Calling the world changed was akin to calling a dog a cat. Cats hissed, dogs barked. Cats purred. Dogs crooned. The past was war, the future was peace.

It bored Harry Potter, Lord of the Elements, Saviour of Humanity.

He was a man of average height. Built like a chiseled rock. Had messy jet black hair contrasting his pale skin and dark green eyes that had a boundless depth. His face looked like it was cut from diamond and people knew of his coming when the wind began to bite and snow began to fall.

But those walking past him or along side him didn't give him a second glance. They had a vague understanding of what the Lords of the Elements looked like. All they knew was their coming was to be feared, for their coming meant the blade of justice was to be swung.

At least. Thats what the stories said.

Harry Potter wrapped his coat around him tighter, imitating those around him as they shivered as he walked past. His destination was right in front of him and he didn't want suspicious looks coming his way. People did look at him curiously when they realised he was the only one wearing a coat.

There was a palpable tension in the air. It was summer and it was snowing. Everyone knew the stories. When the seasons clashed, doom was right round the corner.

Or so the stories said. But one thing all knew to be true. Crime, injustice and greed were dealt swiftly by the forces unknown. No one escaped their sight and humans had nothing to fear if they didn't do wrong. In fact no one even knew the last time crime and injustice had occurred in their wonderful world.

Children were told the scary stories. Adults knew the heroic stories.

Harry Potter grimaced as he passed by a bookstore and saw the 'Elemental Fairy tale' in leather bound displayed on a pedestal.

If only they knew the truth he thought with a wry grin.

The Queen of the Underworld was a name only known to the Underworld; Oath sworn to secrecy and destined to agony.

The creature known as Evil was long defeated but it's corruption could never be banished. It was an impossible task. A task that had suppressed itself for decades after the Last War before rearing its ugly head again.

That was when the Elementals changed from Heroes to Horrors. Injustice was not tolerated. Hate was crushed and fear kept crime away.

It took another decade for the Elementals to withdraw from the world and act from the shadows.

It took centuries for their names to fade into legend and their deeds into fairy tales.

Those that did wrong were swept into the underworld and those who lived in the light were blissful in their ignorance.

Only the heads of Government knew of their existence and it was one of those Heads Harry was on his way to meet.

"Platform to the castle rising in 20 seconds!" cried out a shrill feminine voice. "19 seconds people!"

Harry hurried forward and tightened his grip on his element. It would certainly give him away if it started snowing inside the castle.

The effect was instant.

The warmth of summer rushed into the winds and the sun shone brighter.

"Was it him papa?" a child asked her father.

The man, cherry faced with a round stomach, chuckled. "He's long dead love," the man said, his voice soft and kind. "Only his legacy remains."

The man caught Harry staring and chuckled. "Kids huh."

Harry smiled and turned his gaze towards the little girl. "Maybe it was him," he joked. "Have you been naughty?"

The girls eyes widened and she turned to her father aghast. "Papa!"

"He's only joking sweetie! He's only joking!"

Harry smiled apologetically and turned away while the father consoled his daughter.

"Going up!" the feminine voice barked and the four hundred square foot platform began to rise.

Harry sighed as he got a good look at London.

"Beautiful isn't it?" A pretty brunette smiled at him as his eyes soaked in the city.

Marble white streets illuminated by floating white balls of light. Bushes and trees were interspaced among stone masonry, and as they rose higher, giant floating buildings shaped like crystals hung lazily and spun slowly about their axis.

All around him, platforms rose and glided through the air to their respective destinations. Each platform was a design of the Magical Science Academy founded a long time ago by a man Harry knew as Croaker.

The controllers were non magical and magical. The distinction between the two was long forgotten when it was discovered that magic could be learned and used by anyone.


The platform swerved and made its way to the entrance to the castle of London. A sprawling castle that shone gold under the light of the setting sun. Its twisting towers cast long shadows on the clouds its floated amongst and its smooth aged white walls had a touch of mystique that made all eyes widen in wonder once they gazed upon it.

It was a castle made for Kings and Queens and it was the home Harry had made for his love and named it the Phoenix Throne 500 years ago. Lillian was then known as the Phoenix Queen before her untimely death at the hands of the Witch Queen.

Harry knew the Witch Queen by another name. Luna had a flair for dramatics and immortality had way of making creativity seem dangerous.

Of course, the name Phoenix Queen was mysteriously forgotten by the world after Lillian had decided to become the Queen of the Underworld. He wondered what Queen she would want to be next.

"Do you intend to get off or are you going to stare at her all day?" barked the controller.

Harry blinked.

