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Story Start

"Blllllrrrriiiiiiippp" The fat man burped, trying not to throw up. Mary Jane recoiled; never had she been in the presence of a more disgusting man.

The supermodel tried to clear a clean spot as far away from the bathroom as she could. She could not help but notice the odd stain on the television set. When Katzenburg returned, his pants were unbuttoned and his hairy belly hanging low. He had ditched his dress shirt, and a yellowed stained muscle shirt hid his flabby chest.

"You are the most disgusting, perverted man I have ever met!" She turned to leave. "Keep your damn key! Keep your photos! I'm leaving!"

"Pretty little thing like you in a district like this..." Katzenburg said opening a beer. "Hmmmmm, especially once someone recognizes you, well it won't be pretty."

Mary Jane looked out the window at the empty parking spot where the cab had once been.

"You know, Parker set it up; Boy will do anything to keep you out of trouble. I'm thinking he is getting reamed by Spider-man, you know, a little hershey highway action after all the cute photos are taken." He said throwing the empty beer can in a pile on the floor.

Mary Jane's right hand slapped him across the face, followed by a left. Her knee went straight to his groin area where he barely blocked it and backhanded her. She landed on the sofa holding her cheek. "I hate you!" She screamed. Nick ignored her opening another beer as he sat down next to her, his hand moved immediately to her knee.

"Look doll there was no reason to hit me. Parker thinks you were cheating on him and paid me a thousand bucks to find out." He said as he walked his fingers up her leg, pushing the hem of her skirt upward exposing her long legs.

"What?" She said, pulling her skirt back down to her knees. "You cannot be serious!"

"Yep, five hundred bucks to find that out and another five hundred to get those photos." He said showing her a handful of cash. "What did you think I was winking about?"

Mary Jane remembered their little silent knowing sign and wink. She could not believe Peter would sink so low. While she was daydreaming, Katzenburg's hand had slid her dress up high enough to see the outline of her pink-laced panties.

Mary Jane glared at him, as drool escaped his mouth, "Get your filthy paws off meeMMPH..."

Without warning, Katzenburg leaned forward and kissed her. His teeth yellow and broken, his breath tasting of booze, smoke, and greasy Mexican food. Mary Jane opened her mouth to scream, which only gave him access to shove his tongue deeper down her throat.

As Mary Jane struggled to get away, the bald fat man snuggled closer, rubbing himself against her hot, firm body. "Stop fighting it baby, it's what your husband wants! And ol' Katzenburg is here to save the day!"

"Touch me again, and I will have you killed, pig!" The redhead shouted, after she managed to break free.

"And how would you pull that off?" The obese man didn't buy her threats.

"You do realize I am friends with Spider-man, don't you?"

"You win, toots." He admitted his defeat; there was no point in messing with a superhero. "Since you are not in the mood for some making out, let's get down to business! You know that world is as unstable and unpredictable as an earthquake. So it would be wise not to leave your career in the hands of destiny alone; push it along and make sure it keeps growing."

"What are you talking about, fatso?" The awful man wasn't making a lot of sense.

"It is quite simple really, doll." He resumed his point. "If you want the negatives, you need to give me something in return."

"You are a walking cliché, aren't you?" The supermodel pouted. "How much for the set, asshole?"

"I don't want your damn money!" Katzenburg sounded offended. "Is that all you can think of me?"

"What is it, then?" Mary Jane wondered if he could be actually telling the truth, for once.

"What I really want is that lovely piece of ass of yours." Katzenburg boldly stated.

"Excuse me?" Mary Jane shouted, outraged. "You have got to be fucking kidding me!"

"Do I look like I am?" Katzenburg kept his indifferent posture.

"I will have you arrested for this!" Mary Jane threatened him again.

"You can do whatever you damn please, toots." Katzenburg didn't seem to mind. "I don't care; it will be your word against mine and by the time it gets sorted out your image will be already ruined. Not to mention Parker will finally realize what a sorry cuckold he is, after he sees the pictures of you fucking some hung dude." He continued.

"You fucking pig!" She yelled as she slapped him hard on the face, once more.

Mary Jane got up and rushed to the door, there was no way she was gonna walk in front of this guy and give him an excuse to view her ass. She got out and slammed the door behind her.

"Fucking Katzenburg!" She thought. "I so wish I had a gun right now! I'd pump that asshole full of hot lead!"

