As the gates of Konoha came up in the distance I couldn't help but grumbled, "we could have stayed in the Land of tea for a day. It's like we had to come back home immediately. Besides, what if the hammer guy came back?!"

"Yes, and I'm sure a pretty red haired priestess had nothing to do with your desire to stay in the land of tea," Ko said with a knowing smirk.

"You look at that hair and tell me you wouldn't do the same," I scoffed.

"Yami! You idiot!" Chain threw a dulled kunai at me which sailed past my head, "stop talking about girls like that! It's wrong with you?!"

I shrugged, "hey, I just said her hair's pretty, what's wrong with that?"

She growled, looking away in a huff. Next to her Zumo snickered, "you're in trouble now buddy."

I threw my hands up in a desperate motion, "women, you just can't seem to win."

We argued a little more all the way till the Hokage tower before putting it on pause on Ko's insistence. We waited for our turn before going up to him and giving the completed mission scroll to the Hokage.

"Team 11 returning from escort mission to the land of Tea sir," Ko said as he stood at attention.

The hokage nodded as he read the report, confirming the client's signature, "alright, everything seems to be in order. Payment will be given you all at the registry counter. Is there any significant to report or will I be wasting everyone's time with a debriefing?"

"There were no complications during the mission sir. We encountered a few...nasty characters targeting our client but genin Yami managed to scare them off," Ko reported.

Zumo blinked, "when was this?"

"During my shift," I whispered back him.

"Alright then," the Hokage looked at Ko with narrowed eyes, "what happened after the mission?"

Ko sighed, "we encountered...difficulties."


"There were missing nins from the land of Tea attacking the village we were at. At the time we attended a local festival in the village. We had all gone for a special tea ceremony there when we were attacked by a giant fireball. I managed to erect a mud wall and lock the jutsu, protecting the civilians but during the confusion five self taught ninjas came in and kidnapped the princess performing the ceremony.

"Yami went after them, Zumo and China decided to follow his lead. They managed to capture the ninjas and save the priestess, but then a chunin level missing nin from the land of Tea appeared. He managed to hurt China, but thanks to Yami holding him off I was about to arrive on time and drive him away."

The Hokage frowned, "I see," he turned to me, "you risked your life for this woman you didn't even know?"

I shrugged, "a life is a life. I saw my chance to help and I did it."

"Really?" the man smiled, "Stan Lee's writing has too much of an influence on you."

I shrugged, "maybe."

The man sighed, "very well, Ko, have a written report on my desk by tomorrow, the same goes for all three of you. I want every detail written down, understand?" We nodded, "good, you have a week off for training and recovery, dismissed. Next!"

We left the hokage tower and wen our separate ways. Zumo and I actually escorted China home, where her mother looked horrified at seeing her little girl hurt. Her father on the other hand seemed proud when he hear she was injured saving another girl from being kidnapped. Strange dynamic that one.

Zumo and I parted ways then, with him going home to sleep for three days, his specific words, and I just wanted to rest, the journey was long and I don't care if I didn't have to eat or sleep, I wanted too!

That night I woke up from my nap to see Naruto standing over me with a grin on his face a mile long. He was ecstatic, he demanded I tell him what happened while he cooked dinner, nothing too fancy just some rice and curry.

I told him about the mission and then about the Uzumaki family member I met there which really excited him. I then told him about the attempted kidnapping and he was excited, 'I just knew it! You totally saved a princess!' No matter how many times I tried to correct him and explain it was a priestess, he just wouldn't listen.

That night after midnight I snuck out of my home and went to the park, I activated the first level dungeon and went inside.

I quickly killed everything in there single handedly earning me 1,500 EXP. Not much at all. Anyway, after the forest was clear I could use it for whatever I want and since the rules of a dungeon still applies, I can stay in this dungeon for as long as I want without any time passing by in the outside world.

The reason for this is because I realised I needed to improve my training. I needed to become stronger, smarter. Faster. I took out a fanged dagger with the Flying Thunder God seal on it' shandle. I couldn't use this during my fight with the hammer guy because...because I never used it before.

I was so focused on keep it a secret I never once used it, or experienced how too! I can't just keep this hidden away, locked up, I just know one day I'll be forced to use this and on that day I need to be ready.

So I threw the dagger across the clearing sticking it into a tree trunk. I walked far away and focused, I opened the jutsu menu and looked at it;

Flying Thunder God, S rank

Your can instantly travel to locations with the Flying Thunder God markers on it.

CP cost- 100 CP (for 100 feet)

I turned to the marker, 'let's do this!' I blurred away in a flash of speed, racing the tree trunk, but the forward moment was too much, I was surprised causing me to lurch forward and trip over a root.

I grumbled, picking myself up and sighed, 'practise make perfect.'

A week later:

I spent a week training with the Flying Thunder God jutsus, I won't brag, but I think after six hours of training every day I'm finally beginning to get used to the rapid movements the jutsus demands.

Other than training I did actually spend a lot of time relaxing, since it was my vacation time. I spent it either going to the movies, spending time with NAruto and teaching him his subjects and finally by writing.

By the end of the week I had finished the fifth part of my Justice series, 'the Justice League'. It was a continuation of Batman V Superman where the Trinity, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman gather seven of the greatest heroes in the world to face off against an extraterrestrial dictator.

I included the Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter into this book. I decided to follow Bruce Timm's Justice League origins for this book, I much prefered that over the hot mess that was the New 52.

The story began with Batman following a lead on a possible alien that was captured by the government and being held captive. He would then call Superman for backup and together they would find the Martian Manhunter, who in my book was instead a being from the moon, so I called him the Moon's Manhunter.

I named the Manhunter John, he would inform inform Bats and Superman that he came to Earth to warn them about Darkseid invading. The three would then be attacked by Parademons. Just then Wonder woman would come an save the day.

The four then go around the world finding Mother Box, here I described them as teleporting seals instead of technology. They would go to Atlantis, where they would enlist the help of Aquaman, after saving his city from a few Parademons that come out of the Mother Box.

The team of five would then track the next box down to Central city where the Flash, a very young and inexperienced hero would help them out and insist on joining them.

At this point they gain two Mother boxes and this alerts Darkseid's army, allowing them to send a small army through, turning Central city into a war zone. Things seem difficult, when suddenly a green light appears, it was then I introduce Hal Jordan.

Instead of giving him a complex back story with the space cops angle, I instead made it that Hal wielded the power of the Green, the embodiment of the Earth and all that's living in it. I basically made him a sage that used green senjutsu.

Then came the invasion. The heroes are swarmed by Darkseid's army and Superman is captured. Batman and Wonder woman go to save him while the rest fight off the army on Earth.

While in Darkseid's palace Batman frees Superman while Wonder woman frees another slave on board, a woman with wings like an angel and a mace that sparkled with electricity. Shaera Hawk had been captured by Darkseid's forces, now she wants revenge.

The eight were now united together. Eight heroes, all facing the swarm of evil. And then, finally, Darkseid arrives. I made it the toughest fight yet for them,, even Superman was physically hurt from Darkseid's Omega beams.

But it was Flash who saved the day, by running so fast he ripped a hole in space and time, sending the evil back to where they came from.

The day was saved, the people called them all as heroes. Hawk girl decided to stay on Earth as she had nowhere else to go. John also stays, though now disguised as a human. Flash is recognized as a hero by all and Wonder woman kisses Batman.