Immortality was also accompanied with a poor memory and day dreaming was a common side effect.


"I apologise," Harry said smoothly and gracefully stepped off the platform and on the castle courtyard.

The brunette he was unknowingly staring at turned towards him and smiled. "Are you here for the ceremony?"

"What ceremony?" Harry asked absently. His eyes roamed from her head to her toe and his expression turned roguish. She was a pretty one.

"The new Prime Minister's!" the brunette said, shocked that he didn't know.

"Oh right," Harry said startled. He had let himself get lost in his thoughts again and he gave himself a mental shake. He was getting old.

"I'm Barbara by the way."

"Charmed," Harry said and before Barbara knew it, her hand was resting in his and he gently kissed her knuckles.

She giggled and blushed. "Oh my," she gasped.

Harry grinned and she giggled some more. Harry enjoyed flirting with young pretty girls. He found it to be soothing and it made him feel young rather than look young. After all, after 723 years of living, things did tend to get a bit boring.

A gong sounded through the castle and a holographic image rose above the courtyard.

Harry sighed. He had a meeting to attend to.

Barbara's arm snaked around his and her eyes gleamed in excitement. "It's starting!" She wasn't the only one who had come up to the palace to see the ceremony. The change of Government was always followed by fanfare and parties.

Harry rose an eyebrow the moment the arm clutched onto his. The magic that unconsciously leaked out of him had an interesting effect on women. Harry slipped his arm out and Barbara jumped. She hadn't realised what she had done and blushed.

"I do have to go," Harry said. "It was nice meeting you."

"Wait! You didn't tell me your name. Do you want to dance with me when the party starts?"

Harry laughed. A rich and amused laugh. "I will if I find you."

Barbara blinked and he was gone. Only a slight chill remained.


Prime Minister Gordon glowed with pride and triumph. It had been a hard fought election but he had won and Prime Minister Elizabeth Granger was to formally pass the baton to him in the Prime Minister's office.

He stepped into the massive room, coveted by all politicians and let a smug grin grow on his face. It was time for the secrets to be handed over and he was quite excited about it.

Neither of them expected to see a man lounging in the minister's chair with his feet resting on the table.

Gordon gasped and Granger sighed.

"G-guards!" Gordon shouted.

No one came.

"The room has been sealed and silenced boy," Harry said, curiously observing a magic ball on the table. "My name is Harry Potter and as per our agreement I'm here to greet you."

Gordon's eyes widened. Only one child had been named Harry Potter. The common name had been become uncommon after the Last War. Everybody knew what the fairy-tales said about Harry Potter. He turned towards Granger with incredulity.

"Meet the ruler of the world Gordon. Harry Potter is real. He is alive and he is the law."

"Now come on Lizzie," Harry protested. "You know I stay out of politics as much as possible!"

"Except when that crazy woman Luna decides to meddle or when that other crazy woman you call wife decides to mingle."

"How's your mother?" Harry asked, avoiding slipping down a dangerous road. Luna and Lillian in the same sentence were never good for his health.


"About time."

"Will someone please explain to me what the bloody hell is going on?!" Gordon shouted.

Harry glanced at the man. "Is he one of Malfoy's?"

"He is."

"Full name?"

"Draconius Gordon Malfoy."

"Good grief. Were your parents on crack when they named you?" Harry said dryly.

Gordon spluttered.

Harry stood up. He walked over to Elizabeth and gave her a hug. The cold expression melted from her face and she returned he gesture with warmth.

"Is Queen Potter is still designing her underground colosseum?"

"Not yet. She's still in two minds about having real animals or conjured animals. She's been poring over Roman texts to make her colosseum as authentic as possible."

Elizabeth grimaced. "I still say you should leave the serving of justice to us."

"That's actually what I wanted to talk to both of you about."

Harry went and sat back in the prime ministers chair and motioned for the other two to join him at the table.

Elizabeth did so with ease and Gordon with caution.

"Gordon, if you haven't realised already. I am the Lord of the Elements." Harry's voice rang out with power and thin bands of sliver enclosed his pupils. "You are taking on a great responsibility and even a hint of corruption and injustice will lead you to the colosseum of hell.

"The colosseum is where my wife deals with her occasional outbursts of temper and violence After all, a fire elemental cannot keep the fire contained for long periods of time. Not many people come out alive and those who do are sent… well lets just say it depends on their state of mind."

Gordon started sweating despite the chill and Elizabeth fondly remember how panicked and terrified she was when she learnt he was real.

"Then there is Luna Lovegood. I believe she calls herself the 'Shaman of the East' now and she likes to play games. Immortals do have a way of making life difficult for mortals and if she does make Britain her playground you press the green button under your desk. Do you understand?"