Mary Jane clutched the nearby wall; she was shaken up and on the verge of crying. She couldn't believe he had the nerve to propose something like that to her. The fat man just tried to take advantage of her. She wanted to make the disgusting perv pay for his offence, but he was right about his point.

Surely, she would find a way to prove he blackmailed her, but that would take an awfully long time. Moreover, she couldn't clearly remember what had happened, so she wanted to be sure before she told Peter anything. As much as she hated the idea, she needed to go back and try to reason with the sleazy prick, hoping he would come to his senses about the matter. She took a deep breath, straightened herself and headed back to his apartment.

"Hya, toots." He said with that stupid smile on his face, as she walked in and sat at the chair facing him again. "Looking good as always."

"I am willing to give you a chance for you to apologize." She told him straight up, making it look she was on top of the situation.

"Come on, sweet cheeks." Katzenburg laughed. "It's a long way to the top, and you are only showing that you don't have what it takes to get there."

"I am a hard working and honest professional and I love my husband! You should be ashamed of yourself, you asshole!" She shouted. Maybe she could convince him by showing an aggressive side.

"High moral standards won't get you anywhere." Katzenburg tried to rationalize it. "Besides, quit being a baby! I am not telling you to enjoy it. It is strictly a business transaction: we both want something and we are trying to reach an agreement."

"There is no agreement!" Mary Jane promptly answered him. "You are the without doubt the foulest person I've ever met!"

"Compliments will get you nowhere, toots." He kept on mocking her. "I may be disgusting, but I am not a hypocrite! You screwed around behind your husband's back and you are only upset because I know it! Besides, I am not forcing you to do shit! If you are all insulted, just get the hell out of here!"

Mary Jane was stunned; she didn't know what to do. She wanted so much to get out of there, but she thought about her husband. Obviously, she had been the victim of a setup; someone was blackmailing her for a great deal of cash and Nick Katzenburg somehow intercepted the pictures and turned this thing around, wanting sexual favors in return.

Of course, Peter would be at her side when she revealed to him what happened, but he would be devastated to know that his wife was abused, as well, and she didn't want that.

"So what is it gonna be?" Katzenburg finally asked her.

"I will listen to your offer." She answered in a low tone; maybe she could offer him a date with one of her model friends. Surely, none of them would want anything with the foul bastard, but MJ knew most of them were sluts, so it was just a matter of convincing.

"It has been a while since I had a woman, Red." He told her as if it was a compliment. "And I can honestly say I never had one nearly as gorgeous as you."

"I am not gonna fuck you!" Mary Jane immediately answered.

"See? You cut the bullshit and went straight to the point. I like that." Katzenburg continued. "So you wanna save that little sweet pussy of yours to your lover? Fine. How about some ass, then?"

"How about you masturbate your pathetic little penis, knowing that you will never have me?" Mary Jane taunted him.

"You are testing my patience, toots." He stated. "I know you are only here to have a taste of the ol' Katzenburg charm."

"I will not be anywhere near your excuse for a penis!" Mary Jane replied with a dry tone.

"You are one tough cookie, I'll give you that." Katzenburg insisted. "Let's hear your proposition, then. You must have one, for sure."

"I-I h-have some friends..." MJ was embarrassed by the mere thought.

"Go on," Katzenburg seemed interested.

"I can, uh, arrange for you to meet them." She continued.

"Like a date?" He wanted more details.

"Yes." MJ nodded.

"How sweet!" The obnoxious photographer laughed. "Where are we? In fifth grade?"

"What are you talking about, you moron?" She was beyond losing her temper.

"I am talking about pussy, you dumb broad!" Katzenburg shouted. "Can you guarantee I will be getting any, for sure?"

"Of course not!" MJ stated. "If that is the case, just pay some hooker for that!"

"I am tired of paying for sex." He admitted. "I have done that my entire life."

"God, you really are pathetic!" Despite her utter repulsion, MJ was almost sorry for the guy.

"How about a hand job?" Katzenburg insisted. "Just a nice wank and we are through!"

"No!" She immediately answered. "Not in a million years!"

"Suit yourself, Paris Hilton!" The despicable man gave in. "You had your chance, now get the fuck out of here. I have some tabloids to call."

"A hand job and nothing more?" MJ asked, skeptical; his propositions weren't going to get any better than this. She was completely lost and didn't know what to do.

"That's the deal." He replied.

"Let's say, for a second, I agree." She whimpered as her predicament sunk into her. "If I do it, will you give me the pics?"

