This story continues from where my previous story High Tides, a Justice League and Kantai Collection, left off. You do not need to read that story to understand this. Other than sharing the same continuity, the plots are not connected at all.

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Nitori had a brilliant idea. When she and several other girls of Gensokyo were trapped in the alternate universe where the Justice League resided, the people of Gensokyo tried to bring them back. Yukari volunteered herself when they built a machine that allowed for them to track down the girls' location and transport people there. Things went a bit awry, and Yukari suffered quite a shock, literally, before getting sent there forcefully. When this happened, the machine was able to collect data and coordinates of that world, and even to this day, it was still stored in said machine.

When Nitori learned about this, she had the brilliant idea of creating a portable version of the machine. With that, combined with the coordinates of that world, she would be able to travel freely between her own world and that world!

It didn't take too long for her to come up with the design of the portable device. When it was completed, it resembled a blue turtle with several buttons on top of its "shell." Having completed this device, she obviously had to test it before putting it to real use. Not wanting to ruin the lab she built it in, she decided to test it outside, where in case the remote backfired by blowing up, nothing precious would be a destroyed. People probably wouldn't care about a couple of trees getting destroyed if that did happen.

The kappa went out next to Genbu Marsh and decided to try out the "transdimensional remote" on a random piece of log she found at the bank. She designed this remote to fire a beam that would send its targets to the desired location, and she intended to fire the beam at said log.

Rather than instantly sending the log to an alternate universe right off the bat, she decided to send it to a nearby location first. After inputting the coordinates for a nearby spot, she fired a beam from the remote at the log, and in an instant, the log disappeared and reappeared not too far away. The kappa was overjoyed to know that her invention worked. Now it was time to see if it was capable of sending things to alternate universes, so she hurriedly inputted the coordinates for that particular world of superheroes.

Unknown to her, Nue and Kogasa were hiding behind some bushes behind her. They had in their mind to give her a scaring of her lifetime. Kogasa considered herself to be the master of surprising people, but she eventually admitted that she wasn't all that good at scaring people. Nue, on the other hand, actually was more competent in scaring people than her, so she asked the nue for advice and help in becoming better at scaring people. And thus they decided to try things out on the first person they came across, which happened to be Nitori.

The duo sneaked out of their hiding spot and slowly crept up to the busy Nitori, who failed to notice anyone approaching her. When close enough, they both stuck out their tongues and shouted in the back of her ears. This freaked out the kappa and caused her to drop the remote. It hit a rock that happened to be on the ground in front of her and shattered, and when that happened, a burst of light came out of it, engulfing the trio.

When the light died down, they were gone...

Commissioner Gordon had just turned on the Bat Signal and began to wait for Batman to show up when suddenly a burst of light appeared behind him, much to his surprise. He turned around to see what was going on and found himself looking at three girls that weren't there before. The trio looked around in confusion at their new surroundings. Nitori realized that her device worked, while the other two wondered what on earth happened that changed the scenery around them.

"Who are you people?" Gordon asked them. He had his hand on his gun in case they were a threat to him.

He asked in English, and fortunately for Nitori, she had a bit of skill in English. She was going to say something when she noticed the Bat Signal lit up in the night sky. Surprised, she pointed at said signal and said in English, "Batman! Batman!"

Gordon looked at the signal and said, "Yeah, that's the signal for calling Batman. What about it?"

Pointing at herself, Nitori said, "We are friend of Batman! We! Friends!"

"Friends of Batman?" said Gordon curiously.

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Chapter 1
Scared to Death

"And that is how we ended up here," said Nitori, concluding her story of how she and the other two girls ended up in Gotham City.

Batman could only stare in silence for several seconds, and then he said, "You shouldn't have messed with things you don't understand."

Sounding offended, Nitori said, "I perfectly understand what I was doing! Things wouldn't have turned out like this if it weren't for those two!" She pointed at Kogasa and Nue with her thumb. The former looked embarrassed and used her umbrella to cover her face slightly, while Nue shifted her eyes to the side whistled innocently.

Batman glared at those two as if he was giving them a look of disapproval, and then he turned back to Nitori. "Can you fix the device you made?"

Nitori showed him the broken pieces of the remote. "I can, but I'm out of resources at the moment... I should be able to get it to work again if I can get my hands on the right stuff. I'm sure you can do something about this."

"I'm sure I can, but that will have to come later," said Batman, and then he turned to Gordon. "They are with me. I will solve their problem after I'm done with tonight."

"Well, I hope you can help them with whatever it is later," said Gordon, and then he took out some photos to show Batman. "Anyway, we found this dead body."

Batman looked at the photos, which showed a dead man with bite marks all over his body, and pieces of his flesh were also missing. His eyes were wide open as if he saw a horrifying sight, and his skin was somewhat pale.

"Autopsy showed that he was attacked by canines, and the shock also contributed to his death," said Gordon. "That's not all, however. There was another case where a man was found dead with holes all over his body. It was as if he was stabbed to death by pointed objects. He also had a look of terror and looked pale, as if he was scared to death."

"Scared to death... I can think of one person who specializes in scaring people, even to the death," said Batman.

"Jonathan Crane, I presume," said Gordon, and Batman nodded in response.

"That doesn't explain the bite marks and holes, however," said Batman. "Unless Scarecrow tortured them with their greatest fear. The man in the photo likely has a fear of dogs, so Scarecrow sent dogs after him. The one you said has holes likely has a fear of pointed objects such as needles, so Crane tortured him to death with such things."

"Sounds plausible to me," said Gordon with a nod.

"Not exactly his way of doing thing, though," said Batman. "He usually prefers using fear gas. Still, he's the most likely culprit so far."

