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Natsu (15 years old)
Wendy (15 years old)

-Enter Natsu Dragneel-

"Hey Elfman, watch your step!" A voice rang out as a pink haired teenager ran across the field in haste. Another person followed in pursuit which was the person called out. He was keeping an even pace with the young mage who on the other hand had his fists ignited. The pink haired teen jumped to the side as a magic circle appeared on his hand.

"Don't think you've won yet! I haven't gone all out yet." Elfman declared as he began to activate his magic. Both of them looked ready as their auras began to emanate. Before their fight could continue another voice called out to the two.

"Hey if you two don't get a move on then we'll be late to class." They turned around only to see a couple of familiar faces. Looking back at the group the pinkette just ran and called Elfman.

"Hey, Elfman let's finish some other time." Elfman couldn't help it as he joined the group.

-Fairy Tail Academy Ground-

They continued onwards as they made their way to the academy grounds. Natsu and the group then went into the changing rooms in order to put on their uniforms.

Wendy and the girls were busy changing as other girls in their vicinity appeared. Wendy was never able to get used to the atmosphere of being in a room with so many people even if they were the same gender as her.

She felt nervous as she was undoing her shirt. Her face beet red from having to change into her uniform from her usual attire. She looked over to her fellow mages who were changing their attire and were busy having a decent conversation.

"Hey, Wendy are you done yet? I need help with my bra." Cana spoke as Wendy finished the buttons on her uniform. She then went over to Cana and started helping her with changing. While helping her Cana suddenly spoke.

"Hey, Wendy I have a question?"

"What is it?"

"What are you planning to do after we graduate?"

"What do you mean exactly?"

"Do you have any plans on the future?"

"Not that I know of right now."

"I see..."

An idea popped in Cana's mind.

"You know what. I think I'll ask Natsu about his plans."


"Yeah, I'll ask him whether he's going to study someplace or if he'll stay."

"And what if he leaves?" Wendy asked.

"Then I'll go with him. Besides, it's better than staying in a place as boring as Magnolia. But with him, things could be interesting. And who knows... I might end up asking him out." This, of course, made Wendy's face turn red.

"W-What do y-you mean by a-a-asking him out?"

"Well, It's not like he's gonna be free forever. And you know how some girls here look at him. You might not know this but I find Natsu really nice and helpful. Hell, My dad even treats him like family now."

"But... what if he doesn't like you like that? What will you do then?"

"Wendy, you ever heard that one saying?"

"No, what is it?"

"The way to a guys heart is through his stomach. He likes to eat and I've been practicing my cooking so he and I should make a good pair. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Y-Yeah but maybe that's not the way to go about it. It takes time to know someone well enough to decided to be with them."

"Well, what about you? Are you going to try?"

"What do you mean by try?"

"I figured that since the two of you were really close, I thought you be interested in him."

"W-We are just f-f-friends. Besides, I don't think Natsu would be interested in me. Especially with everything that is going on."

"You're right about one thing. Our final year of school is important, with all the work we're getting it doesn't look we really have time for stuff like that." Cana groaned knowing that their final year is something that they need to make the most of. Managing homework, being around their friends, and taking requests to make money.

"I know this topic is making you uncomfortable so I'm just going to drop it."

"O-Okay then." Wendy's embarrassment vanished as Cana looked over to their little group. Judging from their appearance it appears that they finished changing. They slowly made their way to the door and left the changing room. As they made their way to class a couple of murmurs were heard.

"Hey check Wendy out. She looks cute today." A random boy said.

"Bro, of course, she's cute, why the hell would you say that." Another person spoke clearly annoyed by the first guy's comment.

"And check out the others they're are looking just as good."

Cana of course just ignored those comments as she just walked alongside Wendy who was slightly bothered by the comments spoken by the students.

"Hey, just forget them. Don't let what they say bother you. If anything just pretend that they are not there." Cana explained as Wendy followed her advice and just trudged up ahead. The walk to class was short as they made it to class five minutes before classes started. Of course, some students were always late especially a certain duo who were making their way right now.

