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Speaking of which. You can expect a chapter of it later when I wake up, Colosseum Emperor that is, alongside a chapter of Working Unova With Skill.

Want to know something interesting about TM's?

Quite simply, there's a reason why they're so damn expensive. Take Defense Curl for example, one of the perhaps simplest moves a pokemon can learn, right up there with Tackle. Yet, when I was in Viridian City, even a TM for it cost over a thousand pokedollars. It doesn't seem like much, but to the average lower-class citizen, it was more than they made in a month of working.

TM's weren't as simple as taking an attack from a pokemon and turning it into digital information that could be passed on to another pokemon. There were two drawbacks to making a TM. One, when a TM is created, the knowledge on how to use the attack is drained from the pokemon used in the TM's creation and they are unable to use the attack without going through proper training to relearn it. Secondly, was the fact that pure data and knowledge was not enough to pass on a pokemon movie. It wasn't just knowledge that was drained from a pokemon, it was power as well. A mysterious energy that still apparently baffled scientists even a few years after discovering that all pokemon had it.

The name it was given was PP, standing for Pokemon Power. Not exactly very creative, though ironic all the same. This 'mysterious energy' that they haven't found out much uses of at all beyond TM's, is minisculely drained from a pokemon upon the creation of a TM, permanently. That pokemon would then need to train to recover that lost strength. And the stronger and more powerful the attack created, the more power that is taken from the pokemon and infused into the TM. That energy and the data information on how to use the attack of the TM, is then transferred into another pokemon upon the usage of the TM, draining it entirely.

TM's cannot be permanent, because upon use, the energy is all drained out, even if the data remains. They basically become like any form of electrical device, without a battery to power it.

So, not only do pokemon gain the knowledge on how to use attacks from TM's, they also get powered up a bit. And this is why TM's are so expensive, because their creation drains the pokemon used in the creation, and it is also why Smeargle are so highly valued. They can learn any pokemon attack they see, so the only things they need to do is train to recover the 'Pokemon Power' lost upon the creation of a TM. Which is again why Smeargle are so highly valued, because the more of them they have, the more bulk TM's can be made before having to retrain the Smeargle up to a point where they again have enough 'Pokemon Power' to start creating multiple TM's.

So this is the reason why TM's are expensive. And it's also the reason why many unskilled trainers actually get anywhere. Let's take Cross for example. He boasted to me about how many TM's he sunk into Charmander, yet somehow my lovely new fire type was still weak according to him. He was relying more on bought power for Charmander, than trained ability. Even in that battle we had, he done nothing but call for an attack and wait. It also explained how Gary, in the original Indigo League anime got so far, especially when the one time we saw him battle that early, he got utterly destroyed and knocked out of the league. Before he pulled his head out of his ass and put his actual talent to work, he was coasting by on Professor Oak's money more or less, the same way he did with travelling around in a convertible with a bunch of hired cheerleaders.

Now, with my knowledge of the pokemon universe, I can make a fairly educated guess on just what 'Pokemon Power' actually is. Aura. And that was just so very interesting.

And so when I was given the chance to pick five TM's, I made sure to pick five very high tier ones that were worth a lot of money, that I can get use out of right away. Three of which I confirmed that Charmander could learn from TM's.

Dragon Dance, Recover, Dragon Rush, Hydro Cannon and Blast Burn.

The first thing I did upon waking up with my alarm and learning that I'd received the five TM's I wanted, was check my bank balance.

₱ 319,917.

My god, it was beautiful. It's pretty much the same as if I had this much in dollars, and I've never had anywhere near this amount of cash in my life, heck my savings before I ended up here were only a few grand. I couldn't wipe the grin from my face, if I tried. If it weren't for the fact that it was early morning and on one of the beds across the room Hilda was snoring away - not cute by the way - I would have probably been hollering and shouting excitedly. It would probably include some hip thrusting and making muscles at myself in the mirror while I smirked like a smug little preening bastard as well.

So, I contented myself with just pulling on a pair of shorts and a tank top and slipping in to my boots. I frowned as I eyed my boots, 'I should get some good trainers for working out.' I mused, before shaking my head.

I'll take care of that later. For now though, I've got some morning training to get done with my pokemon. If nothing else, I've always been pretty good at getting up on time for things. Well, ever since I left High School anyway. Funny how that worked out, huh?

