Olivia Benson had met Nick Amaro in high school where they had been together for two years until their senior year, where Nick's family moved to Miami, leaving them miles away from each other and the relationship could not continue.

A few years later they meet again when they both joined the police training academy, Olivia wanted to join special victims unit while Nick wanted to join narcotics unit, while training the both realised they wanted to be with each other so restarted their relationship. Two Weeks Later Nick proposed and Olivia accepted they got married a week later on 5th June 1999.

They kept their marriage secret from everyone as they know their families wouldn't agree, after five years on narcotics Nick decided to join the army, while knowing it will be hard on both of them but decided that they could make it work and make their marriage stronger.

Nicks training was for eighteen weeks and based in New York, which meant he could be home most nights. They enjoyed the time relishing it as they know straight after training he was being deployed straight to Afghanistan for nine months, this would be over Christmas, but made plans to write and phone each other as much as they could to try and make them being apart easier. They would also send gifts for Christmas and their birthdays.

Soon the day came, where Nick would be deployed away from Olivia, at the airport, they held each other enjoying the little time they had left and although both were upset about being apart. They were also upset that three days before his deployment would end would be their sixth wedding anniversary but they knew this was part of the line of duty, just as the soldiers were called to board the plane Olivia and Nick shared one last kiss and hug,

Nick said, "I love you Olivia so much keep safe."

Olivia replied "I love you so much to keep safe and come home" and with that, he was gone.

After leaving the airport, Olivia went straight to work very sad and downbeat, on the plane Nick was feeling the same but both knew that the time would pass quickly and they should try to remain happy as much as they could. Arriving in the 1, 6precinct she went straight to her desk and started on her paperwork, Munch Fin and Elliot noticed her mood and fin decided to try and speak to her.

Fin asked, "What's up baby girl."

Olivia replied, "Nothing I'm fine, just want to get my paperwork done."

The boys looked at each other and were worried but left it. The following day they were on the night shift, and Olivia was in the same mood and doing paperwork which she hated doing,

Elliot went over and sat on the corner of her desk and waited for her to look up and said: "what's up Liv you know you can talk to me."

Olivia just stood up and said, "I'm fine Elliot now just leave it."

And with that, she ran up to cribs and locked herself in and lay down and cried thinking of her husband who was thousands of miles away and should just be landing in Afghanistan