"I'm here. Sorry, I'm late!" The door opened as two familiar mages were seen. The first person's appearance consisted of a red shirt with a fire Dragon design on it, a pair of black pants, and a scaly looking scarf with a red pendant underneath it. He, of course, was wearing the school's uniform but from how he looked, he clearly hated it.

The second person in question was shirtless as he was only wearing a pair of boxers and a necklace around his neck. This was an everyday thing for the raven-haired teen seeing that he always arrives late and tends to forget his clothing when he needs it.

"Dragneel and Fullbuster. I should have known it was you, two troublemakers, again. I'm not even going to say anything so for now just take your seat." The teacher just shrugged it off mainly because she deals with their habits on a regular basis.

Getting into their seats, Natsu and Gray merely sat before looking away from each other in annoyance. It seems like they were at it again they suppose. Natsu looked over to the bluenette before asking.

"Wendy do you have any notes on what's going on cause I-" Wendy figured as much so rather than answer the question she merely handed him her notebook. Natsu was happy as he went through his paper and started copying the info from the book.

After a few minutes, Natsu handed back the notebook while facing ahead to make sure the teacher wasn't looking. Wendy understood his actions seeing that their teacher has zero tolerance for slackers. It was tough on him, for the most part, seeing that when it comes to reading a book or listening to the teacher he can't handle it and tends to get in trouble. That's pretty much where she comes. Whenever Natsu needs help she tries her best to make sure he catches up.

Most of the time when she does this, it is seen by the other see students as a kind gesture while others see it as both of them getting a bit too friendly, then others think that the two are an item. But most of those rumors are just misunderstandings which Wendy can't stand most of the time.

Just before class had ended they were all told to sit up. "Just to inform all of you that we will be participating in an event with the other schools in a few weeks. The announcement wasn't specific but once we have more information then you will be informed. That is all. You are dismissed." The teacher spoke as she left the room and headed off.

Natsu was busy grabbing his things and was prepared to head out to the cafeteria but before he could even leave, a voice resounded from the other side. The door to their room opened and a white-haired girl appeared. She looked happy as she peeked into the classroom and her eyes landed on a certain person. Going into the classroom, she made her way to his desk and greeted him warmly.

"Hi, Natsu how was the class?" She asked as Natsu just shrugged his head and looked at her with a weary expression. "It wasn't exactly fun. I'm not on our teacher's good side right now so I have to try not screwing up again." He spoke as Lisanna understood what he talked about.

"Um, Natsu do you want to get lunch together?" Lisanna asked as Natsu just looked at her with a smile. "Sure besides I'm starving, plus I hope they haven't sold all of those yakisoba sandwiches yet. I'm been craving one for a while now." Natsu rubbed his stomach as Lisanna giggled.

Wendy noticed how close Natsu and Lisanna were being so she did something that she normally would never do. Grabbing her things, Wendy approached them before speaking.

"Is there any room for one more?" Wendy spoke as Natsu just gave a thumbs up before looking back at Lisanna.

"You don't mind her coming along, do you? Besides the more the better." Lisanna wasn't really happy but she hid her disappointment as she smiled at Wendy and started walking.

"Sure... Well, what are you waiting for, let's go." Natsu and Wendy followed in suite as other students began heading down the hallway. The walk took longer than expected as students crowded the halls trying to get some food. The lines were huge as students began to shove each in order to get their lunch.

Natsu just did what he normally did as he ran and started to clear a path for the two girls. "Hurry up, we can still make it." He called them as Lisanna began to make her way through the path of fallen students who were on the floor completely recovering from the pinkette's sudden action. Wendy was slightly hesitant as more students began to rush and make their way.

"Come on Wendy it's now or never!" Wendy then ran as the students began to continue their little rush. Upon catching up, she made her way to the line where Natsu and Lisanna were waiting.

"Sorry about the wait. I'm here now." She looked at the cafeteria and was surprised by how empty it appeared. That meant pretty much that they were the first ones there.

Grabbing their food they quickly went outside and sat near a bench where their rest of their friends waited. The group greeted them.

"Hey, guys. Did the line give you any trouble?" Levy spoke as she unwrapped her lunch bag.

"Well, we managed thanks to Natsu. If it wasn't for him then we would've had to wait and we all know how long the lunch line is." Lisanna spoke as she sat down and took a bite of her salad.