Before leaving the room though. I pulled out the TM Case and slipped Charmander's pokeball into it. And with just a little bit of fiddling, I managed to transfer the knowledge on Blast Burn, Dragon Dance and Dragon Rush into the fire type through the pokeball. And then I replaced Charmander's pokeball with Milotic's, and I repeated the process, downloading the information and such for Recover through the pokeball and into my beautiful newly evolved water type pokemon.

'With Life Dew and Recover, Milotic is stacked for healing,' I mused, before chuckling. But I wasn't done there, I took it a step beyond and also transferred the knowledge on Aqua Ring to the water serpent, 'Now she'll be able to heal herself instantly, passively heal on the fly and heal others.'

Overkill? What's that? Does it taste good? Now I've got two white mages on the team. You never skimp on the white mages.

And to finish things up, I replaced Milotic's pokeball with Graveler's, and passed on the knowledge of Rock Throw from the TM I got from slapping around Brock to him.

I put the TM Case away in my bag now that I was done with it. 'That leaves me with just one TM's left in Hydro Cannon.' I hummed to myself as I grabbed my belt and fastened it around my waist. It looked a bit weird, not being threaded through jeans or anything like that and absolutely stacked with twelve shrunken red and white pokeballs, but I couldn't help but pose in in front of the mirror as I passed by it on my way out of the room and admiring myself.

"You are one sexy beast," I praised myself, before striking a pose, tensing out my biceps, "Hoo-Ha!" I preened, pressing a quick pair of kisses to the guns. Gotta admire them gains. And I am gaining fast.

Honestly, a body this young should not be able to have biceps like this. Even if this body should be approaching thirteen in the next few weeks. 'I suppose I owe it all to my amazing Chansey.'

Eat your heart Goku. That noob could only wish to have a Chansey! Dende, who's that? Chansey rules, green god drools! Real men use pink.

God, Chansey is awesome. I gotta do something nice for her. I wouldn't be anywhere near this awesometacularly badass without her.

After admiring my reflection for just a little bit longer, I gave myself a pair of finger guns and a wink, before leaving the room behind, shutting the door gently and quietly behind me so as to not wake up my new (temporary)travelling companion.

I paused outside the room. 'What was I thinking about again?' I blinked stupidly. Before clicking my fingers as it came to me, "Ah right, the only TM I have left now is Hydro Cannon." I mused as I began making my way down the quiet hallway of the living area of the pokemon centre.

It might have seemed like an odd choice to go for. Hydro Cannon was an incredibly powerful and awesome attack. But only water type starters can learn it. And I don't have any water type starters.


See, I've got many plans. And one of the first I'm putting into motion the second Pidgeotto evolves, is heading to a certain island not far off from Cinnabar Island, one I've already mapped out from memory, I think.

A certain island where a ton of Squirtle and Wartortle are. And while they all are amazing and I'm gonna catch them all, the true grand prize is the single pokemon they all live with, and their leader. A Blastoise.

I figure that once Pidgeotto evolves into Pidgeot, all of my team should have grown strong enough to handle taking the island of water type starters on and beat them down for me to capture.

I' definitely going to buy a Sun Stone and a Leaf Stone later today. I'm going to be training Oddish and Bellsprout hard until they evolve. I don't have any electric types right now, so they're going to be my pair of tickets and leads when they're a Bellossom and Victreebel to taking down the Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise.

Powder attacks go brrrrrr baby.

See, beyond my utter love for all the pokemon I'm coming across. I'm not just randomly catching them. They all have their uses. And the two grass types, alongside Metapod when he evolves will make for great pokemon for capturing other pokemon easily.

Honestly, I can just imagine all the derpy fucks that would complain at what I'm doing, 'y ur u nert dewin opteemol stratz yoo eeeedeeeyot derp, yar shood bey aiymon fer sooparr coolz monz loike tyranitar and not weeeaky stoof like dat dumb Ratercateateate derp'. There would also probably be some fucking weirdo complaining about how I'm not going after a Gardevoir to fuck it.

I burst out laughing, I couldn't help it. Yeah that sounded like the common cheeto crusted fingered neckbeard that liked to talk hot shit about how they would totally be much more smart about things if they got tossed into this world or something like that.

"Jesus Christ," I stared open mouth, before realsiing what I said and correcting myself, "Arceus above!" I gaped.