Gordon gulped and nodded.

"If you need to reach me, you tell the portrait about the door you need to see me urgently."

Gordon glanced back and saw a life sized portrait of the most famous Hogwarts headmaster; Albus Dumbledore. The wizened old man smiled and waved. Gordon waved back. Albus Dumbledore was a man everyone knew to be real. He had died at the ripe old age of 343 and was the man who revolutionised magical and non magical education.

"Any questions?"

"I thought you were dead!" Gordon blurted out.

Harry shook his head wryly. "Do I look dead?"

"How do I know you are who you say you are? How can I be sure you're the good guy and not the bad?!"

Harry looked at Elizabeth. "Should I or should you?"

"We don't have a choice," Ex Prime Minister Granger said heavily. "But regardless of whether he is good or bad, the world has been at peace for 700 years. I feel that's all the proof you need."

Gordon's mind was spinning.

"Well this has been lovely," Harry announced, standing up suddenly. "Lizzie can explain the finer details. I have things to do."

"Good riddance," Granger muttered under her breath.

Harry rolled his eyes and then he was gone. Only a chill remained.

Harry reappeared on a remote coast of Marseille and was welcomed by the taste of salty winds and the sound of ripples washing through sand.

It was night and the town behind him was aglow with soft light. If London was sitting in the future, Marseille had remained unchanged. Except magic had taken firm root in the city and every time Harry came to the town, he was inexplicably reminded of how Diagon Alley once was.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, letting memories move through his mind like slow undersea currents.

He was proud of his grand something daughter. She was just one of the many kids he had conceived. His legacy would go on. For the first hundred years Harry and Lillian hadn't so much as looked at anyone else in lust or desire. Then they had started to get bored and things began to change. They called that period the decade of orgasms. There wasn't anything that they hadn't tried. They had lain together, with other women, with other men, with men and women together and then some more!

Harry chuckled and walked to the hidden entrance.

The waves crashed into the coast but not a single drop of water touched Harry as he walked into the ocean towards a seemingly insignificant rock jutting out some 500 metres in.

Luna was the only one Lillian staunchly refused to let Harry so much as touch inappropriately. Luna wanted him and to Lillian, that made all the difference in the world.

Even after 700 years, Luna hadn't given up and Lillian hadn't given in.

Harry shuddered when he remembered the time both of the woman had come to blows. He was glad it was in Siberia. No one had questioned the strange Earthquakes that had rumbled through Russia.

The rock parted for him like curtains and light assaulted Harry.

The blindness cleared and a deep caravan was revealed. Harry was on the ledge on the top and another step he would fall in. The roof was made entirely of fire.

Harry grimaced as sweat began to form on his neck and he lowered his body temperature and then jumped into the massive hole.

He idly wrapped magic around him and gently floated down into the pit of hell. The place where the worst of humanity was made to suffer pain and humiliation.

The screams and cheering grew louder and louder as we went deeper and balls of fire floated haphazardly to ensure there was an over abundance of light and heat.

At the bottom was a ring of men and women and in between were two men grappling and fighting with desperation. There could only be one winner.

Harry recognised one of the men as the the man who had murdered his family and gone on a killing spree in the local school. It had taken more than a few memory charms to make the incident go away and maintain the illusion of peace.

Behind the ring of people, on a raised platform, sat the Queen. She was dressed in a light green full length silk dress that dipped provocatively between her breasts and fit snugly around her body. A linked silver chain hung loosely around her hips and a pearl necklace was draped around her pale neck. Her hair was black as night and smooth as the dress she wore. Her legs were regally crossed, revealed gold anklets above her bare feet and her she was tapping her fingers impatiently on her golden throne.

She was bored, Harry knew.

Blue eyes rose to meet his descent and a smile cracked the mask of boredom. Even after centuries, the sight of her made his heart swell.

Harry glided beside her and conjured an equally magnificent throne and sat down.

He leaned across and lightly pecked Lillian Mary Austin on her lips.

"How were the meetings?" she asked. Her voice was soft yet strong. Her tone… bored.

"Everything is in order," Harry said. "We won't be missed."

Lillian smiled and her eyes gleamed. "And what about Luna?"

Harry went on guard. "She's solved the puzzle," he said lightly. "We can leave anytime we want."

Lillian stood up abruptly and clapped her hands once.

Immediately everyone went silent. The fighting stopped and breaths were held. Were they to live or were they to die?

"Nathaniel will take care of you from today. Good bye."

That said she disappeared with the barest hint of a flash of fire and with her departure darkness plunged into the hole.

