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10th August, 1980

Somewhere in England in a house which no one knew about and couldn't be found even if they knew about it, a man was working diligently in his very own personal laboratory concocting a potion and humming quietly. He was about 5'10'', had brown eyes and dirty black hair which fell just below his shoulders. If one had to guess his age, they'd say he was around thirty years old. But it was his eyes that were most striking; they seemed to exude boundless knowledge and wisdom. Any person who dared to call themselves an intellectual wouldn't even measure up to the knowledge this man's mind held.

His laboratory was a circular one surrounded by doors at regular intervals. In the centre of the room was a five level book shelf which held a countless vials filled with potions instead of books. It was impossible for there to be that many vials if it weren't for the wonders of magic.

On the right side of the shelf, the man stood, carefully adding ingredients into his potion and on the left side were a number of odd looking instruments. They were bent and twisted into unrecognizable shapes and some had wires sticking out of them like metallic hairs.

Through the door behind the man, piles of books were spilling out chaotically. Some looked positively ancient and some no more than a few days old.

But the most striking object in the room was a small cube. It was and carved out of a very rare stone known as the Onyx. The small artefact had a number of beautiful runes, in white, carved into it which gave it an even more exotic look then it already had. If one took a closer look, they'd clearly notice the pale blue aura surrounding it.

It was such a mesmerising object and yet it could be easily overlooked for it was carelessly lying under the large pile of books and would not be seen unless you knew where to look for it.

All of a sudden one of his instruments with the flat base and wires sticking out started vibrating. Out of the many thin wires two began to lengthen and start to glow. One was a fiery red and the other was purest white.

The man looked up startled and stirred his potion five times in an anti-clockwise direction and placed a static charm on it. He then moved over next to the instrument and prodded it twice with his wand causing the wires to entwine around each other before fading back to their normal metallic colour and shortening back to their original lengths.

"Interesting," the man muttered under his breath. "Fire and ice you say? I certainly never saw that coming. Well, I better tell Pen or she'll get mad. Better hide the potion before that. Wouldn't want her to cheat now would we."

He waved his wand and immediately the potion sunk into the floor, out of sight.

He took a deep breath and yelled, "PEN! Hey Pen, get down here!"

"What is it!?" came a muffled voice through the roof.

"I've got something interesting to show you!" he yelled again.

There was a moments silence while the man waited patiently.

Suddenly a woman fell through the ceiling like it wasn't there at all. She landed gracefully on her feet and gave the man an annoyed glare. She was about the same height as him, had waist length red hair and bluish green eyes which radiated the same sense of knowledge and power as his.

"What is it?" she said, "I was just about to finish you know."

"Sorry, sorry but this little baby showed me fire and ice," he said pointing to the instrument.

"Really!" she said suddenly looking deeply interested, "That's never happened before has it? Usually it's just one. What was it last time?"

"It was earth the last time Pen," he said with a chuckle.

"Fire is mine," she said suddenly. "You can have the water or ice or whatever but fire is mine."

"Sure, sure, fire will get along with you perfectly considering your personality."

She smacked him on back of his head and sat in his lap and muttered, "Idiot."

"So when do we bring them here?" she asked him.

"When the time is right," he said wrapping his arm around her shoulder.