"Sure, Red." Katzenburg assured her.

"What about after?" Mary Jane continued. "What about Peter?"

"You go your way; I go mine, no strings attached." He tried to sound reasonable. "Besides, even if I told Parker, he would never believe my word."

"How do I know I can trust you?" She sounded worried.

"You don't!" He smiled. "Now, get over here and let's do it!"

MJ sat there with shock in her eyes. Slowly, she realized she had no choice. She was going to do it. She was going to do this to keep her own privacy and for the husband she loved. Reluctantly she got up, locked the door and turned to face him. He was smiling triumphantly.

"My, you really look pretty!" He laughed gazing at her young, firm body in her nicely cut dress. "Dressed up for me?"

"Of course not, fatso!" Mary Jane hated him.

"Come on, toots. Be nice! It's just a business transaction, that's all..." He got closer to her for a better look. "Now, let's see what you are wearing under that cute little dress of yours..."

"What?" She pouted. "That was not the agreement!"

"Well, yeah... But, it will make me a lot more excited and ready to burst..." Katzenburg sneered. "Unless you want it to last... and believe me, I can last a long time... It's up to you..."

"You really are a selfish bastard!" That was Mary Jane's only answer.

"I am waiting!" Katzenburg sneered.

Resigned to the inevitable, Mary Jane silently lifted the front of her dress' skirt. She wished she wasn't wearing her pink, sheer string bikini panties. The bottoms were so small that it clung to her body in a way that her pussy was just covered by it. She stood before the obnoxious photographer with her skirt over her hips, her dress' top was clung to her tits making them look even bigger than what they actually were, and they were big normally. It barely covered her firm mounds; her nipples were poking through the thin material. She looked ravishing.

"Damn!" Although Katzenburg had seen the supermodel wife in her underwear when he spied on her, staring at her magnificent body up close was a whole new experience; he had an instantaneous hardon "Parker is one lucky son of a..."

"Don't you dare speak his name; you are not half the man he is!" Mary Jane threatened him. "If you tell this to anyone, I will have you arrested, do you understand?"

"Perfectly." Katzenburg smiled as he realized what she was willing to do. "Now, get over here!" He ordered as he sat on his dirty couch.

Her heart was beating rapidly as she approached Nick Katzenburg. Mary Jane tried to ignore him; her fingers trembled as she opened his belt and yanked down his zipper, he lifted his hips slightly to help her as she tugged his ragged trousers down to his ankles, freeing his throbbing cock under his huge beer gut.

He wore no underwear and his dick was nothing like she had imagined. Katzenburg's cock popped into view and her deep green eyes widened at the sight; it was fucking huge. It had to be at least eight, maybe close to nine inches long and at least a couple inches thick. The whole thing was covered in thick heavy veins and even more impressive was how pronounced his cockhead was. It was like a giant mushroom that was at least a half inch thicker than his cock. His cock was enormous: so long and fat that the redhead gasped at her first sight of his tremendous prick. Katzenburg knew it wasn't as long as his nephew, but it was just as thick.

"Fuck!" MJ thought; she couldn't help but stare at the huge prick pulsing like a steel rod between his belly and herself. "How can this ugly bastard be larger than Peter's?"

A sudden image of herself sucking Katzenburg's giant cock flooded into Mary Jane's mind. She imagined herself on her knees, whipping her fist, furiously up and down his big, stiff prick, slurping loudly and shamelessly on his cock-knob. The flush in her cheeks turned nearly crimson, and she realized how wrong and disgusting that was.

"Bigger than hubby, Red?" He snapped her out of her reverie.

"You wish!" She angrily replied.

"How come you can't take your eyes from it then?" Katzenburg laughed.

Mary Jane blushed as she heard the bold commentary.

"Get down on your knees and start jerking my prick." He ordered her. "I'm tired of waiting." His eyes were all over the wife's gorgeous body, and when she saw his gaze on her crotch, Mary Jane closed her thighs together, preventing him from getting a good look at her panty-covered cuntslit.

Katzenburg's massive cock bucked and throbbed, obviously as stiff as a prick could get, he was red-faced yet trembling with lust. He gazed down at her, his huge fuck-pole throbbing right in front of her face. Mary Jane whimpered as she reluctantly wrapped both hands around his prick, amazed that so much of his stiff cock still protruded from the grip of her fists.