Harry sighed and brought to existence a ball of blue light with a twitch of his finger.

Fear greeted him and Harry smiled darkly. "Freckles has given up on you," he said and terrified faces backed away.

Harry let them back away until they hit the stone walls.

"I let her play to her hearts content to contain her bloodlust but now she's moved on." Harry's eyes glowed, revealing the bloodlust he had so ably kept contained and the ground began to shake.




Harry banished the blood on his pants before shimmered out of existence. Only a chill and death remained behind.


He reappeared in the midst of what used to be the stonehenge. Only now there were about a hundred wards around the area and a 50 metre tall square tower in the centre in place of what used to be the stonehenge.

Lillian and Luna were there. Lillian coolly ignoring Luna and Luna humming dreamily, without a care in the world.

Harry saw through the facade. Luna was eagerly waiting for Lillian to say something… anything. Luna loved confrontations just as much as Lillian.

Harry cursed under his breath. The words 'women forgive but never forget' did have some truth to it after all. Harry barely remembered anything that happened more than a hundred years ago unless it was monumental and important.

"Harry!" cried Luna, in her musical voice. She hadn't changed a bit. She still looked fourteen, had radish shaped ear rings and pale blonde hair that reached her ankles. Her eyes on the other hand had an ageless depth, similar to his and Lillian's. "I finally did it," she exclaimed. "It was all really a question about listening to the Humdingers you see. They guided me to all the Snorkacks and after that it was a matter of figuring their age," she explained. "You see the youngest defers to the middle aged and the oldest defer to the youngest. It's all very…."

"That's great child," Lillian interrupted. "Now do you mind telling us how it works?"

Luna's lips tightened and a murderous intent radiated out from her.

Lillian smirked.

"Seven hundred years past and you still can't get along," Harry grumbled. "Anyway, out with it Luna. Can we travel without upsetting the balance?"

Luna skipped to Harry and slipped her arm around his waist. "Let me show you," she breathed softly.

Harry calmly slipped out of the grip and glared sharply at Lillian. He didn't not want unwanted magical activity to set of the dimensional portal. Especially one of this magnitude. All the portals around the world, gathered together and placed in an order that was only understood by the one who was affected by them. Luna knew what she was doing even though it seemed very unlikely.

Luna led them to the edge of the black portal stones. Each ripped out of a part of the world.

Two Harry recognised as those from the Flamel cave and Hogwarts.

Luna took a deep breath and Harry felt the magic that always made the hairs on his arm stand uneasily. It was powerful and it was volatile. Luna summoned her powers quite like how Harry and Lillian summoned theirs. It was from another dimension.

Luna pointed her wand at the bottom of the joint and a narrow gap was revealed.

"Inside," she directed firmly. Her voice was sharp and no longer musical.

The three walked into the darkness and Harry felt a thick pressure settle between his forehead. It was a strange magical power radiating within the square enclosure.

Luna took another deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Are you sure you want to do this? It's possible things might go wrong."

Lillian nodded impatiently. "We've been through the hole before Child."

"Have you said goodbye to your son?"

Lillian hissed and Harry grimaced. He knew Luna said that just to provoke Lillian. Lillian hadn't quite forgiven Luna for sleeping with him even though he was thirty five at the time and quite capable of taking his own decisions.

Harry worried Nathaniel might have a thing for fourteen year old girls at the time but one look into Luna's ageless eyes made him reconsider immediately. Those eyes did not belong on a fourteen year old and that hip swaying walk definitely didn't either!

"He knows of our plans Luna. He can take care of himself and the world too, if he's in the mood."

Lillian frowned. "Maybe we should postpone," she said biting her lips with worry. "Or at least give him the philosophers stone."

"Freckles, he's a hundred and seven years old! He's the headmaster of Hogwarts and our son! I'm sure we've taught him well enough to be responsible." Nathaniel was the only one they have conceived together. Lillian had nearly destroyed a continent during labour and crushed hundreds of criminals imprisoned in the Underworld to pulp during her mood swings. They had wisely decided against having kids there after natural calamity.

"He's a wind elemental Harry," Lillian bit back. "You know how hasty he can be!"

Lillian's shifts between cold hearted Queen to jealous wife to worried mother always made Harry fall in love with her all over again. She had all the colours of emotions unlike any other human alive. Luna was pale compared to her brightness.

"Says the fire elemental," Luna muttered.

Lillian's eyes flared gold.

"Activate the thing already Luna!" Harry said quickly and urgently.

Luna tapped her wand on the rune of dissolution and everything turned white.

A new adventure had begun.