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Chapter 10

'Come on, you can do this,' Jay chanted in his head as he navigated the halls towards Maleficent's dungeon. He had only been to this part of her castle once before, it was how he ended up meeting Mal.


He could picture her opening the door to the cell he had been thrown in. She was only 7 years old at the time and the key ring hung almost to the floor compared to her small size. He had stood tall against her, thinking she was there to continue the punishment her mother's guards had inflicted. With shaking hands, but a clear voice he demanded, "What do you want?"

Her purple eyebrow raised. "Well, I was here to look at Jafar's son and possibly let him go...but if you're going to act like that...I could just leave you." She started to close the door.

"No!" he yelled after her. "Look… I'm sor-" he cut off before he finished the apology. His father's words about never apologizing for your actions flitted through his mind. "I just thought you were going to hurt me too," he finished instead.

The door paused and she tilted her head as she looked at him. "So what happened to get you here anyway?" she asked.

Jay looked down at his feet, shifting his weight back and forth. "I, uh, may have tried to steal from your mom. She noticed."

Mal stared for a moment before completely losing it laughing. She laughed so hard that tears welled in her eyes and she dropped the key ring.

Jay crossed his arms over his chest, "What the fuck are you laughing at?"

Mal looked up and took a noticeably deep breath. She met Jay's eyes and immediately started laughing again even harder than before.

Jay huffed before stalking toward the hysterical seven year old. He pushed past her and started to stomp down the corridor. The sounds of her laughter echoed off the stone walls and somehow sounded louder here. With a groan of frustration, Jay turned around back toward the cell he had just come from. With a great big push, he shoved Mal, daughter of Maleficent, so hard she fell to her knees a full foot away. Then he picked up the keys she had dropped and pulled the door shut as quickly as he could. He fumbled with the key ring and tried to find the right one to lock her in.

There were over a dozen keys and he had no clue which was right. He grabbed one at random and shoved it toward the door's keyhole. It was too late. The door swung open and the keys were wrenched from his grasp. "Oh, now you're in trouble."

Jay jumped back as Mal lunged at him. He mentally assessed the situation in less than a second and decided being here one more second was a bad idea. He turned toward the door out of the dungeon and ran as fast as he could. Mal shrieked behind him before he heard her feet slapping against the stone floor as she gave chase. He took the first turn he came to and careened around the corner. He kept running taking turns at random, then he saw stairs. Knowing he was a step closer to freedom he sprinted up them, Mal hot on his heels. After four flights of stairs he came to the main level and sped down another random corridor. Seeing a door at the end of the hall, he increased his speed until he burst through the door only to be blinded by the sun. Dazed, he halted and stumbled, making another mistake that day. From behind, Mal tackled him to the ground and they began to wrestle. He rolled to try to get on top to gain advantage. Within seconds of him succeeding, she flipped him back under her. They continued to fight for control until they were giggling uncontrollably.

Looking up, Jay gave Mal a lopsided grin, "Are we friends?"

Mal paused and looked at him under her, "We're allies. I don't have friends."

End of Flashback

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Jay looked around the corridors, it would take forever for him to find the one holding the prince. Heading left, he went deeper into the dungeons. He turned another corner and heard absolute chaos coming from a cell about halfway down.

Melody immediately went towards the cell door and began examining it. She gave the handle a few pulls to confirm it was properly locked. Wouldn't want to be the idiot sitting in an unlocked cell and not even try the door. Unfortunately, this was not the case. She began looking at the lock feature more closely. It had to have a weakness. Now, she just had to figure out what it was.

Meanwhile, Maeve and Duncan had found the chains hanging from the walls. They were arguing over who was going to put their hand in first.

"No! You first!" Maeve shoved the chains in Duncans face.

Pushing them away Duncan shouted, "No! You!"

"No! You!"



Ben immediately jumped in to stop them. "Guys, that would only make this worse. Do not put your hands in there. I'm too busy trying to figure out what to do next to deal with the two of you. So grow up and do something helpful!"

He left the twins to head toward the corner furthest from the door where Betty was sobbing. Doug was doing his best, but in her panic she was close to hyperventilating. "Betty, I need you to listen to my voice and my voice only. Can you do that?" the prince cut into the dwarf children's conversation. Betty looked towards the sound of his voice. It didn't look like she was all there, but shakily she nodded. "Okay I want you to breathe in while I count to seven and then you're going to hold for seven. Then you're going to breathe out while I count to seven. Okay? 1, 2, 3,..." he talked the trembling girl through the exercise, focusing on making his voice soft and reassuring. After repeating it a few more times, Betty seemed to have settled enough that she wasn't hyperventilating anymore.

