"Your majesty you must understand that-that...you must" The man struggled to get the words out. Clawing at his throat as though something were crawling it's way down. His face deepened in color till it was a shade of purple. Not particularly pleasantto
look at. Cleo remained still, watching as the rat-like man coughed and struggled until he was screaming to the gods for mercy on his pathetic little life. Her eyes darted around the room, looking for the suspect that could've pulled a stunt like this.
Cleo's turquoise eyes fell upon Magnus just as a cruel grin stretched across his face. It wasn't like this complaining man meant anything at all to her, but she found it foul to murder just because he went on about a subject that didn't pleaseMagnus
or bothered him on so many levels. The man's suffering finally ended and he collapsed onto the ground, his face contorted into an expression of agony. Cleo looked away. Why would he want to do this? Magnus waved his hand to one of the guards motioning
for them to take the now dead man away. Cleo was going to have a word with Magnus.