Yes. I am a Wonderbat shipper, bite me!

I hoped including the Flash won't make things too...awkward with my Iwa readers. People will think he's based on Minato, considering the name, the speed, the flashes of yellow. They might even go as far as to call it propaganda, since I did have him being the hero at the end of the day.

I remember walking into the publishing house and giving my editor, Baroma, the master copy of the book. He had snatched it out of my hands and quickly began to read it like a man possessed.

In the end he claimed this book just might break all previous records I held. Here's hoping. Either way I was happy, already this cruel world is being influenced by my writings, hopefully people will at least try to be nicer to each other from now on.

And now after a week of resting, team 11 gathered in front of the Hokage tower yet again, ready to take on the world! I'm ready for anything! Bandits! Pirates! Giant talking apes! Bring it!

"Team 11, washing the orphanage's laundry," Sarutobi smiled, almost happy at our disappointed faces.

"B-but C rank!" Zumo cried, tears coming out of his eyes and we all hung our heads.

The Hokage took a puff from his cigar and smiled, "you just started your C rank missions, it's alright to take a break from time to time. Trust me on that. So for the next month, you'll have nothing by D ranks."

"NO!" China, Zumo and I cried out in horror as the older ninjas chuckled at our antics. Fucking old bags of bones!

One month of torture later:

One month of mission, averaging out to 500 per mission and over 60 mission (chores) completed, resulting in 30,000 EXP. So at least I leveled up;

Yami, Little Professor

Level- 32 (16,000/16,900)

HP- 4,750/4,750 (+20)

SP- 2,300/2,300

CP- 2,700/2,700


FIRE- 100% WIND- 100%

Allegiance- Konoha Civilian

STR- 32

VIT- 48

DEX- 48

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 57

CC- 131

LUC- 26 (+5)

And the moment I reached a 100% control rate for wind, I gained a surprising new ability! Instead of asking me if I wanted to unlock a third element, instead I was asked if I wanted to combine the two elements I did control, allowing to create a new bloodline!

That's right, I had the option of creating a bloodline limit for myself!

Conditions have been meet: Fire 100% control, Wind 100% control. Would you like to unlock a keki genkai!


Or unlock another element?




Obviously I selected the kekkei genkai!

Yami, Little Professor

Level- 32 (16,000/16,900)

HP- 4,750/4,750 (+20)

SP- 2,300/2,300

CP- 2,700/2,700


FIRE- 100% WIND- 100% SCORCH- 50%

Since I already had 100% control in FIRE and WIND, SCORCH came already half mastered. I tried to create my own jutsus for it, or some kind of training, but the only thing I could do which involved scorch release was lighting a leaf on fire, burning faster that simple fire release jutsu training.

Unfortunately according to the history books there has only ever been one famous user of the scorch release, Pakura, a kouichi from Suna that died quite some time ago. Obviously Konoha had no records of her or her jutsu, so I was stuck with no clue how to train this new new kekkei genkai.

But hey, at least I'm getting a new mission now.

"So, I'm assuming you want a C rank mission," the old man smiled.

"Yes!" I threw my hands up and sighed, "if I have to paint one more damn fence I'll puke! Why do people have so many fences?! They should just learn to get long with people!"

Zumo nodded, "yeah, plus do they all have to be white? Can they be interesting in the least? Have a little more personality than a stone wall?"

Ko nodded as he stepped forward, "we are ready lord Hokage."

The Hokage chuckled, "alright. Now, you have three options mission available, all definitely important and up to your standards of interest, so no fence painting here."

"Oh thank God," China muttered.

"Now, there's first a mission to to the border where you'll be delivering medicine to a village suffering from a plague. Another escort mission to the Land of noodles and a mission to Suna delivering important documents."

"I vote Suna!" I cried out holding up my hand in excitement.

Zumo blinked, "dude, you want to travel in a dessert?"

"It's Suna man! You know how amazing that place is? Another freaking ninja village! Don't you want to know how it looks like?"

Zumo groaned, "I guess."

Ko smiled, "well then if there are no objections," he turned to China who shock hr head, "then I suppose Suna it is."


Quest Alert!

Deliver the important documents to the Kazekage


6,000 EXP

+ 5 skill scroll


All out war between Suna and Konoha

Do you accept?


I smiled as I pressed yes the moment Ko accepted the mission scroll. Of course that wasn't the only reason I wanted to go to Suna;


Quest Alert!

Find more information about your Scorch release!





Suna will brand you an enemy of the state

Do you accept?


We set off the next day, packing a little as possible. I went a step ahead and actually changed clothes, wearing black ninja garbs similar to what Sasuke wore when fighting Gaara, except bright yellow, don't want to die from a heat stroke. I also got a cloak for the sand and some goggles.

Zumo actually laughed at my change in attirer, but then Ko arrived with a clock similar to mine, nodding in approval at my new get up. Thi prompted us to stop by in a nearby village on the border to get China and Zumo a cloak and googled as well.

We traveled at ninja speed, making great time as we crossed into Tani, the land of rivers. There wasn't much to see, a lot of bridges and a lot of rivers, oh and a huge mountain range, but nothing else.

It was two days later when the forest slowly began to die out as we saw the great expanse of desert before us. From then on the trek became...slower. We had to slow down since China and Zumo didn't know how to tree walk, meaning they couldn't channel chakra into their feet to keep themselves from sinking in.

Zumo huffed as he pulled his leg up out of the sand. He looked at Ko and me and growled, "how the hell are you doing that?!"

Ko smiled, "it's simple Zumo, you see, this is the result of an exercise called the tree walking technique. It helps refine chakra control and helps you climb trees. It also can help you from sinking into the sand."

"It's not that hard," I told them as I helped China out of a optically hard sand trap.

"When did you learn it Yami?" China asked in surprise.

"During our week resting," I shrugged, wiping away the sweat on my face from the harsh sun, "I looked it up and bribed a chunin to show me how it's done. I have very good chakra control, so it wasn't all that difficult learning it."

"Hm, I see," Ko said thinking, "well then when we get back after this mission I'll teach China and Zumo the tree walking exercise while you and I can go over another chakra control exercise."

I nodded, "sure," we walked in silence once more before I sighed and asked, "how much further?"

Ko chuckled, "if we keep this rate up we will reach there in two days time."

"ARGH!" I cried out, "that's too long to spend in the desert! There's nothing to do here! Nothing to see!"

"You're the one who wanted to come on this mission," Zumo scoffed.

I grumbled, "yeah, I know..."

"Well then how about we play a game?" Ko suggested with.

"A game?" China asked.

"Yes, a shinobi game," Ko said taking out a shuriken, "I'll throw on shuriken, if you can somehow deflect it back to me with your own ninja tools, that's one point for you, if not, it's a point to me."

Zumo frowned, "what kind of game is this?"

"The kind which helps you learn how to deflect weapons thrown at you," China informed.

"Very good China," Ko smiled, "yes, that's correct, this is not just a game, but training as well. So," he took out two shurikens, "who wants to go first?"

The game was fun, China ended up winning as she scored the most points with my coming in second and Zumo coming third. The Sarutobi really needed to learn how to aim better.