"Excuse me," Nitori said to Batman. "If I understood correctly, you're going after a criminal right now, right?" When Batman nodded, she said, "Then how about this? We help you with capturing him, and in return, you lend me the resources for getting back home! Sound like a good deal? Yeah, I know, you'd still help us even if we don't help you, but I'd like to think that it's more fair that we help each other and offer things in return."

"That's not necessary," Batman told her. "You should stay here and wait for my return."

"Oh, don't be such a loner!" Nue said to him. "It's more fun working in groups! It's gonna be boring for us to be hanging out here with nothing to do until you return!"

"Yeah! I'm sure with our help, you'll be able to capture the bad guy faster!" added Nitori.

Batman thought about what they said and then tried to recall what these girls were capable of. "Nitori Kawashiro. Ability to manipulate water, Scientific and engineering genius. Adept in sumo wrestling. Superhuman strength."

He then looked at Nue. "Nue Houjuu. Ability to conceal identities of people and objects behind illusions. Capable of firing projectiles from wings. Lacks close range combat skill despite wielding a trident."

And then at Kogasa. "Kogasa Tatara. Umbrella is the real body. Ability is... surprising people..."

He then said, "All right. Nitori and Nue can come with me, but you must do exactly as I say." He then turned to Kogasa. "Kogasa, you stay with Commissioner Gordon."

Hearing this surprised the karakasa. "Why? But I want to go with you too!"

"You lack proper fighting skills, so it will be too dangerous for you," Batman told her. "You will get in the way if you tag along, so this is for your own good."

Kogasa pouted and begged to come along, but Batman simply refused. The karakasa then looked at him with sparkling puppy eyes, but the Dark Knight was immune to such cuteness. She then stuck close to him and rubbed her head against him over and over and begged in a cute and lovey-dovey manner, but Batman still gave her a big, fat no. She pretended to cry, which also failed to work. Finally, she went away a few feet and sulked with her back facing the others.

Gordon looked at the karakasa and said, "I assume that she's sad and mad that you won't let her go along?" He then turned to Batman, only to find the Dark Knight no longer there. Nitori and Nue were still standing there, however, and the former told him that he left by jumping off the building. The two girls then jumped off the building to join him. Gordon shook his head and said, "I've known him for years, and I still can't get used to this..."

Batman, Nue, and Nitori arrived at the Batmobile, which was parked in an alleyway. "Nice car!" commented Nitori as she took a closer look at the ride.

"Don't touch anything in there," Batman told her before pressing a button on a remote that caused the cockpit to open. There were four seats in there, two at the front and another two at the back. Batman took the seat in front of the steering wheel, obviously, Nitori sat next to him, and Nue sat on one of the back seats.

"So where are we off to now?" asked Nue.

"Look for answers," replied Batman. "You can easily get them from lowlifes around the place."

The Batmobile took off from its hiding spot and traveled down the street. As the ride went on, Nitori looked at the control panel with great interest and could not help but press one of the buttons there. Knowing her intention, Batman said, "I said no touching!"

"I'll try..." said Nitori, trying her best to hold back. A few seconds passed, and Nitori slowly inched her index finger towards one of the buttons, only to be stopped by Batman. She tried to do so again a short while later, but got stopped the second time.

Batman sighed in frustration, and then he said to her, "Okay, you can only press one button. That one." He pointed to a particular button, and when Nitori confirmed with him that she indeed could press it, he nodded, so she happily pressed said button. In doing so, gas came out from a tiny hole underneath the button and right into her face, and she fell asleep immediately.

Nue looked at the sleeping kappa and said, "Sleeping gas, eh? Smart move!"

"That should keep her at bay for a while," said Batman.

Just then, the Dark Knight stopped his car in front of an alleyway and looked in there to see three thugs beating up a woman, who was lying on the ground.

The three thugs, after they were done beating her up, took her purse and dug through it for valuables. After finding money and a couple of jewelries, they laughed at their job well down and turned around to leave, only to find themselves looking at the Bat himself. "It's the Batman!" they gasped. They whipped out their guns, but the Dark Knight instantly lunged at the one in the center and disarmed him before punching him in the face. He then grabbed the heads of the other two and slammed them together.

The first one to get knocked down got back up, but Batman kicked him in the face to knock him out. The other two tried to attack him from behind, but he spun around and knocked them both out with one arm. Picking up one, he slammed him against a wall and said to him in an fierce and intimidating voice, "I will ask you one thing before you go to prison!"

"Please! Spare me!" cried the thug.

"Have you been working with Scarecrow? Where is he?" asked the vigilante.

"Scarecrow? Yeah, I did work with him today, but we went separate ways afterwards! I don't know where he went!" replied the terrified thug.

"Where is he?! Tell me now!" shouted Batman angrily.

"I don't know! I really have no idea!" cried the thug. He then realized that Batman was starting to change appearance. The vigilante's face became more and more monstrous-looking until he became a monstrous bat with blood on his fangs. As if that wasn't enough, his tongue was a snake that opened its jaw widely and hissed at the thug. The thug screamed in terror before foaming at his mouth and passing out.

Batman looked at the unconscious thug in confusion. He didn't think he intimidated him to the point that he would pass out. He then turned around and saw Nue standing there with a smile on her face. "What did you make him see?" he asked her.

Gordon was still on the rooftop, waiting for something to happen. Kogasa continued to sulk in anger at not being allowed to tag along with Batman. Gordon's phone then rang, so he answered it, "This is Commissioner Gordon. Yes? Two-Face? Okay, I'll get to it." He then turned to Kogasa and wondered what he should do with her. Though Batman didn't say so, he was sure that the vigilante wanted him to keep an eye on her in the meantime. Taking her to the crime scene probably wasn't the best idea, but at least he could keep her close. Walking up to the karakasa and tapping her shoulder, he told her to come with him while motioning to do so.


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