"Well, for now, let's eat. Then we can go and leave the school."

"What do you mean by 'leave'? We still have classes." Cana spoke in confusion as Levi explained.

"You see, I found out that since the big event is gonna be held in a few weeks, the academy schedule is going to be altered. So for the next few weeks every time after lunch everyone leaves the school."

"I see. I didn't know that..." Cana was taken aback by the sudden information. "If that's the case then we might as well go on some jobs besides if there is a big event then we'll need money to enjoy it," Cana spoke as her eyes were glimmering with excitement.

After a few minutes, the group had finished their meals and started making their way to the academy gates. The teachers were already gone and most of the students left to their respective homes to rest up and relax. Natsu and the rest simply walked along the path going to Fairy Tail in order to check what kind of jobs awaited them.

The doors to Fairy Tail opened up as the members just simply went along their business while others just sat down and talked with others. Natsu headed to the request board and picked up a random paper off the board. He then went over to the bar and handed the paper to Mirajane who grabbed the request before approving it.

Then Natsu went over to the table everyone was at and showed them the request.

"So how far is the request located?" Lisanna took at look at the paper. It looks like it's just an hour or two away. Well, this was somewhat intriguing. To think that Natsu would choose a simple job like this. Well, no one really knows what to think but that doesn't matter. What matter is making some quick cash.

"Okay then let's get going. The sooner we make it, the better for us." Levy said as the others started grabbing their supplies. "Okay, guys let's go."


A voice called out as Natsu turned around and faced Wakaba who was sitting a couple of tables away.

"What's up? Do you need something?" Natsu asked as Wakaba merely walked up to him and told him something.

"I heard a rumor that a "Salamander" was in Hargeon." This intrigued Natsu as Wakaba went back to his seat and lit his cigar.

Should he check it out? Natsu wasn't sure yet, but something inside him was made him feel that he should go and investigate.

"Hey, guys... you can go on without me. I have somewhere to be right now." This caught groups attention as they looked at him with confusion. What did he have to do that was so important? It didn't matter since he was already dashing away with happy trailing right behind him. Wendy could understand what happened. Since she heard from Wakaba, she understood Natsu's sudden change of plans. She quickly headed off as the others called to her in confusion.

"Wendy, where are you going? Aren't you coming with us for the job?" Lisanna yelled out as Wendy quickly turned around and yelled back.

"I'm going with Natsu so he doesn't get into any trouble. I'll be back before curfew." Wendy left their sight as the others merely shrugged it off. Hopefully, he doesn't cause any destruction or else he'll have to hear it from the master and they remembered what happened last time.




They just shivered at the thought of being punished and they were especially afraid to invoke the wrath of Erza. A pissed off red-head is more than anyone could handle.

"May the gods watch over you." They said to themselves as they could only pray for the two mages safety.




Elsewhere on the road, Natsu was heading down the path to Hargeon as Happy flew by his side. Happy himself was deep in thought as he suddenly heard a voice in the distance.

"Natsu-san! Happy! Wait for me." Wendy called out to them as she ran quickly to where they stood. Carla, of course, followed in suite even though she didn't want to go. The only reason she even went along with them was simply to keep her friend safe.

"Hey Wendy, what's going on? Weren't you going to that job with the others?" He questioned as Wendy shook her head and explained her reason.

"Well, you see... I figured since you were going to look for Igneel, I thought that I could tag along and help you out. And who knows I might even find a clue about where Grandine is." She said as Natsu just looked ahead before looking back at her. "Well since we're going to Hargeon I might as well have a way to keep from puking my guts out." He joked half-heartedly even though he had a deep fear of transportation.

"But with you at my side, I can finally let that fear go... even if it's for just a while." Wendy giggled slightly knowing how much of a scaredy cat he is.

"But just to let you know, I'm going as well to make sure you don't destroy anything. Because if you do, then Erza might try something on you." Wendy warned him as Natsu shivered, afraid of what might happen when he messes up. He knows that the moment Erza finds out... he's dead.

"Then let's be careful then." He looked ahead before they started running.

"Off we go. To Hargeon!"

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