Soon it turned dark and we set up camp for the night inside a cave with me taking first shift. It was a quiet night with nothing notable happening. I did however make sure to leave behind a fanged dagger inside the cave, just in case I ever needed a place to escape. Or dump a body. The middle of the dessert would do just fine.

And then the next day we came upon the village, seeing it off in the distance around noon time. The city was inside a large crater surrounded by large walls and a single entry point. We approached the gates and were immediately halted by the gate guards.

"Stop! State your business here Konoha ninjas!" said the first one.

"Ko Hyuga, jonin, on mission to deliver vital information for the kazekage," Ko stated gathering out ninja ID cards and giving it to the guards who checked them out for a moment before stepping aside.

"Everything seems to be in order," he turned to the gates which were slowly being pushed open. On the other side was a level 42 konichi with bandages covering her hair and the sides of her face. She was dress in a simple sand coloured vest, which seems to be Suna's version of the Konoha's flack jacket.

"Chunin Rovira will be your guide," the gaurd informed us handing us back out cards.

"Please, follow me, don't stray," Rovira informed us, acting as our guide into the village.

We entered for the first time another ninja village. And the moment I did;


You have entered an enemy village!

-20 REP to everyone from Suna

Okay, that was unexpected. Technically on paper Suna and Konoha were allies, but there were ongoing hostilities as people hated the fact that Konoha was more prosperous. This was also the reason Orochimaru was so successful in turning Suna against Konoha.

Rovira took us through the main road, surrounding it on both sides were dull almost sand coloured buildings with rarely any luxury items seen. There wasn't even a proper restaurant that I could see.

"Damn, this place is depressing," Zumo said with a whistle.

I slammed my palm on my head, "you dumb mother-"

"What was that?" Rovira asked, snapping to Zumo with a glare.

"N-nothing!" Zumo gulped. The Suna kunoichi maintained the glare for a moment before dropping it. Ko sighed and turned around seeing Zumo a glare that made the Sarutobi kid shudder, good, he needs to learn not to insult people he just met!

In the heart of the village was a giant tower that looked over the village. On the top I could see sentiers looking out and in ground level were a constant stream of ninjas coming in and out.

"Watch yourself," Rovira ordered as we walked inside, moving through the crowds of shinbi that either stared at us or glared at us. Sigh, fucking hell man.

We walked up to the third floor where we found a receptionist that ordered us to wait, sending a not o subtle glare our way.

We sat down and Rovira disappeared in a bust of sand. Ko sighed as he turned to the receptionist, "can I get some water? It's been a difficult journey."

The elderly woman sighed, "I'm sorry, but we're right now in the middle of a drought. Water is limited."

Ko nodded, "we understand," he turned to us and signed for us to remain silent. Zumo nodded immediately while China and I made no outward motion.

We waited for half an hour before the woman finally called us up, "he's almost finished, it'll just be a moment."

Just then the Kazekage's door opened up and a man dressed in white, a mask covering his face walked out. The receptionist bowed while Ko moved the team away, obviously unsure about the man.

But he should have done more than that...a lot more.

Orochimaru, Snake Sanin

Lv- ?

REP- -50

Holy shit! I did nothing, said nothing, I just watched he walk by, not bothering to even look at our directions. I gulped, scary mother fucker. I didn't even register the woman telling us to go inside, I kept looking back, and just as I entered the office, he turned back and looked at me, narrowing his eyes.

I immediately ran in and shut the door behind me. I almost ran into Ko who motioned me to fall in. Id id so without complaint, praying Orochimaru didn't come in for me.

"Right, so what's this about?" a red haired man sitting behind a desk wearing a white and green version of the Hokage's robes.

Rasa, Fourth Kazekage

Lv- ?

REP- -60

Oh great, he hates us more than normal, this should be fun.

"Lord Hokage ordered us to deliver this information to you," Ko aid as he took a scroll out of his jacket. The Kazekage nodded allowing Ko to approach and place the scroll on his desk before backing away.

Rasa took the scroll, looked it over before throwing it aside, "was there anything else?"

"No," Ko replied.

Rasa nodded, "you can stay in Suna for one night, I expect you to be gone by tomorrow morning, is that understood?"

"Perfectly," Ko replied.


Quest completed!

Deliver the important documents to the Kazekage


6,000 EXP

+ 5 skill scroll

Yami, Little Professor

Level- 33 (5,100/16,900)

HP- 5,00/5,000 (+20)

SP- 2,425/2,425

CP- 2,850/2,850


FIRE- 100% WIND- 100% SCORCH- 76%

Allegiance- Konoha Civilian

STR- 32

VIT- 48

DEX- 48

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 57

CC- 131

LUC- 26 (+5)

Points- 5

Luckily for me the reward scroll just ended up in my inventory and didn't appear in my hands in a puff of smoke. That would have caused some trouble for sure. But hey, at least my scorch release was at 76%!

The man waved us away, we walked out and I was so glad that Orochimaru wasn't there waiting for us. Damn, what was he even doing here in the first place?!

Rovira appeared at that point and acted as our guide once more to a hotel right across the kazekage tower. "You have already been assigned a single room," she informed us, "anything further you require will have to be payed out of your own pockets."

"Understood," Ko nodded as she escorted us out of the tower. And then, I saw it. A glowing rock shaped symbol on the tower's walls. A golden symbol similar to the ones the Suna ninja wore.

I quickly walked to it and put my hand on it gaining curious looks from my companions and a cautious glare from Rivora. But I ignored them all;


Congratulations! You have found a legendary spot: Kazekage tower!

Locations found in Suna: 1/5

Select your reward!

+10 points

+10,000 EXP

Suna style battle fan

Random skill scroll

I can't use the battle fan, it will appear in my hands immediately drawing attention to myself. The scroll would also cause some smoke and people here hate us enough and suspect us as it is.

My only options were to use the ten points or the 10,000 EXP. And while the EXP was nice, it wouldn't level me up, meaning the more prudent choice was the points, which is what I selected.


You have gained: +10 points!

"Yami, what are you doing?" Ko asked.

"Nothing, sorry," I said joining them again.

Rovira glared at me and then the spot I touched. Seeing nothing of note she continued to walk and talk, "you cannot leave the building without an escort, though I doubt you would find anything interesting here," she said glaring at Zumo who blushed.

I sighed, "do you guys have a book store by any chance?"

Rovira scoffed, "paper is rare here, so no, we don't."

I grumbled, "that sucks. I was looking forward to reading your guys literature."

Rovira eyes seemed to soften a little at that, "Suna mainly consists of poets, not many novelists come out of our village. We have main collection of poem we are all proud of, you can have one deliver to you from the post office. We don't have a store, but we do deliver custom orders."

I saw an opening, I can use this.

"Hmm, I'm guessing the poem are about sand and how amazing water it right?" I said, "I think I remember one guy….Bashamichi or something, wrote a fantastic piece of his first visit to the ocean. Honestly, after reading that I was glad even for the tap water I used to wash my clothes."

"You have read Bashamichi?" Rivora asked surprised.

I winked, "haven't you heard? Konoha nin are tree lovers. Is it really that surprising that we also like books?"

The konichi chuckled, "no I suppose not."


Your skill has leveled up!

Flirting, Lv- 10 (3%)

Your ability to charm your target to drop their gaurd, confuse them or getting them to like you.

22% chance of it working

+5 REP bonus if works

I smiled, "so are there any other books you can recommend?"