See what I did there.

I shook my head, "Look at you man!" I couldn't help but look upon the newly evolved Butterfree that fluttered slightly in the air in front of me, having just evolved from my obscenely large Metapod a moment ago.

I'd split my pokemon into groups. I had Zubat show off Mega Drain to Shiftry, Oddish and Bellsprout, and had Fearow and Pidgeotto show Steel Wing off to Charmander, Zubat and Milotic, and left them to work train while trying to learn the attacks under the watchful eye of Chansey, who was pressing down upon them with Gravity. Even in technique training, I was going to have them going for maximum physical gains.

...Well, Iron Tail in Milotic and Charmander's case. It might be a bit soon considering I just loaded them up with new attacks from TM's, but I just wanted to get the basics for it down right away and then I could have them practise their attacks as they pleased after that. I'd already had them show off what they could and test them out before training began anyway.

Granted, I didn't let Charmander use Blast Burn. That was going to be something I saved for when we were actually outside and not in a training facility in the pokemon the crack of dawn.

The second group, I had training under Clefable's Gravity attack, at a higher level than the other group and going through through pure physical conditioning. The second group consisting of Pidgeotto, Fearow, Metapod, Graveler and last but crtainly not least, me of course.

It was half an hour into our morning training session that it happened. Metapod suddenly erupted into blinding light and increased massively in size, while going through a complete shape metamorphosis and becoming a beautiful purple skinned and white winged butterfly, with cute stubby little blue hands and feet, and big wide gleaming ruby red eyes.

And being utterly absurd in size. As in, Butterfree from feet to head has a good foot and a half on me, with a torso as thick as my own, and a pair of wings, each one being bigger than me as well.

This Butterfree, is a fucking monster. Like the goddamn cutest Mothra ever.

Butterfree preened and as he languidly flapped his new wings to keep a float, "Free." he tilted his chin up smugly

Chuckling, I grabbed my phone from where I left out and pulled up Butterfree's profile on it, noting now that the icon had automatically changed from Metapod to Butterfree.

My eyebrows climbed up into my hairline as I checked over his move pool. And the five new additions. Confusion, Gust, Supersonic, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder.

That brought the newly evolved bug and flying type, to a total of thirteen attacks now. How fucking absurd.

I jerked my head towards the other group, "You wanna join them?" I asked, "Since you're a Butterfree, you can learn Mega Drain now as well, and it'll go a long way to helping you deal with rock types, your biggest weakness."

Buttefree's head tilted to the side and he regarded me curiously for a moment, before shrugging his little stubby blue hands and turning away from me to fly through the air, albeit quite wobbly to join the other group.

My eyes strayed down to the pokedex profile for Butterfree.

6 foot, eight inches in height. How utterly absurd. Who fucking needs dynamax with shit like this?

'Tinted Lens as well huh?' I grinned when I noticed his ability. Well, well, well. That would be very helpful.

I kept the training session going right up until the pokemart opened up. Only then, did I end the training session and return my pokemon to their pokeballs.

I quickly jumped in for a rapid shower to get rid of the sweet odour of sweaty gains, dried off and threw on a fresh set of clothes. Then I left the Pokemon Centre and made my way to the Pokemart.

There, I dropped ten thousand pokedollars on a Sun Stone and a Leaf Stone. Despite how much money I had now, spending that much at once still hurt and made me wince like a little girl.

God damn was pokemon training expensive.

Once I was done with that, I made my way back to the Pokemon Centre and had a quick breakfast. A manly breakfast, full of protein, power and the dream of gains while the cook prepared twelve helpings of food for pokemon of various typings.

My laughter at his tired glare once he was done, may have began with a 'Mwuahaha'. Because I'm evil like that.

Yeah, none of that slaving away for me thanks. I'm gonna have my monsters beat the shit out of other monsters and get rich, famous and powerful from it. What a truly blessed world this place is indeed.

And it was only an hour later, when the cafeteria was filling up that Hilda stumbled her way in, a jaw cracking yawn leaving her mouth as she approached me, "Morning," she greeted me, sitting down opposite me, while I sat with Charmander in my lap, feeding him by hand, "You sure got up early."

"Yeah, four hours ago." I nodded.

The voluptuous brunette gaped at me, "Four hours ago?" she regarded me with a look that made it look like she thought I was an idiot, "That's five thirty AM, you went to bed at eleven!"

