just another snipet for the Kai x Rei ML fic rush

summary: rei is getting ready for his big date with kai when he stumbles upon an e-mail kai supposedly wrote. he's heart broken, thanks to dizzi, and kai's left to put the pieces together.

warnings: shounen-ai (boi x boi), kai x rei, slight swearing (only one word, and it's bleeped out, aka censored, so it reads like ***)

like i just said, the one cuss word's been edited, so i'd say it's safe for kiddies (15 and under) to read.

disclaimer: i don't own beyblade or it's characters.



Rei hummed happily to himself as he stood in front of the closet,

trying to decide what he should wear on his date tonight with Kai.

"Why are you so happy?" Dizzi's voice startled the neko, who was

lost in a day dream about him and Kai. The cat boy jumped, eyes

going wide before turning to Dizzi, whom Kenny had left laying open

and turned on on his dresser in the hotel room he shared with Rei.

"Hey, Diz! Kai's taking me out for dinner tonight!" Rei said,

humming once more before turning back to the closet. He selected a

stunning white kimono with a light blue sash and trim. The one Kai

had gotten for him for his birthday. He loved it, but he didn't like

wearing it; the silky dress was confining, forcing him to take tiny,

unbalanced steps. (by the by, it's a female kimono! i just think

Rei would look adorable in it!)

Putting it on then applying some make up, Rei admired himself in the

mirror. Glancing at the clock, he saw he had time to spare so he

grabbed Dizzi and flopped down on his bed. Kenny wouldn't mind if he

checked his email; he'd asked the chief earlier, and had been told to

help himself.

Rei clicked on Dizzi's mouse and happily opened an love email from

his koi and read it aloud to himself.

"That's funny." Dizzi said.

"What is?"

"Kai didn't type all that when he was on earlier."

"Since when does Kai use you?"

"Since I'm the only available computer."

"Oh.....what did he say?" Rei's soft voice faltered slightly as Dizzi

dug up Kai's email, his amber eyes going wide and filling with tears

as he read it. Finished, he quickly got up and ran from the room,

tripping in the confining silk.

He ran, barefoot, for the door, but Kai was there in his way. Seeing

his beloved koibito in such distress, Kai caught Rei's thin wrist and

looked into his eyes for a split second. "Kitten, what's wrong?"

Rei's eyes turned from sorrow to anger, and he slapped Kai across his

triangle free cheek. "You bastard! How dare you use me like that!

Well, I refuse to be your whore any more!" He hissed before rushing

past the taller boy, but he tripped and landed face first on the


Knowing Rei didn't want him around, Kai trudged up the steps in a

military march. He was a man on a mission to find out _what_ had

caused Rei to act so. Opening Rei and Kenny's bedroom door, he saw

Dizzi lying open with an email on her screen.

"You stupid piece of ****." He growled ferrally. "There must be a

glitch in your system, you malevolent piece of junk." He snatched

Dizzi up and shook her several times roughly. "That message was for

Emily, you ignoramus, telling her I didn't want some wench like her

for a girlfriend when I was already happily in love with Rei! Way to

go!" He snarled before hurling the lap top against the wall, where

it smashed to pieces.


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