"Depends, what's your favorite genre?"

"Fantasy...or historical figures," I smiled, time to hint at what I want, "I like reading about great ninjas of the past. Like the fourth hokage, he's my favorite."

Rivora nodded, "yes, I suppose he would be. It would take quite a feet to defeat a biju."

I shrugged, "yeah, that's cool and all, but what I like about him was his style. Dude knows how to dress!" This caused the sand konichi to chuckled. I smiled back, "but that's just me. I also read a few of the ninjas you guys have produced. Like the third kazekage? Magnet release? I can't even begin to image what kind of a powerhouse that guy was."

Rivora smirked, "who do you think would have won? The fourth hokage and the third kazekage?"

I groaned, " depends."


"Whether or not they want to kill each other."

"Oh? How so?"

"Well if it's just a friendly spar then the fourth would win easily. The kazekage's powers are deadly, he would have to strain to hold himself back. So the fourth would win easily. But if it was a death match...the winner would be decided on a coin flip."

Rivora scoffed, "oh please, magnet release beats Flying Thunder God any day of the week. All the Kazekage would have to do is destroy those kunais of the Hokage before he could use them."

"But you're forgetting one thing," I smirked.

"What's that?" she asked as we entered the hotel, my team mates following close by.

"The fourth hokage is a seal master," I grinned, "the magnet release is powerful. But if the fourth create a seal which can send out a powerful electromagnetic shock wave, the metal would be demagnetize causing them to become nothing more than heavy sand."

"Such a seal can't possibly exist," she scoffed.

"I bet I can make it in twenty minutes," I grinned.

She raised an eyebrow, "oh really? Is that a challenge?"

"Depends, you chicken Sandy."

"Oh you are on tree hugger!" she grinned, "what are the stakes?"

"If I win you treat me to lunch," I smiled.

Rivora raised an eyebrow, "a date? Really?"

"Yup. Plus I'm hungry," que hungry stomach.

The sun konichi rolled her eyes, "fine. But if I win you owe me your copy of Bashamichi do have it on you yes?"

I nodded, "yep," I carried it in my inventory. It really was a good book. I extended my hand, "deal?"

"Deal," she shock it, "now start sealing tree hugger," she scoffed.

I smiled as I took out and empty scroll and brush. Ko and the others gathered around as I st down in the hotel lobby, placing the scroll on the tea table there and began to construct a seal. Rivora raised an unimpressed eyebrow as she saw the way my brush moved, while Ko groaned, what's bugging him?

"And done," I finished at the ten minute mark.


A new seal recipe has been added!

Electromagnetic shock wave, B rank

Seal sends out a blast of electromagnetic energy that demagnetizes everything within a 20 feet radius.

"How do we know if it'll actually work?" Rivora asked crossing her arms.

I shrugged, "I guess you'll just have to trust me," she raised an eyebrow, "or use it against your kazekage and see if his gold reacts the same way. It is based around the same principles yes?"

Rivora's eyes blinked, "how did you know that?"

I shrugged, "I told you, I know a lot about great ninjas," that made her more relaxed, "anyway, I win, so I demand lunch!"

"Please, we don't' even know if it works, it could be a dud," the sun konich shrugged.

I smiled back, "fine, be that way. But you still owe me a date. And...well, I'm still hungry."

She rolled her eyes and turned to Ko, "you got it from here?" Shit! Shit! I need to talk her and learn more about scorch release.

"Actually, we are really hungry, if you wouldn't mind, could you show us the nearest restaurant?" Ko asked with a smile. Thank you sensei! It's like you read my mind!

Rivora groaned for a moment before nodding, "I guess it's fine," she then turned to me, "but I'm not paying."

I rolled up the seal and put it way, "it's fine, be sandy, see if I care."

She groaned, "oh god, that pun, it's like you think no one has ever used that before," she then took us around, stopping a restaurant that served meals throughout the day.

She sat with us for lunch, she and I constantly exchanging book ideas and the like. Half way through the meal though, I finally decided to approach the topic I was so anxious about.

"You know there are a lot of great stories about ninjas, but not enough about kunoichis," I stated, through the statement out in the open.

"That's true," Rivora nodded as she ate her rice.

"Well, there's wonder woman," China offered.

"She isn't real kid," Rivora shot the girl down, making her blush in embarrassment, "we're talking about real konichis."

"Like Tsunade," I offered, gentle pressing China's hand to make her seem more confident.

"R-right," she nodded.

I turned to Rivora, "hey, I just realised, Suna doesn't really have any famous kunoichi's do they?"

She scoffed, "I thought you liked reading history kid, of course we do! We have Chiyo, the mistress of puppets!"

I shrugged, "anyone else?"

"Hm," she blinked, "oh, yes, we have the Kazekage's own daughter, Temari, amazing wind user."

I groaned, "yeah...well, I don't know about her, but I think I understand what you're saying. Wasn't there also some woman who had a special release? Scorch was it?"

Rivora nodded, "yup. Her name was Pakura, she died a hero. Fucking Iwa had her killed," she cursed.

I frowned, "I guess we all hate Iwa. Hm, if I recall correctly she died on an embassy mission to Kiri yes?"

Rivora nodded, "yup, that's correct. Got ambushed and left for dead."

"Damn, the village must have taken that hard. Did she have any family?" I asked with concern.

"Not that I know," she shrugged, "she did have a student named Maki, she took it harder than all of us."

I frowned, "hmm, makes sense Kiri killing her, considering their hatred of bloodlines. I suppose with her death you guys lost all records of the scorch release as well. Too bad you won't be able to train the next one you happen across."

The Suna ninja nodded, "yes, that's true. But not to worry, from what I've been told the scorch release is a very adaptive herself didn't actually have anyone to teach her, she just went ahead and did it. I think Maki once mentioned that her master had built her style up from the ground up."

"Woah, that's pretty amazing," Zuma said in awe.

"You sure it isn't just boring and bland?" Rivora asked with a smile.

We laughed as Zumo blushed even further, but inside I was seething. I had nothing to go on. Pakura herself had built her style up from scratch, guess I'll just have to do the same. Damn, this is going to be hard.


Quest completed!

Find more information about your Scorch release!


TM: Hurricane

+3 potions

Wait what? A TM? A technical machine? One that can teach pokemon special moves?! Holy shit! This is my first time even seeing one of these things! I'm so going to check it out later tonight!

After lunch we got back to our hotel, escorted by Rivora. She checked us into our room and left, warning us to stay inside or else.

The moment we stepped into the room though China cried out, "Yami! Why do you always flirt with every woman we meet!"

I blinked, "well...I was trying to maintain Suna Konoha relations, everyone seemed kind of...hostile to us."

"Oh really?" Zumo asked rolling his eyes, "I'm sure that's true. Can't you just liked tell the truth man? You don't have to make up such lies."

"No, Yami is telling the truth," Ko spoke up, "didn't you two feel it? The glares? The odd looks?"

China mumbled, "I just thought it was because we were foreigners."

Ko shook his head, "no...something is wrong...the Hokage needs to know of this."

I nodded, "agreed."

That night while the rest of them slept I stayed away on the couch looking at my status.

STR- 32

VIT- 48

DEX- 48

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 57

CC- 131

LUC- 26 (+5)

Points- 15

Okay, let's see here. 15 points to spend, okay, first things first, let's get a bonus from VIT and DEX.