"Six and a half hours is more than enough." I shrugged. I was used to getting by on way less before after all. Before I ended up here, I'd be lucky to get three hours of sleep a day.

She shook her head, her fluffy brown ponytail swishing back and forth, "You're one little training maniac aren't you?" she snorted, "Utterly insane."

Honestly, not as such. Before I ended up here, I was seriously terrible at sticking to schedules. I was just so forgetful about them. But, I've somehow not had any problems doing it here. It feels like my brain, and my body are noticeably much more energized here. It could be because I'm in a younger body, or it could just be the fabled anime body. Or I could even have aura or something now that I've entered the pokemon universe. I don't know, and I don't really care either, I'm just glad for it.

Hilda got up a minute later when the line for ordering food dwindled down and made her way over to get her own breakfast. My eyes lingered on her lovely rear end stretching out another pair of denim booty shorts, before a small tug on my top caught my attention, and I looked down to see the cheerful smiling face of Charmander peering up at me, "Char?" the little fire type then gestured to the bowl of food on the table.

Chuckling, I put ogling Hilda completely out of mind and grabbed another piece, "Here you mate." I said, plopping it into his mouth and tickling his chin after he quickly chewed and swallowed.

Hilda came back a few minutes later, setting her tray of food down on the table alongside a steaming cup of coffee, "So, what are your plans then?" She asked, "Where are we headed after this now that you've got your second badge?"

"I was planning on setting out in a few hours and heading towards Vermillion City," I shrugged, "I'm more or less just following the gym circuit alone right now until Pidgeotto evolves."

"Mmmm," Hilda hummed, before grinning and pointing her fork at me, "Fine with me, I need to battle Surge myself, but along the way, you feel like hitting up Hollywood with me? I totally wanna check it out myself."


"I don't see why not," I shrugged again and agreed, "From what I've saw of the map, it won't really put us off course as long as you don't plan on staying there for like a massive amount of time."

Besides, it's not like there isn't something I don't want there anyway. Meowth comes from Hollywood. And there, I can hopefully find his old gang and his old love interest, Meowzie.

I don't specifically need them for anything. But, they're legitimate pieces of canon. I want them. They'll be like a collectors item. I don't even need to really use them either. Nurse Joy gets official funding to provide for every pokemon I capture, and they get added to my trainer page, which then makes it that much harder for any official opponents in the leagues to tell what pokemon I'll use and as such, much harder to make a counter team.

"Nah, it's not like there's all that much left there, it's a near abandoned place you know?" Hilda mused, stabbing her fork into a piece of meat and then raising it to her mouth and taking a bite, "I just want to see it, y'know? The former movie capital of the world. I used to dream of going there as a little girl before it fell to ruin."

"As good a reason as any sweet cheeks." I grinned at her. Not as good a reason as mine though.

As much as the eye candy is very much appreciated. The fact that I'm travelling with another person, means I can't just fly to Vermillion City. Pidgeotto isn't equipped to let someone ride him, and Hilda's Vullaby definitely isn't.

And while Fearow is definitely strong enough to lift both myself and Hilda he just isn't big enough for the both of us. And Butterfree's body isn't aesthetically built for someone to ride him without him actually dwarfing them in size.

Which left walking as the only option. 'At least the view is good.' I chuckled lightly as I walked a pace or two behind Hilda. It was quite the hypnotic view and definitely made time pass by quicker.

And Oddish sitting on my shoulder at least made things more entertaining as well. she was such a cute, warm little thing and easily excited by the passing scenery. I had her out just in case any pokemon I wanted passed us by, she could spray them with some powders and lock them up real nice and quick.

"You know, that reminds me," Hilda suddenly turned on her heel to face me, arms clasped behind her as she walked backwards, "I've not given you my number yet, have I?" she asked, holding her right wrist up to show off the digital watch like device on it, her X-transceiver.

I looked up into her eyes and nodded, "Yeah, you haven't," I replied, "You wanna exchange numbers then?" I asked, reaching into my pocket and pulling out my phone and holding it up.

"Definitely!" the brunette nodded, "It'll be a big help if we get split up. And even beyond that, you aren't planning on travelling with me for long right?"

"Caught on to that did you?" I raised an eyebrow. It wasn't like the company was bad or anything and I could do way worse than a babe like Hilda that's easy to get along with. But I don't want to give anyone the chance to see my training methods and copy them.