She started stroking his gigantic, stone-hard cock; his incredibly long, fat prick arched stiffly over his equally large belly, capped with a puffy, helmet-shaped knob that oozed milky pre-cum. Even Katzenburg was impressed by his dong's unusual length and thickness; he admired it, rising like a mast straight toward the ceiling, pre-cum glistening the spongy surface of the crown, contrasting heavily with the delicate hands that were handling it.

Closing his eyes in expectation, he soon became immersed in his late reveries, imagining the thrill of fucking the red-fringed pussy of his long time rival's girl. One of her hands was fisting his cock to a climax, while the other fondled his restless rocks.

Mary Jane continued to vigorously masturbate the happy looking man; after about five minutes or so, her arm got tired so she switched sides. To be honest, the way his balls were swollen she hadn't expected him to last half the time he already had, and there was no sign of him finished soon either, in fact it almost felt as if his cock had softened slightly.

"Are you close?" She asked hopefully.

"No, I'm sorry," he apologized. "Perhaps some extra stimulation would help?"

After another five minutes, Mary Jane stopped again; she wanted to end her torment as soon as possible. "Keep your hands to yourself," she told him. With that, the buxom supermodel peeled her top up over her shoulders; her massive D's tumbled free. They looked fantastic, large and perfectly round spheres, topped by delicious pink nipples and no sign of any sag.

"Wow!" Katzenburg blurted out, unable to help himself. "That is a great fucking rack!"

Katzenburg reached out for one of Mary Jane's tits but she slapped away his hand. "I said no touching, asshole!"

"Sorry, toots," the fat man apologized. "Had to try, at least!"

Mary Jane took hold of Katzenburg's cock with both hands, her arms very tired by now. She was encouraged as she felt it harden more, now that the horny photographer gazed at her naked tits. The redhead resumed jerking at his cock, now with both hands wrapped around the thick shaft. Her tits jiggled even more enticing now they were bare, and Katzenburg was almost hypnotized by the quivering breasts.

Another five minutes and he still hadn't cum; the fat man, sensing Mary Jane's defenses faltering, reached out and cupped his hand over one of her swinging breasts. This time she didn't stop him; her arms were burning; she regretted starting this and just wanted him to get off as soon as possible. Katzenburg pushed her dress' top aside, exposing more of her large, but firm breast. He squeezed and pinched her naked tit. Mary Jane remained on her knees before him; half dressed and in shock, as his hand worked on her breast. He moaned slightly and gave her big tit a squeeze.

"How about some dirty talking, Red?" He proposed. "It would sure speed things up!"

Mary Jane was appalled to even consider the lewd act, but the possibility of ending her agony sooner forced her to play along. "Is this how you like it, Katzenburg? Is this how you want me to stroke your cock? Huh? You do want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Fuck, yeah! I'd love to bury it deep into that sweet cunt of yours!" Was his immediate reply. "I see how stare at my cock! I see how you crave it! Is it bigger than your husband's?"

The supermodel wife didn't answer him; she knew his body was beginning to win the battle with his mind, as her hand found its mark and began to tease his cock with wickedly erotic strokes. Katzenburg began to thrust himself forward and match her strokes.

"Tell me, Red! I see the way you are looking at it!" He insisted. "Is my cock bigger than Parker's?"

"Yes, you pig!" She finally admitted; there was no point in lying anymore. "It's a fucking monster!"

"Ha! I knew it!" The photographer laughed, proud of what he had asserted.

MJ beat his cock-meat as fast as she could, excitedly watching the pre-cum oozing from his piss-hole. She ran her fingers up and down his hard cock-shaft, and thought if she stroked it enough, he'd cum before she had to throw up. She moved her hand to his balls and gently caressed them.

"Oh, that's good!" He groaned, urging Mary Jane faster as he pinched her nipple and then lifted his other hand up so he had a tit in each hand. He knew he was getting close to cumming but didn't want her to know, he wanted to push her just a little further. "Put it in your mouth," he told her.

"What?" Mary Jane was shocked.

"Put it in your mouth, just the tip, it'll push me over the edge," Katzenburg promised, fondling Mary Jane's lovely breasts.

"No!" She snapped, stopping her pumping on his cock. "I'm not gonna do it, loser!"

"Whatever." Katzenburg wasn't the least concerned about the state she was in. "I can feel I'm so close, but I see you are enjoying handling my cock, so suit yourself!"

"Shut up, pig!"

"Come on, Red. I think you are exploring your potential here, by overcoming an adverse state."


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