VIT- 50

DEX- 50

Points- 11


You have 50 stat points in VIT! You have gained a perk!

Split second's rush- Grant +20% stamina as emergency reserves if SP drops to 0


You have 50 stat points in DEX! You have gained a perk!

Slower- Allows your perception of time to come to a halt during the heat of battle for 30 seconds. Can only be used three times a day.

The Split second's rush perk was similar to my chakra boost perk. And the slower perk showed prove useful in a fight when I'm being overwhelmed, even a split second could mean the difference between life and death.

I then assigned the rest of the points. Eight into STR and the rest into CHA;

STR- 40

VIT- 50

DEX- 50

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 60

CC- 131

LUC- 26 (+5)

WIth that done I opened up the skill scroll I gained today and selected a skill to level up;

Stealth, Lv- 32 (0%)

Your ability to hide in plain sight is crucial for being a ninja.

Chances of not getting spotted- 61%

For stronger opponents, -2% for each level they surpass you

I so needed to improve my stealth skill. With that done I went to bed, I couldn't risk running out late at, even if I had a decent stealth skill. It could mean freaking war!

After than I opened up the TM I got and took it out. It was in the form of a disk with the letters 'TM' on it's surface. It would teach a pokemon a move...but I was curious, could it teach me as well?

I pressed the disk against my forehead and waited...but nothing happened. Damn, guess only pokemon can learn this. Oh well.

So I went to bed and the we all woke up early the next day. I quickly hide a fanged dagger inside the floorboard of the hotel room, similar what what I did for the inn in the Land of Tea. Now I had a direct route inside an enemy ninja village. Hopefully if people to discover it, they wouldn't know what it is and would just throw it out. Hopefully.

We left with Rivora there bright and early. She guided us out of the village with a wave, I guess she was soft on us after spending some time chatting and eating.

We didn't do much on the way back, it was just a simple mission. I honestly wish though that the next mission isn't as calm as this one. I need excitement man!

A few days later:

We did eventually reach Konoha in one piece. The moment we entered the gates we went straight to the Hokage tower and Ko gave our report to the old man.

The mission now officially over Ko ordered us home to rest before coming back the next day for training.

It was early in the morning when I found myself back at training ground 11 meditating with a leaf pressed between my palms.

Ever since returning home yesterday I have been training to create my own scorch style jutsus. It's been a pain, but I managed to dissect the main principles of both fire style and wind style.

I found that the tiger hand seal was for fire style jutsu and the bird hand seal was for wing style. This mean scorch style, a mixture of these two, had to use both in some form.

So I began to experiment, using the hand seals for Great fireball, but instead of using the tiger seal at the end, I used the bird.

And not surprisingly, nothing happened. It was a dud.

So I moved on, instead of using jutsu I decided to use nature control, mainly training myself to use scorch style chakra alone.

I looked down at the leaf between my hands, while before I could only burn the leaf with my scorch release, now I could actually create a small ball of fire so potent, it began to dry up the leave around me just by existing.

I focused and held my hand tightly together. Slowly the leaf started to burn with a yellowish flame. I opened my palm and held out the burning fire ball as it slowly began to heat up. I could feel the heat, but it couldn't touch me as slowly the moisture around me began to burn into nothing.

I smiled, this was the perfect first step to mastering the scorch style. Suddenly I felt two familiar chakra signatures approaching, China and Zumo. I put of the leave and got up, I waited and in moment they landed before me.

"Hey Yami," Zumo waved.

"Hey you two," I waved back, "what's new?"

"Nothing much," China shrugged, "when I got him yesterday my mother and father were so worried. They thought I was going to get hurt again. I'm glad nothing went wrong during this mission."

Zumo nodded, "don't I know it."

I felt Ko's chakra approach us, "sensei is here," and moment later he arrived, "morning sensei."

Ko blinked, "Yami? How did you know I was coming?"

Hm...oh well, might as well reveal a few of my tricks, "I sensed you reach. I think I'm a chakra sensor."

"A what?!" Zumo's eyes winded.

"I'm sorry, but what does that mean?" China asked.

"It means that Yami can detect people's chakra on an emotional level," Ko said humming, "I see, that would explain how you knew about Balubo's oncoming attack. I just chalked it up to instincts. Why didn't you mention this before Yami?"

I shrugged, "I didn't know what it was, I just thought it was my sixth sense, or whatever people call it. It wasn't until I read up a little on chakra system when I realised what I could do."

"Hm, a chakra sensor is pretty rare," Ko groaned, "what is your range?"

"I think around 300 feet," I shrugged, remember the perk I got.

"That's not half bad," Ko nodded, "very well, I'll keep this in mind. Thank you for telling us this Yami, it can be very useful in the future."

"You're welcome."

"Right, let's begin then," Ko moved towards a tree and tapped on it's trunk, "today I'm going to show you how to tree walk, Yami, if you'll do the honours?"

I nodded and quickly walked up to the tree, climbing the side before walking underneath a branch and hanging upside down.

"Woah! So that's how they do that!" Zuma said in awe.

"Yami here achieves this state by placing chakra into the soles of his feet, allowing it to gain a sticky property that latches onto whatever surface you stand on," Ko explained, "but you need to be careful. Too much chakra and you get blasted off, too little and nothing will happen. Your goal is to climb till the top of this tree, don't worry if it takes some time, usually it will take one a week to achieve this."

China and Zumo nodded and quickly stood before a tree, using a kunai to mark their progress as they climbed up. Predictably Zumo's control sucked balls while China was able to just get a few steps in before falling down.

"Now while they are doing that, you and I can train in the second stage of chakra control," Ko and I walked over to the small pound the training ground hand. The Hyuga walked into the water and stood on it's surface, "water walking."

I smiled and followed him, stepping onto the water surface with practised confidence. Ko looked surprised when I didn't fall in. I walked next to him and smiled, "done."

"Since when could you do that?" Ko asked curiously.

"I've always had very good chakra control," I admitted, "in fact I'm pretty sure I have perfect chakra control."

Ko groaned as he activated his special eyes and looked at my feet. They widened in surprise as he nodded, "yes, I do believe you're correct. This is the most perfectly control supply of chakra I have ever seen. I don't think even a drop is wasted. Amazing, even your reserves aren't too little, can be quite the formidable ninja when you grow up Yami….very powerful indeed."

I smiled, "thank, what now?"

Ko sighed as he deactivated his dojutsu, "now? Well I'm not really sure, I actually wanted to spend the day teaching chakra control, but if you can already do, do you have anything you wish to learn?"

"Depends, how many fire style and wind style jutsus do you know?" I asked curiously.

Ko hummed, "well you see Yami, due to my clan's rules I don't know much high level ninjutsu. I know a few basic ones, and I believe you already know more than me when it comes to wind jutsu."

I sighed, "no offense sensei, but your clan not allowing you to learn ninjutsu is kind of like cutting yourself with your own kunai."

Ko chuckled, "yes, the maybe, well how about this, you and I will go to the library and I'll use my jonin level clearance and allow you to take one jutsu from the library, what do you say?"

My eyes sparkled, "yes! YES! Let's go!"

