"Excuse me, pardon me." Pete was rushing his way through the busy airport. He finally spotted Ashley who had just handed her ticket over and began to board. "Ashley!" Pete yelled. She didn't here and as he tried to catch up with her he was stopped.

"Excuse me sir." There was an early twenty-year-old male who stood in Pete's way. "I'm going to need a ticket please." He said to Pete and held out his hand.

"I..you.she.hey is that a Boeing 747?" Pete pointed outside the window and the man looked. He took his chance and rushed past.

As he entered the airplane there were two flight attendants who tried to welcome him to the flight but he pushed right past them. He scanned the aisles and spotted Ashley who had just sad down about 12 aisles down. "Ashley!" He yelled again. Most of the airplane looked at him and he just looked at them and said, "That one." Pointing at Ashley. She was embarrassed.

"Pete what are you doing here?"

"I'm here for you." Most of the airplane said 'aww' at Pete's romantic gesture. Pete and Ashley looked at them confused.

"I'm going to Stanford." Ashley said in protest to Pete's demands.

"But you're carrying my child." The passengers gasped at Pete and Ashley looked at them again.

"I've told you Pete, I've been working seven years for this residency I'm not gonna." Pete interrupted in a mocking voice.

"Give it up for a child blah blah." He stopped the voice and spoke normally. "I know, I know! Just, come back to Boston so we can talk about this." At this point airport security burst through the doors and grabbed Pete.

"I'm sorry Pete." Ashley said almost crying. Pete gave up and let himself be dragged off.