"Kyon?" The bipolar goddess started talking to me before class, the usual.

"Yeah?" I responded.

"Maybe we've been going about this all wrong..."

"Going about what all wrong?"

"Maybe the problem isn't that we can't find the aliens, time travelers, espers, and sliders. Maybe the problem is that they don't exist in our world."

"And what would we do if you're right?"

He laid her head in her arms on the desk.

"I don't know… Go to another universe?"

I choked on air.

"Haruhi, you don't mean that do you? I mean you like this universe don't you? Not to mention it's not possible"

"I don't know, I'm just tired Kyon… I've been so depressed I don't even eat that much anymore, I don't have the motivation to live."

Melancholy feelings are one thing, but not eating? That's actual depression.

She has been getting skinnier lately. Not to mention her hair's a little messier, attractively messy.

But we've been in another universe… The two of us, I don't wanna go there again.

Much less be the Adam and Eve.

I guess it'd be more bearable if the others came with us...

I mean, would the agency be able to contact Koizumi-kun?

Would Asahina-san's faction be able to contact her?

Would the Data Overmind be able to follow us?

...Or Asakura?