"No so fast Yami," the Hyuga chuckled as he made a familiar cross like seal with his fingers creating a second version of him, "there, he will take you to the library to get you your books, I need to stay here to keep an eye on China and Zumo."

I gaped, "is this the shadow clone jutsu?"

Ko nodded, "yes, I'm suprised you know that Yami."

"It's a jutsu the second hokage invented, of course I would know about it," I looked at the clone and found myself torn, "sensei….do you think you can teach me this jutsu instead?"

Ko chuckled, "I thought you would say that. Sorry kiddo but no, this is a kinjutsu, and while you do have very good chakra control, people with bigger reserves than you have died because they used this jutsu without care for the repercussion. How about this though, I'll teach you the shadow clone jutsu the moment you become a chunin, deal?"

I blinked, "wait, are you going to enroll us in the chunin exams?!"

Ko laughed, "no Yami, don't get too excited. You three aren't ready for that yet. But maybe the one six months later would be better suited for you."

I groaned, that was right in the middle of the time NAruto was going to, should I be worried about Mizuki interfering? Neah, it sorted itself out last time, I'm sure now won't be that different.

"I accept your offer Ko sensei," I nodded at him before turning to the clone, "let's go."

Ko waved us off as he sprinted towards the library, the clone easily keeping up with my max speed. We reached the steps and I immediately walked in.

I noticed not much had changed, except there was now a poster on the library wall with the words, 'Stan Lee's newest work coming soon! Justice Leagues! Featuring the Trinity and other heroes from Lee's amazing mind!'

I chuckled, I almost forgot about that.

"Ah Yami, I'm surprised to see you!" Misa walked out with a pile of books under her arm. She looked at Ko and smiled, "and you must be his sensei, a Hyuga yes?"

"Yes ma'am," Ko bowed.

"Thank you for taking care of him, I know he can be a handful sometimes," Misa said with a chuckle.

"Hey!" I cried out.

Ko ruffled my hair, "he's no trouble at all."

"Well, what can I do for you today?" Misa asked going behind her desk.

"We're just going to use the jonin section to find this one a jutsu to learn," Ko said pointing at me.

Misa blinked in worry, "are you sure that's wise?"

Ko nodded, "trust me, he's naturally gifted at chakra control, he'll be fine."

Misa sighed, "very well, but please, keep an eye on him. He's known to have shifty fingers when it comes to books," she glared at me making me smirk.

Ko nodded, "I'll make sure he only takes one." And with that Ko guided me into a section of the library I had never been, the second floor.

The first was for genins and the public. The first was for chunin and the second, well that was reserved for only jonin. And now me. I was so going to get my hands on any other scroll I could!


Quest alert!

Steal some scrolls!


+5 points for every jutsu you steal


Getting caught will cause you to get banned from the library until you become a chunin

Do you accept?


Hell yeah I do!

We reached the second floor and Ko motioned me forward into a shelf filled with jutsu scrolls, arrange by their nature affinity, "go ahead and see if anything interests you. And remember, you can only take one. And don't try anything funny," he said activating his eyes, because I have my eye on you."

I rolled my eyes, "wow, I haven't heard that one before, honestly sensei, you need get new puns."

Ko chuckled as he deactivated his eyes and went to another row, leaving me alone. But I knew since he did have those eyes, I would technically be under watch...meaning I'll just have to be quick about it.

My advantage? He didn't know about my inventory not can he see it. So that's a plus for me. I began to look around the jutsu, focusing on the wind and fire types for now.

I found two fire jutsu of note and one wind one I liked. I looked over my shoulder to see Ko looking at a book on chakra manipulation. I opened my inventory and slipped one fire jutsu inside along with the wind jutsu. Then I grabbed the scroll and pretended to read it for a while before looking for more. Hey, if he's going to make it so easy for me, I'm going to walk all over him.

I looked around the jutsu sections when my eyes slowly glossed over into the genjutsu section. Curious, I put the fre scroll I was carrying back in it's shelf and went to Ko, "hey sensei, is it okay if I check out some genjutsu instead?"

Ko looked up, "oh? Nothing interested you?"

I shrugged, "I just want to keep my options open you know."

Ko nodded, "go ahead Yami," he said activating his eyes to look me over one time before raising an eyebrow, "huh...I was expecting you to take something."

I scoffed, "please, what type of ninja do you take me for?" I smiled going into the genjutsu section and looking them over.

I didn't find anything that interested me, but, right next to the genjutsu section was the kekkei genkai section. Which really surprised me as it had jutus for things like ice release, boil release and the like. Obviously I couldn't find the scorch release or any information about it in here.

So sadly I was forced to return to the first fire scroll from before, taking it and walking over to Ko, "I'll take this."

Ko looked over and checked the scroll, "fire release, great fire annihilation jutsu. Hm, okay," he gave me a once over with the byakugan before taking me to the counter to check it out.

When I left Misa gave me a narrowed glare, the only bat just knew I had done something, me smiling like an idiot didn't help things either.

The moment I left the library Ko's clone disappeared, but not before giving me the day off to learn the jutsu and the hand seals involved. Hehe, as if I would even need a day.


Quest completed!

Steal some scrolls!


+5 points for every jutsu you steal

Total reward: +10 points

I went home as soon as possible and made copies of all the scrolls I took, since they were valuable, I couldn't just burn them by quick learning from them.

After that was done I learnt all three jutsu I got;

Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire jutsu, B rank

The user compresses a large amount of chakra built up inside their body and changes it into a dragon head-shaped fireball.

CP cost- 600

DMG- 1,000

Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation, B rank

Chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and then expelled from the mouth and shaped into a literal sea of flame.

CP cost- 900

DMG- 1,500

Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere, B rank

The user takes a deep breath and then exhales several small blasts of wind chakra, dispersing them over an expansive range, making it difficult to avoid them entirely without taking any damage.

CP cost- 300 (per blast)

DMG- 600

Then I dealt with the +10 points I gained from the quest I just completed. I put five points into STR, two into VIT and DEX and one point into CHA.

STR- 45

VIT- 52

DEX- 52

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 61

CC- 131

LUC- 26 (+5)

With three more powerful jutsus in my arsenal I decided it's time for some real training now. I left Naruto a note telling him I was going to training late tonight and went out to the park, activating the natural dungeon.

You have discovered a natural dungeon! Would you like to go inside?


Dungeon, Lv- 1

Dunegon, Lv- 2

Dunegon, Lv- 3

Dunegon, Lv- 4

Dunegon, Lv- 5

I decided it was time to finally try out the newest dungeon, I selected the option and found myself elsewhere, again. And this looked fucking scarry.

I was surrounded by lava, I was literally in the middle of a lava pit with smoke covered sky and heat pouring at at me, making me sweat like a pig.

"Fuck!" I looked around, the piece of rock I was standing on was slowly breaking apart into the lava. I looked around and found solid land outside the lava near a small hill.

I drew a fanged dagger and threw it at the shore. The moment it landed into rock I teleported myself there in a flash of yellow.

-100 CP

I sighed looking around, from the location I'm guessing I'm going to be fighting rock types and fire types. Nice. And here I am without a single water jutsu. Fucking hell.

I wanted to use my pokemon, Onix would be great over here and Nidoking would be awesome as well, but I needed to practise for myself. So against my better judgement I decided to not call for backup.