And there's no way I can feasibly explain to her how I know where to find all the pokemon I'm going to go after once Pidgeotto evolves, and all the other things I knew. The shocked awe she looked at me with when I showed off my pokemon to her earlier just before we left Cerulean City, specifically Milotic was pushing it as it was.

she after all, knew I only had a Feebas because I hadn't been thinking about it much when I told her all the pokemon I had in the beginning.

"It wasn't that hard to notice, you're really secretive when it comes to your training and the like, so I understand," she mused, and then her grin widened, "The fact that you were so non-comital when it came to even travelling with me for a little while, when you can't your eyes off of my ass at all, and have been eyeing it like a piece of meat since we left Cerulean and make no attempt to hide the fact you want to bed me helped a ton too of course, with how horny a little brat you are, you'd think you'd be jumping at the chance to have me around longer."

"Give the girl a cookie," I gave a huff of amusement, "You're pretty much spot on. But it's not you, it's me." I smirked at her as I dropped the ever cliche line.

She chuckled, "It would have to be, you wouldn't pass up the chance to get your hands on this after all, would you?" Hilda turned and blatantly gave her rear end a teasing smack that echoed loudly, and sending a doughy round cheek rippling and jiggling.

I snorted, "No I would not." I agreed, unashamedly. So unashamed, that with my phone out, I opened up the camera function and took a few pictures.

Wank bank material right there.

Pidgeotto - Male - Keen Eye
Gust, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Peck, Wing Attack, Steel Wing, Rain Dance, Roost

Fearow - Male - Sniper
Peck, Astonish, Razor Wind, Double Team, Steel Wing, Rain Dance, Throat Chop

Poliwrath - Male - Swift Swim
Water Gun, Hypnosis, Mega Punch, Rain Dance, Psychic

Raticate - Male - Guts
Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Bite, Hyper Fang, Mimic, Iron Tail, Rain Dance, Water Gun, Jump Kick

Chansey - Female - Healer
Heal Pulse, Aromatherapy, Gravity, Sing, Pound

Beedrill - Male - Sniper
Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden, Twineedle, Agility, Toxic Spikes, Mega Drain

Bellsprout - Male - Chlorophyll
Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder, Slam

Oddish - Female - Chlorophyll
Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sunny Day, Sweet Scent, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed

Butterfree - Male - Tinted Lens
Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Stun Spore, Headbutt, Electroweb, Sharpen, Rollout, Confusion, Gust, Supersonic, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder

Milotic - Female - Marvel Scale
Splash, Tackle, Dragon Breath, Hypnosis, Water Pulse, Disarming Voice, Life Dew, Recover, Aqua Ring

Shiftry - Male - Chlorophyll
Hurricane, Extrasensory, Dark Pulse, Mega Kick, Razor Leaf, Leaf blade, Bide, Nature Power

Zubat - Male - Infiltrator
Mega Drain, Wing Attack, Supersonic, Leech Life, Hypnosis, Venoshock, Poison Fang, Haze

Clefable - Female - Magic Guard
Pound, Sing, Gravity, Life Dew, Psychic, Metronome

Graveler - Male - Sturdy
Tackle, Rollout, Sand-Attack, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Stealth Rock, Explosion, Rock Throw

Charmander - Male - Blaze
Scratch, Growl, Ember, Flamethrower, Metal Claw, Mega Punch, Seismic Toss, Counter, Fire Spin, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Blast Burn

Jord Trainer Card

Name: Jord Odhar

Age: 12?

Town: Viridian City

₱: 309,917

Pokemon Owned: 15

Badges: 2

Ribbons: 0

Carry Limit: 12

Pokemon On Hand: Pidgeotto, Fearow, Chansey, Bellsprout, Oddish, Milotic, Butterfree, Shiftry, Graveler, Zubat, Clefable, Charmander

Pokemon at Viridian: Poliwrath, Raticate, Beedrill

And there we go, another chapter done. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Dunno when the next update will be. Maybe I'll get another wild hair up my ass in the next few days or something? I'm on a forced pokemon writing binge right now to try and counter my utter distate for Pokemon Journeys that outright almost made me give up the entire franchise itself with the bullshit of Goh catching Suicune and Iris coming back as the Champion of Unova.