Disclaimer: I don't own Fable, please don't sue, etc, etc.

So, in Fable 3, when you enter Reaver's mansion to rescue Page's rebel friends, Reaver makes this little comment to her, and I've had an idea like this in my head for a while, and I just decided 30 minutes ago that it would work well in a one-shot (plus, I like the idea of the male hero hooking up with Page).


Lightning Under the Bedsheets

All was well in Bowerstone as nighttime lay over the city like a blanket. Through the actions of the Hero-King and his companions, brave men and women both, the kingdom of Albion had been saved from the threat of the Crawler and its minions, and peace reigned across the land. In the heart of the city, Bowerstone Castle stood silent, most of its occupants in the embrace of sleep. However, two of said occupants were currently in a different kind of embrace. In the royal bedchambers, the Hero King and Page lay close together, breathing heavily in the aftermath of passionate lovemaking. The couple gazed at each other, cuddling quietly until the silence was broken when the Hero King began laughing.

"What is it, dear?" Page asked, a puzzled look on her soft chocolate face.

"I was just thinking that Reaver was right."

"Reaver? Right about what?"

The Hero-King gave his consort a seductive smile and said in a matching tone: "You are lightning under the bedsheets."