I walked around, the ground hot and covered with shark rocks that cracked like glass as I walked over them. But just then, I heard cry, "MAGMAR!" As suddenly a blast of fire came my way.

I jumped back, dodging the flames and landed away as a Magmar came out from behind a large bolder. It stood seven feet tall and looked pissed. I quickly observed it.


Lv- 25

HP- 3,500/3,500

SP- 3,00/3,00

Cp- 0/0


Allegiance- Self

STR- 21

VIT- 22

DEX- 29

INT- 12

CHA- 0

CC- 0

LUC- 12

In battle, MAGMAR blows out intensely hot flames from all over its body to intimidate its opponent. This POKéMON's fiery bursts create heat waves that ignite grass and trees in its surroundings.

Kill to gain: 700 EXP

I can't approach it directly and all my fire jutsu were useless. So that left only one option, I would need to use that.

I opened my inventory and reached in drawing out a giant yellow and black battle fan. I carried it on my shoulder, Magmar curious as to what that weapon could do.

Uchiha Gunbai, B class item

A battle fan that can reflect basic jutsus. It summons a blast of wind from each swing that can fire based attacks.

Durability- 500/500 (per attack)

Bonus to fire attacks- 40%

I smirked, "birth it ugly!" Magmar quickly grew impatient, opening it's mouth and crying out as it spat out a blast of fire right at me.

"You're going to have to do better than that!" I cried, swinging the gunbai like a baseball bat, sending a gust of wind so powerful it blasted the flames away.

"Mag?" Magmar asked in surprise as I leaped forward, bringing the fan down on it's head, "MAG!"

-200 HP!

I landed besides and brought the gunbai forward blocking the fire balls Magmar spilled out. "MAG?!" it cried out as the fan blocked all the fire.

It's attack finally stopped, I dropped the fan, performing two hand seals in quick succession, meeting Magmar's eyes the moment the gunbai hit the ground. "Demonic illusion: Hell viewing jutsu!"

-10 CP

"MAG!" Mag Mar cried out as it began to spew out fire randomly.

I jumped away out of reach and began to move into a second jutus set, just to see how effective it would be, 'wind release: Vacuum sphere!' I thought as I burped out three balls of vacuum out, sending them right at the pokemon.

-90 CP!

"MAG!" it cried out blasting out fire from it's whole body. The fire hit the vacuum spheres, and instead of burning it to nothing, it instead added to the spheres, causing Magmar to get hit by spheres of vacuum covered by flames sending him flying back into a boulder, crashing so hard it left an impression.

-3,204 HP

Magmar: 0/3,500 HP

I watched as the Magmar disappeared, leaving behind some cash which I didn't even bother to pick up and a red potion bottle;

Burn heal, D class item

Heals any burn wherever applied.

Usage: Once

Meh, could be useful. I put it way and grabbed my gunbai, holding it on my shoulders with one hand while I held a fanged dagger with my other.

I ran across the lava covered world looking around for more opponent and quickly came upon more and more Magmars.

I used mainly the vacuum spheres to fight them off, while also knocking their own attacks to the side using my gunbai. There was one point where three Magmars tried to ambush me at once, it was then that I had to use the Flying Thunder god jutsu for the first time in combat.

I was walking between two large rock faces with only one path way out. And just then, just as I was about to reach the end of the passage, two magmars blocked the exit while one came charging at me from behind, spewing out flames from it' mouth.

I put the gunbai on my back to block the flames and quickly created seals for the vacuum spheres, but these Magamar were smarter, the moment they aw my hands moved, they went on their side of the rock faces, using them as cover while sending fireballs at me.

So I took out a fanged dagger and threw it, the Magmar moved behind cover as the dagger flew right between them and then in a flash I appeared over the dagger, my mouth bulging with pent up air.

'Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!' I blasted on out point blank. I turned around and wun my gunbai, hitting the other one in the throat before I used the hell viewing genjutsu to trick it into attacking it's friend.

And then I finished them all off with my vacuum spheres. Out of that confrontation I gained a special loot item, a fire stone;

Firestone, B class item

A stone that has the ability to evolve certain fire type pokemon

I could use this to level up one of my Growlithe into an Archean. I put it away for later before continuing my little grinding session.

I was around twenty Magmars in when I leveled up;

Yami, Little Professor

Level- 34 (2,900/16,900)

HP- 5,300/5,300 (+20)

SP- 2,575/2,575

CP- 3,025/3,025


FIRE- 100% WIND- 100% SCORCH- 100%

Allegiance- Konoha Civilian

STR- 45

VIT- 52

DEX- 52

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 61

CC- 131

LUC- 26 (+5)

Points- 5


You have obtained 100% mastery of SCORCH!

Select a new element to master!




Honestly my one weakness is water, fire can be put out by it and if it's an area effect jutsu then wind is fucked too. So I need the Lightning element as well. So I picked that, unlocking it.

Yami, Little Professor

Level- 34 (2,900/16,900)

HP- 5,300/5,300 (+20)

SP- 2,575/2,575

CP- 3,025/3,025


FIRE- 100% WIND- 100% LIGHTNING- 0%

SCORCH- 100%

I then assigned the points I gained. Two into CHA, two into STR and one into LUC;

STR- 47

VIT- 52

DEX- 52

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 63

CC- 131

LUC- 27 (+5)

After that the magmas became few in between, and instead I got another pokemon showing up. And to my utter surprise, it was one I wasn't expecting to see here;


Lv- 20

If this was one of the spawns, I so had to see who the boss was! Fighting the little flame spewing lizard was easy. Just a couple of vacuum spheres and it was down for the count. I gained only 300 EXP for defeating him, and some flammable oil;

Flammable oil, C class item

Oil obtained from Charmander and it's evolutions, this oil is extremely flammable and what helps keep it's tail lite.

Hm, not bad.

After killing around fifteen of those little buggers I found myself aimlessly walking around the now empty battlefield. Until I came upon a giant crater, and right there in the middle of it was, I assume, the boss of this dungeon.

A rock type pokemon, off for a fire dungeon, but sure enough I saw it right there in the middle of the creator.

A Rhydon, essentially a rhino standing on two legs with a huge body, giant tail and a drill for a horn. Not intimidating at all. And right now it was punching away at the bottom of the creator, digging in deeper with a little bit of lava coming out of the cracks.


Lv- 35

HP- 25,000/25,000

SP- 9,000/9,000



Allegiance- Self

STR- 82

VIT- 34

DEX- 12

INT- 19

CHA- 0

CC- 0

LUC- 32

RHYDON's horn can crush even uncut diamonds. One sweeping blow of its tail can topple a building. This pokemon's hide is extremely tough. Even direct cannon hits don't leave a scratch.

Kill to gain: 12,000 EXP

I quickly created a plan, and moved. First, the distraction, "demonic illusion: hell viewing technique!"

The pokemon stopped punching the ground and immediately began to cry out, "Rhydon!" it then began trashing slamming it's feet into the ground over and over again causing more crackin in the ground.

Eather was weak against wind, thankfully I knew just the jutsu for this. I quickly went through the seals before I took out ten fanged dangers in each hand and threw them into the air.

I waited until they came back down at leave with my mouth before I exhaled the jutsu, 'Wind release: Great Breakthrough!'

-25 CP!