Maeve stood on Betty's other side. Doug had continued to rub circles on her back throughout the breathing exercise and Maeve joined in and did the same on her arm. After she had calmed enough, Ben looked toward the two. "We need to figure out what we're doing next. We still need to break out of here."

While Maeve joined calming Betty down, Duncan had wandered over to Melody. "Oh, have you finally decided to stop acting like an idiot and be useful," Melody yanked on the cell door hard.

"Well, yo-you don't have to be rude. What have you even accomplished?" he puffed up his chest.

Rolling her eyes she turned back towards the door, only to find a familiar looking boy stood on the other side of the cell.

"Well, hello there," he bowed, a mocking grin on his, "I see the damsel in distress is locked away. Does she need a heroic prince to rescue her?"

"Do I look distressed?" Melody couldn't stop the sass from filling her voice. The boy had challenged her, and Melody always reacted when she felt challenged.

His mocking grin turned into a smirk and his eyes twinkled with humor. "Feisty. Well, if you're so content, I could just leave you and your friends to rot in this prison. It's no salt off my back, though Aziz misses you something fierce. Oh well, I'll just tell him I was too late. Maleficent had already tortured you into insanity." He turned and began wandering back down the long corridor. He only made it a few steps before Ben yelled.

"Wait!" the prince's face pressed against the bars of the door.

The boy dressed in red and black leather turned to look over his shoulder.

"Yes?" he drawled.

"Please help us?" Ben begged with puppy dog eyes. "I really might go insane if we're trapped down here much longer."

"I love it when you beg" he winked, chuckling when the prince sputtered. He saunters back to the door. "Prepare to be amazed." He took out his kit and began to unlock the door. "Now, unless you want to die I suggest you follow me."

Ben went back to the corner of the cell to retrieve Betty. "Come on, time to go. This nice local boy is letting us out. We're going to be okay, I just need you to come me. That's it. Nice and easy," he reassured her. They made it to the door when Betty spotted the boy that attacked her at the school. Immediately she began bawling.

"Oh just knock her out and carry her. We don't have time to deal with that!" Jay commanded.

"No! There's no need for that!" Ben argued.

Rolling his eyes Jay walked over to Betty and uppercut her, knocking her out. Catching her as she fell and picking her up, he threw her over his shoulder. Turning around, he said, "You can be pissed at me later. Right now we need to escape."

"At least it's quiet now," Melody said as she followed Jay.

"Melody, that's not okay!" Ben scolds her as he joined the group.

"We're getting out aren't we," she rebutted.

"If you two are finished arguing do you think you can be quiet. The whole point of knocking this girl out was so we wouldn't be heard," Jay snapped gesturing to Betty.

Navigating them through the labyrinth of corridors and out of the dungeon, they emerged into a new section of the castle. It was short-lived as they turned toward another staircase heading back into the bowels of the fortress. As they got deeper, they could hear running water up ahead. The smell was awful, worse than anything they had encountered on the Isle previously. "Where are we going?" Doug asked.

"We're using a side tunnel that only Mal and I know about. Not the most pleasant path, but it's the quickest and not heavily guarded. Just be careful where you step" Jay told them as he stepped into the sewer water.

"This is highly unsanitary," Doug stated as he climbed into the water. Shrugging Jay continued down the path.

The guards stood arguing in front of the door, trying to decide who would deliver the news. Suddenly the doors burst open. Maleficent stalked in, "What are you two yelling about!? I am trying to plot!"

The guards looked at each other and grimaced. The elder one stepped forward, "Apologizes your grace, but we discovered some unfortunate news."

"Well! What is it?" She snapped, swinging her staff from her right to her left.

"The prisoners have escaped," he rushed out. They both winced and took a step back as Maleficent let out a string of profanity. She rarely cursed and the guards knew when she did it would be bad for them.

She stopped abruptly and turned to look at the two of them. The younger dropped to his knees and began pleading for mercy. "Silence you fools! You will get them back or you will take their place. Now go!"

"Will you two hurry up," Lonnie snapped.

Audrey slapped Chad's arm, "Move, Chad. Do you want us to get caught?"

"No, I'm just … lost," he pouted.

"Well, that's just what I like to hear. Two princesses and a prince lost on our island," a woman with white and black hair came out of the shadows. She was caressing a stuffed dog and had a mad gleam in her eye.

Two others stepped out from behind her, a man and a women. The man had a turban and tan shoes that curled at the tips. The woman had a mole on the right side of her face and wore a red ruby around her neck.

Lonnie and Audrey grabbed Chad's arm and dragged him back against the wall as he asked, "Who are you guys?"

"You'll find out soon enough," the man said as they stepped forward trapping the teens against the wall.

Lonnie looked up at the sky, "Chad I swear if this trip is because of you, I will kill you."