, turned back around, and walked out. As she headed down the hallway a slight smile crossed her face.

"No, Alexei, you're wrong, you can never go too far," she said as she strolled down the hallway of Volkoff Industries.

A/N: First I am well aware that Beastie Boys Sabotage would have been made during the time of the machines, and probably didn't exist, but the dream said it did, so it did. I know, insane, right. Second, there is no plan for a sequel, because what could top that, but I dreamed the last part so…who knows. (I mean the thing that poisoned Sarah in the show was called the Norseman…Part of my mind keeps thinking that Volkoff Industries could be Hel or Nifheim….probably Hel, because if Frost is the female Baldr than that would signal the beginning of Ragnarok….I'll stop now) Third, if there are any loose plot threads, it's probably because I don't know. Why did the machines only attack America? I don't know. Why didn't any country help America? I don't know. I gave you the dream the best I could, it's crazy, let's just all admit that, but it was kinda fun, wasn't it? That's it, thanks for hanging out and hearing about it. Working on other things, so keep checking in with me. Got a story idea you want me to tackle? Got a take on how the sequel would go? I'll always listen, don't know if I can make it happen, but I can try. Take care, see you soon.