The blast of air sent all the daggers flying right towards Rhydon who had his back turned to me. They flew with such speed, their added momentum allowed them to dig into Rhydon's skin while the wind jutsu managed to push him on his face.

-880 HP!

Rhydon, HP- 24,120/25,000

I then began to move through the hand seals for vacuum seals, this time gathering as much chakra and air I could into my mouth. Thanks to my mastery of the wind nature chakra, the cost for each jutsu is reduced by 90% , meaning each ball of air which costed 300 is now only 30CP.

And I needed every single attack I got.

Slowly the Rhydon broke out of it's genjutsu enhanced stupor, that fall must have knocked it senses back into it's head. It then looked at me and roaring, ready to charge. I sucked in more air, waiting for him to come closer. I cried out and charged, horn lowered and spinning around like a drill, aimed at me.

I held my breath, waiting for my chance as it came closer and closer. It was at the edge of the crater and lowered it's horn, ready to skewer me.

But that the last moment I activated one of the Flying Thunder God seals on the daggers sticking out of Rhydon's back. I vanished in a blast of yellow light, Rhydon's horn charging upwards with the strength of a hundred men, but no target.

I appeared behind him, I released the jutsu mid air. The air exploded out of my mouth, bursts of wind came flying out.

-300 CP!

A hundred vacuum spheres, each strong enough to do 1,200 points of damage hit Rhydon in the back. The pokemon cried itu in pain as they all exploded on it's back, sending it flying into the air, it's heavy mass landing a good hundred feet away in a small crater.

-120,000 HP!

Rhydon: 0/25,000

If it was anyone else, like a real ninja, it would have easily escaped. But no, it was just an animal and I defeated it.


You have leveled up!

Yami, Little Professor

Level- 35 (2,500/19,900)

HP- 5,600/5,600 (+20)

SP- 2,725/2,725

CP- 3,200/3,200


FIRE- 100% WIND- 100% LIGHTNING- 26%

SCORCH- 100%

Allegiance- Konoha Civilian

STR- 47

VIT- 52

DEX- 52

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 63

CC- 131

LUC- 27 (+5)

Points- 5

YES! Now that was fucking awesome! I quickly ran to Rhydon's disappearing body and searched for loot items.

I found a pokeball, a small ruby, a drill shaped sword in the form of the drill on it's head and what looked to be a small red flare gun.

I took the pokeball and the ruby. I then observed the sword;

Driller, B class item

A sword made out of the drill of a Rhydon. It can help dig tunnels or tear away enemies as the blade can rotate 360 degrees

DMG: 100

Impressive, plus it wasn't all that heavy. Hm, maybe I should try and figure out how this works so that I can make more. I put it away and then turned to the final loot item, the flare gun.

Flare gun, S rank item

This gun sends out a flare so potent, it draws the attention of whatever pokemon it is alleged to, forcing to come towards the person who fired it.

Pokemon this flare is aligned to: Moltres.

Holy. Shit.

A legendary?! A legendary pokemon?! This thing will bring a legendary pokemon to me?! Seriously?!

I need to calm myself and think about this. Legendary pokemon, and a flying type pokemon. I so wanted it, but at the same time I had to ask myself, could I even take it on as I am now? The only reason I won against these pokemon is because I had superior jutsu and was smart about it, but against a almost definitely going to be a level 80, if the games are to be trusted.

So, I need to plan this out. I can't use this now...and it doesn't say anything about a time limits, so I'm assuming I can use it whenever I want. But I need to plan this through. I have a lightning affinity now, so that means I can learn effective lighting type jutsu, which will be effective against Moltres.

I also need a plan, several trap seals that can keep a flying monster like a Moltres down. I need to prepare...because I must have a Moltres!


Quest Alert!

Plan to catch a legend!


3 Lighting style jutsus (0/3)

4 B class seal traps (0/4)

A plan!


A chance at catching a Moltres!


Moltres is never caught

Do you accept?


Of course I accept! Damn menu you stupid! With that done I exited the natural dungeon and restarted the level, I wanted to go for another run. But before that I used up the points I gained;

STR- 47

VIT- 53

DEX- 53

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 66

CC- 131

LUC- 27 (+5)

It was three runs later when I finally stopped and decided to go back home. During that time I gained another level;

Yami, Little Professor

Level- 36 (100/25,800)

HP- 5,900/5,900 (+20)

SP- 2,875/2,875

CP- 3,375/3,375


FIRE- 100% WIND- 100% LIGHTNING- 52%

SCORCH- 100%

Allegiance- Konoha Civilian

STR- 47

VIT- 53

DEX- 53

INT- 35 (+2)

CHA- 66

CC- 131

LUC- 27 (+5)

Points- 5

A week later:

It was a week of training and learning for my team and I. We still did the odd D rank mission, but Ko mainly had China and Zumo doing chakra control exercises or worked on their taijutsu.

After spending the majority of the day with my teammates I came home to work on the trap seals I was constructing for Moltres. I had three in mind I really wanted to do, but so far only one has worked out for me;

Fire Suppression seal, B rank

Completely absorbs any fire the seal is placed under, turning the kinetic energy into potential.

The reason why this was a B rank was because not only did it suppress the fire, is extinguished it. I fired off a Great Fireball at the seal and found it could take the full hit without an issue, absorbing the flames into itself.

I also had two other ideas I was working on, but they were going very slow, seal making was a tough gig, believe you me. So between this and the team training, I barely had enough time to grind in the dungeons anymore.

I did however did have some time to spare, allowing me to search the genin section of the library for a few lightning jutsus;

Lightning Release: Bolt shot, D rank

Sends out a compressed bolt of lightning from the tip of the user's fingers.

CP cost: 20

DMG: 25

Lightning Release: Lightning line, D rank

Sends out lightning chakra along a trail of ninja wire.

CP cost: 20 (per second)

DMG: 20 (per second)

Lighting Release: Upper clouds, C rank

Create a lighting strike than ricochets to attack enemy.

CP cost: 100

DMG: 50

I couldn't learn anymore because when I tried to take out more Misa ratted me out to Ko who put his foot down and forbade me from taking amore jutsu scrolls unless he thought I was ready. Prick.

And when the week was over, we finally got to go for another C rank. We got up bright and early that morning and went to the Hokage tower. Ko waited patiently for the Hokage to give us a mission, and finally, the old man placed a scroll on the table.

"C rank mission to the capital of the Land of Fire. A nobel man wants his daughter to be protected while he leaves to the Land of Wind for negotiations. Shouldn't be too difficult, the security there is top notch, but the nobleman is paranoid. The duration of this mission will be five months."

"A bodyguard mission Lord Hokage?" Ko asked surprised, "do you think that is wise?"

"Do you believe your team isn't ready jonin Ko?" Sarutobi asked smoking a pipe.

"N-no sir!" Ko took the scroll and pocketed it, "we will leave immediately sir!"

The Hokage smiled, "good luck. Dismissed."


Quest Alert!

Save the lady!


+20 REP to all residents in the land of fire




War between Kumo and Fire.

Do you accept?


Okay, so I'm guessing things are going to go to shit in the worst way possible….finally! I smiled as I pressed yes, I always wanted to save a princess! Wait...did he say five months?! Ah damnit, Naruto is going to hate this. Evious gaki.

There we go, vola, sorry it took so much longer to write and post up I was...I was trying to figure some things out for my Pat?re/on. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed!